Idle Fantasy


(From me to you)

First in a series.

“Oh my god…”

You can barely hear my whisper from the doorframe. You watch me, sitting on the edge of the bed. My eyes look you over; from your hot black boots coming up half-way to your knees, to your white fishnets, to your maddeningly-short red-and-white skirt somehow still able to hide everything, to your novelty-only top emphasizing your petite midriff and exposing your sexy red bra, to my favorite part: your devilish smile. Our eyes meet, and you know I’m at your mercy. My knees are weak and my breath starts racing. You brush your chocolate brown hair from underneath the stethoscope hanging around your neck, and shift the clipboard to the other hand.


Your voice brings me out of my gaze. I pause a moment, open my mouth, close, and start again after gathering my thoughts. “So tell me,” I say in a teasing voice while standing up, “how exactly do you manage to get sexier every other week?” You saunter over, your evil grin even wider, with a glint of wickedness in your eyes. I love every minute of it and you know it. Standing close to me, your eyes glance at my crotch, already I’m rock hard, thinking of all the things I’m going to do to you and of course of the things you’re going to do to me. You reach for my member, our eyes still locked. Your beautiful, deep, brown eyes, perhaps not as beautiful now as they are sexy, gaze up at me from your shorter stature.

“Well, you know,” you say mirroring the tease in my voice while your hand gently touches my straining cock, “I do have a lot of … motivation.” At the last word you suddenly squeeze your whole hand around me. I love it, and you know, but I still moan to let you know. The next second I find myself being pushed, almost thrown, onto the bed. You turn on your heel, unclip your glasses from the clipboard, and put them on.

“Now, as I understand it, you are here for an appointment.” I smirk and enjoy your performance as you pace. “Apparently, you’ve been under a lot of stress from your college life and work. Your diet and exercise seem about average. However, you’ve reported a very unusual sleep schedule, sometimes 12 hours of sleep, sometimes 4, sometimes never! Don’t you know that you’ve got to get a full 8 hours of rest every night?” You turn and look at me for an answer.

“Well, I could do that, but I’ve got a lot of work, you know. And on top of that, there are these images of a pretty young lady dancing in my head that just won’t let me be.” I grin and wait for a retort, both to the cheesy excuse and to the out-of-fantasy comment about the object of my desires at that moment.

“Dancing, huh? What kind of dancing?” With my eyes, I lead yours to focus on the tent in my pants.

“What kind do you think?” I challenge. You walk over and I grin. Setting the clipboard down, you grab my hand and, from the bed, throw me into a chair.

“I have a few theories.” You turn around, bend over, and shake your ass in front of me slightly. You have such an amazing ass. The tight miniskirt hugs it exposing the curves of your cheeks. You turn your head, “How’s this?”

“It’s a nice view.” Not the excitement you’re looking for, but that’s precisely the point. In response, you grab the arms of the chair and pull your ass down onto my crotch and rub it around in all sorts of directions. I groan, I’m aching, but I’m glued to the chair at your mercy.

“How about this? Oh, I don’t have to ask” You put the stethoscope up to your ears; the other end you snake up my shirt and the cold steel makes contact with my nipple. I groan and arch off the chair.

“Well, this is working quite well. We’re on track to relieving your stress, but I think your heart rate is low for this sort of stimulation. What are your thoughts on that? Anything else you’d like to tell me?” I moan at the tone of your voice, such a tease!

“Well, I think you were moaning as well…” You grin. You know I love it when you moan. You turn around and grind me again, but then begin bouncing up and down on my cock. The skirt’s short, but not short enough to let me peek at what you’ve got on underneath, and it’s teasing me like hell. I love the look of your bare white ass framed by a thong – skimpy, stringy, lacy, transparent, whatever. The sound of your unseen bare ass ass slapping against me is really turning me on, and the feeling is so great. I grunt every time we meet; you moan a few times for effect, but I won’t let that slide. “Not those kind of moans. Real moans.”

You stop, turn around, grab me by the wrists and pull me up close so my cock is now straining against you. “Well, sir, I am the doctor here. But you are the patient, so tell me, what would make a girl like me moan like the ‘girl of your dreams,’ so to speak?” You sound breathy and sexy; your hands begin to feel up my chest and wrap around my back. “After all, I’m in charge of… taking care of you,” you add, practically purring.

