How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 07

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Jake healed well over the next two days. With the pain subsiding, he was progressively able to do things for himself more. I loved assisting him, although I think he became more annoyed over time at my zealousness. It was pride for him to be able to do things for himself. I could see at times when he was annoyed, and understood.

I’ve never taken so much care for someone before. I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed it. I enjoyed trimming his beard, helping him change and even washing him in the restroom. All of it embarrassed him, but truly I really enjoyed it. It felt so fulfilling.

The time came when the doctor advised that Jake was ready to go back to our usual cell. “Well Jake, you’ve recovered really well. I’m surprised at how fast those shoulders healed. Lucky your buddy was here to keep the pressure off of those arms,” said the doctor as he turned to look at me. I smiled to myself.

“Thanks doc. Look I know I’m overstepping a bit but would you mind if we go back tomorrow morning? I think one more night on this bed would really do me good. I’ll be completely 100% well,” explained Jake.

With all the frustrations Jake had been through, I thought he’d be more than happy to get out as soon as possible. And he seemed 100% fine to me already. I was perplexed as to his request.

“Hmm, well I did plan for you to be here for 5 days. So, I’ll allow you this one night, but not a moment longer hey. Tomorrow, your breakfast will be taken at the food hall with everyone else,” said the doctor. He was being a bit accommodating but also didn’t want to be taken advantage of either. Many prisoners loved to stay long at medical solitary.

“I’ll stay with him, in case he needs me,” I mentioned, before he could think of sending me back to the cell. He agreed.

And so we were to spend one last night there. I thought that maybe Jake looked fine but was still in some pain underneath. Another dreaded night on the floor for me, I thought.

Jake did everything for himself in the evening, and our dinner was served. He could feed himself so I decided to eat at my chair.

“Daniel, get over here!” Jake commanded, “Let’s eat together.” I sat on his bed, he moved over to make it comfortable for me. I was about to put the first morsel into my mouth, when he gently blocked it down. “I said, let’s eat together,” and Jake then fed me with his Bakırköy Escort hand. Gosh I felt like a kid. “I don’t have many good memories. I want to make better ones.” He said.

I teared at that statement. I leaned over and kissed him forcefully. I then fed him a morsel. It was simple food. Mostly watery gravy and rice with small shreds of chicken, mundane on any other day, but it tasted so good from each other’s hand.

We took our time and fed each other, staring at each other’s eyes, occasionally kissing. We didn’t speak much. It was a quiet and peaceful dinner. Underneath it all though, my heart pounded for him. We finished our meals and put the trays on the floor.

Jake made me sit on his lap at the bed. I sat and leaned into him, rubbing my face upon his chest and under his left arm, tilted my head up and gazing upon him. Jake kissed me deeply, slowly, as he held me firmly. He made me feel so safe. My man was strong again.

“What you did for me, I’ll never forget,” whispered Jake sincerely.

“Don’t ever forget why I did it,” I replied as I placed my hand firmly upon his chest, feeling his pounding heart.

I then got up from his lap and grabbed his hand. “C’mon, let’s get you washed up before bed, one more time,” I said as I led him to the shower. I wanted him to take full advantage and sleep early, and heal 100% before we have to leave in the morning.

He smiled smugly as he got up and we both undressed. The shower was nice and hot. I began to scrub him all over as usual. With him being more healed, he scrubbed me as well. He was wilder and more confident than usual, scrubbing me well, with no apparent sign of pain. I began to get curious.

“Baby?” I began but Jake didn’t allow me to finish. He grabbed me and cuddled me madly in the shower, kissing me so deeply, invading my mouth with his delicious tongue. I was taken unaware as he cuddled and caressed me, holding me firmly and rubbing me down my back. I loved the taste and texture of his lips. I loved his thick facial hair upon my soft lips as we kissed. He bent down lower upon me and buried his head in my neck, pecking at me firmly but gently. I gazed upward, high on his passion as the water rained upon us, my arms wrapped around his broad upper body, his thick arms firmly clasping me.

