Introduction to Bi


An open-minded young man is introduced to bisexuality by a sensuous couple I was 29, and still recovering from my fiancée’s breaking up with me. I hadn’t dated in many months and found it difficult to motivate myself to get out of the house, so when I saw an ad for a weekend seminar on personal goal-setting, it sounded like a good way to break out of my rut and be among people again, and maybe learn something useful in the process. I signed up, and once there found the presentation fascinating.

There were lots of small group exercises, and in one of these I was placed with a married couple named Trudy and James. They were in their 40’s but seemed much younger due to their offbeat sense of humor and enthusiastic zest for life. We hit it off and ended up spending most of the breaks together, talking about everything from music and politics to travel and philosophy. Trudy was a vivacious brunette with dark eyes and a musical laugh. She was about 5’5″ with a curvaceous, slightly plump figure and an aura of relaxed sensuality that I found captivating. Both days she wore clingy, low-cut tops that revealed a good bit of cleavage, along with flowing long skirts, colorful jewelry, and a musky perfume that I found delicious. Her husband James was about 6 feet tall, somewhat soft-spoken, with graying hair, twinkly blue eyes, and a quick wit. By the end of the second day I felt as if I’d known them both a long time, and when they invited me to their house for dinner after the seminar, I eagerly accepted.

After a pleasant meal (including two bottles of wine) and some lively conversation, Trudy said she hated for the evening to end so soon, and I agreed. After some whispering between them, James asked if I’d like to join them for a soak in their hot tub. It sounded wonderful, and when Trudy said she hoped I wouldn’t mind that they never wore suits at home, it sounded even better. I had often been to nude beaches and resorts, and felt completely at ease with James and Trudy, so the idea of being nude with them didn’t seem out of place (although I have to admit being intrigued by the thought of seeing Trudy undressed). They both seemed pleased when I agreed, and led me to a redwood deck outside their bedroom, with a gazebo-covered tub that afforded complete privacy. Trudy lit several candles, which provided a wonderful flickering light as we began undressing, but the sight of her large breasts with their wide, dark areolas and erect nipples in the cool air made me quite aroused, and I had to self-consciously fumble with my clothes until I regained control.

Seeing James naked only made me more self-conscious, as he was exceptionally well-endowed, with a large, thick penis and a pair of truly enormous balls hanging loosely beneath it. I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have “equipment” like his, and then what he would look like with an erection. The thought startled me, since I had never had an attraction to another man before, so I put it out of my mind and finished undressing — just in time to see Trudy slipping off her panties, revealing a short-trimmed bush that was shaved into a neat triangle above the cleft of her exposed vagina. She stood up quickly, her breasts bouncing freely, and to my horror I felt myself becoming uncontrollably erect, my cock standing nearly straight up and swelling to its full seven inches in plain view of both James and Trudy, and with no way I could conceal it!

I was mortified, sure they’d be offended and ask me to leave, and I started to stammer out an apology, but Trudy interrupted me, saying there was no reason to be ashamed of my body’s natural responses. James teased me about it good-naturedly, putting his hand on my shoulder and saying the time to worry is when it DOESN’T happen, and as I glanced down I saw that his penis was rapidly enlarging also. My stomach started churning as I followed James and Trudy into the tub, and they both smiled at me as I climbed in, my erection bobbing indecently in front of me. They embraced and kissed, and as I settled into the steaming water they both told me they had a very open attitude toward sexuality, believing it was a precious gift to be explored and shared freely in all its forms — not something to hide or repress as so many people in this society do. Their straightforward manner reassured me, and the bubbling water jets on my body felt wonderful, and I found myself starting to relax.