I put my hands on your bare waist. “Mmm, that you are, and you’ve been doing a great job of it. However, as you’ve noticed, I have a lot of gaziantep escort reklamları stress that needs to be released.” I emphasize this by thrusting into you. You let out a half-gasp, half-moan. Cute.

“Yes, it seems that you’ve been carrying around quite a load.” I can hear the smirk in your breathy voice. One of your hands begins massaging my cock roughly through the thick cargo pants I’m wearing. I moan in approval and grind against it. “Tell me, what can I do to help? What do you need, baby?” Your voice decrescendos into little more than a moan backed by gentle exhalation. The words are drenched in hot lust. “What do you want me to do… to you…” Absolutely sexy, so calculated. Attack my weaknesses. You want to break me down and I give in easily. How can I not?

“Augh, I need you,” I moan, frustrated. I bend my neck down so I’m talking into your ear. You feel my hot breath against your ear and neck. Every ounce of me is desperate; I beg, “Please, baby, I want to be inside of you.” I rhythmically thrust against your hand, now wrapped around me. You grin with victory and once again push me onto the bed. This time you join me by my side on your knees, looking down at me.

“Take off your shirt.” I comply, gladly, and toss it to the floor. You lick my skin from my chest and my neck. Your tongue plays here, flicking all the spots that I love. You bite at my jugular, eliciting moans of pain and pleasure. Your tongue flicks at my ear and you tug with your teeth. I feel your nails digging into my chest. Your fingers then begin flicking and playing with my nipples. One of your arms wraps under my neck; I let out moans and sighs from pleasure and warmth. Our lips meet and we kiss eagerly. Tongues dance around each other and a few times you open my mouth wide and thrust your tongue as deep as possible. I reply by biting your tongue and nibbling your lips. We’re both moaning at this point now, enjoying the feel of each other’s warm lips, tongues, and mouths, as well as the roaming hands.

My hands wander around your back, feeling all the smooth skin there. As I move to your ass, which I love to play with, you pull away. “Not yet, baby,” you say, between minute separation, eyes still closed. I can only silently curse you before counterattacking, aggressively making out with you and digging my nails into your flesh. I grab one of your thighs and move it to the other side of my hips, forcing you to straddle me. I thrust against your still-hidden panties, but you have better ideas. You sit up and force my hips down, but from there you grind against me. You look absolutely sexy, with your hair now tousled and your top askew, allowing me a better view of that bra. Your sexy lips hang slightly agape, panting for breath, and you lick them into the devilish grin when you notice me staring at them.

You slow your pace and bend down to lick my nipples. I grind desperately against your crotch still. My breathing is ragged with pleasure. I beg you to bite them and suck on them and you oblige; the feelings are wonderful. My hands are again at your waist and I squeeze you as you bite. I want to do something, anything, to you but you won’t allow it. I am the patient, after all. Not much patience to the name.

You move off me, and bend down again to kiss me, silencing protests. My cock is straining. With our tongues still battling, I feel my pants unzip and a hand searching for my cock behind my boxers. It’s rock hard, you wrap your hand around it and begin slowly jerking me off. I moan loudly down your throat. After a few more strokes in my crowded pants, you abandon it to play with my balls. You love the way my balls feel, cool and velvety. I can’t wait to feel your tongue on them. Returning to my cock, you release it from my pants. You break our kiss but we lock eye contact. You have that look of determination in your eyes which means that I don’t stand a chance. I’ve known that since the day we first kissed, but you like to remind me from time to time. I close my eyes when I feel the pleasure of your thumb stimulating the head of my dick. You work my shaft slow, but then alternate with faster stroking. As you lick my nipples again, my right hand grips the back of your head. I play with your hair, but then entangle myself in it and grip it. You moan as I pull harder. Looking at me, your tongue still playing at my nipple, you slowly move further down the bed. I take off my pants and underwear and you position yourself, still fully clothed (costumed, really), between my legs.

On your knees, you rub the insides of my thighs with your hands, slowly moving towards my stiff member. Resting on your elbows now, you put both your hands on my shaft and gently tug. Gazing down at you, your face comes closer and your tongue flicks out at the base of my penis, at that vein. Your tongue travels in flicks up my shaft and eventually tickles my sensitive tip. Then, you lick the whole length of the underside, down and back up, before engulfing my head in your hot mouth. I gasp at the suddenness and moan loudly with pleasure. Holding your lips around my head, you use your tongue to play with the tip while stroking me with your other hand at varying speeds. I watch you as you suck me; it’s incredibly sexy but it feels even better than that.

