Janie , Michelle


Janie’s car was running on empty. Exhausted and miffed, she pulled into the gas station, hoping they hadn’t locked the doors and abandoned the front in spite of being open for 24 hours.

She never knew what they did in the back at that hour, but figured they just slept on the job. At 2 a.m., she could understand why the doors would be locked, but not why no one was home.

There was a gas station right next to that one…she COULD just go there….She rolled her eyes. She hated going there. The clerks always tried to flirt with her when she just wanted to get her shit and go.

She pulled into her preferred station and quickly got out of the car and strutted quickly to the door. Of course. No one there.

Janie knocked, turning to see if anyone was coming up behind her, but the suburban streets were sleeping, which was just what she wanted to be doing after a drama-filled girls night she hadn’t been able to escape.

She sighed loudly and muttered, “Come the fuck on,” and knocked again. Another minute went by. “I know you’re fucking there, come on…” she whined to herself.

Meanwhile, in the back room, Michelle watched the camera feed from outside the store and mused at how perfect Janie’s timing was – because Michelle was laying on the floor playing with her dildo. Janie was a regular, and each time she came she made Michelle hot. Janie had a curvy body, thick in all the right places, As Janie huffed and puffed outside, turning to look back at her car, Michelle imagined her naked, on her knees, eating her out. Janie turned around and her pretty pale face and big tits were facing the camera again. Michelle decided she would have her, and she fucked herself harder and faster and quickly came hard, all over the rug.

“Shit,” she moaned as she stood up and put her pants back on. She usually liked to lounge after her masturbation sessions, but she had to move fast, before Janie left.

Michelle’s timing was good, too. Just as Janie was getting into her car, she rushed through the mini mart and swiftly swung the door open and called out to her, “Come in, we’re open!”

Janie turned to the door, startled at the sound, and shut her car door and walked back as she saw it was Michelle, who usually worked the day shifts. Janie smiled at her as she walked towards her. “Thank god! I hate going next door!” Michelle smiled and held the door open for Janie as she walked in, pausing for a moment to drink in the body that just made her cum.

“Why do you hate going next door?” asked Michelle.

“Ugh, they hit on me all the time and I feel bad letting them down every single time. I mean, I know they want to get into my pants but I don’t want to be a bitch if I’m going to wind up having to go in there again.”

Michelle smirked. “Well I’m not surprised they hit on you. Look at you.”

Janie blushed and lowered her eyes.

“Quit blushing! You know it’s true.” Michelle’s eyes raked over Janie’s voluptuous body as Janie’s brain scrambled to find something to say. She wanted to pay her back with a compliment, but she was too shy – in spite of her outward appearance.

Michelle gave her a smile again when Janie lifted her eyes. “So what can I get you?”

Janie cleared her throat. “Um…just $45 on pump 2.” Janie went into her purse and dug around for her wallet. Michelle raised her eyebrows as she watched.

“Careful, you might get bitten.”

Janie giggled, “Don’t I know it!” She found her wallet and handed her the cash.

She watched as Michelle rang her up. In spite of the obligatory gas station uniform, Michelle was quite attractive. She had smooth, dark skin, big brown eyes, and a svelte body. She even had an eyebrow piercing, which Janie thought made her even sexier. But she could never…

“Hey, are you there?” Michelle held out her change.

“What? Oh! Sorry, I zoned out. Sorry.” Janie took the $15 change from Michelle’s hand and shoved it into her wallet.

“You must be tired. Long night?”

“Ugh, yes. Too much girl drama. Bullshit.”

“I hear ya. Care to talk about it?”

“Not really….”

Michelle nodded and licked her lips. They held each other’s gaze for a moment and then Janie asked, “Why is no one ever in the front of the store at this time of night? Or why does no one answer the knock on the door?”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “They’re either sleeping or being lazy.”

“But like…it took you a while too. Do you guys not hear it?”

Michelle bit her lip, remembering what she’d been doing when Janie got there.

“…Sometimes we don’t hear it.”

“Should get a bell or something. It’s so annoying.”

“Well we barely get anyone here this time of night.”

“‘Cause no one ever answers the door!”

Michelle laughed and nodded, “Yeah, probably.”

“I Escort bayan mean, there’s no lack of potential business. I see lots of people next door at this time of night. You guys would do better business….”

