About 3 years ago, Scott came home from work, put his briefcase down by the front door, and hurried into the kitchen to find his wife, Amy, preparing dinner.

“Amy, I need a pretty big favor, and it might help me get a promotion at work.”

“Oh, yeah?” she said. “What’s that?”

With a sheepish grin Scott said, “My boss needs a place to stay while his house is being renovated and I offered our place for the next few weeks. He was going to stay at a hotel, but I think having him stay here might tilt the scale in my favor when he promotes someone to the vacant regional sales manager position.”

Amy looked up and said, “What?? A few weeks! That’s a long time. Isn’t he married? What about his family?”

“Yeah, his wife and kids are staying at her mother’s place in North Carolina while the renovations are being done.”

Amy wasn’t crazy about the idea, but she could see how excited Scott was about trying to impress his boss, so she grudgingly nodded, saying, “Sure…I’ll make up the guest room.”

Scott grabbed her from behind in a big hug, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Thanks, honey…..I think this is going to work out great.”

Two days later, Scott came home with his boss and Amy got to meet Derek for the first time. He was a pretty good looking guy, about 6 years older than Scott, and seemed nice enough. The three of them ate the dinner Amy had cooked and spent some time enjoying each other’s company. Scott was happy to see that Derek and Amy seemed to be getting along really well….they even seemed to have a flirty vibe going on, which Scott felt would definitely help his promotion prospects with his boss.

After dinner Scott suggested they all change into bathing suits and spend the rest of the evening drinking wine and chatting out by the pool. Derek and Amy agreed, and they all headed to their rooms to change.

Amy was an attractive and youthful thirty-two, and still had a gorgeous body. With 36DD tits, and a slim waist, she wasn’t oblivious to the looks and nods she received from men…and women….wherever she went. As Scott pulled on his swim trunks, he called over to Amy to wear her sexy bikini…the hot pink one that barely covered her nipples. She looked over at Scott with raised eyebrows, and Scott nodded, saying, “I’m sure Derek will be impressed, and every little bit helps, right?” Then he left the room to join Derek on the pool deck while Amy changed.

Amy shrugged, pulled out her hot pink two-piece and slipped it on. She glanced in the mirror, knowing what she would see….an attractive brunette, with big, natural boobs….in a bathing suit that did nothing to hide or constrain them. She liked the feeling of near nakedness in this swim suit, so she actually felt quite attractive and confident as she stepped through the patio doors to join her husband and Derek by the pool.

Derek was lying on a chaise lounge by the pool, and Scott was pouring glasses of wine at the patio bar. Both looked over at her when she came out of the house and whistled. Amy stepped over to the chaise lounge next to Derek, her heavy hangers swaying back and forth as she walked. She was pleased to see that Derek couldn’t take his eyes off her wobbling boobs as she sat, then laid down, on the chaise lounge next to his.

Derek looked over to Amy and, fighting to keep his eyes from focusing Sex hikayeleri on the nipple bumps in her bikini top, said, “Amy, I just want to thank you again for letting me stay here while my house is being worked on.” With a handsome grin, he added, “I know it’s an inconvenience, but I’ll try to be the most pleasant houseguest you’ve ever had.”

Amy reached over and patted his arm, and said, “Not to worry, Derek. I’m glad we’re able to help out. Just make yourself at home.”

Scott brought the glasses of wine, then plopped himself on the chaise lounge on the other side of Amy, realizing that this positioning allowed Derek to look in the direction of Amy’s tits regardless of which one of them he was talking to. Everything was going pretty much as planned.

After about 20 minutes of chatting, Derek said he was jumping in the pool and asked Scott and Amy if they wanted to join him. Amy said, “Sure” and did a graceful dive into the pool. Derek did a cannonball into the middle of the pool, then he and Amy laughed, wrestled, splashed, and pushed each other under the water. Scott noticed that Amy’s bikini top kept shifting to the side, exposing her nipples, and she had to keep pulling it back in place, as her tits bounced and bobbed in the water.

