How Far Would You Go With…

Big Juicy

It was a Thursday afternoon and I was at work, it had been the usual boring day so far, until I checked my inbox to find an email from my mother-in-law, not that this was unusual, we got on well and regularly exchanged emails at work, anyway, it said:

‘Afternoon, just got off the phone to a TV production company, apparently they do a gameshow where family members have to face tasks together to try and win (apparently) considerable sums of money. Anyway, the next one is based around mother and son-in-laws, and they wondered if we’d be interested. What do you think? Love, mil.’

After reading it through a couple of times, I replied with:

‘I’m game if you are! What’s the next step?’

I went back to work and a few hours later got a reply:

‘We’re meeting them at 1pm on Saturday at their hotel in London. See you then!’



Saturday quickly arrived and I met Anita outside the hotel, before we went in to see the producers. One hour later we walked out having signed contracts to do the show, with filming starting tonight at eight.

“I can’t believe we can win £1million pounds!” Anita said, excitedly.

“I wonder what the tasks will be though?” I pondered.

“For a million I’d do almost anything!” She replied.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, must got get ready!” I said, before going home to get changed.

The first task, which was worth £250, was for Anita and I to get dressed up and go out for a posh meal together, paid for by the TV company, but the condition was we had to wear what they told us, which had to be kept a secret from the other. I simply had to wear a smart suit, although weirdly they also told me what colour underwear to wear.

I arrived at the restaurant at eight, wearing what I’d been told and was met by the producer, who took me to a table for two in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Five minutes later Anita arrived and my jaw dropped, she was wearing a beautiful plunge dress, which showed off a hell of a lot of her more than ample cleavage.

“You look stunning!” I told her.

“Thanks.” She said, blushing.

We sat down and ate a delicious meal, and drank a bottle or two of wine, chatting generally whilst the camera crew filmed us. After our dessert dishes had been cleared the producer came up to us and said:

“Congratulations, you’ve completed the £250 task, now are you ready to go on to the next one?”

We both nodded that we were and he continued:

“Great, let’s get you two back to the hotel then.”

We were then ushered into a taxi and driven back to the hotel before being taken up to a suite, which had a lounge and two bedrooms, one with a double bed, one with two singles.

The camera crew started filming again and the producer spoke:

“Now then, what happens now is I’ll offer you a sum of money, and then tell you the task you must complete to get it, once you’ve completed it to our satisfaction we’ll move on to the next task, you may stop at any time you wish remember, sound ok?.”

We both nodded, slightly tipsy from the wine.

“OK, here we go then. For £500, we’d like the two of you to hug.”

I looked at Anita and shrugged, before embracing her in a hug.

“That’s great; now for £1,000 we’d like you to give your mother-in-law a kiss.” The producer said looking at me.

Anita and I were still hugging, so I just leant down and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Excellent, now this might be more of a test, for £2,500 we’d like you to kiss your mother-in-law again, this time on the lips.”

I quickly lent in and kissed Anita on the lips before just as quickly moving away, our lips barely touching.

“I’m afraid that’s not good enough, it needs to be longer and you need to put your tongue in her mouth.” The producer informed us.

I looked at Anita for guidance, she mouthed ‘go on’ and I leant it, parting her lips with my tongue as I kissed her passionately, my tongue massaging my mother-in-law’s, for a few seconds before I reluctantly pulled away completely, so we were side-by-side again.

“Much better!” The producer announced, “Now for £5,000 we’d like you to strip down to your boxers.” He said, looking at me.

I hesitated briefly, before taking my shirt off and then taking my trousers off.

“Well done, now for £10,000 it’s your turn mother-in-law, take your dress off.”

Anita glanced over at me, I mouthed ‘go on’ and she quickly slipped the dress up over her head and off, revealing the matching black lacy bra and panty set she was wearing, but my gaze was fixed firmly on her bra which was struggling to both hold in and push up her amazing 36DD breasts.

“Now then son-in-law, for £15,000 will you remove your boxers and show your mother-in-law your cock?”

Drunk on the sight of Anita’s amazing breasts, without thinking I slipped my boxers off to show, my somehow, still flaccid cock off.

