Humiliated Ch. 02

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Over the next couple of weeks I struggled with accepting my bisexuality and just the idea of the intense arousal that I felt during my humiliation next to the river and with how much I had loved sucking cock and being fucked by that obnoxious bastard. The fact remained though that every time that I thought about it, my cock became painfully hard and I secretly craved it again. Having the whole story posted on Literotica was just more delicious humiliation. Some wrote to tell me how much they wish it had happened to them and others, my favorites, wrote to tell me what they’d do to me if they got the chance or even told me to do things to myself for them. Each day I checked my email for feedback. One day I received a note that I was shocked to find:

“This story sounds familiar. We know a lot of the same people and if you don’t want them all to receive a copy of your story with your name posted to it, you better be at my house at 8pm on Saturday. Obnoxious jerk, eh? You think I humiliated you then, wait until Saturday, asshole.

– “The Birdie Machine”

I was panicked now. I couldn’t go, who knew what he’d do. I didn’t exactly portray him in a positive light, he had to be pissed, but I couldn’t not go either. What if he sent my story out to all kinds of people I knew?

I was terrified as I approached his house on Saturday night.

I knocked on the door and he answered. He smiled, but it wasn’t a friendly smile. He said nothing but “strip”. There was no point in trying to reason with him. I took off my clothes. I felt my cock rising and tried desperately to think of something else to keep from getting hard.

He said “Go to the TV and turn it on.” I did as he told me to and a porn film began playing. A guy was on a low table with five or six guys standing over him stroking themselves. I stared as they each began shooting their loads all over the guy on the table. I turned to face him and he snickered. I looked down and my cock was hard.

“I thought you’d like that one you slut”. His words stung but there was no denying it anymore. Now that I was facing him I was horrified, but shamefully aroused, to see that there was a video camera on a tripod facing me and on the couch there were several dildos.

“Don’t worry, the camera’s not on, I’m not going to film you.” I breathed a sigh of relief and he quickly followed with, “You turn it on, you’re going to film yourself.” My heart dropped and şişli escort I hesitated. “Turn it on and tell the camera what a whore you are and that you can’t get enough cock in your ass or cum on your face.” I froze. “Do it now unless you want everyone to know how much you loved it before, I’m just going to keep this between us unless you piss me off.”

I went to the camera and turned it on. I stared into the camera, “I’m a cock loving whore and I can never get enough cock in my ass or enough cum on my face”. My cock throbbed and I’m sure that I looked like I meant it, worse, I did. He walked over and picked up one of the dildos, placed it on the coffee table in front of me and told me to suck it. I knelt on the floor in front of it and bent forward taking it in my mouth.

“That’s it, show me what a good cock sucker you are and then I’ll let you suck mine. Suck it good. Let me see you swallow it to the base bitch.”

I was becoming more and more aroused. I wanted to show him that I could take the whole thing and I wanted to taste his cock in my mouth again.

“That’s it, look at the camera while you suck it.”

I looked into the camera with lust filled eyes as the fake cock bottomed out in the back of my throat.

He dropped a tube of lube on the table in front of me. “You can use this before you fuck yourself if you get right to it.”

I didn’t hesitate. I squirted the lube into my hand and stroked up and down the shaft of the dildo. I straddled the table and when I felt the head against my asshole, I sat down slowly forcing it into my ass. I moaned.

“Yea fuck yourself. You love that don’t you?”

“Yes” I humped up and down on that fake cock and felt like I was going to cum any second.

“Stop and lean forward”

I obeyed with a whimper, I was so close to cuming.

“That one must not be big enough. You want a bigger one don’t you?”

“Yes” came my reply without hesitation.

He reached down and pulled the dildo out of my ass and went to the couch and grabbed a much larger one. I was nervous when I saw the size of it, but I panted with anticipation. The fat head of the dildo rubbed up and down the crack of my ass until I felt it settle over my partially opened hole. He pushed it forward and buried it into me in one stroke, forcing a gasp and a moan out of me. “That’s more like it, isn’t it?”

I could hardly breathe or talk for a minute, then mecidiyeköy escort managed to croak “Yea”.

