How I Came to be Me Pt. 02 – Paris


I’d been working out religiously for four months, eating better, feeling good about myself. I could feel and see the changes in my body as did others. I wasn’t the plain girl next door anymore. I was fit and becoming more confident. People complimented me asking if I’d lost weight; they could see it in my face.

Guys asked me out who weren’t losers. I was loving my new body. The changes I’d made boosted my confidence through the roof. Before, when someone screwed up my coffee order, I’d shrug it off and drink whatever they gave me. Now, I take it back and suggest they make it right. I mean I didn’t yell or anything. I was polite, but still, the old Celine wouldn’t have done that. I felt empowered.

I was already packed for the cruise a week before we were scheduled to leave. I stayed at mom’s overnight the night before parking my car in her garage. The three of us sat around sipping wine going over the itinerary looking at the various tours. There weren’t many that we all didn’t agree on. Mom and I told stories of past cruises for Tam. Her reactions to some of our tales made her eyes light up; we even got a few oohs and awes.

Naturally, mom had a limo pick us up to take us to the airport. The bad thing about Tam going with us was that mom downgraded our first-class seats to business class so Tam could sit with us.

The flight from Los Angeles to Paris was long. I managed to sleep some despite at least two people coughing midway through the flight. I brought earplugs and a sleep mask to help tune out the engine noise from the airplane and people watching movies. I suffered through the long ordeal with a smile on my face.

We arrived in Paris midday. Our limo drive through Paris was nothing, but congestion. He dropped us off at the hotel, helped with the bags with a smile on his face hoping for a big tip. It was minimal.

Mom checked us in while Tam and I wandered around the lobby. She mentioned she thought mom looked a bit out of sorts. I told her it was probably just the long flight. We followed the two bellhops to our respective rooms. They laid out our bags and did their usual ‘if you need anything just call spiel’.

Mom and Tam were across the hall from me. Mom made sure of this before we departed L.A. After unpacking and showering, we got together for dinner at the hotel restaurant. Since none of us had slept very well, we planned for an early night. Mom looked the worst; her eyes were red and tired. She coughed a few times, complaining about a headache, but we all figured it was due to slight dehydration. We ate slowly discussing the next days’ activities in Paris. Tam had never been outside of California, so all this was new to her. I could tell she was excited while at the same time concerned as I was about mom.

We called it an early night with our plans all set for the morning.

I woke early, refreshed and eager to go. I didn’t hear anything from mom and Tam, so I figured they were busy having sex or sleeping off last night’s sex. I pulled out my cell phone still on airplane mode and started playing games, waiting. An hour later there was a knock on the door. It was Tam. She looked like crap.

“Your mom is sick, Cee. She was up half the night vomiting, sweating, and coughing.”

“Shit! I bet she caught something on the plane.”

I grabbed my key card and followed Tam back to their room. Mom was sitting up in bed, her face was flush. It was obvious she wasn’t well. I sat on the edge of the bed near her, asking her what I could do to help. She said she saw a doctor the hotel called who gave her a prescription. When the pharmacy or pharmacie as the French called it opened, she said she’d like me to get her prescription filled. I knew enough French that communicating wouldn’t be a problem.

I quietly asked, “I hate to ask, but are we going to cancel the cruise?”

Mom shook her head. “No, I talked with Tam. If you’re willing, you two can share a room so I don’t get you both sick.”

I looked at Tam. “Is that alright with you? How are you feeling?”

The serious expression on her face told me she wasn’t lying. “I feel fine. I’ve been up with Vee most of the night. That’s why I probably look like crap. I’m okay with it if you are. I’ll sleep on the floor if you’re uncomfortable with me in the bed. I’d hate to cancel this. I’m sure Vee will feel better after she gets some meds, fluids, and sleep.”

I told her, “We’re all adults here. We can share the bed. I’ll help can bring your stuff over. We can hang out here today and keep an eye on her.”

Tam smiled. “Sounds like a plan, thank you, Cee. You are a doll.”

I managed a smile. “You’re welcome, Tam.”

Mom coughed. “Thank you, girls. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and get some sleep.”

We got Tam’s stuff together, shuttling it to my room. She didn’t unpack much since we were staying just a couple of days. We spent most of the morning in our room talking about mom. We were trying to figure out what happened. I insisted it was the people on the plane. She mentioned mom been altyazılı porno stressed the past week or so and it probably lowered her immunity. I just shrugged, telling her she sees her more than I do. We had room service deliver breakfast which was okay, mostly fruit with oatmeal. Tam had converted me to eating better which made ordering easier, two of whatever.