Derek said, “Hey, Scott…are you getting in?”

Scott said, “Not yet… I want to make a quick run to the store to get more wine, and maybe some beer for this weekend, too. The store’s about 15 minutes away, so it should only take about 40 minutes.”

Scott threw on a shirt and some sandals, grabbed his car keys and jumped into his car. He drove about a block or two, then…with a sly smile on his face…he did a quick U-turn and drove back to his place…parking on the side of the road in front of his house. He climbed out of the car and quietly closed the car door, then silently opened the front door to the house and snuck into the kitchen, where he could see out onto the patio without being seen. Just watching Amy and Derek in the pool earlier, Scott was pretty sure that something might develop between the two of them.

As he watched them through the small window above the kitchen sink, he realized he was right.

They were both standing along the side of the pool, in water about chest deep, with Amy leaning back against the side of the pool. Her bikini top had been pushed completely to the side of each breast, leaving her buoyant boobs bouncing gently on the small waves they were making in the water. Derek was standing in front of her, with his hands squeezing and massaging both breasts….occasionally sucking each nipple, in turn.

Both of Amy’s hands were in the water between them, and one of them was clearly moving up and down, adding to the waves they were making in the water. She was obviously holding his trunks down with one hand, while stroking his cock with the other.

They were talking softly, intermixed with soft moans of pleasure, but Scott could hear them clearly.

Derek said, “I’ve been wanting to squeeze and suck on these tits since the moment I met you earlier.”

Amy purred, “Well, I have to admit, I wasn’t crazy about this whole idea when Scott brought it up, but having met you…..and now, with my hand wrapped around this enormous cock of yours….it’s starting to grow on me.”

As Scott watched from his hidden perch Sikiş hikayeleri by the kitchen window, he realized that he was getting an erection. Still hidden from Amy and Derek out on the patio, Scott pushed his swim trunks down to his knees and began slowly stroking his hard-on as he watched his wife pumping his boss’ prick while they rubbed up against each other in the pool.

As Scott continued to watch, Derek spun Amy around and moved her to the shallow part of the pool. Once there, he bent her over so that she was standing in the pool, and supporting herself with her hands on the pool deck….her shaved pussy lips fully exposed, and her beautiful boobs swinging freely beneath her. Amy had pushed Derek’s trunks down to his knees while she was stroking him, so he finished taking them off and tossed them onto the deck. Next, he untied Amy’s bikini top, tossed it on the deck next to his trunks, then pulled Amy’s bikini bottoms down to her knees and moved in between her legs.

As Derek lined up the head of his cock with Amy’s wet pussy, Scott got his first glimpse of his boss’ dick. It was, indeed, “enormous”, as Amy had murmured earlier. Probably 10” fully erect, and aimed directly at his wife’s exposed vagina.

As Scott watched, Derek shoved his hips forward, slamming his rigid pole all the way into Amy’s waiting pussy. Amy grunted and jerked forward with the force of Derek’s thrust, her boobs swinging wildly beneath her chest, then began moaning as Derek pounded her drenched cunt from behind over and over.

Derek reached around and grabbed Amy’s swaying tits, massaging and slapping them as they banged into each other from the force of his lunges. Derek set up a rhythm with his thrusts, and Scott could hear Amy’s grunting and comments, keeping perfect time with Derek’s strokes.

“Holy…Shit…That…Feels…Good…Unnh….Unnh…Unnh….Unnh….Oh….My…God….I’m cumming! …. Aaaahhh…Oh…Yes…Aaaahhhh….Holy….Fuck….That’s….Amazing!….Keep….Going….Unnh….Unnh….

Amy had her eyes closed as she relished her orgasm and pushed her ass back into Derek’s hips, encouraging him to continue pounding her from behind.

