It’s All Relative Ch. 07


This story is pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. (wink)

If you haven’t read the previous chapters (1-6), I highly recommend you to. Things will make more sense.


They got to the bottom and Vonnie’s head tilted back to look at him.

“Thanks Matt, I needed that.” she said and winked before letting her head fall onto Sheila’s shoulder. Matt volunteered to help them back but Sheila wouldn’t let him. She didn’t want any questions from Rebecca if she happened to wake up.

The door closed and Matt re-locked it. It was now nearly 3 am but he sat down at his laptop and pulled up the dozens of photos of his mother. He saw her in an entirely new light now. Just before he’d left on this trip he had taken her on vacation to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The pictures from that trip drew his eye. Where before he simply saw his mother, as he scrolled through the many videos and pictures he’d taken in their room, at the pool, at the beach, around town, now he saw a desirable mature woman who had her “Do No Touch” sign replaced with “Handle With Care.”

Matt’s mind was a turbulent swarm of ideas as he cleaned up the bedroom and lay trying to go to sleep.

That didn’t take too long.

The door closed and Matt re-locked it. It was now nearly 3 am but he sat down at his laptop and pulled up the dozens of photos of his mother. He saw her in an entirely new light now. Just before he’d left on this trip he had taken her on vacation to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The pictures from that trip drew his eye. Where before he simply saw his mother, as he scrolled through the many videos and pictures he’d taken in their room, at the pool, at the beach, around town, now he saw a desirable mature woman who had her “Do No Touch” sign replaced with “Handle With Care.”

Matt’s mind was a turbulent swarm of ideas as he cleaned up the bedroom and lay trying to go to sleep.

That didn’t take too long.

Matt woke at his usual 6 am but on this morning he had only managed to get 3ish hours sleep.

He had to force himself but he took his normal morning run and then decided against his usual visit to the office to see Dorothy and John and instead, got to making a breakfast. At 7:45 he finally sat down at the picnic table and began devouring his eggs, hash browns, sausage patties, and sourdough toast. The park dog “Eli”, a beautiful yellow Labrador showed up for some treats.

Matt finished breakfast and moved to his lounge chair, leaned back, closed his eyes, and stroked Eli’s fur. It was near heaven, so peaceful, the only sound the distant hum of tractor engines and farmers going about their business.

About a half hour after sitting down he heard voices and saw Vonnie and Sheila come around the corner of their trailer and headed right for him. All he could do is smile.

He didn’t have to worry. Just as Sheila had said, Vonnie said nothing about getting fucked twice and eating out Sheila for 2 hours last night. Hell, she even apologized for drinking the previous evening. Sheila smiled and winked at him as Vonnie was talking. During a brief moment alone Sheila whispered that Vonnie woke up and had simply said, “Matt sure was fun” and that he should not expect any other acknowledgement from her.

They spent a few hours visiting before Vonnie insisted they needed to get back home.

The rest of the day was spent yacking with other folks. Matt was internally pleased that the “younger” women in the family spent most of their time hanging around. By younger Matt meant younger than he was. The genealogy data he got really surprised him. He was way off on the girl’s ages, the ones who dropped in with Rebecca. Brittany is 32 but he thought she was much younger, Melody is 18, and Dixie is 29. Kelsey, Brittany’s best friend and rumored lover wasn’t a part of the family but she is 27.

Everything involving sex settled down and a few days passed without incident or an “attack” by Dorothy or an unexpected mauling by a horny MILF. At first Matt was worried about Dorothy but John said she was out of town and also just adjusting and trying to control her urges.

Sheila had been by a few times but he attributed that to her keeping an eye on Brittany and Kelsey. They asked Matt if they could stay the week if he could drive them home. When he said yes Sheila had a few words with him. Those words included “don’t you even think about it.” Sheila had eyeballed Brittany flirting with Matt and was now hovering like a protective mother hen. Matt had nothing but good intentions but he had to admit to himself that the events of the last few weeks had kindled a fire of which the flame grew brighter and hotter with every relative he bedded.

