Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 02


After the first encounter, Eric and I spent a whole lot of time together. Still married and devoted to my wife, he could fill the needs that she couldn’t. Though we talked extensively about Eric, Tina and I had an open relationship. She was cool with everything; sometimes she’d even ask me questions about him…she was just curious. I even asked her if she ever wanted to join us for dinner…she’d be welcome. She just felt things should be separated. Eric, on the other hand, really didn’t care to discuss it at all…I wouldn’t describe him as clingy but he always wanted me to spend the night…with him. I was his first real relationship since coming out and it was imperative that he make up for lost time. However you analyze or label things, the sex was always hot and went on for over a year, until he took a job in Denver.

Anyway, it was a Thursday evening and he invited me out to dinner; I was going to pick him up at his place. He wanted to show me some changes they’d made to their apartment; he and his roommate had set up an office in the extra bedroom. I think he felt some pride or a feeling of accomplishment, because he finally had a real space to work. As a student, the drafting table always seemed to land in the living room or hang over the bed. I remember feeling the same way when I bought my first house and it had the perfect spot for a studio. He toured me through the room; on one wall, there was a sleek, wooden desk with two, equally cool chairs. Another wall was a massive bookshelf filled with all sorts of books, files and cool stuff. Opposite the door and clustered by the window, there was comfortable seating group. Located in the corner, next to the shelves, was Eric’s big drafting table. They used prints, photographs and plants to soften and humanize the space. We discussed how it was such a pleasure to work at home, now; even convinced he was putting out better quality work because of the workspace. “You know…while you’re here, I really want you to check out this project.”

He offered me the drafting stool, “Have a seat and I’ll go over things.”

“Well, let see what you’ve got…this is a nice detail, Eric…looks like a nice space.” Ten or twenty minutes into the project, he moved around to stand behind me, explaining more of the project. “…this area will be accessed with the circulation, flanking this space.” He moved in closer and set his beer down on an open corner, to avoid the drawing. He reached up to rub my shoulders, while we continued going through the drawing. Clearly interested in more than a shoulder massage, he reached lower to run his hands over my chest and abs. His fingers tweaked my nipples.

“Shit…that feels good…you can keep that up.”

He rotated the stool to where we were facing and slipped off my belt. A hand ran over my crotch and he groaned “Mmmm…there it is,” when he felt it pressing back.

I stood and pressed myself against him. Now, running my hands over his body, I groped at his tight ass and pulled him closer. His lean body was warm against mine.

Dropping to his knees, he pushed his face into the heat of my crotch. My pants fell to the floor and he tugged at the underwear. Once it cleared the waistband, all eight, hard inches popped outward, towards him. The bulbous, purple head, inches away, stared him in the face. Pre-cum was just starting; he reached out to rub it over the tip. I wrapped my hand around the base and stroked towards him…it was throbbing and felt hot in my hand. Eric ran his tongue over the head and teased the slit.

“Yesss…yesss…lick the tip. Taste my juice…that’s it. Mmmm…Eric…take it dude…suck it for me,” I urged. He welcomed my hand at the back of his head, pushing down and forcing it deeper.

I pumped my hips into him, deeper and deeper, till I felt my balls brushing his chin. My dick slipped from his mouth and he collapsed onto his haunches, staring up at the swollen manhood. “Mmmm, that’s exactly what I need, Rob…can I watch you jack-off…over my chest? I’ve, sort of, been thinking about it most of the day…or really all day.”

I laughed, “Really? Me?”

“Yea…I wanna watch you stroke…and cum on me. I can spread it and rub it in…it’s hot to have your seed all over me.”

I began slowly stroking up and down the length, while his eyes focused intently on the spit-soaked, manhood, in Bomonti Escort my hand. I worked myself towards orgasm, but when his hand slipped between my legs to insert a finger into my ass, I moaned and gave him what he wanted. The huge smile on his face confirmed his desire, as I pumped a spray of white droplets over his chest. “Fuck that feels good…gonna cover you…good…uhhh, fuck! Mmmmm…yesssss!”

I moaned as the cum trailed off and the spasms faded from the balls. After rubbing my seed over his chest and down over his belly, I watched him carefully lick each of his fingers clean.

He grinned, “Are you hungry? I know I just had my appetizer, but I think we’re going to be late…sorry…we have 7:30 reservations.”

“Eric…don’t be sorry…that felt good. I am hungry…we can make it…but Eric, I want to continue this when we return.”

Again, with a big smile, he kissed me and said, “I hope to do a lot more.”

We went to dinner with Eric smelling like sex…my sex. We sat at the bar and talked before being seated. It was intimate, one of our favorite restaurants, and he was interested in how my day went.

“Well…I had a couple good meetings this morning…one was about the new construction. Because of a recent donor, we have greenlight to go ahead. This afternoon, I was thinking about tonight…went home to shower…and this, right here, is the perfect end to my day.”

He smiled and clinked my glass with his, “I know what you mean…I’m thinking the same thing.”

“What about you…what was your day like?”

“Well, I made some good progress and got drawings done for another Chicago project. And I thought a lot about tonight, too,” discreetly running his hand over my leg and brushing between them.

