If You Go Down to the Woods Today

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The summer was unusually hot with the weather man declaring that we would never see another summer like it in our lifetime. Despite the heat Peter took up cycling as his car and driving licence had been taken away. He cycled out passed the ornate gateway to his house and went up to the common on the off chance of bumping into his old girlfriend Elizabeth. He hadn’t seen her since he had come out of hospital and wondered why she hadn’t visited him. Stranger was the fact that he had forgotten where she lived.

One week he saw both Elizabeth and her friend Catherine on the other side of the playing field. He cycled over to see them but for some reason they ran away. He easily caught them up and they stopped running. He tried talking to them but they bitchily ignored him. Peter was hurt but didn’t abuse them he just forlornly cycled off. It seemed there was nothing to do now but wait for university to start.

It was always hot, hot in the house, hot in the back garden every where. The heat made his skin burn and no matter how much lotion he poured upon himself he still glowed red. He became self-conscious and didn’t want to socialise and found solace and comfort riding his bike around the country for hours sometimes day’s at a time. He would take comfort in the cool of the breeze going down hill and riding in the shade covered leafy lanes in the country. The cycling gave him time to day dream far into the future of a better day where he would forget about Elizabeth and meet a new love. Dreams had become his master and a great comfort. As Peter was spending so long cycling in his cool reverie his thoughts would at some time always turn to sex. Cycling with an erection was uncomfortable and sometimes his sexual dreams become so powerful he would find a secluded place in the woods and masturbate.

This one time he turned off the road and quickly jumped over a gate. He began to unzip his fly when his attention was taken by some movement in his peripheral vision. It was a girl laying in the long grass. She let out an orgasmic cry as her back arched as she pushed her spread hips into the air while frantically rubbing her light ginger haired pussy. Peter stood still watching in disbelief as the girls breathing slowed along with her breathy sighs. She slowly came down from her orgasm and then startled into life once she saw him. She quickly brought her legs together and pushing her skirt down, she grabbed her white panties and ran.

Peter watched as she hurried for the nearby wood, her long fair hair flowing out behind her. Peter came down from his shock and brought together what he had seen. He cursed himself, “If only I’d have been five minutes earlier?”

All kinds of sexual scenarios went through his head and now he was aching to cum but thought better of it. “What if she comes back and I’ve unloaded?” He thought. He got back on his bike and cycled around in the forlorn hope of seeing her. He ran the vision of her on her back legs splayed again and again and soon it became impossible to cycle on.

It hurt Peter to ejaculate with his penis sticking through his flies as his testicles would strain in his binding so it had become a habit of lowering his trousers and pants around his knees as he took care of the deed. He looked around from behind a bush as he quickly took care of himself hoping she would turn up and he could abort his mission and have her instead but it wasn’t to be. His seed soon joined the blossoming flowers of summer and he dejectedly made his way home.

That night he dreamed of his fair haired masturbating girl urgently cuming and fantasised about imposing himself on her. From that day on cycling became his favourite hobby and he weaved around the country roads where she possibly might be.

With her always on his mind he always had to end the day by dismounting, going into the woods and masturbating.

After a few weeks sprinkling his seed deep in the countryside had become routine and he would stand next czech amateurs porno to a tree constantly looking around with his trousers and pants around his ankles just in case he got found out or was hopefully being spied upon by his dream girl until he had watered white the soil of the land.

He found the light breeze on his sweat covered buttocks comforting as it cooled and excited him at the same time and let himself stand there long after his spray had soaked and dried in the ground. One hot afternoon he took his bike deep into a wood that he had played in as a child. It was very deep and he had never seen a soul there ever. The back of the wood was adjacent to a large wheat field that spread to the horizon so there was never a chance of being surprised while excising his latest thrill.

While laying in the shade he thought how much cooler it would be if her were naked as he was permanently bound in long sleeves and trousers so as not to display his easily burnt skin. He couldn’t go swimming with his friends as he would never bare his himself but here alone deep in the woods he could. He found a place of depth in the woods which had the added protection of holly leaves which gave thick shelter. He took off his shoes and socks first remembering how much value psychiatric nurses at the institution took in making inmates vulnerable by taking their footwear.