After the romp with Sheila and Vonnie he’d found himself actually scanning his family database and he wasn’t just interested bursa escort in genealogy. He was viewing things very differently. It was yet to be seen if it was wise. He was falling into the conquest trap, where the thrill of the conquest brought a feeling of accomplishment. He casually thought, “I wonder how many I can score?”

There had been Rebecca 55 and his aunt because she’d married his mother’s brother, then came Aunt Sheila 52, his mother’s sister. The fact that he didn’t know who she was until after they fucked detracted a little from the conquest. Then came Cousin Dorothy also 52, 1st cousin on his dad’s side, and that’d been followed by the threesome with Aunts Sheila and Vonnie 51, that coupling had exposed the fact that the sisters, which included Matt’s mother Joyce 60, and even one of his dad’s sisters Vicki 47, were engaged in hardcore farm girls-gone-wild play until they left home.

Matt’s head still swam over that revelation. He had a hard time imagining his mother with her head buried between Sheila’s, or Vonnies, or Vicki’s legs, or, well hell, any woman’s legs and likewise any woman with their head buried between his mother’s thighs.

“Oh ya,” he reminded himself, he smiled as he thought, “and there was Denise 42. No relation but a great fuck.”

It was now afternoon 3 days after the reunion (Thursday) and those amazing experiences with Dorothy, Vonnie and Sheila, and the one time near assault by Denise. Dorothy was gone this week. She was attending some RV seminar in St. Louis and was due back this evening sometime. He needed some rest.

When Matt wasn’t meeting with relatives, visiting country records offices for genealogy information, or wandering graveyards, he was helping John take care of the park. The two guys had become pretty close friends and had spent the evenings sitting by the fire talking guy talk. It had been pretty quiet but today it was finally Friday and the park was getting busy again.

One thing about full time RV life that he hadn’t expected was the sexual aspect of it. Relatives aside, he had been asked bluntly and openly on three occasions if he wanted to join couples. The first time he was surprised and flattered, only a day later someone else asked him, and then 2 days later a third. Two were mature couples and one was an attractive younger couple. By mature he meant 40+ and younger 20-40ish. He’d refused because he was simply leery of it, not because he wouldn’t have enjoyed fucking these guys wives. Fucking a guy’s wife…

In the end Matt thought it an odd way to make a friend, letting someone fuck your wife. But it seemed to work for Dorothy and John and Matt was only happy to help them out when asked. John mentioned several times how grateful they were. Matt was simply grateful for being allowed to fuck his wife. Although Dorothy was 52, 10 years older than he is, she was a lovely passionate woman and John, even with his condition, was very very lucky to have her. Something he acknowledged repeatedly to Matt. He even opened up about his fears that “Dor,” as he called Dorothy, would start to wander now that she’d experienced “true sex.” Matt tried to reassure him but he silently wondered the same thing.

It was during that conversation that Matt decided he’d order them a surprise toy to play with. He told them it was a “marital aid” and smiled to himself as he made the order online, shipping in 2 days, it should arrive today and hopefully before Dorothy got back.

The last of the other relatives had left the park on Monday. Denise and Larry left but not before Denise insisted they get Matt’s email address before leaving. The two of them wanted to keep in touch and suggested future meetings. Sure enough, they contacted him by email and said they were coming back down for the weekend. This time Denise was bringing someone along. She’d not said anything more. Matt felt it was all very mysterious, but from the information in the email she sounded like she might be fun.

Today it was quiet and relaxing, a mostly empty park with decent weather. It had been a bit humid and in the low 80’s with occasional rain.

There was some free time so he decided to get some personal work done. He sat down on his lounge chair, opened up the genealogy database and continued checking what people had entered in a little more detail. The family history website was an excellent resource and he was able to correct a number of mistakes, or maybe deceptions, or just simply stories with no basis in fact people had entered.

One of the first things he learned after taking up genealogy was to take family knowledge with a grain of salt. Here’s an example. He was always told his father’s father’s name was Bob and he had been born in Oregon. When he found his grandfather’s birth certificate he discovered that his name was Delbert Robert and he’d been born in Oregon County, Kansas. He hated Delbert and always went by Bob. A few entries were obviously intended to hide skeletons in the family closet. He’d make çanakkale escort corrections and move on because he was finding more skeletons than he’d expected.