“Hey, don’t look at me. I answered.”

Janie smirked. “Eventually.”

They shared an awkward silence and then Janie said, “I kinda want some coffee…”

“Go for it.”

Janie turned and walked back to the coffee machines.

“Oh shit!” said Michelle, stopping Janie in her tracks. “I forgot to make it.”

Janie turned and started walking back to the counter, but Michelle stopped her as she hurried around the counter and down the aisle. “I’ll make it now, no problem.”

“No, don’t worry about it. I should go home and go to bed anyway.”

Michelle bit her lip and pretended not to hear her, and started making the coffee.

Janie stood watching her, momentarily contemplative. Michelle turned and asked, “How far do you live from here?”

“About five minutes,” Janie giggled. “But…I kinda just had a craving for coffee.”

Michelle smiled and nodded, not looking at her. “Come over here. It’s brewing.”

Janie slowly walked over to her and leaned against the counter. As her eyes travelled to the floor she noticed Michelle’s long, athletic legs and for a moment imagined herself between them. She felt her pussy get hot at the thought, and her cheeks followed suit.

“Hey, I just realized…you come in here all the time and I don’t even know your name.”

“What?” Janie’s eyes flew up to Michelle’s face. “Oh! It’s Janie.”

“Janie. Cute name.”


“I assume you know mine.” Michelle pointed to her name, embroidered just above where her areola would be. Janie’s face flushed hotter as she couldn’t help but look at Michelle’s round, supple breasts.

Janie nervously cleared her throat and sighed. “Maybe I should pump my gas while this is brewing.”

Michelle moved closer to her. “That can wait. It’s almost done.”

“Yeah but the pump’s on…I’ll just go do it now.”

Janie hurried out of the store and to her car. Taking a deep breath she started pumping, gazing at the numbers as they climbed.

When she was done, she slowly walked back inside. Michelle wasn’t there.

“Michelle?” she called out. Janie looked around, checking the aisles. “Michelle?”

Maybe she was in the bathroom? Janie went and knocked on the door, but no answer came. A chill ran up her spine as she opened the door and peered in. No. Not there. She turned and looked down the hall. A light emanated from an open door at the end of it. That’s why they never heard anyone knocking! thought Janie.

She walked down the hall, calling out for Michelle again. When she reached the back office she found her sitting at the desk, a cup of coffee next to her.

“Come in, sweetie. Have a seat. Here’s your coffee. Cream and two sugars, yeah? I’ve seen you make it before.”

Janie stood awkwardly at the door, not knowing what to acknowledge first – that she’d memorized how she made her coffee, or why she had disappeared.

“Wow…thank you…I called out for you but-“

“I heard ya.” Michelle looked her dead in the eye. “I just wanted ya to come find me.” She smiled and rose, then brushed past her, her hand skimming her thigh.

Janie’s skin tingled and she inhaled sharply, and quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

“To lock the door.”

“Oh but I should go-“

“Nah, you can stay a while. Have your coffee,” she smiled and turned the corner before Janie could protest.

Janie bit her lip and sat in the chair on the other side of the desk. She took a sip of her coffee and found that Michelle had in fact made it exactly right.

Michelle returned and closed the door. She smiled at Janie and stood before her.

“How is it?”

“Good, thanks.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah I just…this is weird. I didn’t expect-“

“Hey, I’m good company. Don’t you worry.”

Michelle reached out and brushed Janie’s curls away from her face. “You have really pretty hair.”


Michelle grabbed the cup out of her hand and put it on the table, then straddled Janie.


Michelle shut her up, putting her mouth on hers, parting her lips with her tongue. Janie, though stunned, returned the kiss, and ran her hands up Michelle’s thighs.

Michelle wasted no time and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Take that shirt off, Janie. I wanna see those nice big titties.”

Janie lifted her shirt off and undid her bra, revealing her big 36 DDs and rock hard nipples. Michelle reached out and cupped them both in her hands and kissed Janie hard.

“Even nicer than I imagined. I been wanting to play with these for a long time.”

Michelle Escort took her shirt and bra off and pressed her dark brown 36 Cs to Janie’s creamy DDs, and rubbed her nipples against Janie’s. Janie’s hands roamed all over Michelle’s body, and Michelle took her hands and placed them on her tits.

“You ever been with a woman before?”

