I Think We Should Talk Ch. 01


“I think we should talk about it.” Sarah just sat there staring at me waiting for me to respond. I just stared at her for a second and then took another sip of my coffee. I knew what she was talking about I had humiliated myself again. I was just so dam into the sex last night I let my fantasy slip.

“Come on Mandy work with me here.” I glanced back up at her again.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It’s not that big a deal.” I was really embarrassed I had not meant to say anything to her. I was a little drunk and caught up in the passion of the moment. I knew it was kinky and Sarah and I had not been together that long.

“I just want you to tell me what you want. I love you but I want to understand.” Sarah sounded frustrated and I knew this was going to escalate into a fight if I didn’t start talking. “I know about the stories. I saw you reading that stuff on the internet. I don’t care about that I just want you to talk to me about it.”

“I just liked to be teased that is all. I feel sexy when you do it.” I knew she didn’t understand. “I know what I said last night sounded weird but I was really into the moment and it just came out.”

“You really want to go a month without sex. I don’t think I can make it that long. That’s just crazy.” Sarah was smiling and shaking her head.

“No not a month without sex I just want you to tease me a lot and then not let me get off. I know it sounds strange but it really gets me hot thinking about it.” I just stared down into my coffee cup I felt myself shiver as I started to speak. “You can still make me take care of you anytime you want.”

“Make you?” She was starting to understand now. “You want me to ‘make’ you get me off but not let you cum.” I felt another shiver go down my spine. I nodded my head. I felt so small and vulnerable. I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about it.

“Wow that is kind of kinky.” I could tell she was really thinking about it.”You know what I think? I think you will just play with yourself anyway. I don’t like when you play with yourself now.” I knew that was true. I am kind of a chronic masturbator and Sarah has a strong libido so she feels cheated when I get myself off without her.

“I promise I won’t. And I will take care of you anytime you tell me too.” I was still staring into my coffee cup. I knew I was getting into a fix here because I was “promising” and Sarah took promises very serious. She just continued to stare at me. Then she shrugged her shoulders and giggled a little.

“Prove it do me right now.” She knew what she was doing. I always waited until right after we showered to go down on her. I loved to lick her but only when we are fresh and clean. We had some pretty amazing sex last night so we were definitely not fresh and clean. Now was the time if I really wanted to fulfill my fantasy I had to play along.

I stood up and shrugged my shoulders. “Ok let’s go upstairs and I will.” I was going to prove to here I would do it. I headed toward the stairs but she was not following so I turned to look at her.

Sarah looked at me and smiled shaking her head slowly “Just crawl under the table and do it” I looked at her for a second. Then I slowly got down on my knees. I could not believe she was actually going to make me crawl under the table. She did not even pull her chair back a little she just sat there waiting. I got between her legs and she moved her butt forward on the seat but made no move to take her panties off. I could smell her too. The sex we had last night had definitely made her less than fresh.

I reached up for the waistband of her panties and felt her hands grab mine. “Just pull them over to the side it won’t take that long.” I did as she said and began lightly kissing her lower lips. I felt her twirling my hair in her fingers and I knew was watching me. I dropped my hands down into my lap and was really starting to go to work on her.

“Leave your hands up here I don’t want you to be tempted to play with yourself.” I put my hands back up on the inside of her thighs. “Is this want you want Mandy.” She was tugging gently on my hair now. She was smiling and looking straight into my eyes

I heard myself speak before I thought about it. “Oh god yes.” It did not even sound like me and I was licking her for all I was worth. I felt her working her toe into my crotch. She pushed it in to my slit and removed it. I heard myself moan.

“You are actually dripping on the floor Mandy. What makes you think you could go a month like this.” Her breathing was getting faster. “If I do this I want you to know I will hold you to it. If you break your promise to me the game is over and I will be really hurt. I don’t know if I could forgive you.” I was nibbling lightly on her clit now. “I really can’t believe you would want to go a month without an orgasm.”