Today he logged on and noticed that the DNA section said, “Update Available.” After finishing with other hints he took a look.

“Ah, sweet” he thought to himself, a new DNA connection. He’d found a number of relatives through DNA including a very long term brick wall (a person that there seemed to be no record of) he’d had on his father’s side.

The update completed and when the page opened he saw his DNA had a very high centimorgan connection to someone.

“Sweet!” he actually rubbed his hands with glee.

Ya, Matt had a low excitement threshold sometimes.

His eye brows tightened up and turned down as he had to do a double and triple take as he read the results and scrutinized what he saw, “Hang on…”

He finally said, “What the fuck?”

The DNA results showed a centimorgan connection to a member of almost 2,000 centimorgans. He knew a connection that high was almost certainly a sibling or at the very least a “close family member.” But this was damned odd. The connection was a woman and with a centimorgan connection that high it meant female sibling.

The thing was, he didn’t have a sister.

During the years of research he’d run across some “skeletons in the closet”. He never let them bother him. Facts are facts and sometimes those facts get ugly or embarrassing to people.

The DNA showed the woman’s picture. It was a cat, cute but that was no help. She was clickable so he clicked to take a look at her tree. This woman’s family tree wasn’t a help because there wasn’t one listed, furthermore she’d kept her name hidden. She had a user name of “Princess Kitty.”

The website allows you to hide information on living people, all data is hidden. No info on parents either. Seems she, like a lot of people, did the DNA sample but never went beyond that in connecting to and/or creating a tree. They were only interested in the geographic results, where did they come from? Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, etc.

So far, all Matt had was a high centimorgan connection, nothing else. He spent the rest of the morning and until nearly 5 pm. He was laying back thinking and giving his eyes a rest when he suddenly recalled something.

You, know when something just suddenly flashes into your mind?

He sat up in the chair, his mind racing. He recalled a relatively new tool related to DNA. It was called “ThruLines” and it showed DNA connections of shared ancestry. Basically it placed the DNA result into an existing family tree of other members. Block living people sure, but dead people? He had hope.

With his heart pounding he opened ThruLines and, “YES!!” it showed multiple DNA connections to this sibling.

Matt punched the air in victory. He followed the trail to and fro, up and down lines, slowly the trail of information began to click into place. Then, finally, after almost another 8 hours, it was 1 am Saturday and he found a shared ancestor in a line of his paternal great great great grandmother.

“Ah, now follow it forward… yup, every connection was on his paternal, noit a single maternal one.”

“There has to be a birth record.” He thought.

Another half hour and he’d found the birth register. This possible sibling’s father name was entered as, “Illegitimate.”

In his mind he was analyzing the clues and there was simply only one conclusion to this. His father had a a baby girl with another woman, and if these dates were correct, right before Mom had Matt.

“You old dog.” Matt thought of his father, “I wonder if she (meaning his mother) knew? Oh, hell, I wonder if Dad knew.” Matt never heard anything of another child out there mentioned, no comments, no whispered secrets, yet there it was, all laid out in front of him.


20 minutes later Matt was on the satellite phone with his mother. He entered into the conversation cautiously not knowing if she knew or not. After some gentle probing it was clear that either Dad didn’t know, or he never told Mom. Joyce knew nothing of any other loves in his life let alone children. It was a short phone call and he got an ear full when she learned about the reunion. She would have flown home to attend. The phone call ended with Mom telling him she’d be flying into Minneapolis on Wednesday, about 9 days away.

Now Matt really started to dig. He wanted, no, he needed to know who this person was. He had a sister by God and he was going to identify her.

He found a second cousin of this possible sibling and they had a tree which did not have living people hidden. On that tree was not only entered the name of the father, but also listed was the name of mother, immediate family members, and most importantly photos of both.

The father’s name was Daryl Zeller. Yup, that’s Matt’s father. A picture was attached of his father hugging çankırı escort some woman he’d never seen. The woman’s name was Verna Harr.

The daughter’s info was there as well as a photo. He quickly scanned the data first. She was 42, same age as he was, birth place matched. As happens each time he discovered something new and exciting in genealogy he started to get excited.