We checked on mom about every hour, putting the ‘do not disturb’ sign out on her door. I took her prescription to the pharmacy when it opened to get it filled. My French was adequate for such a simple transaction. Even so, the person behind the counter spoke enough English we made it work. When I returned, we woke mom to start her healing process. She took her pill along with a little soup.

Soon she fell back asleep, so Tam and I went out for a walk. I didn’t want to go too far so we strolled around sightseeing. The Eiffel tower wasn’t that far away; we could see it peeking between buildings at times. I told her I had a nice view from my room which made her eyes light up. I’d been here a few times, each time there’s something new to discover. I delighted in being the knowledgeable one and educating Tam. It felt good to be the teacher and not the student.

We passed a small boutique that I didn’t notice until Tam seemed to be missing. She was staring into the window as I walked back. It was a lingerie shop and she’d spotted something she liked. I shrugged my shoulders when she asked me if I wanted to go inside to look.

Smiling, she sheepishly asked, “Can we? I don’t want to be out here too late. I’m still worried about your mom.”

I didn’t see why not. “Sure, we can look a bit. We’re missing out on a whole day of shopping. Mom would understand. Besides, it’s for her, right?”

She grinned. “It is Miss Cee. Very astute, cutie.”

I blushed, holding the door open for her. She gave me a sly smile as she passed me walking into the store. I looked up to see the name of the boutique, ‘Princesse Tam Tam’.

I followed her in not knowing what to expect. I’ve never bought anything sexy for myself so this would be a new experience. I was sure Tam had plenty of sexy things to wear at home, but buying lingerie in Paris is sort of cool.

I followed her around like a puppy just browsing the multitude of sheer garments. I was amazed at the colors and different styles. A saleslady came over to help us, initially speaking French to Tam. When Tam looked clueless, I cut in asking if she spoke English.

She laughed, “Of course, Cherie!”

Tam smiled, the two of them began discussing sizes and colors while I wandered about. After about ten minutes Tam caught up with me a small package in her hand.

“Oh, you found something? Cool.”

She grinned. “Well a couple of somethings. They don’t take up much space, silly.”

I blushed, my ignorance showing.

“Let’s get back and check on mom,” I suggested.

Tam smiled, leading the way back to the hotel. We peeked in on mom who was still sleeping. The room was in blackout mode. We could hear her snoring, so we figured she was okay. Back in our room Tam opened the curtains to take in the view. I’d mentioned the tower and now she was seeing it for herself.

“Cee, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d see the Eiffel tower live and in person. This is just so special.”

“I felt that way too the first time, Tam. Wait until tonight. It gets better. We’re east of it so hopefully, the sunset will create a better view. Later when it’s dark it’s all lit up and a beacon revolves around like a lighthouse.”

“I can’t wait! I wish your mom were well so we could both take it in.”

“We’re back here at the end of the cruise. You two can have my room then if you want.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you!”

She turned and gave me a big hug. I blushed telling her she was welcome. She let me go and we stood there looking at each other until I got uncomfortable holding hands.

“I’m going to go for a quick run if you don’t mind. I’m getting antsy cooped up here.”

She smiled. “That’s my workout cutie. I’m glad you’re thinking of keeping up with it all even on vacation. I was going to look for the hotel gym. I know it’s not like home, but it’s something. I’ll wait until you get back to check it out.”

“Sounds good, I will just do my usual five. I’m waiting until we get back to start my marathon training.”

“Okay, I’ll read some and change. I’ll be ready when you get back.”

With that, I found my running things then headed to the bathroom to change.

She laughed. “Still a bit shy, are we?”

I stopped. “I guess. Well, since we’re roomies I guess it’s silly to be so modest.”

She smiled. “I won’t look…….too much.”

I blushed again. She had a habit of doing that to me. It was kind of fun. I was enjoying our time together more and more. I changed into my running attire without any further problems or teasing. I said goodbye, checking to make sure I had my id with me.