“Wow, not even any hesitation! Well then mother-in-law, will Antalya travesti £25,000 be enough to persuade you to reveal your goodies?”

Anita looked at me, unsure of what to do, I nodded at her, and slowly she reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and let it drop away from her, revealing her huge 36DD’s in all their glory, they sagged a little bit, but looked delicious, especially with her big juicy nipples topping them off. She then slowly worked down her lacy black panties to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy, as my cock quickly became a hard lump of steel.

“Very nice mother-in-law, now for £50,000 your son-in-law has to suck on those big breasts of yours.”

Before Anita could say anything, I quickly bent down and started sucking on her right nipple, whilst fondling her left breast and after a while swapped over, at first Anita was resistant and attempted to push me off, but she soon succumbed and enjoyed me sucking on her nipples. After about five minutes the director shouted stop, and I reluctantly pulled away.

“Well, you both seemed to enjoy that, so let’s go to the next step. For £100,000 we’ll need you to give each other oral sex.”

“No way!” Anita shouted, “All that foreplay is one thing, but sex, even oral is a completely different thing. So if you’ll kindly give us our £50,000 we’ll be off!”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” The director said with a smarmy look on his face, “If you’d looked closer at the contracts you signed you would have seen that if you walk before completing the £100,000 task you get nothing. I’ll give you five minutes to decide, here’s the contract.”

I looked it over, and sure enough the clause was there, in very small print, buried in lots of pointless crap, and it was watertight.

“What do you want to do?” Anita asked me.

“Personally I say we go on, after all we’ve done so far we can’t let these bastards walk away without giving us what we deserve.” I told her.

“I agree with that, but what about our partners, we’d be cheating on them…”

“We’d never tell them, so they’ll never know.”

“But surely you don’t want to lick an ugly old woman like me out?” Anita asked.

“Firstly, you’re not ugly or old, secondly I’d love to taste you and thirdly the thought of you sucking my cock as your amazing breasts graze my chest REALLY turns me on!”

“OK, I’ll do it, but as soon as we walk out of that door we forget this ever happened, agreed?”

“Agreed.” I lied, how could I forget my mother-in-law and I sixty-nineing?

We then linked arms and purposefully strode towards the bed, seeing us coming the cameraman started filming again, I got up onto the bed first and lay down, my hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Anita then climbed up with me, straddling me so that her pussy was over my face. I ran my hands over her ass before grabbing her thighs and gently pulling her down onto my face, I tentatively stuck my tongue out and gently licked up the length of my mother-in-law’s slit as she quietly moaned. I then paused as slowly, she lowered herself down, so that first the nipples of her huge breasts were just grazing my stomach, I could feel her warm breath on the head of my cock now, time seemed to stand still and it seemed an age, even though it was only a matter of seconds before I felt my mother-in-law’s lips wrap themselves around and slowly slide down my hard cock.

I enjoy licking pussy, and my mother-in-law’s was no exception and at the risk of sounding big headed, I must say I’m bloody good at it, so it wasn’t long until her juices were flowing and she was very wet. As for her blowjob, she was bloody fantastic, obviously very experienced and knew exactly what to do to pleasure my cock, she was literally making love to it with her mouth and tongue.

I continued running my tongue up and down Anita’s slit, dipping it into her to taste her juices before drawing circles on her clit, as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock before gently dragging her teeth up and down the shaft, until the sweet taste of her juices was replaced by the tanginess of her clit as she neared orgasm. I concentrated solely on her clit now, tracing figures of eight over it with my tongue as she started bucking her hips, so I had to grip tighter on her thighs to keep her pussy in my face. Thirty seconds later she let my cock slip out of her mouth, much to my disappointment, as she started moaning louder and louder, until:

“Fuck, yeeeesssss, I’m cuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She moaned as she came, her juices running out of her pussy and onto my face as I licked her clean.