We soaked in silence for a while, with James and Trudy massaging each other’s backs and shoulders, occasionally emitting a soft sigh or murmur of pleasure, then as James was massaging Trudy’s back she motioned me closer and started rubbing my back. Her touch was firm, gentle, relaxed and intense all at once, and several times her breasts brushed against me, sending jolts of electricity through my body. After a while she turned around and began rubbing James’ back, so I started rubbing hers — shyly at first, then more and more firmly. She murmured approvingly, rokettube and James turned around, kissing her deeply. She backed into me, her ass pressing against my hard-on, and I pulled back quickly, but she moved backward until I was against the edge of the tub, pressing back against me firmly and moving her hips slowly from side to side as she and James kissed passionately. She then turned and gave me a Cheshire-cat smile before whispering in James’ ear. He smiled and returned her whisper, and they both laughed softly, then embraced deeply, and somehow I felt included in their affection, not as though I were intruding on them. We all began taking turns rubbing each other’s backs and shoulders, and the mood was one of peaceful sensuality – not overtly sexual, even though I was still very aroused. The combination of relaxation, arousal, curiosity, nervousness — everything together — was quite amazing.

After about 20 minutes, our touching had expanded to the point where Trudy would occasionally caress my bottom, and she and James would kiss more and more erotically. After one particularly wet kiss, she asked James to go into the house and bring us some towels, and as he climbed out of the tub, he made no attempt to hide his very large and very stiff erection. His balls swayed heavily beneath it as he moved, and when I realized I was staring at him, I quickly turned back to find Trudy gazing at me very intently, as if studying me. After a long silence, she said slowly, “May I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure,” I replied, wondering what she had in mind.

“You don’t have to answer this, of course,” she said evenly, ” but, well, have you ever had sex with another man?”

I stared at her in disbelief. Had I heard her correctly? I finally managed to stammer out a weak, “no,” and she continued. “Have you ever wanted to?”

I heard myself admitting that I had occasionally fantasized about what it might be like, but had never really taken the idea seriously, then asked Trudy why she wanted to know. “Oh,” she smiled, “it’s just that ever since we met I’ve been having these really intense fantasies about you. And us.” She paused, watching my reaction, then said slowly, “I think it would be so beautiful to see you and James sucking each other’s penises. Does that shock you?”

My mind reeled with amazement — not just at the idea, but with her direct and very sensuous manner in saying it — almost as if it were an everyday thing to discuss. I was vaguely aware of Trudy’s voice gently saying that she and James were both bisexual, that they had an open marriage, and enjoyed including other special friends in their lovemaking. She added that they both believed sharing pleasure with both sexes was normal and healthy, and asked whether I was turned on by the thought of being with two women who enjoyed pleasing each other. I could only manage a weak “yes” as my mind spun with disbelief that it was actually happening, and as Trudy continued, saying that being with two men was a very special turn-on for her, and how much it excited her to see her two lovers touching and pleasuring each other.

As my eyes met hers I saw that she was slowly caressing her breasts under the water, and when she saw me looking, she smiled, “My breasts really excite you, don’t they, sweetheart? Would you like to touch them? I was sure she was teasing me, and started to respond with a wisecrack, but she took my hands in hers and pressed them against her lovely big breasts, sighing deeply as she moved my hands in wide, slow circles. Her nipples were hard against my palms, and as I began caressing her breasts on my own, I had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t dreaming. “That’s nice,” she sighed, leaning back so her breasts bobbed to the surface of the water. I leaned closer, my heart pounding as I began circling her areolas with my tongue, then sucking each breast deeply in turn, swirling my tongue over her hardened nipples as I drew them into my mouth.

Trudy’s sighs and moans were interrupted by a voice chuckling, “Looks like he really knows what you like!” and looked up in surprise to see James setting down a stack of towels behind Trudy and returning to the water. Trudy reached out, pulling him close and kissing him hungrily, and his hand moved up to cup her breast as I continued sucking the other one. He bent down to suck the one closest to him, making Trudy moan as we started sucking both her breasts at once, and soon James’ fingers and mine moved down her body and began exploring her open, wet pussy together as she squirmed with pleasure and arousal. Finally James and I helped her onto the edge of the tub, where I could move between her thighs and have access to her pussy with my mouth as well as my fingers.