I was rock hard for my man. He took charge once again. Bakırköy Escort Bayan He got on his knees and kissed me all around my dick, rubbing me wildly, running his hands between my legs, under and up to my bum. I could barely take it, he was so wonderful! He kissed around my dick, and licked my balls devotedly, then moved his tongue up and down my shaft. I caressed and massaged his head as he loved me with his mouth. I loved his thick hair in my hands, he felt amazing. He then turned me around as I stood. I leaned against the shower wall as he kissed me on my back and my thighs, and bum cheeks.

I always felt embarrassed whenever he was so near my bum. I love it when he’s inside me, but get worried when he kisses me near there. I’m always afraid of him getting grossed out.

“Baby you don’t have to…Ah! oh my love!” I stuttered as I could feel Jake’s tongue upon my bum. His hand was around me, stroking my dick as he glided his tongue upon my bum. The entry part is delicate, and it felt so good to feel his tongue wiggling there. I didn’t think he’ll do it long, but my man just went on and on, devotedly licking the hole of my bum. I felt hot and flustered, blushing red, feeling so good yet so embarrassed! My whole body got so sensitive, more vulnerable and delicate to his caresses.

After a long while of him tongueing my bum, he finally stood up. I remained in position, with my bum puckered up for him. I knew he was taller than me, he might need to bend down a bit, I thought. But then he shocked me.

He turned me around, kissing me wildly, holding my bum and caressing me down my thigh. He lifted my left thigh up as much as he could as he kissed my neck wildly, pecking at my jaw line and my earlobes. He held me firmly like a steel cage and whispered tenderly, “I love you”.

And with that, my lion showed me his power. Using both hands he clasped my bum, and lifted me up, and carried me!

“I think I’m healed now,” he teased, as he lowered me onto his dick. I was shocked! Oh my God this man is so strong! He lifted me up like it was nothing, and carried me as if I was made of polystyrene. It was no effort or strain for him! His strength made me in awe and part of me was even a bit afraid of what he can do to me. Can I bear this man’s strength? I wondered.

But despite his great strength, Jake was Jake, as always, Escort Bakırköy my gentle loving beast. He lowered me so gently upon his hard dick and began loving me. He held me firmly as he moved in me. Initially I didn’t know what to do, but instinctively I wrapped my legs around his torso and held him tightly as he loved me. He moaned gruffly and I moaned sweetly with him. I held him tight, my head resting on his shoulder as I kissed his neck while he straddled me. His great strength made me feel weightless, on another planet! I felt like a small baby being carried by a big strong daddy.

“Ah! Ah! Oh my lion! Oh daddy love me! More! Oh baby!” I muttered. I was so helpless as he ravaged me, gripped by the pleasure of his hard dick, utterly dependant on it to prop me up so I don’t fall. I kissed my man deeply. His wet beard caressed my milky soft skin me as he moved in me. The heat of the shower was so intense. He moved to wedge me against the wall as the steam began to make us sweat. My back was against the cold tiles, while my chest and tummy felt this hot beast. He was amazing! I kissed him wildly, sucking in his delicious tongue, the same adorable lips and tongue that had loved me so well down there moments ago!

“Be in me forever! Oh!” I moaned as he ravaged me. He moved us from the wall and straddled me again, suspending me with his beastly might and strength. His big hands gripped my bum firmly and I arched myself away, hands at his shoulders but arms stretched out, to take him in deeper. My bum throbbed as his dick loved me, its head caressing my sweet spot inside. I was made for this beastly dick! He made me go crazy! I was beginning to sound more and more like a little girl than a man, a baby in this big daddy’s arms. I breathed heavily and moaned like a whore.

“Oh baby I’m gonna explode!” grunted Jake.

“Oh yes my love! I want your seed deep in me!” I muttered. As he breathed heavier and heavier, I got close and cuddled him and rubbed my dick upon his hard hairy abs. We both roared as we erupted upon each other, I upon his chest and abs, and he inside me.

I had lost my mind. As he gently put me down, my knees got weak and I got down on my knees, hugging him, resting my head against his thick thighs, looking down subserviently, breathing heavily in the steamy air.

He caressed my head. “Hey,” he said as he got down to me. “It’s I who serves you”. I said nothing. He put the shower off and lifted me, carrying me in his arms like a prince carrying his princess. He carried me out of the shower, dried us both up, laid me down on the bed, and got in with me. He cuddled me and massaged my body until we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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