I’d mapped out a route on my phone beforehand. zenci porno After exiting the hotel I took off without stretching. My run was uneventful, thank goodness. I had been worried after seeing so much unrest on the news, but Paris was quiet. I took longer than I thought having to wait for stoplights and traffic through the streets of Paris. When I got back, Tam as ready to hit the gym. Dressed in modest workout attire, she said she found the hotel map and knew where the gym was. She wouldn’t be too long since it was inadequate for her needs. I laughed as she grabbed a towel along with a water bottle. She smiled closing the door behind her.

She didn’t mention mom so I went across the hall to check on her. She was awake but still looked a mess. I suggested she shower to help make her feel better; she thought it was a good idea. She asked how Tam and I were getting along. I told her about our day omitting the lingerie part figuring that was a surprise for her which I didn’t want to spoil. She asked that we check in around dinner time, that she might feel like eating something solid. I know she hated being sick being the go-getter that she is. I told her yes then I left her to shower, walking back to my room to do the same. The hot water felt good as I stood there thinking. I hoped Tam was true to her word about not cheating on mom. I was liking her even with the teasing. At some point, if my newfound curiosity got the better of me, maybe she had a friend.

I did notice a few of the trainers at the gym. One that caught my eye was Rosalinda. I had no clue if she liked girls which didn’t matter anyway because I wasn’t in the market at this point. Most of the trainers at the gym were nice looking. I didn’t know if it was a lesbian breeding ground or what. I’m sure things were going on under the surface. I hadn’t heard any gossip from the ladies I’d befriended so far, but you never know. Then again it could be my wild imagination going down the wrong path.

Tam returned about an hour later, her towel was soaked from sweat and she had that red face from overexertion. I asked how the gym was, she laughed.

“It’s far from a gym, girlie. Just a couple of treadmills, a TV, an elliptical and dumbbells up to thirty pounds. I did what I could with two German guys watching. I think they were trying to flirt. Their English was pretty good. I wasn’t rude, but I didn’t flirt back.”

I smiled. “That must have been funny. I wish I’d have been there to see it.”

“They would have gone after you in a heartbeat, my buff cutie.”

I blushed big time.

Changing the subject. “I talked with mom while you were gone. She was still sick, but she at least hasn’t thrown up today. She’d like us to order in dinner if you don’t mind.”

Tam started to get undressed. “I don’t mind at all; the food here should be excellent. I want Vee to feel better so we all can enjoy this trip.

I sat in the chair by the window talking to her as she stripped. Her skin was shiny from sweat which added to the mystique. We kept talking about dinner, mom, and Paris as she raised her ratty gym shirt up over her head. Looking around, she asked if I’d started a dirty clothes pile. I pointed to the closet and she left it in there. Next was her sports bra. I tried not to stare as she slipped her arm into it, lifting it off her body revealing those small firm breasts I remembered seeing the first day I met her. I looked out the window quickly hoping my gaze had gone unnoticed. I swallowed hard trying not to show any emotion. Inside, I wanted to ask if I could touch.

She continued getting undressed not saying anything about my looking away. I heard the bed squeak which meant she was taking off her shoes. I turned back watching her bend over to untie and toss them aside.

I don’t know why, but I asked, “You don’t run, do you?”

She laughed. “God, no. I hate running. I don’t see how you and Vee do it. I do enough cardio to maintain but that’s about it.”

My next comment was probably a mistake.

“You have a belly piercing, right?”

She grinned, walking over to show me. She was now only in her workout shorts, her abs, breasts, and piercing in full view. They looked good as usual. Inside I was feeling my heart race as my panties became moist.

She stood maybe three feet from me. Arching her back slightly, she placed her hands around it, fingers and thumbs connecting to show off her jewel. I nearly died.

“It’s my only body adornment. You like?”

I tried to maintain my composure. “It’s different, at least to me. Why did you get it?”

“I don’t know. I wanted something, just not a tattoo. I don’t wear jewelry, so a friend suggested this.”

Squirming in my chair a bit, I was still staring. “It must have hurt.”

“It wasn’t too bad; they numbed me up a little before. Want to touch it?”

I looked past her to avoid staring at her muscles, so taut and yummy.

I lied. “I’m good, thanks.”

Her voice was playful, “Oh, Cee. I know that avoidance aldatma porno look. It’s very endearing.”

Then she took a more serious tone, “Touch it.”

I looked back at her navel then her face. I knew I couldn’t just touch it. “Seriously, I’m good. It is pretty.”

Her voice took an even more serious turn as she moved closer to me, “Touch it, Cee. I want you to.”