Circling her excited clit with my tongue or running my tongue up and down her slit, pushing inside — all made her squirm and moan with increasing excitement. James climbed up beside her and I watched in fascination as she took asyalı porno his big cock into her mouth, sucking it lovingly as he caressed her breasts and told her how beautiful and sexy she was, and asked her if she liked what I was doing to her. “Oh god, he’s incredible!” she gasped. “You guys are going to make me come so hard!” James chuckled, “That’s the whole idea!” and started fingering her taut nipples, rotating them between his thumb and fingers as she resumed sucking him. I let one finger, then another, push gently inside her, moving slowly in and out as I nibbled and sucked her swollen clit, flicking my tongue over it lightly and massaging her mound with my other hand. Trudy’s hips were rolling back and forth, and she whimpered with pleasure as she squirmed, then released James’ cock, moaning aloud as her whole body began to tremble and shudder, and she melted into a long wet orgasm that went on for quite a while.

When her spasms subsided, she helped me out of the tub and kissed me passionately, saying what a magical mouth I had, and how she wanted to make me come like that too. We toweled off and blew out the candles, and Trudy whispered, “Just relax — let us show you how good it can be!” squeezing my hand as we went into their bedroom. I didn’t know what else was going to happen, but my mind was on sensory overload, trying to grasp that it was not a dream, that it was really happening — and in some part of me, I guess I accepted whatever was going to happen between us.. We ended up on the bed, with Trudy fondling both our cocks and commenting on the differences in size, shape, color and texture, and she seemed especially fascinated with our balls, saying that mine felt like “two ripe plums about to pop right out of their pouch” in contrast to James’ bigger, heavier ones.

She said to James, “Feel how tight his balls are, honey,” and I watched in amazement as James began gently rolling my balls in his large fingers, and I felt my cock jerking excitedly back and forth. I felt dizzy and hot as Trudy bent down, taking my erect penis into her mouth and sucking it deeply up and down, and I gasped with pleasure at how good it felt. James murmured approvingly as he watched his wife sucking me, and when she held my cock out to him, saying, “Taste him, honey — he’s so sweet!” and James bent down to begin sucking my erect penis, it took every ounce of willpower I had not to come right then and there! He seemed to sense it, and pulled away, grinning broadly as Trudy kissed him. They began caressing each other, Trudy stroking James’ big hard-on as he played with her breasts, and I watched in stunned amazement until I had regained my composure.

I soon found myself on my back, with James and Trudy kneeling on either side of me, massaging my chest and playing with my nipples, pausing every now and then to play with my cock and balls. The sensations were incredible, and I wanted them to go on and on forever, especially when they both started sucking me together, their mouths and tongues creating the most incredible sensations of energy moving through me. They both told me what a beautiful penis I had and how glad they were I was sharing it with them. It was incredible to realize that James loved sucking my cock as much as Trudy did, but seeing the way his cock swelled and throbbed as he sucked me left no doubt, and when Trudy guided my hand to his penis and moved it up and down his shaft, encouraging me to touch him, I felt an incredible release of inhibitions.. His cock felt familiar yet different — bigger (I’d guess about 8 1/2 inches, and thick) but less rigid than mine, and I liked feeling it pulse and throb in my fingers, or watching it bulge as I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and rolled them gently in my palm

By this time my own penis was starting to ooze and I was clearly not going to last much longer. Trudy smiled and said, “It’s all right, sweetheart — we know you’ll have more for us later!” and began stroking my cock firmly. James began firmly massaging my testicles and grinned, “Thattaboy — let it out now!” and Trudy purred, “Come for us, sweetheart — let us see you squirt!” There was no longer any question of holding back., and my whole body started to shake, and I cried out as I came, feeling as though electricity were shooting out my fingers and toes as my come squirted helplessly through Trudy and James’ fingers. It shot clear over my head and splattered my chest and chin, and Trudy and James kept on masturbating me together, urging me on until I was completely spent and exhausted and amazed at the intensity of my orgasm being caused by a man and a woman together.

They massaged me with my come and licked it off each other’s fingers, telling me how sweet it tasted, and Trudy smeared some of it over her breasts, then leaned over me, purring, “Suck!” as she offered me each breast in turn.

She sighed, “Can you taste your come? Do you like it — isn’t it good?” adding azeri porno that a man’s semen is his life-essence, and a precious gift in lovemaking. James continued greedily sucking the last drops from my penis, and to my utter amazement, I felt myself starting to harden again in his mouth. He gave a little grunt of surprise and pleasure, and started sucking me harder and faster until I was completely erect once again. Trudy watched in delight, caressing her breasts and fingering her pussy, then kissed me passionately and said softly, “Please — I want so much to see you suck him!”

