HR Dominance

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(This is dedicated to Kathleen and her erotic fantasy she shared with me. Names are fictitious with the exception of Kathleen’s first name of course—hope this is what you wanted, Kath…shut that office door and stroke that pretty clitty of yours to cum haven!)–Mabel

Kathleen Barrington had just celebrated her 20-year anniversary as Vice President of Human Resources for the Friedman-Tyler Investment Firm. This company was founded by the namesakes of the Firm in the 1980’s and grew from a small staff of ten to more than 300 employees. Kathleen started as an Investment Representative and helped to format the HR Department with Mr. Tyler’s wife Norma when the staff then grew to 50 employees in the 1990’s.

The Co-CEOs wanted to expand the company and open branch offices and wanted Kathleen to hire an additional HR Specialist that would help with the interviewing and hiring process, as Kathleen would be promoted to Senior Vice President of HR once the Company Expansion was completed.

Kathleen started working for the Company while in her thirties. She noticed as she approached middle age she was beginning to look more like her mother with the infamous pear-shape she always dreaded, so she found herself at the Company gym every lunch period to try to lose some of her full rounded 42-inch ass. She always wished she could take some of her ample ass and put it to her modest but appealing 34b chest, but realized destiny took its course. Instead of losing the fullness, her persistent routine these many years kept her ass smooth and well packed. Now that she was in her mid-50s, she was thankful she kept her fitness in check. She just changed her look and had her short brown hair frosted with light golden highlights. The new hairdo gave her a welcomed glow and accentuated Kathleen’s beautiful dark hazel-green eyes.

She reviewed numerous e-mail resumes and spotted one sent by an applicant by the name of Jennifer Hendricks. Jennifer held a BA in Human Resources and did her internship for another Investment Firm right after college. The Company she worked for moved to Maine and she did not want to move since she had just gotten married and had her first baby, now six months old. Her specialties were Employee Initiation and Interviewing & Placement Analysis with Resolution of Employee Issues—just what Kathleen was looking for.

She interviewed with Kathleen, Mr. Friedman & Mr. Tyler. Although she did not have the length of experience as her soon to be job mentor had, her professional demeanor was so impressive that Mr. Tyler & Mr. Friedman knew after her first interview she was the one best suited for their newest HR Specialist. Kathleen agreed whole-heartedly.

Jennifer was a tall, curvy, Swedish delight with clear ocean-blue eyes and her face was framed with her long, thick beautiful blonde tresses. She had just turned 28 on her last birthday, which also happened to be the day of her interview with Friedman-Tyler. Jennifer was an assertive, free-spirited beauty who had several erotic encounters with her lovely female co-eds in college and a couple of her mature lady professors. While dating her now husband, he loved to watch her seduce and fuck one of her lovely, busty female counterparts. Jennifer was the dominant type, and this turned him on even more.

Jennifer wore a conservative, deep navy business suit to her interview, but it was hard to miss her eye-popping 40DD boobs and her tight ass that gracefully swayed as she walked in her fitted but flattering suit skirt. Kathleen had to compose herself several times during the Interview from staring at Jennifer’s enticing mammary delights. She had a beautiful blonde masseuse at her Spa that resembled Jennifer. She had secret fantasies during her massages of being dominated by bursa otele gelen escort this young blonde into a feast of lesbian delights. Those erotic thoughts clouded her mind as she asked Jennifer her interview questions.

Jennifer was hired and Kathleen was her Chief Trainer and Mentor. Kathleen meticulously trained Jennifer on all of the Company’s Policies and Procedures. While they got along as business associates, it became evident that Kathleen was a very structured “by the book” VP that wanted Company Policy followed by the letter. Jennifer, on the other hand always felt that Policies were made to be amended when necessary, keeping each HR issue tailored for the Employee(s) in question. Even in her internship at her former Company, Jennifer’s assertive personality would work in her favor when handling HR matters.

Kathleen had a wealth of knowledge, but she could be a bit of a mother-hen type and hover over Jennifer from time to time. Jennifer appreciated the information imparted by Kathleen, but wanted space to work things out in the best interest of the Company her own way.

There was an issue with an Employee that required rare input from the CEO’s. Jennifer attempted to use her negotiating methods to resolve the lack of discretion rendered by one of the Company’s top Investment Reps, but Kathleen cited the Policy in their meeting with full backing from both Mr. Tyler & Mr. Friedman. She was still new and in training, and although her points were valid, they jointly decided in this case to adhere strictly to the Company’s Rules.

