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My best friend from school, Eric, was orphaned while I was in the service and had inherited a fair amount of money. By the time I got out he had purchased property and had a “pole barn” built on it to live in while he built his house. He asked me to stay with him and help him build it.

It sounded like fun and I had little else going so I decided to join him.

The pole building was set up pretty well with work and storage room below and small living quarters in an open loft above. There were two beds, a small kitchen arangement, and a toilet and shower behind a curtain. With no dividing walls I knew we were going to have to get used to changing, showering, and pooping in front of each other.

Things went along well and we made good progress on the house until one day we were lifting a beam into place that was actually way too big for just the two of us. We had been working with it for a while and almost had it home when it slipped. Instead of letting it fall Eric tried to catch it and it fell across both his forearms and hands thoroghly smashing them.

I got it off and we drove the thirty some miles to the closest hospital where the doctors worked on him for hours before deciding he would probably recover fully after a long time of healing.

We left the hospital with his arms trussed up in a combination brace/cast that left him totally without their use.

I was thinking to myself that he was going to be completely dependent on me. He had no one else. I’d never thought about being a caregiver and was deciding that, yeah, I’d be able to buck up and take care of him when he broke the silence saying,”I’m a mess. I won’t be able to do anything. What am I going to do?”

I heard myself reply,”It’ll be all right. I can take care of you. It’ll be a little gross at first but we’ll get used to it.”

It started the minute we got back. He had to pee. It was awkward undoing his belt and fly. After doing so I turned him in the direction of the toilet Escort bayan and pulled his pants down from the back so he could pee. He tried to aim using just his body but pee went everywhere with no one holding his dick. Luckily, before I did he was through.

“This is going to get complicated” I thought to myself. I fixed some food, fed him, and put him to bed.

He awoke the next morning, still in quite a bit of pain, and wearing a hospital gown tried to go pee himself. His morning erection, however, prevented that. He finally called to me and when I looked over, there he was sitting there on the toilet with a huge boner sticking up from between his legs. Not knowing what else to do I went over and kind of pushed down on it with one finger as he moved his butt back to allow it to pass the toilet seat. I’d never touched another man’s penis and it felt strange. I continued to hold it down as he was finally able to go. It kind of softened as he went.

I noticed him look at me with sad, pleading eyes as I heard his turds drop into the toilet. He was embarrassed and apologized for getting us into this. Not seeing any other choice, I helped him stand up, kind of bent him over, held my breath and wiped his ass. Whew!

We kind of got into a routine and things went along for couple of days and he finally said he didn’t think he could go much longer without a shower. I’d been kind of dreading this but saw no reason to put it off.

To make things easier he’d been wearing a t-shirt, socks and the hospital gown and they did need changing.

The first shower I tried to wash him with me on the outside, dressed, trying to stay dry. It didn’t work. I did, however, notice he was in very good shape with very strong shoulders, back, buttocks (I washed between them avoiding his crotch), and legs.

After a few more days I knew shower time was coming again but this time I got him ready, showered myself and had him join me in the shower. There he was, Bayan Escort young and strong, standing with his back to me and his arms stretched above his head. It was hard not to notice this could be considered sexy. I tried to remain clinical as I shampooed his hair, soaped up his torso, washed his back, under his arms, his chest, (I kind of reached aroung from the side because I was half hard and did not want him to see), and his legs. I again pretty much avoided his genitals.

I was feeling ashamed as we went through the motions for the next several days and my mind was awash with visions of him. I felt so transparent. I could not stop thinking about his beautiful body and did not know how much longer this could go on. I could not even masturbate because we were in the same room. I eas dreading the next shower day.

If I put it off any longer it would arouse suspicion but that wasn’t all that could be aroused. I was trying desperately to deny what I was feeling, but it was no good.

Again I got him ready, showered, and called him in. There he was again, young and strong, arms upstretched, glorious. I washed his hair, applied soap, ran my hands over his back and buttocks more luxuriously than I’d intended. I washed down the back of his legs wondering what I was going to do because I was fully hard. My thoughts again were swimming. I’d quit denying to myself that this was the hottest situation I’d ever been in.

Just then he said, “Hey, don’t think I’m weird, or anything, because I’ve got a boner. It’s just been so long since I had any”.

I tried to reply casually by saying,”Don’t worry about it, it’s been just as long for me. Ha,Ha.” How weak.

With that I moved around in front of him, kind of bending at the waist to avoid hitting his with mine. I’d have been showng pre-cum if it wasn’t for the water. I began to wash his muscular chest with both hands and I can’t believe he did not notice how lost I got in it, how long I washed it.

Finally Escort I moved down to his feet, and began moving back up to his calves, and finally the front of his thighs. I could hardly keep going, my mind was lost, swimming, I’m not sure I knew where I was. On my knees, His big glorious cock and balls were right in front of my face. His long uncleaned crotch was going to be cleansed at last. I was actually trembling as I ran the bar of soap under his ballsack. He had to widen his stance slightly and I was in heaven. I ran the soap few times and then laid it on the floor, returning with my bare hands. I apparently had forgotten I was trying to hide my lust because I washed his balls long and luxuriosly, ran my hand up and down his shaft not really aware he was standing there. I knew I was going to suck his cock. His beautiful hard cock. It wasn’t even voluntary. Nothing could have stopped it. It was so natual.

It was wonderful. One hand under his balls, the other on his hip, and his cock deep in my mouth. The hand on his hip began pulling him in and out like it had it’s own mind. So smooth. So smooth. So Smooth and long and hard. It was like a starving man getting a meal at last. A man dying of thirst finally getting a drink!

I pulled him deeper, in and out. He began to move with me, letting me set the pace must’ve been difficult. Long and slow. Savoring every wonderful inch, in and out, in and out, deeper. I had most of his beautiful long prick in my head.

He began to move more quickly. He’d braced himself with his arms against the sides of the shower and was really going with it! Faster and faster and better yet deeper. I could not get enough. He was really fucking my face. I had to grab both hips and pull and push to help him stay balanced. I was pulling and pushing very hard and fast and he was fucking me! Over and over and suddenly he pushed in all the way and held himself there pumping into me. He pulled out a little and rammed himself home again, holding and pumping until he was through.

I realized it’d been awhile since I’d taken a breath but I’d have suffocated before not having him come in me. This was the best sex I’d ever had and I had not even cum.

I think I’m Home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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