He stood on the cool earth for a while and then took off his shirt. There was a great feeling of freedom as this was something he never done even in the confines of his own bedroom. He then quickly removed his trousers and pants and just stood naked in the wood enjoying the complete liberation. After half an hour he dared himself to walk around. The wood was dense and there were no worn paths anywhere so he had to make a big concession in wearing his trainers to protect his feet. Even this one piece of clothing invaded his feeling of liberation and soon he would rather take the prick and stones on his bare feet than being shackled with clothing.

He dared to go as far from his clothes as possible the liberating sensation of his naked flesh in the open arousing him to the highest degree. Eventually the sensations become too much and a release from sexual tension was sought. After he had vigorously climaxed he let his seed spurt freely as he put his hands on his head letting his penis bounce with every throw. As soon as he was completely drained he would scuttle back to his clothes and once again become a ramshackle of sweat and rag cloth.

He grew to look forward to his naked excursions in the woods as they were cool, exciting and invigorating. He lay naked with an aching erection in the field for some time and held back from any orneriest activity which would abruptly bring his cool freedom to an end. By now the masturbating girl had become a long lost memory and filed into his mind under, “If only,” experiences.

One hot day and Peter needed the autonomy and liberty he found. The sun was striking boldly through the green foliage of the maple trees and enhanced the rich deep green of the oaks as the wheat field glowed positively a dark golden yellow.

He walked naked and erect for miles and come to a gap in the hedgerow that formed a natural barrier from the wheat field. A breeze filtered through the break and excited his skin pushing his erection to its maximum potential. He lifted his arms and stood on a tree stump and slowly rotated letting the breeze kiss the light sweat of his body lighting up the dark areas of his testicles and anus with a cool exhilarating kiss.

He let one hand go to his ridged phallus and gently pulled his fore skin back inviting the breeze to dance delightfully on the sensitivity of his engorged gland. He lifted his free arm and gently pleasured himself. His breathing intensified as he led his head into a whirl of pleasure. He brought his other hand down and cupped his hard testicles and gentle raked them czech bitch porno until he heard a snap, he quickly looked around to find a young beautiful girl standing on the edge of the wheat field. Was it her?

She stood stock still as her honey blonde hair radiated a pure golden light that gently blew across her porcelain angelic skin. Peter was startled but did not run instead he stared mesmerised by her beauty, stared into her deep fathomless blue eyes which gave nothing away as they locked onto each other. Peter let go of his phallus and her eyes momentarily flickered down at it. He was aware she was sizing his manhood up a moment he always loved despite its underlying humiliation.

She was a paragon of youth a pure unadulterated embodiment of a woman. Peter tried to speak but was caught dumb as was the angelic figure before him who seemed to radiate a reflective golden hue. Her hand slowly moved up from her light cotton patterned dress that lightly lilted in the gentlest of breezes and slowly combed her healthy honey hair from her forehead. Her hand stayed there bringing her elbow to her young taunt budding breast solidly free in her billowing white blouse.

She still studied him in silence as Peter widened his eyes to take in her pure cleavage, the beautiful bedding for her light gold pennant. She shifted her weight from one leg to another as her hand went to the curve of her hips. Her eyes become braver as she looked at his tender aching barometer of passion still omnipotent for her inquisitive assessment. Peter slowly took his hand down to his manhood once again and watched as she lost all inhibition in her glaze. He gently pulled back his foreskin and once again she shifted her weight lightly biting her lip.

He got a slow rhythm going and gulped hard and stiffened his body hard against the onslaught of ecstasy and arched his back to stop himself abating his rigidness.

She saw him teetering and let out a small delicate sigh and she too swallowed hard causing Peter to stop immediately. He placed both hands on his hips and restored his breath taking in huge gulps of air. The girl bite her lip to stop any more passive irrepressible sounds of sensation pass. Her eyes went to the floor in a shy humiliation that moved Peter to slowly hold out a hand as if trying hard to stop a small bird from taking flight.

The girl slowly looked up from under her hair, the reflective blueness of her eyes piercing the golden glow of the wheat. A small seductive smile spread across her face as she quickly checked left and right. She stepped slowly towards him as if walking on eggshells her eyes locked tightly on his phallus.

Peter wanted her so badly and prayed and thanked for every step she took towards him.

She stood beside him and the smell of her perfume engulfed his being. The girl slowly went to her knees before him, steadying herself with one hand on his naked hip. Peter’s body jerked involuntary to her velvet touch and his knees buckled slightly.