“Same age as I am,” it registered in Matt’s mind, and the picture…, “FUCK ME!” At nearly the same moment he saw her name and picture. It almost made his head explode. He slammed the note book closed.

The realization came crashing down on him. His heart was pounding from a surge of adrenaline. “shit” he whispered out loud, then much louder, “SHIT!? Fuckity shit shit shit.

“No, you have got to be fucking kidding me?” he thought to himself as he looked around in disbelief. Opening up the notebook he stared at the picture, double checked, and looked at the up line and connections. Nope, everything connected.

Matt got up and poured himself a very large portion of single malt and slugged it down in one drink, standing there his hands shaking and him shaking his head.

Finally Matt began to chuckle and looked skyward convinced God was playing with him. Over the years Matt had decided that God most definitely had a sense of humor, and imagined God sitting up there laughing uproariously over the trick he’d played.

The daughter’s picture wasn’t current and showed a woman who looked to be in her thirties. But it was a woman he recognized. The picture was of the woman who’d been bouncing up and down on his cock a few nights before.

The daughters name was Denise Franklin.

He downed his second single malt and then it flashed through his mind. “What the fuck was Denise doing here? Here, as we have a family reunion. She knows. But what the fuck does she know?”

This dominated his thoughts, “Coincidence? Plausible but very unlikely. She’d have to know who her father was, maybe but then she’d also need to know the family details and that Matt was here. Plausible but unlikely.”

Matt came to the conclusion it was very unlikely she knew he was her half brother.

But what the hell was she doing here the same time as the reunion?

Shaking his head the entire time, Matt wrapped up working on the tree and a few hours later had finished going through the database. No errors and every thread connected.

By this time it was nearing 6 am Saturday morning and Matt’s brain was hurting. He used the “private entries” section to record things he wanted to keep for later. Details on Rebecca, Sheila, Dorothy, Melody, Dixie, Denise, hell even his Mom, the kind of things people don’t want others to know about.

He resolved to not say anything to anyone. What IF Denise didn’t know? What kind of turmoil would ensue if he began asking questions? With Denise and Larry coming back there was opportunity but he’d have to tread lightly. There were a few innocent questions he could ask though.

Matt turned in and woke at noon to a knock on the door. It was Brittany who was holding little Ben. Seems Ben wanted to go swimming with his Uncle, or so she claimed. He spent Friday with Brittany and Kelsey and swam with Ben for awhile. Pretty damned fun.

Brittany was a tall well built woman, at 6 ft 2 in she was a bit taller than Matt and had dirty blonde shoulder length hair, thick bushy dark eyebrows, lovely dark eyes, slender nose, pretty smile. If it hadn’t been for Aunt intercession he’d been trying to bed her.

Saturday evening he had supper at Sheila’s diner. No, he didn’t say anything about his discover, and then decided to make it an early evening.

He was lying drinking a glass and watching the sunset before turning in when a UPS delivery truck came in. That jerked him back into reality.

“Sweet, right on time” Matt thought to himself. Shortly thereafter he heard a cheerful, “Are you still lying about wasting the day? Good God man… get a job.” Matt smiled, it was Larry’s voice.

Thinking to himself, “ah, the, um… ya, brother-in-law.”

He turned to see Larry strolling over. Matt lifted his beer to him, “Well hello old man. What brings you up to this neck of the paradise again?”

Larry plopped down, “The week was crap and we decided to get out again.” What Larry didn’t say was that when they’d checked out Denise asked how long Matt would be here and on the drive home they decided to come back down.

“Kids doing ok?” Matt feigned interest.

“They’re great and staying with Grandma this weekend, we decided we needed time to ourselves.” Larry grinned and added, “Nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.”

In more ways than one, Matt perked up immediately. “You sly dog you.”

Larry shook his head, “I wish, but it was Denise’s idea. One of her friends, her name’s Liz, well Elizabeth, but she goes by Liz. Anyway, she came along. I suspect Denise wants you two to get together. Liz is in dire need of a good fucking.”

Matt nodded and said, “I will do my best old man. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe we could make a foursome out of it.”

Larry rocked his head from side to side, “Who knows, weirder things have happened. But I doubt it. If that was going to happen I think Denise would have made it happen before now.”

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