Jamie in the Garden


My name is Harriet and I have a secret, I love showing off my body. I was a very early developer and often about 6 inches taller than all my friends. I became very self-conscious about my ungainly figure, especially among the boys, who all used to stare at me being the first to grow breasts. I was a very academic student, well spoken, and generally what you would call a good girl, expected to go on and do well at a top University.

I had just turned 18 in the summer and my parents were on holiday leaving my brother and I with the house to ourselves during their summer break. I was in the garden sunbathing on a blanket and reading. There was nobody around so I was wearing my yellow bikini and reading. Like a lot of my clothes it was a little small for me as it was bought the year previously and I’d grown somewhat since then. It pinched a little around my breasts and the briefs were a little too brief and they rode up leaving a lot of my buttocks bare, but I didn’t want to wear my all in one on such a lovely day so I thought what the hell it would be nice to feel some sun on my body. As I was alone and it was pinching a bit I had undone the bra strap and was lying on my stomach and must have nodded off in the warm sun.

I was awoken some time later by the crack and hiss of a can opening. I opened my eyes feeling a little groggy and I lifted my hand up to shield my eyes from the sun, turning half my body round to look, when I realised that Jamie, a good friend of my older brother’s was right behind me sitting in one of the patio chairs.

“Oh Jamie it’s you!” I said.

“Hi Harriet!” he said raising his beer to me.

As he did this I noticed his eyes where not looking at my face and to my surprise I followed his gaze down and it suddenly dawned on me that my bikini top was unclasped and my left breast and nipple were completely visible to him.

“Oh shit!” I said as I quickly turned round again and hurriedly did up my top.

“Harriet you spoil sport!” he said.

I leant round again feeling quite embarrassed and asked him how long he had been there.

“Oh, only about 20 minutes. Your brother gave me the key. They’ve gone to watch the football but I didn’t fancy it.” he said matter of fact.

“Oh really, that was nice of him.” I said sounding a bit annoyed.

“Yeah I’m not really into football, and anyway, there are much better things to watch.” he said.

“Such as?” I said a bit sarcastically.

“Oh you know, half-naked pretty young ladies.”

Then I realised he could see most of my bottom too, as I slowly woke up completely. I felt so self-conscious and clamped myself up, squatting on my bum with my arms over my knees and I looked back at him very red-faced.

“Oh Harriet! There’s no need to hide.” he said laughing.

I glared at him unconvincingly but felt too embarrassed to move, especially as if I had stood up I would have to show off even more. He changed the subject and engaged me casually in conversation as I relaxed a little in spite of the fact that I was practically naked in front of one of my older brother’s friends. As we chatted for a few minutes the conversation gradually got back to me and he remarked how much I’d grown up over the last year or so. Escort bayan

“Well I’ve done a few things this year.” I said suddenly unguarded.

“Really! Such as?” he said intrigued.

“Oh nothing.” I said trying to brush off the comment.

“Thomas didn’t seem to think it was nothing, in fact he said you were pretty damn good at it.” He continued smiling at me.

I had had a brief interlude with Thomas, another of my brother’s friends recently, which was not altogether unpleasant. I looked up at him, my mouth open in amazement blushing furiously.

“What the fuck has he been saying?” I exclaimed.

“You know, just that you’re a babe, and you’re…good.” he said, sticking his tongue in his cheek in an obscene gesture to me.

I was thoroughly shocked again.

“You did didn’t you.” he said pointing his finger at me.

“Bastard!” I said, describing them both.

“Hey I’m sorry Harriet, I’m just winding you up, have a sip.” he said as he got out of the chair and sat down next to me offering me a sip from his beer.

I looked at him and smiled vaguely as I accepted the drink and I noticed as I opened my arms and leant my head back taking a swig he caught a look at my cleavage bulging out of my little bikini. I handed him back the can and said,


The beer refreshed me a bit and I cheered up.

“You did though didn’t you?” he said with some humour, poking his tongue against his cheek to illustrate his point.

I bit my lip and blushed a little as I looked back at him sitting very close to me and said,

“Might have done.”

He chuckled at me and said,

“Ooo, the lucky bastard!” as he looked me up and down.

He was clearly getting ideas, which I was certainly not totally against as I relaxed my position and was starting to enjoy him looking at me and feeling that familiar tingle as I gave him a slightly better view of my body in my tight bikini.

“When does the football finish?” I asked.

He smiled at me as he understood my concern.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be back for at least an hour and a half.”

“Ok.” I said casually.

I put my arms behind me keeping my knees up but leaving a nice gap so he could see between my legs. He looked down straight at my crotch as it stretched across my hidden pussy. He drained his beer and looked back down at my crotch and said,

“Harriet, your bikini seems quite small.”

I smiled back and said,

“Yes I know its last years and I don’t have another.”

He put his hand on my knee and very gently pushed it down opening my legs giving him a clear view of my crotch.

“Hmm, they are very tight.”

He said as his hand slid down my naked thigh as we both looked between my legs, my pubic hair was clearly visible sticking out either side of my briefs and he kept his hand on my thigh and slowly tickled the hair on one side and I exhaled slightly.

“That’s a lovely view Harriet.” he whispered.

“You don’t think I should shave a bit?” I asked coyly.

“Oh no, it’s really sexy, you’re giving me a real hard-on.” he said.

“Hmm, really.” I said looking at him again.