Sarah came hard when she came. She moved her butt back in the chair and slipped her panties back over her sex. “Thanks that was great” She said casually while patting mobil porno me on top of the head. “Now no masturbating at all I mean it.” I crawled out from under the table and sat back in my chair.

I was on fire. I had never been so excited in my whole life. Sarah was just sitting there smiling at me. She was waiting for me to break. “I will be fine I just need a few minutes to get control of myself” I didn’t sound too convincing even to myself.

“Mandy, I know you won’t be able to go a month but the only thing I ask is that you come to me and ask me to do it for you. ” She was smiling at me now and I knew the wheels of her mind were turning ” I know just asking me will be humiliating enough to make you last a day or two but believe me I will make you humiliate yourself even further before I actually let you cum.”

Sarah stood up and walked toward the stairs. “I am going to take a shower and then I have some shopping to do. I think I am going to enjoy this little game. Remember Mandy I will make you cum anytime you ask but no playing with yourself. I mean it, this is your idea not mine don’t hurt me.”

She went up stairs and I sat in my seat. All I could think about was rubbing my poor sex. I had never been more turned on. I took a deep breath and started cleaning of the table. I got a wet cloth and cleaned off Sarah’s chair and the mess I made on the floor.

I went upstairs and pulled on some clean Panties I could hear the shower running. I was starting to calm down now. I grabbed my book and went down to the living room to read I was still riding a sexual high but I knew I could handle it now. Sarah came down about 45 minutes later. I am going out shopping I will be home in a few hours. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth and I felt her hands wander a little she was playing with my nipples.

“You are right you know. You are sexy when you are turned on.” Then she walked out the door. I was alone and turned on again but I have never felt so good. I tried to read but my mind just wandered back to the scene that happened this morning. I started to wonder how I would have to humiliate myself to be allowed to cum. I found that just turned me on more. I hadn’t really thought about the humiliation of it before just the part of being so sexually charged for so long.

Now I wondered if the humiliation was not the stronger part of it. I knew Sarah liked to be in charge she was always the more aggressive in bed. I liked it that way also I always just went with the flow. The only thing I knew for sure was I wanted this in the worst way. I went to sleep on the coach with my book in my hand.

I woke up. Sarah was coming thru the door with an armload of packages. She set the bags containing food on the table and stuffed two other bags in the closet

“Stay out of there for now sweetie.” She said indicating the Sarah then proceeded to put away the groceries. I heard her put something in the oven to reheat and then she came over and kissed me. She walked to the end of the coach and sat down and turned on the TV.

I looked up at her and she gave me the come here signal with her finger. So I leaned over and she pointed for me to kneel on the floor in front of her. “Do me quick and then we will eat.” I could tell her serious so I just leaned in and started kissing my way up her thighs. I saw her hand reach down and pull her panties to the side again.

“Just go for it I am already turned on. No need for all that lovey dovey stuff.” I liked the lovey dovey stuff as she put it but this was her show now so I just went for it. “Oh man I have been thinking about this for an hour.” She was twirling my hair and rocking her hips up and down. Sarah came really quickly but when I tried to pull away she just grabbed my ears and pushed my face back into her crotch.

“We still have some time honey let’s see if I can get another one” so I just went right back to work on her. I could feel how wet I was and I was starting to rub my thighs together. “Spread your knees Mandy we wouldn’t want an accident now would we.” I did as I was told. I had told her I would do her whenever she told me too and now I was going to have to live with it.

I could feel her toe working its way into the crotch of my panties again. “Wow you are a mess down there Mandy I bet by the time this month is over you will cum if I just blow on your clit.” I moaned a little when she said that. “I bet you would come all over my toe if I kept this up huh.” I moaned again and she moved her toe away.

“Do you want me to toe fuck you Mandy?” I didn’t say anything she was being so crude. I guess that was part of it for her. She had said if I wanted to cum I could but I would have to humiliate myself to do it. “All you have to do today is ask me to toe fuck you and I will do it until you cum. I could hear the smile in her voice and every once in a while she would brush her toe along my slit just to distract me.