“Mmmm…good thoughts, I hope.”

“Really good thoughts. What I told you earlier was true…I’ve been thinking about you all day.” His voice lowered and he leaned closer, “I wanna have some more of you, when we get home.” “I mean my head was full of horny, all fucking afternoon. If you had walked into that office, I would’ve bent over my desk.”

I laughed and blushed a little but replied, “Coincidently, Eric, that is very similar to what I had in my head, when I was in the shower. I wished you were there with me, in the shower. Maybe, later?”

“Mmmmm…I think that’s a hot fantasy we need to explore.”

Probing for more, he asked, “I want to hear more about all the thoughts were you having?”

“Well, another, featured a really hot guy…and spending time with him.”

“Is that guy sitting at this bar?”

I laughed, “Yes he is…yes he is.” Our glasses clinked again and the host approached to seat us.

The flirting and fondling went on throughout dinner and when we got to his place, he turned on some music. I went over to meet him “Buddy, I think it’s your turn, now…”

I kissed down over his neck and pulled his shirt off; we worked our way to the couch where I continued down over his chest, biting at his nipples. His belt slipped out, as I aggressively moved toward the prize. He raised his butt off the couch so I could work his pants down and then his boxers (he was sporting the sexiest silk boxers). I really wanted to just enjoy the beautiful body in front of me, but we both needed more. Popping it in and out of my mouth, I sucked his cock to hardness; I ran my lips and tongue over the purple head. Eric moaned and laid his head back on the couch. His dick, now fully erect, pulsed and twitched between my lips. I felt my own cock stiffen and press painfully against my jeans. I struggled to slip them off…I needed to stroke, while I worked that beautiful, swollen prize.

“Suck me…that’s it, Rob…suck me…fuck…yessss.”

He moaned softly, now, as my face bobbed over him; thrusting his hips forward to meet my lips, he pushed more into me and I lengthened my strokes. I could hear the sensuous, wet sounds of a blowjob, as his cock pumped with a steady rhythm. Then, Eric looked down at me, his blue eyes meeting mine. He held his gaze, as he palmed the back of my head and pushed deeper into my throat. Content with my efforts, he leaned back on the couch to enjoy the ride. Working him harder and faster, with each stroke, I was covering the entire length of that gorgeous cock. I savored the sounds, the taste and the Bomonti Escort Bayan wonderful feel of it stretching me…my mouth was full of Eric. I loved it!

“Fuck, that’s good…Robbie…I’m close…fuck…I…I wanna bend over…you want my ass…fuck, gotta have you, inside.”

Without saying a word, I pulled off, leaving him with his cock sticking straight up, still shiny and wet from spit. He jumped up and bent over the back of the couch. Holding his body steady, with a palm over his groin, I spread him to smear on some lube. Hardly the first time, but I still felt him tremble, when I inserted my fingers.

I dug my hands into his tight, little ass and spread his cheeks “Mmmmm…that ass is hot…you ready for this?” as I held myself steady, ready to poke through the ring.

“Fuck yea! I need it, dude…fuck me…put it in!”

I strained to force it open and push myself into the heat. Eric was always tight, but beyond the ring, I knew it would be sensuous and warming to my aching manhood! Once the tip penetrated, I was unable to hold back; I drove into him with a firm thrust. “Mmmmm…that’s sweet…fuck, that’s it…this is what I fucking need,” he whispered. He went on to groan with incredible intensity when he felt me start. Short and gentle at first, I held him by the hips and gradually lengthened my thrusts. When his moans elevated, I met his needs, grunting and pumping harder.

“Love yer big cock in me…it stretches! Does it feel good…you like it in my ass? Do’ya like it?”

Fuck yea…yer fucking tight…mmmmm!

Overwhelmed by the sensation of being fucked, he adjusted his stance to take more; he met each thrust and forced me deeper and deeper until my hips were slapping his ass…and our balls rubbed. Now, he moaned uncontrollably, his voice jarred by the impact of pummeling thrusts.

“Fuck meeee…f…uck meeee…it fffeeels gooood!”

I fucked him with a force that caused me to answer, with deep, animal grunts. I reached around to grab for his dick, I knew it was aching for release. I began pumping, while attempting to maintain the rhythm into his ass. I thought I was going to split him in half, but his ass begged for more; it clenched my dick. “O’god fuck meeeee! Fuck me hard!”

I felt myself swelling and buried it, as deep as I could. Up from my balls, I could feel heat racing toward the tip. Feeling the intense rush of orgasm, I groaned in relief and pumped the load deep inside. Grinding, hard, into his ass, I grunted and moaned as the lingering spasms shook my body. His tight little ass, filled with steaming hot seed; it was amazing…the feel of my cock, engulfed in all that heat. The cum, undoubtedly, drove him over the edge, as he reached back to grab my ass and pull me in tighter. I knew what he wanted. I took the hint and wildly pumped his dick, “Come on buddy…it’s your turn…cum for me…cum for me…shoot that big load for me.”

I pumped him till he screamed, “Yesssssss…fuckin cummmmming…fuck…cummmming!”