He leant over and started to kiss me. Bayan escort I opened my mouth and my legs wider as his tongue slipped into my mouth and his hand slid over my briefs and he felt between my legs. We snogged for a while and his hands were all over me and I didn’t stop him as he felt up my breasts with one hand through my bikini top and he rubbed in between my legs with the other as I ran my hands up his naked legs and felt his stiff cock in his shorts. He undid my bra and I slipped the straps of my top down my arms and took it off and let him feel my firm breasts, teasing my hard nipples.

“Wow they are quite something Hatty!”

He said as he looked at his own hands caressing my boobies.

“Do you think I’m a bad girl now?”

I said arching my back and squirming around somewhat as I enjoyed his hands on my body.

“You’ve a very bad girl.” he said really enjoying the feel of me.

“Hmm, and would I be a bad girl if I did this?”

I asked coyly as I slid my hand up the leg of his shorts and felt his hard cock in his boxers.

“Oh yes, a very bad girl, keep being bad.”

We smiled at each other and his hand went back down between my legs and my smile got bigger as his hand slid down my panties through my hairy bush.

“Cor.” he said in some surprise, “You’re a very hairy bad girl.” he said.

“I know, my pussy’s every so hairy, do you want to see?” I asked him,

“Shit yeah!” he said.

I undid the little hook at the side of my briefs and we both looked down between my legs again at his hand feeling around my hairy pussy.

“Oh man I need a closer look at that!”

He said and got right down between my open legs. I watched him as he put his face to within about 4 inches of my hairy vagina. He had both hands down there too as he explored me, trailing his fingers through my bushy mound and around my excited lips.

“Oh wow, this is one dream pussy!”

He said as he just stared at it as he pulled open the lips of my vagina exposing my moist interior. It was such an exciting feeling and I felt so wonderfully dirty again having a man inspecting my most intimate parts. I was breathing heavily and purring gently as I sat there completely naked in the sunny garden as Jamie looked at me to his heart’s content. His fingers started to feel around my wet lips and he slowly pushed one up me.

“Hmmmm.” I said, letting out a long gasp of air.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Oh yes.” I said a little breathlessly. “I love it!” I said a bit louder.

He pushed his finger right up me and looked up at my face as he eased it in and out of my girly hole. He looked a tad surprised to see me writhing around slowly in such obvious pleasure on the end of his finger, my shoulders and breasts moving to the rhythm, and my mouth wide open.

“Hey, you really do like that don’t you Harriet.” he said smiling at me.

“Oh god yes, I can’t help it, I’m such a bad girl, I love it!” I said with breathless enthusiasm. “Talk dirty to me, call me names!” I said almost in tears.

“You are a naughty girl Harriet.” he said, testing me as he continued to finger me whilst observing my reaction.

“I know, this is really Escort slutty of me isn’t it?” I said, encouraging him.

“You’re behaving like a complete slut Harriet!” he said starting to enjoy it.

He saw me writhe as he called me names and this encouraged him more as he saw it really turned me on.

“I am a dirty little slut, I let men do rude things to me!” I confessed.

“I bet you do, I’ve watched you for ages showing off your knickers in your school uniform.” he said.

“I know I do it on purpose, I like showing my knickers off to lots of men.” I said,

“Wow, you dirty little bitch!” he said sounding quite surprised again.

Then he stopped talking to me which disappointed me a bit, but I wasn’t disappointed with what he did next with his mouth. I saw him poke out his tongue and gently lick around my wet vaginal lips tasting me.

“Oh god yes!”

I said, unable to stay upright, so I just lay back with my legs open to enjoy his tongue on me. He really went to town on me down below. He licked me out good and proper, lapping all over my pussy and up inside me. He stuck his tongue as far up my vagina as it would go and just wiggled it about inside me whilst masturbating my clitoris with his finger. I started screaming with pleasure.

“Shh, Hatty not so loud, the neighbours with think there’s a murder going on!” he said quickly.

I regained a little control as he continued where he left off sending me into toe-curling pleasure as my orgasm seemed to start deep inside me and spread out to my extremities and I came quite loudly on the end of his tongue. I lay on my back enjoying the afterglow of my huge orgasm until I saw his face appear above me with a big wet grin as I got my breath back. He was moving his hands below him and I looked down to see him undoing his shorts and pulling them down with his underwear.

“I hope this little slut knows how to say thank you?”

He said as he presented me with the wonderful sight of a big and very stiff cock. It sprung up almost vertically reaching almost to his belly-button as he wagged it invitingly.

“Mmm yummy” I said licking my lips.

“Well get to it dirty girl!” He ordered with a broad smile.

I happily bend over and got straight to work on his lovely looking cock. I looked up at him with big innocent eyes as I put my lips around it and pushed as much as I could right into my mouth.

“Oh man! You are some little bitch Harriet!” he said pushing the back of my head down onto his cock.

I just giggled, which vibrated around his penis as I sucked him as I had been taught. He sighed and moaned with great pleasure as I put my talent to work on his manhood. He put both hands on the side of my head and dictated the speed and depth as he fucked my face. I loved every minute of it and it was pretty obvious that I loved it too, which must have been a real turn on for him too having his mate’s dirty little sister as a play thing for his amusement.

“Oh shit Harriet I’m going to come!” he said.


I mumbled around his cock again, then plopping it out of my mouth for a moment whilst holding it in both my hands looked up to him and said,

“Do it in my mouth.”

Then put it back in and went back to sucking his hard length. I purred as I sucked him and he called out,

“Oh you little whore!” as he filled my mouth with his hot come. He held onto my face with both hands as he spunked in my mouth and I swallowed everything.

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