I began to realize she was going to keep me here until alman porno I asked her to toe fuck me. I was mortified and humiliated. I started to wonder if she really loved me. Then I remembered I had started this she was only doing it because it was what I wanted.

I was so turned on now there was no way I was going to make it. I knew I was going to have to ask her to do it. I was almost crying in frustration. I heard the words but I would have sworn it was not me speaking.

“Oh god please. “It was just barely more than a whisper.

“Please what? My love.” I could hear the sarcasm in her voice.

“Please let me cum” I was going out of my mind now.

“Well that is a start and that was hard to do I know but now I want you to ask me exactly what I just told you too.” She was starting to breath heavy again and I knew this whole thing was turning her on too. She leaned my head back and I felt her toe back down in my crotch. “One simple sentence Mandy. All you have to say is Sarah please toe fuck me.”

“Oh my god” I felt my will turn I was lost and I knew it. “Sarah please toe fuck me.” As soon as I said it she brought her crotch up to my face and actually rubbed herself off on my face. I did not do anything just held still and she basically fucked my face until she came.

Then she pushed me away from her and pushed me face down toward the TV. Then I felt her toe working inside my panties. She was going to do this doggie style still sitting on the couch. “Is this what you want Mandy” she was spitting the words out while forcing her toe into my pussy. I could feel my hips working back against her foot ass I started to cum.

I started crying as she pushed my ass away from her with her foot. “I love you Mandy and if this is what you need I will give it to you but I want you to know this was mild compared to where I am going with this. I have just realized something about myself. I really like this little game too”

I heard her set the table I was still laying on the floor. I got up and started toward the stairs. I wanted to take a shower and think about what had just happened.

“Where are you going Mandy?” Sarah asked in her normal everyday voice just like nothing had happened.

“Up to take a shower I smell like sex.” I knew I sounded nasty but I felt so dirty and used. This was not what I had intended at all.

“Don’t worry about it come here and eat.” I sat down in my normal spot and Sarah sat in hers. I was totally humiliated I was having trouble even looking at her.

The food was good and I was starving. I ate fast I just really wanted to escape to the shower.

“You know Mandy that was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. But I don’t want this little game to come between us you are just going to have to let it go once we are done playing. I read all those stories you have saved on the computer. I know you are into this as much as I am. I would never have asked you for this but I want to see it thru I still love you as a matter of fact I love you more now than I ever have if that is possible.” She was smiling at me and I smiled back.

“I bought you some presents today. I want to explore this as much as we can but I also don’t want it to hurt you so I am going to give you a safe word. Once you use this word we stop playing and start talking and you will tell me what is bothering you. OK? Sarah had a huge smile on her face I knew now that she wanted to do this as much as I did.

“I thought about it all day. You want to be teased and toyed with and I want to do that for you but if I just give you a nice little cum every time you get l little Horney this won’t be much of a game will it?”

“No I guess not but that was emotionally draining I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I didn’t really think about the humiliation part of it. I want to keep playing I just don’t know if I can handle it.” I knew I sounded stupid I had started all this and now I sounded like a baby. All I really knew for sure was that was an incredible orgasm even if it was from having the girl I love fucking me with her toes.

“You clean up this mess sweetie and meet me in the shower then we will open all our new toys” I think once we talked and she acted so natural I felt a little better I was very curious about the new toys but I did not peek. I cleaned of the table and went to join Sarah in the shower.

I stripped naked and got into the shower with her. Sarah hugged me really tight and kissed me I did not return her affection right away but eventually she broke thru my resistance. Then she grabbed our body wash and a soft cloth and started washing me. When I tried to do it myself she slapped my hands down.

“You are not allowed to touch yourself from now on I will do it all for you. I want to be able to show you how much I love you every day.” With that she leaned in and kissed me again.

I was starting to wonder how far she was going to go with this game. I had alexis texas porno already promised to play for a whole month but what if I did not like it as much as I thought I would. I could feel myself starting to cry again but I managed to stop myself.

