Is It Wrong To Want Your Stepdad


AtrixI woke up tired and so confused, then gradually I realized where I was. I am undoubtedly at my stepfather’s charming house. I also began to remember why I was over here, I used to live here after my biological father had died suddenly and my mother had remarried. Tonight everything had just rushed at me. To start it off, my jerk boyfriend had broken up with me because I was ‘dubious’ for heartily admiring men that were considerably older than me. Something I had actually figured out before my biological father’s death. One morning I had awoken from an unpleasant dream after sleeping rather uncomfortably with him. I was hesitant to think about what happened, but I felt surprisingly delighted and was tingling all over when I awoke. I can’t recall the dream, but my dad turned to me when I woke and clung tightly, telling me I was such a splendid little girl. Earlier this evening, my boyfriend William and I had gotten into a silly argument that really got out of control. We started with a small disagreement that turned into a shouting match. The next thing I knew I was being ushered out of his house and into a cab on my way here. I had no idea Mom was going to be leaving. This was all so screwed up. Now I was sitting here waiting for my step-dad to get back.   RomanHeaded back home after taking his wife Lynn to the airport, Roman thought to himself, “It’s strange Atrix just suddenly stopped by tonight.” She had been crying and by her actions, I believe drinking. She was upset about something William had said about how she was being an ass. Because of this, he had decided to call off their … whatever it was, and she had just left and found herself at my place. When she arrived Lynn and I were just getting ready to leave for the airport. We didn’t really have time to talk, although Lynn spent about ten minutes with her as I was loading her bags in the car. Atrix had always been a little different and now it sounds like she won’t talk about this at all, even with Lynn. Atrix had grown up so much since I first saw her. She was just a little girl then. Playing with dolls and such but now, Oh My God, she had become so hot. Now, I had to go back to the house and spend Sefaköy escort the next three days entertaining her and I hoped she didn’t get all emotional. I hoped she had NO desire to talk about William or her problems at all. I pulled into the drive, thinking to myself it was about time I got home and still trying to think of what I would do while Lynn was away. Atrix“Did Daddy figure out that I had been drinking?” Atrix asked herself as she examined her hands and realized they were shaking. She took a deep breath and hoped he didn’t see them shake. Due to the amount of alcohol in her body, she began to vomit, remembering the last thing that William had told her.“Weirdo, I have always detested you because you used me to keep your parents from punishing you for liking older men.”Tears rolled down my cheeks as the kitchen door opened and of course, I continued to vomit. I’m sure Dad heard me. I was certain to be in deep trouble because I was drinking at eighteen. I knew Dad didn’t like to see me crying, but the sounds of my sobs and vomiting escaped from my mouth. Suddenly, my bedroom door opened, and I saw Dad standing there. RomanI parked the car in the garage and let the door close behind me. As I headed in through the kitchen I could hear the music coming from her room. I sat down the groceries I had stopped for and headed up to her room. Getting to her door, it was closed. I reached up and quietly knocked, “Atrix, are you here?” Not sure if she could even hear me so I knocked again. The music stopped. I again said, “Atrix, are you home?” She replied, almost whispered, “Umm yes, I am just listening to music.” I said, through the door, “I would really like to talk to you if you have time.” Waiting, I could hear her stumbling around the room, I assumed she was cleaning up. After a few minutes, the door slowly opened with her standing right in the doorway. I slowly pushed the door enough to get in, she stepped back from its path. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked so disheveled. Any anger I had in me melted at seeing her. It was obvious that she was at the very least tipsy, but let’s be honest, she was drunk.“Atrix, Escort Yenibosna are you okay, you seem a bit stumbly tonight? I dropped your mom off at the airport. She will be back Thursday. So it is just us for now,” all came flowing out of my mouth at once. What the hell was wrong with me? I knew how to talk. Once I stopped talking, I saw she was sitting on the bed and looked so sad. I sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her face, wiping away the tears and looking into her eyes.“Someone has had a little too much to drink haven’t they?” I smiled and said to her. “Don’t worry sweetie, we have all been there,” was all I was able to say before she stared at me, opened her mouth and covered my lap with what she had for supper. I scooped her up and took her into the bathroom, holding her while she finished, keeping her hair out of the way and of course, having a glass of water for her mouth with a cold washcloth for her head. When she did finish I helped her up and back into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed. I placed the cold cloth on her head and covered her. Then it was time for me to go change. Before I left, I knelt down and whispered, “I am here sweetie, Daddy will take care of you. You sleep and we will talk tomorrow.” I gave her a kiss on her forehead and left.    AtrixDaddy said he had called out and knocked but I hadn’t hear anything then suddenly he was standing in the open door. He came in and I thought it was going to be bad, I mean he looked mad. He looked at me as a tear rolled down my cheek and he just kinda started talking about dropping mom off and when she would be back and she also said something about me being clumsy… no stumbly was what he said. What did that even mean?  Then suddenly, his face softened and he sat down next to me, put an arm around me and wiped my cheeks. He asked if I had too much to drink. I was stunned, was it that obvious? Then the worst possible thing happened, I stared at him, then threw up in his lap. He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, holding me and my hair as I kept vomiting. He cleaned me up and helped Halkalı escort bayan me into bed. He even put a cold cloth on my head. He started to go and I cleared my throat and softly called him. The next six words slipped from my tongue before I could even stop them, “Can I sleep with you, please.” The word after please had slipped past even faster than the previous six, “Daddy?”It was like all those years ago when I was young, I had gotten sick and so my biological father let me sleep with him. Then two years later, he died from something that I was told to stay away from. This is why I hate needles, especially in the arm. “Atrix, look at me,” my father had said, “stay away from anything that looks like this, it’s…” he showed me the needle and passed out.Later, I woke up, gasping, as Dad was sitting on the edge of the bed, “heroin,” I said, finishing his last sentence. RomanHer question stopped me in my tracks, I thought, this was no longer a little girl having nightmares. This was a young woman that was having a nightmare life. I turned to her and said, “Sweetie, if you want to you can.”Waiting, I examined her face and observed the change. She willingly left the dark concerns of her life, and I saw a moment of joy on her face. She jumped up and tenderly wiped her face then reached for my hand as we headed down to my room. I kept telling myself that this was nothing but me being a good Dad, aiding her when she needed me. On the other hand, she is so adorable and seductive as hell and that scared me. Leading her back to the master bedroom, I had gotten into the bed and moved to the side. She climbed in and laid beside me. I was nervous and had no idea why. This was not a problem; I was just helping her cope. That sounded excellent, that worked and I didn’t come off as a pervert. I lay there and tried not to think about her next to me, so soft and warm and Oh My God so sexy. Astonishingly, I was able to fall asleep. AtrixI smiled, laying on the bed and stared up at the dark ceiling. Soon enough, Dad was asleep. I couldn’t go to sleep because my mind was racing, all I could think was, “you desire him,” Atrix. I did want my stepfather.I thought of my brother, Gale who had taught me everything when Mom had gone visiting Dad. It was aggravating because Mom had been with him for three years and I didn’t meet him until I was thirteen. I had only seen him twice a year, until they had gotten married five years later, which was after Gale’s second child’s birth.

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