“Just once, a long time ago…but it sucked, I was too drunk.”

“You drunk now?”


“This wouldn’t even suck if you were. Pinch ’em.”

Janie pinched both of Michelle’s nipples, and Michelle did the same to Janie’s, hard, making her squeal.

“You like it rough?” asked Michelle as she twisted Janie’s pink nipples between her fingers.


Michelle bent over and took one of Janie’s nipples into her mouth. And licking, nibbling, tugging at both of them with her mouth and hands, Michelle made Janie writhe beneath her as Janie tried to mimic her, pinching and twisting Michelle’s hard nipples between her fingertips.

Michelle reached down between Janie’s thighs, under her miniskirt, and rubbed the outside of her panties with the palm of her hand. Heat emanated from it like a fire, and the panties themselves were slick from Janie’s dripping wet pussy.

“Damn girl! That all for me?” said Michelle.

“Un-huh,” Janie moaned as she closed her mouth around Michelle’s nipple. Michelle let her suck on her tits as she palmed Janie’s sweet pussy, but her mouth watered as she imagined how it must taste.

“I’m gonna eat you out, Janie. I wanna taste that hot pussy.”

Michelle slid two fingers underneath Janie’s panties and felt her sopping slickness. “God! I’m gonna make you cum so hard for me!”

Michelle slid down and yanked Janie’s skirt and panties off in one swift motion.

“Spread those legs wider for me baby,” said Michelle as she licked and kissed Janie’s thighs. Janie opened her legs as wide as she could, putting one foot on the desk and draping the other leg over the arm of the chair. Her smooth, puffy labia parted readily for Michelle, revealing her pink, swollen clitoris.

“Mmm…” groaned Michelle as she looked at it. She slid her index finger down one side, and stopped at Janie’s tight hole. Janie’s juice was pooling there, and Michelle dipped her finger in and tasted her sweet, musky fluid.

“Finger-licking good…”

Michelle drew in closer, and licked at Janie’s dripping hole as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Janie squirmed and moaned, and Michelle wrapped her arms around her thighs and drew her closer. She sucked on her slick labia and licked her everywhere but her button, driving Janie into a frenzy of need.

“How bad you want it?” asked Michelle as she slid her index finger inside Janie’s twat.

“So bad…please…so bad!” she begged.

Michelle slowly fucked Janie with her index finger, then slid her middle finger inside her, stretching her just a little wider. She grazed her g-spot over and over, gently, as she watched Janie drip with excitement.

“I love this pussy. It gets so fucking wet.”

“It’s wet for you,” moaned Janie.

“Mmm….I know baby.”

Michelle leaned in again and flicked her tongue lightly against Janie’s aching clit. Janie breathed, “God yes!” and Michelle smiled and swirled her tongue around it. But when Janie started grinding herself against her mouth, Michelle pulled away.


“You need to stay still.”


“Because I said so!” Michelle spanked Janie’s cunt, making her cry out.

“Okay! I promise, I won’t move! Just….please!”

“Good girl. You move again and I stop.”

Before Janie could reply, Michelle dove in again, this time less gentle and more relentless. She sucked Janie’s clit hard, and it took Janie every ounce of energy she had to make herself stay still with her clit between Michelle’s plump lips. Each suckle, each tongue flick, sent waves of electricity through her body. Michelle fucked her harder with her fingers as she ate her, pounding them against her g-spot. Janie erupted, her cum squirting and streaming down Michelle’s chin as Michelle milked her clit with her mouth. Janie’s screams filled the room and she grabbed the arms of the chair to stop herself from moving though her body writhed and shuddered involuntarily as her orgasm swept through her like a hurricane. Michelle’s mouth stayed planted on Janie’s clit, extracting every last droplet from her convulsing cunt.

Michelle pulled away as Janie’s screams turned into whimpers and her body went limp. She gazed at the puddle of cum beneath Janie’s ass in satisfaction. Janie would be hers.

“Michelle,” she moaned, breathless.

“Yes, babydoll?”

“I’ve never cum like that before.”

Michelle smiled up at her, her dark brown eyes locking Bayan escort onto Janie’s shining green ones. “I know. And there’s something I want you to do.”

“What’s that?”

“You made such a mess, and I can’t leave it like that. I want you to clean off that chair. With your mouth.”