I looked up at her knowing I couldn’t get away with not touching it. I sighed then reached out hesitantly with one hand, finger extended.

“I thought we were going to be adults here, Cee.”

My look grew stern at that point. She was daring me to touch it. I couldn’t back down. I pressed my finger to her taut tummy, then slowly brushed it over the piercing. Somehow it wandered off the ornament to circle her belly button. I was enthralled.

“That’s a good girl.” She smiled. “You like how it feels, don’t you?”

Her tone was seductive. All I could do was nod, affirmative.

Then she backed off giggling. “That wasn’t so hard was it?”

Out of my trance, I looked up at her. “No, it is impressive, Tam. Not for me though.”

She winked. “We’ll see.”

Turning, she walked over to the closet with the dirty clothes, her back to me then proceeded to do a slow strip of her shorts and pantie. I knew it was a show for me and I couldn’t help but watch it. When she had them to her knees, she looked back at me over her shoulder grinning. I quickly looked away knowing I’d been caught. She sauntered into the bathroom to shower as if I wasn’t there. My heart was racing after her little show. Just when I thought she was going to be kind to me with no games, she pulls this off.

I was thinking about leaving the room so I wouldn’t have to endure another show. I’d just returned from mom’s so I couldn’t go back and disturb her. I suffered in silence waiting for Tam to tease me once more. I thought I’d gained some confidence in the past few months, but when it came to dealing with Tam I was just worthless.

She walked out of the bathroom in just a towel. Smiling at me, she finished drying off then got dressed.

“You didn’t tell Vee about my shopping trip, did you?”

“No. I promised I wouldn’t, and I didn’t.”

“Mmmm, good girl. I knew I could trust you.”

She didn’t tease me for the rest of the evening. We had dinner with mom then leaving her to rest, she didn’t eat much, but drank a little soup. She still looked like crap which was expected. Hopefully, she’d be over it in a few days.

Tam and I slept in the queen-sized bed without any incidents. I was grateful. I did toss and turn a bit, but she didn’t say anything. We got up early, checked on mom then did a quick ‘workout’ at the gym. We weren’t supposed to embark until the next day around four, but I knew we could from two on. I was trying to think of things to do that Tam might enjoy. I decided to see about one of the local tour busses, so I called down to the front desk and set it up. Tam was all in favor of it. We told mom who was delighted we were getting along so well and that I was showing Tam around in her place. We had a small breakfast while waiting for the bus to arrive. I’d done this before with mom, so I tried not to act too bored. Tam enjoyed the heck out of it, and it killed the day.

We returned just before dinner, checked in with mom then went back to our room to shower and change. We dressed in some floppy nightclothes, headed back to mom’s to order dinner. Mom managed to eat some more and stay awake longer which was encouraging. We called it a night around six, much too early really. As we entered our room the sun was just off the top of the tower. Tam threw the curtains back then turned to me.

“Cee? Would you do me a massive favor?”

“I guess, what is it?”

“I hate to ask, but I’ve seen these sexy pictures on Tumblr where the model poses with the Eiffel tower in the background. I know my phone doesn’t take the best pictures, but would you?”

“Yes, sure. Where’s your phone?”

“Thank you, cutie.” She handed me her phone. “Here, could you let me change first? I don’t want to be seen in this mess.”

“Of course, go ahead.”

With that, she opened the closet grabbing her tiny lingerie bag.

“Wait, that’s what you bought for mom. You want to take pictures in that?”

“Those, I bought three. Yes, I do. What, you’re not going to do it now?”

I stammered, “No, no. I’ll do it. I just thought those were special.”

“They are, I want to remember Paris in a sexy way. Think you can handle that?”

I sighed, “Go ahead. Change.”

She giggled then stripped down to nothing. I glanced over, she was bare down there, her mound had no hair. I trim, but no hair? I turned back to watch the sun sink a bit more. It didn’t take long for her to put on the first set.

“Ready, girlie?”

I fumbled with the phone finding the camera function. Turning to look at her, my jaw dropped.

“Jeezus, Christ, Tam. It barely covers anything.”

“That’s the whole point silly girl. Don’t you have any?”

“I swallowed hard, no.”

I was staring and I didn’t care if she said a word. She was wearing next to nothing. Two tiny triangles in black covered her nipples and a third covered her bare mound. The rest was all Tam in her muscular glory.

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