India Prison Compound


Outside the Capital of India is a large compound where political prisoners are held. My bribes paid to high ranking government officals allows me use of the compound for personal sexual pleasure. The local government officals and police locate and provide one or two beautiful women for my sexual pleasure. Deepika ran, her breath catching in her throat as her feet pounds on the damp earth. The sounds of pursuit grows louder behind her. Fear floods her as she pushes herself harder. Her dark hair plastered itself against her sweat streaked face. She stumbles on a slight rise and lands heavily. The scent of wet earth fills her nose and she gasps as she hears the dogs behind her scrambling on the leaves and grass. Getting up she glances over her shoulder and sees the beam of a flashlight glance over her face and sees the outline of two powerful dogs.

Moonlight floods the scene and she clearly makes out the jogging figure of the police officer behind the dogs. ” STOP, POLICE OFFICER, WITH DOGS, DON’T MOVE.” Trembling she hesitates, cursing herself for her indecisiveness, as the dogs rush up to her, snarling and baring their teeth, their breath air. ‘DON’T MOVE!!” the deep husky male voice yells at her. She froze and remains as still as possible; the hot breath of the dogs panting brushed her bare legs. Her breath is coming in gasps as she fought to catch her breath. Her knees and hands stung from her fall but as she mentally checks herself she knows her injuries are nothing serious. The dogs stood close to her, tails wagging in excitement, lifting their heads to bark warning at her. Both dogs are powerfully built male German Shepherds, one is a large long coat with a dark almost black face and the other a large light colored dog with a dark muzzle. I jog up to her telling the officer with the dogs to leave.

Walking up to her standing inches from her trembling form. I’m taller than her 5′ 9″ with long black hair. By the harsh glare of the flashlight she notices I’m looking at her body barely concealed under the silk robe. My pure male scent wafted over her and she shivers in reaction. ” GET ON THE GROUND NOW!” I yell. Both dogs growl, but stayed in the spot that they had been put. Slowly she kneels down glancing up at me. Her long hair streaming down her back and she licks her lips. ” Now! I won’t ask you again.” ” But it’s cold officer,” she pleads. I lift an eyebrow in warning. Carefully she lowers herself to the cold ground, her silk robe parting as she laid herself on the damp earth. Her robe slips exposing her naked body to my gaze. She shiver in the night air. I tell the officer with the dogs to leave. ” MMM, what have we here, a little under dressed don’t you şişli escort think? You’re not concealing any weapons now are you?”
She remain silent and still as she hears me move closer and squat down beside her. My male scent surrounds her and her body grows damp despite herself. Gasping in shock she feels the cold press of hard metal against her lower leg as I move my flashlight up over the back of her thigh. ” Very nice.” I purr.

My warm hand replaces the cold metal as I trace a path over her inner thighs stopping short of her wetness. A tremor of desire courses through her and she bits her lip to suppress it. My hand continue over her rounded backside, sliding her silk gown up her back. ” Get on your hands and knees.” I whisper. She refuses to move. A slight movement behind and above is followed by the deep warning growls of the dogs. Hastily she obeys. Lowering herself on her hands and knees with her robe laying across her back and off one shoulder, she risks a glance behind her. I’m staring at her; my face betrayed the raw hunger and intense passion I’m feeling. Moving closer to her, she watches as I slowly unzip my trousers wincing at the harsh sound of the zipper in the night air. ” I know you want me; I can see how your pussy is almost dripping for me. Your body is shaking and it has nothing to do with the night air.”

She continues watching as I walk behind her dropping to my knees. She feels me release my rock hard cock jumping at the feel of my cock against her. Nudging her legs open wider with my thighs I place myself against her wet opening. The heat of me almost took her breath away. I grip her hips with my rough hands rubbing the tip of my cock against her dripping pussy. She arches her back and wantonly pushes against me, moaning frustrated as I move away slightly, not allowing penetration. I continue to rub and tease her then using my hands stroking her thighs with my fingers. ” Fuck, you feel so hot and wet. I am going to fuck you until you scream for me.” I slowly rub against her until I find her opening and with a long hard thrust, enter her fully, slamming my hips against her. Pleasure rocketing through her and she arches her back moaning with lust. I easily stop her movements with my hands and begin long slow hard thrusts in and out of her wet tight pussy.

