I’m Happily Married…But Ch. 04

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Bill had mixed feelings about attending Gail’s therapy session to give a report on their sexual experimentation. It would be embarrassing to tell the therapist, Mona, about his sex life. On the other hand, while he hadn’t met Mona she’d been largely responsible for his and his wife’s new sexual knowledge and the huge pleasure they’d recently shared. He at least owed her a ‘thank you’.

Gail wanted him to come. She’d reminded him that Mona was attractive and had a very large bust. Gail teased that he could give a sexy report and think of it as foreplay for the sex they’d have after the session. She’d said, “Tell a dirty version of what we did. If you can turn Mona on it’ll turn me on too and I’ll reward you at home.”

Gail had finally won him over by saying that if he’d come to the session he could tit fuck her as soon as they got home. Bill couldn’t resist that offer. He marveled at his wife’s transition from timid and naïve to the woman who seemed to be satisfying his fantasies one by one.

He wasn’t disappointed at his first impressions of Mona. She was definitely well built. While dressed in a suit the size of her chest was still evident. Bill could also see she was wearing a silky tee style blouse; he could imagine how that might look if the jacket was gone. She greeted them warmly and they all sat in a comfortable arrangement of chairs. To Bill’s delight Mona unbuttoned her jacket as she sat which gave him a teasing view of the form fitting blouse as it hugged her impressive tits. He tried to be discreet but couldn’t help taking repeated glances. After some brief pleasantries Mona asked Bill to tell her about their sexual progress.

Bill said, “First, I have to thank you. Gail and I had a wonderful weekend and look forward to a much better sex life.

“Second, I have to confess one of the reasons I came today was Gail’s telling me that you had a big bust on a trim body- similar to hers. That may be rude of me to say and sexist but it’s true. Gail was telling the truth about your body and I’m telling the truth about wanting to see it. Your body is quite similar to Gail’s- very nice. Again, I don’t mean to be rude but can’t help but say your husband is a very lucky man.”

Mona said, “Well candor is good. Thank you for what I took as a compliment. I’m not as fit as Gail but we certainly share a more than ample breast size. As a result we can identify with each other as to the good and bad of having huge breasts. We’re both proud of our bodies but being viewed as a sex object by every man we meet can be tiresome. Obviously, it’s nice to have a husband that finds our breasts exciting but carrying large breasts on a small frame can be tiring and result in periodic back aches. There’s also a struggle to stay fit and not let our body type morph into a dowdy look.” In a stage whisper to Gail, Mona said, “I’ve put on 3 or 4 pounds over the past two years and I swear half of that went to my breasts. My husband loves that I’ve gone up a cup size. Men are so easy to please.”

Bill smiled at hearing Mona’s intimate talk. He wouldn’t mind Gail being a cup size bigger but realized he was being greedy; he was already in heaven with her DDs. He continued, “Gail did everything you told her to do. We learned and we explored each other just as you directed. Rather than give you a blow by blow recital, let me tell you where we are at this moment. I think it will give you a good picture of our accomplishments.”

Bill hesitated until Mona nodded and then said, “As you know Gail was very naïve and inexperienced. I too was inexperienced but through printed and video porn I wouldn’t describe myself as naïve. I wanted to have a better sex life with Gail but I was afraid to push things. I was afraid I’d scare her off. In the dating pool she was way out of my league. I didn’t want to take any chance that I’d gross her out and lose her to some other lecherous guy so I pretended to not be a lecherous guy myself. I also didn’t want to embarrass myself by being clumsy or trying something new and doing it wrong. That continued even after we were married. My business travel and other everyday things didn’t help our sex life either.”

“I see,” said Mona.

“So, now back to today. Let me apologize in advance. I’ll try to use socially acceptable language but it’s difficult to talk about sex without some ‘off color’ slang. In fact, that’s one of the things Gail is working on. As she put it you never hear the words ‘penis sucker’; the only way to describe the act is ‘cock sucking’. She’s trying to get used to using new words and phrases that you wouldn’t hear in church.

“In any case, my formerly innocent and naïve wife has come a long way. She enticed me to come here today by describing your busty body and suggesting that I should give you a pornographic report. She suggested that I’d enjoy turning you on- which I would but that’s not what got me to come. She said she’d also get turned on and that we’d go directly home for sex. More specifically, she offered youporn porno that at home if I’d first give her a nice orgasm through oral sex I could ‘tit fuck’ her-do you know that term?” Bill hesitated, forcing Mona to answer.