When Jennifer saw in this matter her proposed execution of Company Policy was not adopted and she was out-numbered by her Boss and the CEOs, she retained her corporate equanimity, but once she left the Office, she sped off in her Honda Accord fuming and muttering.

“That damned micro-manager!” She muttered while driving, “I sure would like to tear off those damn panties of that bitch-boss and whip her bare ass into MY way of thinking!” Once Jennifer said that, she realized her thoughts were way off course and she had to keep her cool while she was still in her probationary and training period with Kathleen. She calmed down; although lingering thoughts of spanking Kathleen’s big plush bare ass into submission gave her a rush of power and a welcomed moistening of her vulva lips.

Grandma Hendricks called Jennifer at the office one afternoon and told her she was running low on milk because the baby was taking more feedings that day. She and her husband planned to go to the symphony that evening, and there would not be enough time for her to stop and feed Emma. “Mom Hendricks, I’ll express my milk here and we’ll drop it by before we go to the Concert Hall…” Jennifer told her Mom-in-law.

Her office door was closed, and she was wearing a pullover blouse she planned to wear that evening with her suit. She removed her jacket and blouse and unsnapped her front-closure bra to expose her thick pink nipples and began pumping away.

Kathleen darted in with some reports for Jennifer to review and process that evening not knowing Jennifer stood with her lovely engorged nipples and boobs in plan view.

“Jennifer! What are you DOING?!” Kathleen frantically inquires, staring at Jennifer as her warm sweet milk dripped from her erect nipples. As she continues to stare, she feels her mature pussy quickly filling with hot fruity nectar.

“Oh, Kathleen—Mom Hendricks just called and the baby’s running out of milk,” Jennifer answers Kathleen, totally uninhibited by her repeated manipulation of her milk-filled jugs. “Matt and I are going to the Symphony this evening and…” Jennifer stops talking because she notices Kathleen’s eyes have not moved escort bayan from her warm milk-drippers. Kathleen’s face is sensuously flushed and it’s obvious her mouth is watering and she wants to indulge and partake of the erect nipples that drip the sweet milk soon to be carted to baby Emma.

Jennifer softly snickers, and also sees the reports in Kathleen’s hand. “Did you need me to review those reports, Kath?”

“Oh, umm” Kathleen looks up at Jennifer’s face still blushing, “We have to work on these reports together this evening because our Regional Auditors will be in next week. I hate to ask you this Jen, but can you stay this evening so Mr. Tyler & Mr. Friedman can review these first thing in the morning?”

Right before Jennifer can answer, the phone rings. Her husband informs her they must postpone their plans this evening because their District Manager came in unexpected Company courtesy dictates a business dinner wherever he’s in town.

“No problem, Kath. That was Matt and his evening’s agenda has changed too.” Give me a chance to re-dress and call my sister to pick up Emma’s dinner. Would you like me to order some dinner for us, too?”

“Sure, Italian is fine—I’ll have fettuccine Alfredo.” Kathleen answers as she quickly leaves Jennifer’s office to try to compose herself before their long evening ahead. She worked at her computer, but she would visualize those erect enticing soft pink nipples and the sweet creamy milk and she would lose track of what she was doing.

Jennifer’s sister came to pick up little Emma’s dinner. She walked her sister to her car, and then went to her own car to get a special package of goodies for her HR Mentor. “This hot-assed old bitch is going to have some dessert she will NEVER forget!” Jennifer thinks as a sinister look comes over her gorgeous face.

They had their dinner and finished reports by 7:30 of which both were pleased to have their work completed so quickly.

“Jen, you’re doing so well. The fact that we got these reports completed in a timely manner exhibits how you are adapting to the Tyler-Friedman way of doing things…” Kathleen tells Jennifer, trying to keep things on a professional level with her usual mother-hen tone in her voice. Her cunt still contained the rich moisture from seeing Jennifer’s engorged boobs earlier. Jennifer did not reply, but instead walked over to Kathleen’s office door and locked it.

Kathleen had just finished putting the remaining reports in her briefcase, not paying attention to Jennifer’s actions thinking she also was gathering her things to leave the office. Jennifer has placed in her hand a big rubber paddle and she holds it by its handle and gives a big **SMACK** to the top of Kathleen’s cherry-wood desk.

This startles Kathleen and she drops her briefcase. Jennifer looks Kathleen directly in her eye to show her she has her own erotic agenda for her that will be followed to the letter as she commands it.