She then rolled off me, so that she was lying next to me on the bed, “Fuck, that was amazing!” She panted.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it mother-in-law,” The director said, “As you’ve now won the £100,000 prize and can walk away with that if you want, but you’re now into the final sage of our show, and have a chance to win a million pounds, so listen carefully. Now then son-in-law, İstanbul travesti merely for sliding your cock into your mother-in-law’s wet pussy we will double your money to £200,000. If after pounding her you coat those lovely big tits of hers in cum we’ll give you £350,000, or if you cum in her mouth we’ll give you £550,000 with an extra £50,000 bonus if she swallows. Or finally if you cum in her pussy, we’ll give you the full million. Now you don’t have to decide what you’ll do in advance, we’ll pay you the correct sum afterwards.”

I turned my head so I was looking at Anita, my eyes full of lust and said “What do you want to do?”

“Fuck me.” Came her simple reply.

“With pleasure.” I said as I climbed ontop of her.

I lined the head of my cock up with her wet entrance and slowly eased myself into my mother-in-law’s drenched pussy, she groaned in pleasure as I slid all my nine inches inside her, knowing that I was getting £100,000 to do it making the feeling even better. I started to slowly slide myself in and out of her, increasing my speed until I was pounding my cock into Anita’s wet hole as hard as I could as she groaned in delight. As I was up on my knees, I had a great view of her huge breasts wobbling and the expression of pleasure on her face as I fucked her.

“Would you like it deeper?” I asked her.

Anita nodded, so I took hold of her legs and gently lifted them up and rested them on my shoulders before sliding my cock as far into my mother-in-law as it would possibly go.

“Fuck that’s deep!” She moaned.

I again started pounding my cock in and out of her sodden pussy, as she moaned louder thanks to the deeper penetration. It wasn’t long until her pussy tightened its grip around my cock as she let out a wail of pleasure as she exploded with orgasm for the second time. My cock was now sloshing about in the river of juices that was Anita’s pussy, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long until I added to it.

“Ohhhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum.” I moaned.

“Yes, in me, yes!” Anita replied.

I slammed into her a few more times before unloading rope after rope of my cum deep into my mother-in-law’s pussy as we both groaned with pleasure. I pulled my cock from her, as her juices and my cum came spilling out of her pussy, I saw the cameraman zoom in out of the corner of my eye.

“Well, you two certainly seemed to enjoy that!” The director said, “As you came inside your mother-in-law’s pussy, son-in-law, you win the million pound top prize! You’ll find £500,000 in cash in each of these suitcases and on behalf of the whole team I’d like to congratulate you and thank you for appearing on the mother-in-law edition of ‘How far would you go with…’, I’m sure the viewers of Television XXX will enjoy watching you two ‘compete’. Now the room is booked until midday tomorrow, so what you do now is entirely up to you, but we’re leaving now, so thank you again and goodbye!”

With that the director and the whole production team left the room, shutting the door behind them, leaving the two suitcases at the foot of the bed that Anita and I were still lying naked on. I slowly got up and went to the suitcases and quickly counted the money.

“It’s all here, one million pounds!” I told Anita.

“But what the hell have we just done?” She asked.

“Enjoyed ourselves! We said we’d forget all about this as soon as we walked out of this room, and as far as I’m concerned there’s still no reason why we can’t do that. All we have to do is lie about what we had to do for the money.” I rationalized.

“Yes I enjoyed myself, and yes we can lie, but I’m not sure I can ever forget, or even if I want to.” She replied.

“Well we don’t have to forget, just never mention it again if that’s what you want, as soon as we walk out of that door.” I said, pointing.

“OK, but what are we going to do now?” She asked.

“Well it’s too late to go home, so why don’t we just stay the night here and enjoy ourselves?” I suggested.

“How would you like to enjoy yourself then?” She enquired.

“Well, I saw a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, would you care to join me madam?” I asked.

“I think I certainly would!” She replied, with a smile.

She got off the bed, and we walked to the bathroom, still naked, and I turned on the Jacuzzi before slipping in.

“Looks like a tight fit, I guess I’ll just have to sit on your lap!” She said.

Anita then stepped into the Jacuzzi, with one leg either side of mine and slowly started to sit down, so her breasts dragged down over me, before taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her entrance before sitting down the rest of the way, so with a mutual groan of pleasure my mother-in-law was once again impaled on my cock. I took her huge, wet 36DD breasts in my hands and started massaging them as Anita slowly started sliding herself up and down on my cock. She leant in to me and we kissed passionately, our tongues fervently darting in and out of each others mouths.