Mona blushed but said, “Yes I know the term. Most women with large breasts know the term.”

“Until this weekend Gail had never heard the term nor known that the sexual practice existed. Mentioning how the subject arose is another good illustration of Gail’s progress. It came up when she knelt over me and with no prompting from me lowered her breasts around my hard cock and slid back and forth for a few seconds in what she called ‘a breast hug.’ I loved her initiative and, of course, the sensation of her breasts on me was fantastic. I told her she had stumbled onto or near the act called tit fucking. I explained that I’d never tit fucked but had certainly fantasized about doing it with her beautiful breasts. We agreed we’d experiment soon. So that’s how Gail enticed me today and I certainly expect to enjoy her breasts as soon as we get home.”

Mona was a little flushed but kept her composure and said, “I see. You’re right.” Turning to Gail, Mona said, “Well done. I’m proud of your initiative. That was certainly a good way to capitalize on your natural ‘assets’.”

Bill then continued, “Sunday morning was another time when Gail out did herself. She really used her big ‘assets’ well.” Turning to Mona Bill asked, “You’re familiar with the sexual position known as ‘cowgirl?” Again, Bill stopped talking and waited for Mona to respond.

Mona was embarrassed but said, “Yes. I know what you mean.”

Bill then said, “On Sunday morning I told Gail to get on top of me. It was a new position for us and Gail was a little slow to figure out what I wanted. Once she was impaled on my shaft she adapted very quickly. She slowly moved up and down and gradually got more comfortable with being in control. As you know, in that position the person on top is the one that has to move for the genitalia to couple and decouple; in cruder terms, it was the first time Gail fucked me as opposed to my fucking her. It was actually much more than just the sex act. Picture my sexy wife sitting on me with her big breasts just two feet away from my face. I loved seeing her there.

“What really got to me was-without any prompting from me- Gail started fondling her breasts while I watched. She then started talking lewdly about her breasts as she ran her hands all over her chest. In very explicit words and gestures Gail told me how she touches her breasts in the shower, how her nipples feel against her palms and how sexually excited she gets. She did an excellent job of exciting me with her hands and lots of talk of slippery shower gel and erect nipples.

“I can only assume your husband must be a big fan of your breasts. I’m sure you can imagine what a turn-on it was to have my bodacious wife act that way while riding me like a cowgirl. You don’t need to comment but I assume you’ve been in that position and know how it shows off your ‘assets’. As I said, Gail has come a long way.”

“Oh my, ” said Mona. “That certainly doesn’t sound like the timid woman I met with for several sessions.” Turning to Gail, Mona again said, “Well done.” She then said, “Is your best friend a porn star? How did you learn to act that way so quickly?”

Gail blushed and said, “I’m sure your life experience with your breasts has been similar to mine. When you have big breasts men leer and drool all of the time. You know they’re picturing you naked and obsessing about your breasts. A busty woman has to deal with that every day. As a result you instinctively know you can use your breasts to seduce just about any man anytime. What I did on Sunday came naturally. I…um…well, I enjoy touching my breasts in the shower. I sometimes fantasize that they’re not my hands. In any case, I just knew Bill would go crazy with a little dirty talk and a demo of how I touch myself. He did. He got so excited-I thought he was going to buck me into the ceiling.”

“Oh my. Well, it certainly sounds like you’ve discovered how your sex life can be improved and are proceeding well.”

Bill then interjected, “There’s one more thing I should add. In your last session Gail apparently realized that she wanted me to be more dominant in the bedroom. She told me that last week. That’s great with me. I mention it because I’ve just told you of two instances in which Gail took a lot of initiative. That might be misleading. Overall, we have an understanding that in the bedroom I’ll be in charge and Gail will do as she’s told. Gail, tell Mona about your pubic hair.”

Gail blushed but described how Bill had decreed that her pubic hair was to be trimmed and partially shaved and had then done the trimming and shaving. Gail added that Bill had said he might decide to shave everything off in the future. Similarly, he’d told Gail she might have her hair removed permanently zenci porno or through waxing- whichever he decided. Gail finished by sheepishly saying that she had accepted Bill’s directives about her hair and would willingly accept other decisions he might make. Mona could see that Gail was sexually aroused by speaking of Bill’s dominance.