My cock is hard, long and thick as she feels every inch of it as I thrust in and out of her, filling her completely. She abandons all pretence throwing back her head, crying out with lust and pleasure. Frantically she dig her fingers into the ground as she feels the most pleasurable sensations she has ever experienced. She is becoming mindless with passion as every escort istanbul hard thrust strokes her hot wet pussy and her body contracts around my cock. She met my thrusts rocking against me groaning in passion her body gripping me tighter as she got closer and closer to cumming. Groaning I continue my hard thrusts loving the feel of her muscles tightening around me, her moans and cries fueling my passion as I feel my control slipping. She is so wet and so hot and she feels so good her passionate cries almost make me spill myself inside her. Gritting my teeth I slow down. I will make this last.

Whimpering as she feels me slow down she tries to sit up, my hands push against her back and she half falls onto the ground.
” No…….more…I need….you……..please don’t stop…….I am so close……..please,” she begs, desperately trying to push against me. I pull out of her and stood up; she half laid on the ground her robe half way up her back. Her pussy wet and glistening in the light from the moon, her eyes wide with desire and fear. ” Get up and come with me,” I said as I zip myself back up. She hastily scrambles to her feet moving toward me, gasping as the cold bite of handcuffs encase her wrists. She struggles against them and is given a rough shove and a warning glare. Her arms are held in front of her body and she is roughly moved over the ground in the direction she had run from. A short command from me brought the dogs walking behind them as they move over the rough ground back towards the suv.

A few times she stumbles as I had to catch her or she would have fallen. Desire courses through her and she shook with the force of it. Never has she been so turned on in all her life. Minutes later they arrived at the Suv, a 4WD wagon parked in a secluded area off the side of the road. Grabbing her bound hands I led her to the back of the wagon opening the back. Giving the dogs more commands I wait until they jump up and into their crates. I lock them in and withdraw a large black leather lead and collar. She tries to back away from me as I pull her with one hand towards me. ” NO!” she cries. ” Don’t even think about putting that on me.” I ignore her pleas leading her to the side of the vehicle easily shoving her against me and the wagon. Her hands are effectively trapped between our bodies, leaving me free to do what I want. I raise the collar placing it around her neck. The smell of the leather and the coolness of it made her pull away from me. Undeterred, I snapped the lead to the collar and stood away from her.

” On your knees.” I order, tugging at her lead and catching her off balance. She stumbles but is able to catch herself in time merter escort and lowers herself to her knees. I unzip myself pulling my hard cock out of my pants. ” Suck me.” She moves her face closer and can smell herself on me; licking her lips she leans closer and gently licks the head of my cock. She lingers with the tip of her tongue in the small hole at the top tasting the salty evidence of my desire for her. Pulling away briefly she licks her lips before slowly gliding her mouth over the head of my cock. She feels me jerk in her mouth at the pleasure she is giving me. She takes as much as she can in her mouth moving her head up and down as I glide in and out of her hot wet mouth. She sucks me hard using her tongue to caress and flick me.

My breath is coming in short gasps as my body jerks in pleasure as I got the best head in a long time. My legs trembling with the effort of not blowing in her mouth. Her moans vibrating through my cock and into my balls making my control slip further. I begin to tremble and thrust in and out of her eager mouth groaning in pleasure. ” Stop!” I ordered hoarsely. ” You are amazing.” I withdraw from her willing mouth and look down at her. Dark hair is sticking to her damp face and her lips are wet and swollen, her face is flushed with desire. ” Oh FUCK.” I exclaim. Picking her up under the arms I move a few steps back to the wagon lifting her off the ground, she eagerly wraps her legs around my waist.

My arms hold her against me as I lace my fingers under her backside. I rub myself against her briefly before finding her wetness and entering her deep in one hard thrust. Standing upright with her leaning against the wagon I drive into her with fast hard thrusts, totally lost in the incredible sensations she is causing me. Her cries of passion and lust fuel my desire and I feel myself getting close to coming, her cries become more desperate and I feel her muscles begin to contract around me as she arches her back and screams in pleasure as she came. Her spasms around my cock push me over the edge as I thrust hard inside her and hold myself as jets of hot cum stream deep inside her. Moaning in pleasure I thrust a few more times draining myself in her welcoming depths.

Panting and sweaty, I lean against her as I regain my breath. She snuggles against me, sighing in satisfaction handcuffed arms clasped around my neck. Recovering first, I slowly withdraw from her easing her to a standing position and supporting her as she balances herself. ” Well was it as good as you expected?” I laugh. She look up at me dazed and swaying with pleasure. ” It was better than anything I could have dreamed of….thank you…….I will remember this for the rest of my life.” She whispers. I gaze at her upturned face and kiss her, slowly and tenderly. ” Come on I will take you back to the main building…I will see you again very soon. ”

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