“You feel so good inside İzmir travesti me!” She said.

“It feels good to be inside you!” I replied.

I leant down and took her wet nipples in my mouth, as she moaned in appreciation, all the while still sliding herself up and down my hard cock. I licked and nibbled at her left nipple whilst fondling her right breast as she continued to stroke herself up and down on me. I swapped over so I now had her right nipple in my mouth and was fondling her left breast; they were so soft, like a big lump of putty in my hand. I was getting close to cumming again now, so I let her nipple fall out of my mouth and just concentrated on fondling her breasts as she continued to stroke herself up and down my cock.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum.” I moaned.

Anita didn’t react, she just kept coaxing my cum up from my balls using her slick pussy, until with a groan I came, filling my mother-in-law’s pussy with my hot cum for the second time. She then pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately again, our tongues intertwining, as my cock continued to spasm in her pussy, sending my sperm straight to her womb.

“That was amazing, thank you!” She said.

“I’m the one that should be thanking you! You were sensational!” I told her.

“It’s a long time since anyone’s told me that!” She replied, “I think I’m about ready for bed now.”

“Me too.”

We then got out of the Jacuzzi and dried off, before slipping into the double bed together, I lay on my back whilst Anita cuddled up to me and we both quickly fell asleep.



In the morning I awoke to find Anita not in bed with me, but heard the shower going. So I quickly made my way to the bathroom, opened the door and walked through the steam filled room to the shower, before pulling back the shower curtain and stepping in so I was standing behind her. I pulled myself up close to her naked, wet body and ran my hands up from her thighs until I was fondling her huge breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels good!” She sighed.

“You know what would feel better?” I asked, my hard cock pressing into her ass crack.

“No, show me.” She replied.

I turned the shower off and then told her to get down on all fours, facing the mirror. I then kneeled down behind her and slid my cock into her waiting pussy as she moaned in pleasure. It was amazingly erotic to watch myself fuck my mother-in-law, seeing her huge breasts swinging as I slammed myself into her only added to my pleasure and I know from her loud groans of pleasure and the fact that she never took her eyes off me that she loved it to. I kept pumping in and out of her slippery pussy until, with a scream of pleasure she started to cum, her juices flowing down and covering my cock and balls. I continued to fuck her through her orgasm and as soon as I saw she was looking at me in the mirror again I let go and unleashed a third torrent of cum into my mother-in-law’s gaping wet hole. After regaining my breath I slowly slid out of her and then helped her to her feet, we got into the shower together and washed each other’s bodies, occasionally kissing. We then got out of the shower and dried each other, before forlornly getting dressed, knowing our fun was over. We checked we had everything and then, silently, left the room, shutting the door on our night of fun. Anita had her plunge dress on again, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits, I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been!

We checked out and silently left the hotel together, both clutching our suitcases of £500,000. I hailed her a taxi and stole a kiss as we were saying goodbye before walking off to the nearest tube stop. We both put our money into secret high interest accounts without the knowledge of our partners.



Three months later and I still hadn’t forgotten that night, after all, how could I? I’d had a few short conversations with Anita since, but nothing more than small talk. Then, I came back from lunch on a Friday afternoon to find the following email in my inbox:

‘I need to see you urgently. Can you meet me at Café Verdana after work? Love, mil.’

I replied saying that of course I could and asking what was so urgent, but got no reply. After work I drove into town and parked in a small car park a few minutes walk away from the Café. I locked the car and walked to the café, I spotted Anita sitting in a secluded corner as I walked in, so ordered a Latté and went and sat down at the table with her.

“Nice to see you.” I said.

“You too.” She replied with a slight smile, “I’ll get straight to the point, so brace yourself.”

Anita paused for a few seconds before continuing, “I haven’t had my period for the last couple of months, at first I just thought maybe I was going through the menopause, but after the second one I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive, so on Tuesday I went to the doctors and he confirmed the positive result, I’m pregnant.”

“That’s great! How does your husband feel?” I asked.

“He’s pissed off.” She replied, bluntly.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Well, we haven’t had sex for the past four months, which means it’s not his.” She told me.

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