“Stand up!” Jennifer orders Kathleen, whose mouth is now hanging open because as Jennifer walked over to lock the door, she lifted her blouse and undid her bra and her boobs are exposed and her soft pink nipples are totally erect.

“I said, STAND UP YOU OLD BITCH!” Jennifer now barks the command out as if she’s an Army drill sergeant. Kathleen feels her knees weakening at this element of surprise and the sight of Jennifer’s bare tits. Her mouth begins to water again and before she can balance herself on her feet, Jennifer grabs her by the neatly tied bow of her silk blouse and says, “Stand STILL!”

As Kathleen is standing still, not knowing what to expect, Jennifer unties Kathleen’s blouse bow, unbuttons the buttons and then snatches the blouse off. She then unhooks Kathleen mudanya escort beige bra to expose her small tits that have large dark brown nipples that are totally hardened by the excitement of the moment. Jennifer bends down and gives Kathleen’s rock-hard nipples a couple of licks then reaches behind Kathleen to unzip her suit skirt and snatches that off. Kathleen has on a pair of nylon beige briefs that match her bra.

“I should have known it…you’re a perfect little boss-bitch right down to your damned underwear!” Jennifer tells Kathleen as her eyes follow Jennifer as she circles her almost nude body. Kathleen is wearing a pair of suntan thigh-high stockings and black business pumps.

“Pull those damned panties off and sit on your desk!” Jennifer commands and walks to her bag of goodies. She walks over to Kathleen and clamps on a leopard-print collar leash. She then grabs the leash to pull Kathleen by the neck and yanks it downward to bring her to her knees. She pushes Kathleen by her back so she has to catch herself by her hands and is now in an “all-fours” position with her bare ass in full view.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Jennifer says as she whisks off her blouse that was still gathered above her huge boobs and the opened bra and throws them onto Kathleen’s desk.

“So, you like the sight of my nice, warm milk-fulls, huh?” Jennifer says as she snatches the leash up to make Kathleen make eye contact with her again. Now, Kathleen is speechless and her pussy pizzazz is leaking down her full thighs as she nods “Yes.”

“Well, now you are my hot-assed little kitty-cat, and I know that cats LOVE lapping milk!” Jennifer continues her verbal escapades and sensuous taunting. “Now, to let you know who the boss is NOW, I’m going to fire up that gorgeously packed ass of yours with this paddle. Each time I smack that full ass of yours, I better hear a nice loud MEOW!”

Jennifer cracks Kathleen’s ample round ass with the stiff rubber paddle. Her ass turns a bright shade of deep red as she utters her loud MEOWS as ordered. She stops and sits on Kathleen’s neat tidy desk and spreads her legs to reveal she’s wearing crotchless panty hose and her moist, bare clean-shaven pussy is glistening.

“Before you have your milk you old pussy, get over here and lap my sweet tight pussy—NOW!” Jennifer orders as she yanks the leash to pull Kathleen’s face to her delicious cunt.

“Lick it and MEOW after each lick! If you don’t, you’ll get more of THIS!” Jennifer shakes the rubber paddle still in her hand. Now, eat my pussy-PUSSY!”

Kathleen’s long tongue licks the juices from Jennifer’s tight vulva lips and her MEOWS echo through the walls of her office. She missed a couple of her kitty utterances and she paid the price by having her taunted but tingling large ass smacked with Jennifer’s smoldering paddle.

“Now kitty-bitch, bury your puss in my pussy and you BETTER make me CUM!” Jennifer was close to doing just that because Kathleen’s tongue was stiff and darting as she willingly obeyed her oral duties on her trainee’s cunt.

Jennifer now relaxed as Kathleen expertly licked and chewed her swollen clitoris, dipped her tongue in and out of her soaking wet vulva lips and Jennifer shrilled and moaned, “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” as her cum spilled in Kathleen’s mouth and down her chin.

“Now, my sweet old kitty-bitch, come on and get your reward!” Jennifer now coyly commands Kathleen, “You’ve earned it!”

Kathleen stands and now pushes Jennifer flat on her desk and lands on top of her, mercilessly sucking the warm sweet milk that flowed from Jennifer’s pretty pink nipples. Jennifer takes her long fingertips and finger-fucks Kathleen while she sucks her luscious tits and Kathleen’s wells of cunt juices flow onto Jennifer’s talented fingers.

As they lay arm in arm, Jennifer asks Kathleen, “Well, Kath, how does it feel to be on the other side of “training?”

“WONDERFUL, Jen—puuuurfectly wonderful!” Kathleen mimics her cat language. They share a long, wet kiss before dressing and leaving the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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