It Isn’t Over Yet 01

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Richard eyed Sean as he groaned and squirmed on the seat. His belly was bloated and his crotch looked packed.

“You okay?” asked Richard hopefully.

“No, have to pee,’ Sean admitted and slowly rocked back and forth with his hands gripping the edge of the seat.

“How bad is it?”

“Very bad,” said Sean truthfully. “I could really do with a good piss.”

“It hasn’t been much since you went last,” Richard checked his watch and wondered aloud.

“That was two hours before getting stuck in this wretched gridlock. And have you forgotten? You just pumped my bladder with diuretics.” Sean gritted his teeth angrily.

“Oh yeah,” Richard chuckled.

“Fuck you,” Sean hissed.

Richard chuckled more.

“Seriously, fuck you, Richard.” Sean clamped his legs shut and bobbed them up and down. His bladder was so full that it felt like his stomach too had filled with urine.

Richard swallowed and eyed his crotch. It was super tight and bulged. Is he erect, he wondered. Before he knew it, his hand had wandered onto Sean’s thigh and made his way to the tent in his pants.

Sean shot a glare as Richard’s hand squeezed his penis.

“You’re hard,” he whispered.

“Not really,” said Sean.

“You are,” Richard insisted, “that’s because you are desperate to pee.”

Sean gently brought his legs shut as Richard kneaded his erection. He let a long, quiet puff.

“Does konya escort that feel good?” Richard asked quietly.

“Hmm,” Sean mumbled and pursed his lips.

“Is it helping you hold it in? Or do you feel like taking an urgent piss?”

“Got to piss,” Sean hissed, “so badly…”

“We’ll be out of here soon,” said Richard as he continued to knead Sean’s penis, “just imagine the relief when you finally get to the toilet home. You can just unzip and empty your bladder like there’s no tomorrow.”

Sean hissed and puffed, his urge to urinate pressing hard on his bladder. “I have to go now! Let go.” Sean took over his penis and kneaded faster from the base to the tip.

“People are watching, Sean,” Richard warned in a low whisper.

At that, he stopped, still not letting go of his desperate urinary organ. He so badly wanted to urinate. The pressure was unbearable. “Why aren’t we moving?” he groaned as he checked out the traffic.

“Desperate to get to the loo?” asked Richard, smirking.

“I would have peed thrice by now,” Sean admitted and clutched his aching penis with both hands.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon,” Richard encouraged.

“We better be,” said Sean, “I can’t wait to pee.”


Sean fanned his legs with a death grip over his packed crotch. His bladder felt like a water ball in his stomach, one that ached to piss with the slightest pressure. His slim fit pants put up a challenge konyaaltı escort with its waistband digging into his urinary bladder.

Richard watched on keenly as Sean panicked while attempting to hold on. “What’s wrong?” he inquired quietly.

“I won’t make it,” he confessed with a pale face.

“You will,” he assured. “Just hold on. We’ll be out of here soon. See, the traffic is clearing ahead.”

“How long till we get home?” asked Sean hopefully, with his eyes on the road.

“Another 30 minutes without any hiccups,” he informed.

“That’s too long,” whined Sean.

“Think of it the other way. It’s only thirty minutes. What if you had to wait for an hour or more?”

“I’m going to pee the first thing I get down. I’m not going to wait to get home.”

“And get fined for peeing on the streets? Maybe even get caught by a cop even before you could pee. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to get caught by a cop with a full bladder.”

That sounded scary. “Why? What’s going to happen?”

“As if you don’t know. You won’t get to pee till they’re done with you. And that could mean another couple of hours.”

“I’d piss my pants before that.”

“Yeah, so better control yourself and try to get home,” said Richard satisfactorily.

“Or let’s just stop by a restaurant or a mall. There’d be toilets there.”

“Not where we’re headed to,” said Richard coyly.

Sean sighed. “God, I got to konyaaltı eve gelen escort pee,” he hissed.

“Hold on, we’ll be home soon.”


“Oh come on, hurry!!!” Sean pee-danced before the closed doors of their building’s elevator while clamping his penis shut. He would piss his pants any minute. In fact, he’d already lost a squirt.

Richard pocketed his hands. “I have to go too, it’s been long.”

“I’m going first,” Sean shot at him and crossed his legs.

Richard chuckled. Clearly, he was up to something.

“I swear, Richie, don’t pull any of your dirty tricks, I’m going to piss on your face if you do.”

Richard laughed.

“Shit!!!!” Sean doubled over as he lost another squirt in his pants.

Richard laughed even more.

“Fuck you Richard!”

That didn’t stop Richard from laughing.

The doors finally slid open and Sean dashed in. “Get in fast!” he spat at Richard who was obviously taking his own sweet time.

Richard leaned onto the metal walls as the doors shut.

Other than Sean’s relentless fidgeting, it was perfectly quiet.

“Stand still,” instructed Richard.

“Fuck off,” Sean snarled while shifting on his feet. He had to pee desperately. They had to go all the way to the 20th floor, and they were still stopping at every other floor. “Are you kidding me,” Sean hissed under his breath as the elevator filled with more people.

Richard smirked.

Sean was forced to let go off his penis. He was hard in his pants from wanting to urinate for so long.

“It isn’t funny you douche,” Sean returned a smirk and groped himself through his pockets. “I’m about to piss my pants,” he said anxiously.

“Just a little more,” Richard coaxed him.

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