“That’s it…shoot it…shoot it!” His load sprayed over the back of the couch and ran down over my hand. When I finally pulled out, strands of my cum followed and I thumped my hard dick over his ass. “Mmmm…Rob…that was good…fucking perfect.”

“It was…fuck, you’re amazing…Eric!”

We both decided we should try that shower…so, I went ahead and got started. Eric followed a few minutes later with a couple glasses of wine. I could see him through the glass and said, “That’s sweet just sit them there and get in here.” Once in the shower, I worked soap over his body and rubbed him with the cloth…his body was such a turn-on. He was a beautiful, young man with pale skin…the skin was sculpted over a lean, muscular frame. With the exception of his pubes, his light brown hair barely had a presence below his shoulders. He just had a dusting over his legs and a narrow patch, up over his belly button. With the cloth, I followed his long, firm legs up to a tight, smooth, rounded ass…rivulets of water and suds ran down over each cheek. It was really amazing just to watch the water trickle over him, especially when it hit his cock. It was soft but hung out from his body and the water ran down from the tip…you just wanted to fall to your knees and drink from it. I ran my hand through the stream and stroked Escort Bomonti him a little. He squirted shampoo in his hair and I massaged it into his scalp. He joked that it felt better than the hot chick that does his hair. “Robbie, I like having a hot man do it.”

I worked the soap suds into his wispy pubes and around his big, flaccid dick…his balls hanging low and heavy, demanded special attention. Finally I took the showerhead down to rinse and clean his sexier crevices; I got into that beautiful ass, working lather into him with my fingers. I spread him open to rinse and he groaned, as his cock shot up, “Fuck Rob…that’s nice!”

I rubbed my hands over his ass, “Mmmmm…that’s so fucking tempting…I’m liking our first shower, together, but we’re going to wear each other out.”

“I’m a little tender right now, but I know what you mean,” he sounded a bit disappointed (we both were), but knew we had to get some sleep.

With his hard, young body, running a towel over Eric was a real treat. He was liking it, especially the special effort I took to dry between his legs…of course. I worked over his entire body and finished by drying his hair. Tousling his hair, “Here, you do me, now.”

He looks into my eyes and smiles, knowing he was going to enjoy every second. With the towel, his hands rubbed and explored every part of my body…several times. He patted me on the ass, “Dude, you are fucking hot!”

I smiled, “I’ll take that…thank you. Let’s take our wine to bed. Are you okay, do you need any more?”

“No, I’m good.”

We fell into the bed, talking and finishing our wine, before falling off into a sound sleep. Sex always gives me the best sleep, but I woke in the middle of the night, to discover he wasn’t next to me. I could see he wasn’t in the bathroom and was a little concerned, so I got up to see if he was okay. After all, we both had quite a bit to drink. I found a light coming from the office and there he was poring over the drawing. “Fuck, man I hope I didn’t wake you?”

“No…not at all…just worried about where you were.”

“I couldn’t sleep; I probably drank too much…but I started to think about what you said last night…before we got a little busy (he grinned). So anyway, I shifted things around on the site and it works so much better…you were exactly right.”

It was 2 or 3 in the morning and we were hunched over a drafting table, wearing boxers and discussing site-planning. Not a bad thing…because it felt right…even, sort of, perfect. Though, it wasn’t long before I noticed a little movement in his shorts. “Now, let’s work on some of those office fantasies you spoke of, earlier.”

Before I could finish, he’d pushed the drawings aside and dropped the table top to where it was horizontal, “Dude…let’s do it here…what do you think?

I said, groping him through the shorts, “I think we need to take care of you…soon…real soon.” I pulled them to the floor and helped him sit on the edge of the drafting table.

He motioned, “Take a seat, buddy…and try drafting with this (he grabbed his cock around the base and held it straight out from his body).”

His legs spread wider and I centered the stool between them…thinking to myself, we really need to do it this way more often. I licked my way all over the head, working it…and popping it in and out. As I slid my tongue down over its length, I took more and more into my mouth. His hips began to move forward, forcing it deeper.

“Mmmmm…mmmm…Rob…Rob…you drive me fucking crazy…fuck…keep sucking me!”

I echoed his moans, sending vibrations through him. I met his hips, by grinding my face downward; his head hit the back of my throat, again and again. I gagged some from the efforts to satisfy, but I do like it that way…a little rough. He liked it too, obviously…moaning with intense pleasure as I worked up and down the entire length, each time meeting his balls with my chin.

He bucked into me erratically, verbalizing each thrust with grunts and moans. I looked up to see his mouth wide with ecstasy and a stiffening body. I thought he’d cum in my mouth, but he pulled out to say, “Let me…cum…on you…want you to feel it, dude…uuuhhh…cumming…cumming!

I watched his cock twitch as it pulsed seed over my chest…it was incredible…again that scent of male sex permeated the room. This time it was Eric’s sex…it felt incredible when it hit my skin. We rubbed it over my chest and went back to bed. Eric laid his head on my chest and I went back to sleep instantly, happy and content that his office fantasy was accomplished…for now!

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