My shaft wet, you stroke rapidly, then slowly again as your tongue flicks at my balls. I feel you laving my balls and playing with them with your tongue and free hand. You play with the tip of my dick with your thumb again, and you take one of my balls into your mouth and suck hard, then do the same to the other. There’s sharp pain but it also feels great. I enjoy every second.

You can hear me almost panting now, but you look at me with those wonderful devious eyes signaling that you’re not done yet. You play with my balls and lick, suck, and stroke my cock in various combinations. Then you look back up at me as you take my dick in your mouth, almost all the way. Your eyes slightly narrow in a moment of evil and you bite down on the base.

“Ungh! Come on baby, I’ve been under a lot of stress, you can do better than that,” I goad. My dick disappears in your mouth a few more times before I feel your teeth again, harder this time, “God that feels so fucking good! I love you so much baby. Yes, oh yes.” My hands are in your hair and all traces of fantasy are lost and forgotten for me. Obviously, you have different ideas. You move from between my legs to next to me once again. This time you lay down on your stomach, perpendicular to my waist, and grab your clipboard once more. You lean the clipboard against my hip and grab a pen in your right hand. Your left hand returns to stroke my dick. This process affords you time to recover and get back into character. I’m left gasping for breath. Always so surprising.

“Well, you’ve been making a lot of fine progress.” You alternate your gaze between the “chart” and my dick, shining from the spit from your excellent blowjob.

“Oh really? Well, I’m glad to hear it. Seems like you do your job well.”

“Yes, quite.” Looking at me, you flick your tongue over the tip of the pen several times and then bite down hard. “If you continue this regiment, seems like we’ll be able to discharge you soon.” You add a hard squeeze around my cock at the word “discharge.” I’m glad we enjoy puns so much. Any other woman would not be able to stand it. “However, I am going to prescribe you something as a caution.” I know where this is going and I love it.

“Oh really?” I play along, “What could that be?” You throw the clipboard and pen aside and take off your glasses. You straddle me and move up my body.

“I think you know.” We kiss deeply. Our fantasy is over, but it’s more than served its purpose. My hands roam free and grab your exposed ass, kneading it. This time I evoke a moan from you. My other hand is wrapped around you; your hands are around my neck. I spank your ass, “Oh, harder,” you plead in between moans. I spank you again and again you moan and ask for it harder. Our embrace is broken and you present your ass for my hand, looking back over your shoulder. “Come on, baby, spank me. Haven’t I been a bad nurse?” I love the tease on your voice. Then, I have an idea. I move out from under you, I tell you to present your ass again. I grab the clipboard and lift your skirt. You’re wearing a black thong with red edges. It’s not stringy, and it has enough space at the back of it to say “Hot” in flames. I smile.

“Of course you would match,” I comment, referring to her red bra.

“I’m glad you like it.” You could tell by the tone of my voice. I kiss one of your cheeks, then pull back and tap it with the clipboard. “Ooh, baby, getting a little rough huh?” You add a wiggle of your ass.

“You asked for it, for being such a cocktease.” You moan, but before you’re done, I bring the clipboard on your ass with a loud “smack!” You yelp, and I spank you again. “Do you like that baby?”

“Don’t stop, keep spanking my ass,” you demand. Who am I to keep you from your pleasure? I spank your one cheek until it’s pink, then start on the other. I rub your lower back with my other hand and move to kneading your breasts. When you ask me to stop, I agree.

“Your ass is so red, god it’s sexy.” I touch your ass and ask, “Does it hurt?”

“A little.” You moan your answer. “Let it heal, alright babe?” You finish with a smirk to match mine and we kiss while on our knees. I move to licking the area below your jaw, near your ear, that you love. I bite down hard and you moan. You love it rough. I flicker my tongue down your jugular and play along your collar bone before moving to your shoulder.

“You do have very sexy shoulders.” You’re proud of this part of your body, graceful and elegant and sexy simultaneously, but the only official response is a moan. I move to knead your breasts through your top.

“Go ahead and take it off baby.” I take off the top, exposing the delicate dark red lace bra, and lick the tops of your breasts and your cleavage.

“Mmm, your skin tastes wonderful.” My tongue wanders around the tops of your cleaved before reaching inside the bra, getting close to your nipple. I unhook your bra to expose your breasts. Immediately I attack them. Using one arm to keep you steady, I bend you backwards, pressing my cock against you. You moan and moan, and I’m sure your pussy is getting wet. To make sure, I aggressively lick and bite one of your nipples while roughly squeezing and playing with the other.