I looked over at the big prick throbbing in my hand, and I can’t explain it, because before that night I would never have imagined myself sucking another man’s cock, but somehow, with Trudy and James, I not only wanted it, it would have felt wrong NOT to suck him. I would have felt somehow deprived NOT to have his big beautiful cock in my mouth. I opened my mouth, my heart pounding with desire as Trudy guided her husband’s penis in, and as she purred, “There, sweetheart — suck!”

I swirled my tongue over the velvety head and sucked him hungrily into my mouth. James’ cock felt warm and good, pulsing and alive as I sucked up and down his thick shaft, and Trudy sighed, “Oh, beautiful!” caressing her breasts as she watched me sucking her husband’s big cock, urging me on and saying how hot it made her to see me suck him. My own penis was twitching uncontrollably, as though it could feel everything I was doing to James, and Trudy breathed in my ear how she had known all along that I would like sucking James’ cock. And it was true — I loved feeling him throb and pulse in my mouth! I loved hearing his moans of excitement and knowing I was giving him pleasure! I loved feeling his big balls squirm in their sac as I massaged them, and I loved seeing Trudy’s excitement at watching, as she masturbated herself uninhibitedly, her hips rolling with abandon as she urged me on. Eventually she reached over and began stroking the base of his cock as I sucked the head, and she moaned, “so good — .so hot!” over and over.

I guess we all realized there was only one possible conclusion, and when Trudy started moaning, “Come in his mouth, baby — give him your juice” I was amazed to realize that I wanted it every bit as much as Trudy did! I swirled my tongue over the head of James’ cock, teasing the opening as I sucked it up and down, massaging his balls as Trudy stroked the base of his cock, and then all at once James’ body shook, his hips arched, and he groaned aloud as his warm semen flooded my mouth. It tasted salty and pleasant, and I gulped it down eagerly as Trudy purred, “Yes, baby — swallow!” lovingly milking her husband’s entire ejaculation into my mouth. I had to swallow rapidly to keep up with his spurts, with Trudy pumping his cock and moaning, “Swallow!” over and over.

On the fourth spurt I lost control, and my penis started squirting wildly all over the place without even being touched, and Trudy moaned, “oh jesus!” and started masturbating herself furiously with both hands, climaxing along with us as James gave me the last of his come and flopped back on the bed with a satisfied sigh. Trudy kissed me passionately, asking me if I had liked it, and if James had given me a lot of come, and I could only nod dazedly to both questions, as Trudy grinned triumphantly, “I knew it!”

We rested a while, then took turns showering and cleaning up, and James and Trudy invited me to stay overnight, as it was now quite late and we were all pretty tired. I slept in a spare bedroom, and was awakened the next morning by the sensation of Trudy’s mouth slowly and gently sucking my hard-on. As I opened my eyes , I saw that she was fondling James’s cock in her other hand, and she smiled at me warmly, asking me if I had slept well. I said yes, and she started rubbing the head of James’s cock against mine, as he squeezed my shoulder and wished me a good morning also. She moved me so my legs were over the side of the bed, and James moved between them, pushing my thighs apart as he pressed the head of his big prick against my balls.

He moved gently back and forth, teasing my balls in a circular motion with the head of his erect penis, then sliding his cock along the underside of mine. His heavy balls fell on either side of my cock, creating a totally new, but very exciting sensation. Trudy reached between us, squeezing and rubbing our cocks together, and saying how lucky she was to have two such gorgeous penises to play with. She and James exchanged several wet kisses, and I reached up to caress her breasts, whereupon James moved back and Trudy climbed on top of me. James held my cock as she lowered herself onto it, and she sighed dreamily, “Oh that’s so good!” She started slowly rolling her hips and sliding up and down my cock, making me groan as I felt her pussy muscles clenching and stroking me. James kept telling Trudy how sexy and beautiful she looked, his hand slowly stroking his big prick up and down as he watched. Trudy started rubbing her breasts, gazing down at me as she thrust her hips back and forth faster, and said plaintively, “Please, sweetheart — let me see you suck him again! It turns me on so much!”

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