Mona said, “I’m glad you’ve discussed your preferences. It’s important for each person to understand the other’s inclinations about who should be in charge.”

Bill then said, “I have to be away on business until Friday. With our respective roles in mind I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell Gail what we’re going to do on Thursday night when I’m in Toledo.” Both women looked at him questioningly.

Bill turned to Gail and continued, “At 9PM on Thursday we’re going to have phone sex; I assume you understand that’s a version of mutual masturbation using your voice to excite your partner. There’s some prep work for you to take care of before then. I want you to buy a Blue Tooth wireless headset- ear buds and a microphone for your cell phone. Between now and Thursday make sure it’s charged and that you know how to use it. At 9PM on Thursday I’ll call. You should be wearing the headset and have the phone turned on and in range. At 8:59 you should be naked in the shower with the water adjusted so that your head stays dry. When we’re on the phone I’ll expect you to do what you described on Sunday. I want us both to orgasm from your touching yourself. Since I won’t be able to see you, you’ll need to give me good verbal descriptions. Obviously, I may give you specific directions over the phone or tell you how excited I am from what you’re doing. If Thursday evening goes well I’ll look into Skype or another video cam connection that we can try during another business trip.”

Bill said he’d finished with what he wanted to say and told Gail to give her report. Gail flushed but then gathered herself, turned toward Mona, and said, “I did everything you said. Since I had a couple of days alone before Bill would be home I pretended that my ‘Mistress’ had ordered me to do the things you said and imagined punishments if I failed. I ordered the books and videos and we reviewed them when Bill got home. I teased us both by declaring we wouldn’t have intercourse until we’d gone through several exploration sessions in which we’d practice touching and oral sex. Actually, that didn’t go exactly as planned since Bill got too excited and plowed into me after each session but that was fine with me. Actually it was incredible.

“On Friday I touched Bill’s cock and gave my first hand job. Bill explored me with his fingers and brought me to orgasm. On Saturday morning Bill trimmed and shaved my pubic hair. I still have some hair but it’s short and to me it feels as if I’m naked. I gave my first blow job and experienced cunnilingus. Bill elevated my hips on a pillow for that. Afterwards I was in a daze from my orgasm and Bill fucked me very hard. It was great to feel like a rag doll and be taken so passionately. On Saturday evening we again took turns exploring. We practiced our touching and oral skills.

“On Sunday morning we didn’t take turns; we just had sex with lots of touching and fondling. It was great. That included the cowgirl episode that Bill described. Sunday evening was less dramatic but we again practiced our touching and oral sex techniques.

“Monday was for rest. Today will include our first tit fucking. Oh, I guess I should mention that on Monday morning and again today Bill has been sure to linger near our glass enclosed shower and made it clear that he wanted to watch me soap up my breasts and make sure they were very thoroughly washed. So, each day my shower has been several minutes longer than it used to be and I’ve given him a little sex show.”

Mona said, “Wow. You two certainly seem to have transformed your sex life. You’ve come a long way in a very short time.”

Bill said, “Gail’s report left out one aspect of our explorations that warrants mention since it spoke volumes to me about where her head is. Gail had scarves laid out and for our very first session tied my wrists to the bed posts. She made it clear she wanted to be bound for her sessions which we did. It took me a little while but I better understand Gail’s desire to be ravished. Bondage can be an element of that. So, and Gail is just now hearing this- I’ve ordered a set of leather cuffs, a blindfold and some leather bondage straps. The cuffs are size small; they’re just for her- not me.

“After they arrive my busty bride is going to learn the real meaning of helpless.” Bill hesitated turned to Gail and said, “I want to hear it from you. Should I return these items when they arrive or do you want to be bound? Say it so Mona hears you and understands that this is your choice. I don’t want to make you do anything that you don’t want to do. In other words, this isn’t just role playing for fun; it’s more than that.”

“I xhamster porno want to be bound.”

“No. That’s not a good enough acceptance. Explain yourself.”

