Jamie’s Encounter Pt. 01


Alex could feel Jamie’s eyes on her but she pretended not to notice. Jamie had been following her around the party all night, hanging onto Alex’s every word, shadowing her every movement.

It wasn’t the first time a straight girl had been like this with her. Come to think of it, it happened quite a lot.

There was something about Alex that men and women just seemed to be drawn toward. Alex just oozed sex and, if Alex decided she wanted to fuck Jamie tonight, she knew it would happen.

It was quite simple. Alex didn’t chase anybody, she waited for them to come to her and nine times out of ten, they did.

Alex turned away from everyone else surrounding her and looked at Jamie properly for the first time that night and gave her a sexy half smile.

Alex was testing the water, she saw that look in Jamie’s eyes, a mixture of curiosity and longing which flickered in the midst of the crappy strobe lighting of the disco.

Alex held her gaze for just a moment, just long enough, then looked away. Alex then leant into conversation with the party host, leaving Jamie standing there in confusion.

Poor Jamie. Jamie did not understand Alex’s mixed signals. One moment she was sure Alex was interested in her and the next she seemed so deep in conversation with someone else she wasn’t sure if she should maybe walk away or just leave the party. It frustrated her!

Why did she even care? Why did she have this urge to grab Alex and kiss her? Touch her? Jamie had never felt this way about another woman in all her life. It scared and excited her at the same time.

Jamie couldn’t believe it when Alex had walked into the party. For a moment, it seemed that everybody stopped to acknowledge Alex Becker had entered the room, everything had gone into slow motion and then returned to normal speed as Alex grabbed herself a drink and blended into the party.

Jamie had only gone to say hello, but for some reason, couldn’t seem to leave her side. The party had been dull before Alex had arrived anyhow so she tagged along with her for the remainder of the evening.

Even though Alex was surrounded by people Jamie longed for her to turn around and speak just to her. Jamie stared at Alex’s curvy hourglass figure and the way the material on her red silk dress clung to her bum. Alex had a brilliant bum, it was peachy and pert. Jamie began to imagine Alex without the dress on and began to wander what underwear she was wearing…

“Jamie?” a silky voice interrupted her trail of thought abruptly. Jamie looked Anadolu Yakası Escort guiltily back at Alex who was now addressing her. Alex had a slightly curious look on her beautiful face, her long dark hair falling into her big brown eyes. Her red lips gave a sexy smirk at her timid friend whose guilty look betrayed her.

Jamie couldn’t look Alex directly in the eye, instead her eyes flickered over her bulging breasts which the material of her dress also clung to. Alex was certainly not wearing a bra, Jamie pictured Alex’s naked breasts, with her beautiful erect nipples and blushed.

Jamie quickly averted her gaze away from her friend’s chest and looked at Alex longingly.

“Jamie? Are you okay? I was just saying… this party is dead. Do you need a lift home?” Alex motioned to the glass of martini in Jamie’s hand. Alex never drank at parties, she was always so well composed, so on point.

“Oh..yes..okay that would be great.” Jamie stuttered. The idea of being in a car just her and Alex filled her with excitement. She had been desperate to get Alex on her own all evening.

As Jamie followed Alex out of the party, she walked just behind her. Everyone was waving and kissing Alex on the way out, hardly anybody seemed to notice little Jamie…but then who would?

Jamie was happy to be in Alex’s shadow, happy to be the girl that went home with Alex Becker. Then again, Alex would probably just drop her home without so much as a peck on the cheek and leave her to get into bed with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who wasn’t even turned on by her anymore. Her boyfriend who watched porn in the front room most nights after Jamie went to bed.

There was no excitement there anymore. Jamie craved something more, something new, something that would get her heart racing and her pussy throbbing.

Alex put the keys in the ignition and lit a cigarette. The roof was down on her white Audi and Jamie could feel her knickers wet against the red leather of the seat. Jamie’s head spun from all the martinis she’d drank, but her heart, it was racing.

Alex turned her music up loud and pulled out of the carpark, racing down the road at about 70 mph. Jamie was in her element. Alex was so exciting to be with and so, so, sexy.

Alex put her stiletto down on the accelerator, taking them up to 100mph down the downtown strip.

She laughed as she looked over at Jamie’s pretty little face staring back at her in absolute awe.

Alex could have brought home anybody in that room tonight, Pendik Escort but for some reason, there was something about Jamie.

It was obvious Jamie wanted her, she had made that perfectly clear tonight and Alex was in the mood for a woman.