Janie’s eyes widened.

“If you don’t, I won’t let you at this pussy.”

Janie didn’t mind doing it – she’d usually taste herself after masturbating anyway – but she hadn’t been expecting the request.

“No, I’ll do it. I want to do it for you.”

Michelle kissed Janie’s pussy softly and said, “Good girl.”

Michelle moved out of the way and stood over Janie as Janie gingerly rose – careful not to spill any – then got to her knees and leaned over the puddle of cum she’d made on the black leather chair. Michelle reached down and held Janie’s long curls back as Janie began slurping up her own juices.

“How’s that taste?”

“Good,” she replied as she swallowed.

“I know it does, baby. That’s it, drink it up….I should get you a straw. But I like how you work that tongue. Clean up every last drop.”


“And baby – it’s ‘Yes, Ma’am’ from now on.”

“Yes Ma’am,” she dutifully responded.


Janie finished lapping up all her cum and Michelle pulled her hair harder and twisted it, making Janie turn on her knees and look up at her.

“Do you wanna taste this pussy?” she said, rubbing the outside of her black pants.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You ever eat pussy before?”


“I thought you said you were with a girl once?”

“Yeah, but she only ate my pussy.”

“Ohh, so you’re a little pillow princess. Well, I’m gonna make you work.”

“I’d like that,” Janie smiled.

“I know you will. Now pull my pants down.”

Janie did as she was told, and found that Michelle wasn’t wearing any underwear. A string of juice dripped down as Janie pulled her pants off and Michelle stepped out of them. Janie licked her lips hungrily as she gazed at the thick, juicy, chocolate pussy before her, and leaned in. But Michelle stopped her.

“Uh-uh-uh. What do you say?”


“Please what?”

“Please may I eat your pussy…Ma’am?”

Michelle smiled. “Yes, babygirl, you may.”

Janie had never eaten pussy before, but she often imagined doing so. She inhaled Michelle’s musk as she parted the lips with her fingers, and started licking at her clit.

“Mmm….you can lick harder, don’t be shy.”

Janie pressed her tongue harder against it and Michelle groaned and thrust her hips forward, planting her whole cunt on Janie’s face. Janie suckled at her clit and relished her taste, and dipped her tongue into Michelle’s hole for more.

“Mmm baby I think you been wanting this for a long time, am I right?”

“Mhmm,” Janie moaned into her pussy.

Michelle held Janie’s head in place, and started sliding herself against Janie’s tongue.

“Stick your fingers inside me, Janie.”

Janie carefully slid her index and middle fingers inside her dripping slit, and gently pumped them in and out. Juice dripped onto her hand, and trickled down her wrist.

“Suck that clit baby. Pump harder.”

Janie wrapped her lips around Michelle’s clit and darted her tongue at it as she thrust her fingers in harder. The more Michelle moaned, the harder Janie sucked and finger fucked.

“Oh god baby, I’m gonna cum in your mouth! You ready?”

“Mmhmm!” Janie replied excitedly with a mouth full of pussy.


Michelle shuddered and bucked violently as thick, creamy streams of cum pulsed into Janie’s hand and onto her tongue. Janie withdrew her fingers completely, rubbed Michelle’s clit, and devoured the delicious cum that seeped out of her hole.

“That’s it baby, eat it!”

Janie fluttered her tongue inside her hole as the orgasmic contractions continued. Michelle pulled her hair even tighter as she finished and the last of her cum oozed out of her. Janie had thoroughly cleaned her out.

“Damn baby,” she said breathlessly. She looked down and saw Janie licking the cum that had spilled onto her hand, and smiled. “You are a very good girl.”

Janie looked up at her and smiled back, feeling a surge of warmth and butterflies course through her gut. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Michelle pulled her up and pressed her naked body against her and kissed her deeply, their tastes mingling together.

“You gonna come by tomorrow night? I’m working again. I’d love the company.”

Without a thought Janie responded, “Yes.”

“Mmm, good. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“Me too.”

“Now go home and get some rest. I’ll be working that body even harder tomorrow.”

Janie gave her a questioning look, but Michelle just smiled, shook her head at her, and bent down for her clothes. Janie pouted but followed suit and got dressed, and, after a series of teasing touches and deep kisses, she departed thinking of all the things that could possibly be in store for her tomorrow.

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