“I want to be helpless. Hearing that you ordered bondage cuffs and straps made my pussy clench. Thank you for making it clear they’re just for me; that clarifies that it’s more than just play. It excites me to think about being blindfolded and bound. I want you to tease me and ravish me when I’m helpless. Not all of the time though; I enjoyed Sunday when we were able to roll around on the bed together with no bindings.”

“Much better. I agree it wouldn’t be all of the time. However, I should note that I ordered the best, softest leather I could find. I’m pretty sure the cuffs are going to get a lot of use.”

Mona said, “Well, with that exchange you’ve both surprised me again. You’re the fastest moving couple I’ve ever met. Our time is just about up. Let me say to Bill that I’m very glad you came today. I appreciate the effort you made to use polite language and to the extent that you used ‘off color’ words I agreed they were appropriate.

Just as you struggled with the words today, in my sessions with Gail and today it’s been a struggle for me to be professional and to not become too familiar with my client. You each did an excellent job of giving me the report I requested. I got a very good picture of your weekend.

“In what I’m about to say I know I’m being too familiar but I do have a special bond with Gail. As Gail expected, I think you turned us both on. I have more appointments this afternoon and I’m ashamed to admit my mind is going to wander to thinking about your cock rubbing between Gail’s breasts. You’ll probably also enjoy hearing that I’ll be calling my husband later to be sure he’ll be home on time. Thanks to what the two of you have told me he’s going to get very lucky tonight.”

On their drive home Bill said that he’d liked Mona. After describing her as not as dry or clinical as he’d expected Bill said, “So, do you suppose she’s going to get ‘tit fucked’ tonight?”

Gail said, “I don’t know. Reading between the lines I guess it wouldn’t be the first time. She is certainly equipped for it. By the way, did you pick up on her unbuttoning her jacket for you?

“Obviously I was aware of her unbuttoning the jacket but why do you say it was for me?”

“Because she’s never opened her jacket in my prior sessions and because she gave me a wide eyed look as she did it- a little gesture that said, ‘watch this’. She knew how to get your attention. Maybe she was trying to put you at ease. Perhaps she was already horny and wanted to show off her bust. I’m not actually sure why she did it but it was a deliberate act for your benefit. I found it odd but also arousing since I knew you’d be staring at her breasts for the whole session.”

“Well, her chest is impressive. Your body is better. She could spend some more time in the gym and perhaps lose a little more than the few pounds she said she put on in her chest.”

“Yes, perhaps, but her breasts are bigger than mine. I’m not used to being smaller than the other woman in the room.”

“Well, in this case, bigger isn’t better. Your body is much more fit and has great curves in perfect proportion. Obviously her breasts are very attractive to a guy like me but your body is much sexier.”

Arriving at home Gail told Bill she knew what he wanted but if he’d be a little patient she’d make it better. “Pour us some wine while I go put on something more comfortable as they say in the movies.” Bill agreed.

Gail went into the bedroom, stripped and pulled out her newly purchased push up bra. She’d tried it on when it had arrived but Bill didn’t know about it. When she’d tried it on her first impulse had been to return it as too small; there seemed to be so much flesh mounded up it had to be too small. Looking in the mirror however had persuaded Gail that it fit as designed. It was supposed to push her breasts up and together thus displaying an obscene amount of her breasts and creating deep cleavage. She had to laugh at her first naïve reaction; she’d been thinking of it as a typical bra while its design was intended to be more of a display rack. The bra had padding under and to the lower sides. Technically it didn’t make her any bigger. It just pushed her soft flesh into position for a sexy cleavage look- one that she was sure Bill would love. She’d never worn a bra with padding before; it felt a little like putting on a costume for a play.

Dressing in the bra for the first time as a surprise for Bill was exciting. Gail adjusted her big breasts and checked herself out in the mirror. From movies she’d seen and books she’d read she guessed she looked like a Vegas show girl or more accurately, an exotic dancer in a strip club. Bill would love the look. She added a pair of skimpy panties and the short kimono she’d bought with the bra. She tied the robe’s belt carefully so as to expose her cleavage. Finally, she slipped on her highest heels and carefully walked back to the living room.

Bill stood as she entered the room; she paused and posed for him. He walked toward her and scanned her from her chest to her ankles and back. “You look fantastic,” he said. “Wow.”

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