Suddenly, Derek grabbed her hips, slammed his cock as far into Amy’s pussy as it would go, and held it there while he spewed rope after rope of cum deep into her cunt. Then Derek pulled out almost to the tip, and slammed it back in again as far as it would go, causing Amy to let out a yelp, and shooting another load of cum deep into her pussy. He did this 3 or 4 more times, causing Amy to let out a loud grunt each time he slammed it back into her. Finally, with his nutsack empty, Derek just stood behind Amy, with her ass pulled hard against his hips and his stiff dick still pushed deep inside her, enjoying the throes of his climax, and gently fondling her swaying tits.

Scott had been stroking his cock this whole time, and when Derek nutted inside Amy, Scott couldn’t control himself any longer and blasted a load of cum all over the kitchen floor. He continued jerking his slippery shaft as he kept watching Derek and Amy to see what they would do next.

Derek finally pulled his softening cock out of Amy’s pussy with a ‘plop’, then helped Amy out of the pool. Derek laid on the same chaise lounge he had been on earlier, and Amy sat on the one right next to him. Still naked, Amy reached over and Erotik hikaye began fondling Derek’s flaccid penis, which – even soft – was still about 8 inches long. They chatted and laughed while Amy toyed with his prick, occasionally massaging his balls, and Derek squeezed her dangling tits and occasionally pinched her nipples.

Scott decided it was time to “return” from the store, so he cleaned up the mess he’d made on the kitchen floor and silently left through the front door. He got in his car, pulled it back into the driveway, honked the horn twice, then climbed out of the car and made a noisy entrance into the house.

When he stepped out onto the patio, Derek and Amy both had their swim suits on and were laying on their chaise lounges…..chatting, laughing and sipping from their glasses of wine.

From the patio doorway Scott called out, “Can you believe it? I got all the way to the store and realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so I’ll go get some wine and beer for the weekend tomorrow.”

Amy looked over at her husband and said, “That’s OK, Scott. I think we’ll be fine with what we have at the house until then.”

The three of them spent the rest of the evening, lounging, swimming and drinking wine before they called it a night.

As Amy started her shower to get ready for bed, she was surprised when Scott climbed into the shower stall with her. He was all over her….soaping up her tits, pinching her nipples, reaching between her legs to rub and tweak her clitoris….it was like he was possessed. With a smile, Amy reached down between Scott’s legs and found his cock. Her eyebrows shot up as she wrapped her hand around it and began stroking….it was a raging hard-on. Scott was pretty big….about 8” when erect, like now….but tonight it felt bigger….thicker….even hotter.

With a smile, Amy slipped down to her knees and began sucking on Scott’s stiff pole. He grabbed the back of her head and started shoving his shaft deeper and deeper into her throat. Amy though for sure he was going to cum in her mouth, but Scott pulled her up to her feet, pushed her back against the tiles on the shower wall, nudged her knees farther apart, and slammed his stiff erection deep into her pussy. He pounded his cock into her cunt over and over, while Amy rocked her hips to grind her clitoris against the base of his shaft with each stroke. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and locked one leg around Scott’s ass cheeks, then launched into an amazing orgasm that coursed through her entire body.

Scott kept hammering his prick in and out of her pussy and, in no time, he exploded inside her, pushing his hips against hers and holding them there while he spewed a huge load of cum into her pussy. Then he slid his dick in and out of her a few more times, enjoying the warm afterglow of his climax, and spilling his gooey mess onto the shower floor between their legs.

“Holy shit, Scott…that was amazing. Where’d THAT come from?” Amy asked.

Scott laughed and said….”I don’t know, hon, I guess I was just inspired.”

When they had finished showering, Scott dried off Amy with a towel, rubbing gently between her legs and spending a little extra time squeezing her boobs and nipples. Afterwards, Amy dried off Scott, using a towel to softly stroke his flaccid shaft and gently massage his nutsack.

They fell asleep with Scott pushed up against Amy’s back…. his right hand reaching around to cup one of her breasts, and his flaccid shaft draped over one of her thighs between her legs.

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