She giggled. He could feel her breath on his taunt member that instantly went into another spasm causing Peter to groan and once again arch his back in a delirious exotic struggle to hold his seed.

She let out another small giggle that sent a shivering sensation through his body as he looked down on her extraordinary beauty as her hand covered her mouth.

She inspected him with wonder as Peter ached for her to touch him. Her head went low under his testes and he slowly spread his legs for her to see and marvel at his genitals on the threshold.

His scrotal sac was tight and ready to throw as she slowly placed one hand on each of his quivering thighs.

She stayed there for and eternity watching his penis twitching, straining and eventually releasing as a small spec of sperm dribbling from his eagerness. Peter breathed heavily and stared down at her blouse that ballooned in the slight breeze enticingly showing her cleavage czech casting porno giving a beguiling glimpse of her bare unyielding breast.

She noticed his purveyance and brought her hands over her chest momentarily only to smile and withdraw it again and let him see her. “Please!” begged Peter as if in pain and she smiled yet again. This time she knelt before him and took a firm grip of his hips. She threw her hair from off her face and gave him the eyes. Peter’s head threw back in ecstasy as he gritted his teeth. She giggled and positioned her mouth ready to engulf his hardness, which was now dribbling wildly. She knew this and stuck out her tongue and very delicately licked the end of his cock. He immediately shot hard over her face with a long thick stream of spunk. He cried loudly with every throw and she laughed as each pearly white stream landed upon her. He cried out even more as she reached around and instead a finger up his anus reinvigorating the strength of his ejaculation.

A voice smashed the magic; it was far off calling a name. The girl quickly sprung up and Peter desperately tried to reach for her but she took flight like a bird running away from the direction of the voice. Peter ran to the edge of the wood to see her running for all she was worth he so wanted to go after her but the voice turned to voices, male voices and he suddenly became overcome with fear.

He turned and ran for his clothes still hearing the voices seemingly gaining on him all the time. He reached his bike and grabbed his clothes and pushed hard to escape the woods shadows. On reaching the woods edge he cycled naked as the voices seemed to surround him. He hit the road and peddled furiously his now limp genitals flapping in the fury.

He could hear a distant car looming ominously behind him, he panicked and ran to a hedgerow and threw himself over it along with his bike, the thorns spiking tearing and scratching at his naked flesh along with the sting of nettles as he sank to the bottom of the hedge.

A month had passed and Peter was now at University. He sat in a common room nursing a cup of coffee when a pretty fair haired student sat next to him. “Hello,” she brightly greeted.

“Hello,” stuttered Peter.

She smiled at him and he became embarrassed. Was it was her? The girl from the woods, if it was she didn’t recognise him, he was naked at the time after all.

“I’m on your course now, I’ve changed over, do you mind If I walk with you to the semester?”

“No problem,” he gladly welcomed as she sat down beside him.

“Have we met before?” She asked and lent forward.

He saw the light gold pendant in her cleavage, It was her!

“I don’t think so,” he lied.

“Didn’t they confiscate your bike?”

Peter started to go into a panic and shake.

“Whats the matter?” She asked in concern.

“Nothing, nothing, I just feel faint.”

Suddenly an authority figure in a white coat approached them. “Time to get into your groups,” he said. Peter blacked out.

Peter came around in a start, it was dark and he was in a pleasurable rhythmical motion. He heard orgasmic cries of fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and he slowly focused. He was naked on top of the naked fair haired girl fucking her. Her hard milky white breasts trembling with every thrust. He heard a whistle and far away voices. He looked around and realised he was back in the wood.

He kissed her hard as she gripped his bare hips pulling him into her pussy, her white legs spread wide, pulling him deeper with every thrust.

Peter saw torch lights through the branches and heard cries. “Peter, Peter!” They shouted.

“Oh cum, please cum,” she begged.

He pulled out and cum onto her ginger pubes gasping all the way.

“Quick, lets run, they’re coming,” she shrieked, urgently pushing his body off of her and scrambling to her feet.

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth!” The chasers cried.

“Is your name Elizabeth?” He shouted but she carried on running. Her round white bottom slowly disappearing in the dark.

The next thing he knew bodies piled onto of him, pinning him hard to the ground.

With-in minutes he was in a van surrounded by men in white coats. They went through an ornate gateway. “My house?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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