Jamie, with her nice family and her good background would be perfect. Alex was going to absolutely destroy her. Alex was going to do things to her she had never even dreamed of and tomorrow morning she knew that Jamie would wake up and question and doubt everything she’d ever known about sex.

That’s when Jamie noticed something, they’d gone past her house about five minutes ago, they were round the corner from Alex’s apartment now. Was she taking her back with her?

Alex slowed down as she approached her block, she pulled into her driveway, turning her music down. Jamie could feel her heart pounding as Alex parked up and switched her engine off.

Alex swivelled in her seat to face Jamie and leant in close to her quiet friend who was practically shaking. Alex smiled that sexy smile, Jamie could smell the cigarettes on her breath she was so close to her.

“This isn’t my house.” Jamie said quietly, not meeting Alex’s eyes.

Alex laughed sexily and brushed a strand of Jamie’s short blonde hair out of her eyes. Jamie shivered at Alex’s touch.

“That’s because you’re staying with me tonight.” Alex stroked Jamie’s soft face gently with the back of her manicured hand.

Jamie could feel herself getting really wet now and her clitoris was throbbing against the soft white cotton knickers she was wearing. Jamie longed for Alex to touch her there. Jamie didn’t even reply, she could hardly breathe, let alone talk.

“Jamie, tonight, do you want to know what I am going to do to you?” Alex asked, turning away from Jamie and checking her lipstick in her mirror.

“Well. Firstly, I’m going to undress you. I want to see that body of yours. I want to see those beautiful little breasts. Do you want to know something Jamie?” Alex continued, not waiting on a reply.

Jamie simply stared back, wide eyed.

“I am so wet right now. Do you know why I’m wet Jamie?” Alex asked softly.

Jamie merely shook her head, open mouthed.

“Because all night I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to taste you. I want to feel your wet pussy against mine. I want to grind my throbbing clit against yours. Would you like that?” Alex asked, now staring at Jamie intently. Alex kept such a straight face.

Jamie couldn’t find words but Kurtköy Escort she did something that surprised even her. Jamie leant over and leaned in to kiss Alex. Jamie grabbed Alex behind her neck gently and pressed her soft lips against Alex’s. Even Alex was surprised, she had not expected this quiet creature to come onto her, even so, for now, Alex let her carry on.

Jamie felt Alex’s body relax into her kiss, Jamie found it strange how natural it felt to be kissing another woman, her lips felt so soft and inviting. Jamie flicked her tongue gently into Alex’s mouth and massaged her tongue against hers.

Jamie could feel Alex’s breasts pressing into hers and Jamie’s hands began to wander, all of a sudden a desperate urge overtook Jamie, something deep inside her that had been malignant for so long.

Jamie wanted Alex so badly, she couldn’t catch her breath. Her heart pounded so fast she thought she was going to pass out.

Alex took Jamie’s hands as they passed over her breasts desperately and pulled away from her kiss, her red lipstick smudged over her face.

“Not here.” Alex kissed Jamie gently on the lips.

Alex and Jamie got out of the car and walked toward the apartment. To Jamie, it felt like the moment before a storm except she felt sure something amazing was about to happen.

As Alex put the keys into the lock, Jamie slowly pressed herself up against Alex, feeling like a horny teenage boy. She pulled Alex’s hair to the side, exposing her neck and gently began kissing her up her neck, biting her ear gently.

Alex fumbled with the keys but this time gently pushed Jamie back away from her, seeming a little irritated.

Jamie couldn’t stop now. Not now she had got a taste for her. Jamie pressed herself right up against Alex, grabbing her bum and nustling her face into her neck, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her perfume.

“Wait!” said Alex, pushing a shocked Jamie back forcefully this time. Jamie cursed under her breath, she felt so embarrassed.

Jamie looked at Alex’s face in the moonlight as she turned to face her. Yes, she was beautiful but now there was a different look in her eye as she frowned at Jamie, Jamie felt a little on edge, a little intimidated.

Part of her told her not to go into the apartment with Alex and go home to Joe, get into bed with comfy, familiar Joe…

But then, Something inside spurred her on, there was absolutely nothing Jamie could do about it. It was almost like she was under a spell.

She followed Alex into the lobby of her luxury apartment and closed the door gently behind her. There was no going back now.

If there was one thing Alex was not having, it was Jamie take control. Tonight, Jamie was HERS for the taking not the other way around.

Jamie would just have to learn.

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