“Oh God, you’re making me wet, baby. Keep doing that.” I moan in response, not wanting to come up for air. I hear and feel you suck in your breath every time I bite your nipples. One of my hands moves down to the front of your crotch and gently massages your pussy. Your moans are louder now.

I bite your neck. “Come on baby,” I whisper in your ear, my hot breath teasing you, “isn’t it time I got to taste my medicine? I want to taste you, I want to lick you and make you come with my tongue inside of you.”

You moan with pleasure and lay on your back, pulling me on top of you. Our lips meet. One of my hands continues playing with your breast; I feel one of your hands stroke my cock and playing with my balls. I move your hand and grind against your still-covered pussy. My body is fully on top of yours and I thrust several more times before moving down. I take off your skirt (leaving the fishnets and the boots) and rub you through your sexy thong before taking that off too. I examine it, and lick the wetness off. The juice is so concentrated and strong. I bite into it before tossing it aside. You’re grinning ear-to-ear, and so am I, as my mouth descends between your legs. I kiss the insides of your thighs and my hands massage your calves. Normally I’d pay more attention to your legs but you’re soaked. Moisture is glistening on your lips, your clit, and a surprising amount has coated the insides of your thighs.

I kiss the center of your pussy. The scent engulfs me and it’s arousing as hell. My tongue makes a few conservative licks at your lips before flickering in between them, first slowly, then quickening. It darts into your soaking hole a number of times before I take it out. I lick from the bottom of your pussy to the top, to where you really want me: your clit. The licks start soft, but progressively become harder.

“Come on, lick my clit harder,” I hear you moan. I grind my tongue against my clit then rapidly flick it. I use a finger to stimulate the rest of your pussy, then begin finger-fucking you quickly. Your eyes are closed and your arms are behind you, your hands gripping the pillow, as you feel me insert a second one and slow down slightly. Then you feel me bite your clit and you moan loudly. “Oh god I’m going to cum baby. Make me cum!” I rapidly flick your clit, now also with the thumb of my other hand while finger-fucking you while rotating my fingers. I feel your pussy contract and lick your clit as hard and fast as my tongue will allow, making you moan. “Oh, that feels so good! I’m cumming, baby, yeess, yeeeeesssss!” I grin as I lick up as many juices as I can as your pussy contracts around my fingers and the rest of your body tenses up.

I slow down my fingers but don’t remove them. After you come off your peak I move up to kiss you deeply, swallowing your moans down me throat. While I continue to gently finger you, you grab my dick and stroke. “Enjoy that?” I ask.

“Mmm, yes I did.” Knowing you’re still highly sensitive, I wiggle my fingers inside of you to stimulate your walls and simultaneously rub your clit lightly with my thumb. Your back arches and you moan a little bit.

I remove my fingers slowly, and while still looking into your eyes, insert them into my mouth and lick them of your juices. I add a little moan. “I hope you’ve got more for me babe.” You smile and bring my cock to your mouth and suck it. I look down at you: your body is wonderful, beautiful, yet the fishnets, heels, and post-coital flushed skin is undoubtedly and extremely erotic. Yes, that’s the word for you and us. You notice me looking you over and feel my cock begin to throb inside your mouth.

“Come on baby, I want you inside of me now.” You stroke my dick harder, take it into your mouth and bite, then kiss the tip after taking it out of your mouth. I grin and move from you to put on a condom. I get on top of you and kiss you, feeling your hands rubbing the head of my cock against your warmth. I try to thrust in but you deny me by moving both yourself and my cock out of the way. You grin, sheepishly.

“God baby I need to fuck your cunt. Don’t you want me fucking you ’till you come again?” I plead against your ear and bite at your neck. One of my hands kneads your tits.

“An interesting proposition.” You wrap your hand around my throbbing dick and position it right at your entrance. Then you pause to think, a second of suspense: “Say please.” I groan out something relating to the word. Close enough – I feel you remove your hand and I immediately thrust the head inside of you. At this point, you’re so wet that it doesn’t phase you. Slowly, I give you the rest of my shaft and push my hips until I’m as deep as possible. It’s not our favorite position, but it’s intimate and will do for now. My lips are on yours as I fuck you as deep as I can, which is not deep enough. Nonetheless, you grab my hair and our tongues battle.

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