“Okay, ride that one now, bitch”

I sat back up and began to slide up and down the huge dildo that was now plowing my ass. I forgot about everything else, him, the camera, everything except the sensation of that cock filling my ass to the fullest, sliding out to my tight ring and then plunging back in.

“Lay back on the table and fuck yourself so the camera can get a good view”, he interrupted and I quickly lay back, pulling my knees up towards my chest and reaching around my legs with both hands to grip the dildo and fuck myself harder with it. I panted loudly with each thrust. I didn’t care if the camera recorded it. I didn’t care if he saw it. I didn’t care about anything but fucking myself with that beautiful fat cock. I moaned louder and fucked myself wildly. I wasn’t even aware that he was still in the room until his cock came into view above my face. He was stroking it.

“I’m going to cum all over your face, that’s what you want, isn’t it?”


“You wish there were more guys here don’t you?”

“Yes. I wish the room were full of guys taking turns feeding me their cum and fucking me.”

“That’s good, because that camera is making a webcast and it’s going out live to anyone that wants to watch. What do you think about that?’

“I don’t care. I want them to see. I don’t care, I just want more cock.”, I panted truthfully and totally out of control.

“Well you better give them the address then”, he mocked.

I whimpered and moaned, gave the address and kept straining to get more of the dildo into my ass.

It didn’t even seem like five minutes later and suddenly I felt my hands being pushed away from the dildo. I looked down and a guy named Bob that I had once fired was standing naked between my legs. He just looked at me and said, “I knew you were a sick fuck. Believe me, I’m going to enjoy this even more than your slut ass.” He pulled the dildo out and shoved his cock into me.

I saw a flash of light and thought at first it was from the pain of his huge cock, but then I noticed that the front door was open and there were headlights outside. The guy from the coffee shop that I frequent walked in. “I’m not gay but I couldn’t resist coming over here to cum on your face”, he laughed.

Then there were at least five guys standing over me stroking their cocks while Bob roughly fucked my aching ass. I reached up and took hold of two of the cocks and stroked them. The first one started to cum. I remember the first blast landed on my cheek, everything was a blur after that. One cock after another, as many as I could get my hands on or my mouth around. Load after hot load landing all over my body. Some of the guys that fucked me came in my ass, others pulled out and came on my crotch or on my stomach. It could have gone on for hours or days, I didn’t know and didn’t care. No matter how many times I tasted hot cum, felt it sprayed all over me or felt another cock filling my ass it was never enough. Sometimes I noticed a face, my ex-boss, guys that had worked for me, but all I really cared about was another cock.

I woke up later, I don’t know how much later. I was still lying on the coffee table. My arms and legs were hanging limply over the sides. My hair was matted with what had to be fifty loads of cum, every inch of my face, chest and stomach was caked with cum. I struggled to lift myself up onto my elbows and noticed a huge puddle of cum on the table under my ass. I tried to struggle to my feet and barely had the strength. My ass was so sore that I could hardly walk. There was no one else around and so I struggled into my clothes and stumbled towards the door. As I passed the camera, I could hear it still running.

I never found out many that were there, but that night made me a toy for a not very exclusive club around the area. I went to the hardware store two days later, when I was well enough to walk again, and the clerk told me that the paint I was looking for was in the back room. When I walked out back, he pushed me over a stack of boxes and yanked my pants down. “I’ve been wanting some more of this”, he said as he shoved his cock into me. He fucked me until he came and then walked out. Later, I went to pick-up my dry cleaning and the guy at the counter told me it was $20 and a blow job. My son’s principle asked for a conference with me and I thought he was in trouble until he and one of the gym teachers bent me over a desk. One of them fucked my ass and the other fucked my mouth. When they’d finished with me by pulling out and cuming on my back and my face, they sent me out without letting me wipe it off. They told me not to worry because everyone in the office had seen my show anyway. I know that I should be ashamed but instead, no matter how many times and places I’m used throughout the day, I end the day with a hard cock, thinking about be used until I finally have to jerk off and lick one more load from my fingers.

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