“I love you Mandy that is why for the next month I am going to play this little game with you. But you my lovely lady are going to live by the rules.” She grabbed me by the chin and was staring directly into my eyes when she said that.

“I will I promise.” There I went ‘Promising’ again. I started to get turned on again. My mind was whirling.

“I also have a few things I want to try out that you may not enjoy so much but I will only use those as punishments if you break the rules. So I am not even going to go into that right now since we both know you would never break the rules right?” she was baiting me now I would be blinding agreeing to let her do things to me I have no Idea what they are.

“No Sarah I will never break the rules.” I knew I would have to do my best to behave.

“I would also like to make this a little more interesting for me. I told you I was enjoying watching you struggling with the whole humiliation thing. So I am going to continue to use that to motivate you to last as long between orgasms as you possibly can. I bought a few toys today for us to play with that are going to make this a lot more fun for me and possibly a little more difficult for you.”

I just nodded my head to accept these new terms. She was finished washing me and I reached for my razor and shaving gel but she slapped my hands but down again. “I believe you will be going all natural for the next month that way you won’t be so tempted to get any Ideas.” I could hear the smile in her voice because she knew how particular I was about my body. “Besides my toe does not care if you shave or not since that is all you will be fucking for the next month you don’t need to waste the effort.” I heard her giggle when she turned to get out of the shower.

I let the water run over my body for a few minutes then Sarah shut the water off she already had on a tee and panties. “Ok let’s get you dried off and into some pj’s so we can open our new toys.” She was holding a bath towel open for me so I stepped into it. I felt really strange allowing her to dry me off but she seemed to really be enjoying it so I just went with it.

Sarah went over and sat on the end of our bed the pointed to the floor in front of her. I must have looked at her like she was crazy because she started laughing. Sarah pointed to the hair dryer lying next to her on the bed.

“I just want to dry your hair silly.” I walked over and sat on the floor facing away from her. Sarah definitely took her time drying my hair. Finally she turned the hair dryer off but she was still dragging my brush roughly thru my hair. “You may really like all the attention you are going to be getting now Mandy. I am going to take care of you very well. She pulled my head back and kissed me on the forehead. Then she stood up and pulled me up along with her.

“Let’s go tear into these new toys.” Sarah actually ran to the top of the steps and I followed her just as fast her excitement was spreading off on to me in spite of myself. When we got into the living room Sarah headed straight for the closet. She Grabbed the bags and practically threw them onto the couch then she flopped down on one end I started to walk over by her and she pointed to a spot right in front of her.

“Stand right here babe the first few items are just for you.” She smiled and winked at me which scared me just a little. “The girl that worked in the shop I went to was very helpful as far as what items she felt we could not live without. Teri, that was her name, she told me that you would break the rules eventually if we did not help you out as much as we could. She recommends that we restrain you while you are sleeping to prevent accidents. So I bought these.” She pulled what appeared to be a belt with holsters on it but they were actually wrist cuffs.

Sarah put the belt around my waist and adjusted it really tight. Teri said this has to be tight or you will be able to squirm your little masturbators right to the front. With that she put each wrist in a cuff and secured it. Now I could not move my hands hardly at all they were locked to my waist.

“I am not sure I like this Sarah what if something happens I can’t even break my fall if I were to trip.” I know I sounded like a whiner but this was not going at all how I wanted it to.

“I know that honey, this is just to wear while you are sleeping.” She smiled so sweetly I just nodded and she moved on to the next thing in the bag. This will keep you from rubbing your thighs together while you sleep.” She was attaching two more cuffs just above my knees. When she had them secure she pulled out a short adjustable rod and slapped the inside of my thigh.

“Spread’em” I did as she said and spread my legs a little wider then shoulder width she snapped the rod to the cuffs and adjusted it to prevent me for closing my legs.

“Sarah I really don’t know about this what if we have a fire or something. I will look stupid standing outside like this.” I felt like I was going to cry.

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