Hot Tub Honey


Marie was immensely enjoying her session in the hot tub with Chad and Jeremy, twin brothers and two of her favorite boytoys. They were having a great time too and the forty year old woman who was lounging between them was so sexy neither of them had any problem with possessiveness. She was enough woman for both of them and they knew it.

She even looked like a lot of woman, with big, luscious, chocolate colored breasts that ended in sensitive, dark brown nipples. Her face was pretty too, topped by soft, curly black hair that fell to her shoulders, and with a clear milk-chocolate complexion, big, soft brown eyes and a large mouth with full, sensuous lips. Those lips were one of her best features, not just to look at but also the way they felt when they closed around a stiff cock and stroked it while her tongue caressed the hard shaft going in and out of her mouth. That part of the fun would happen later; for the time being, she was relishing the feel of two men’s tongues stroking her nipples and the fingers thrusting in and out of her ass and pussy.

She could feel herself lubricating, even though neither Marie nor either of the two men could smell it underwater. “Okay, you guys, it’s time to go lower,” she informed them.

They raised their heads from where they had been licking so all three of them could exit the tub and head for a quick rinse under the warm shower. For sanitary reasons, the water in the tub included chlorine, and they wanted to wash the disinfectant off Marie before they went down on her sexy body from both sides. Her pussy and ass were so delightful that either of the men would have licked either place, even covered with the chemical, but they preferred her unadulterated womanly aroma and the texture of her skin.

Because Chad and Jeremy looked so much alike, Marie was unable to tell them apart but she didn’t care about that and they didn’t mind either. They were both eighteen years old, tall, athletic white men, with light brown, almost blonde hair, which they both wore cut short. They had ordinary facial and other features, except for their cocks, which were long and thick and seemed to be almost permanently hard. The best thing about them, besides the almost permanent erections and lack of jealousy, was that they would do whatever Marie wanted sexually and give her an enormous amount of pleasure. They would enjoy themselves as much as she did, and had no problem with taking directions from an older woman such as their partner that day, so none of the three wanted to change any part of their relationship.

With her body well rinsed, she lay on her side in the center of the narrow bed beside the tub, and one of the men lay down behind her and the other knelt in front. She thought the man behind her was the guy whose finger had been in her ass, but she wasn’t sure and she didn’t care one way or another.

What she did care about was that his tongue was going to be there, and she shivered with pleasure when she felt it start to lick down the inside of one of her big, soft brown ass cheeks. Marie reached back and spread herself more widely apart so Chad or Jeremy, whoever it was, could get his face in even closer to where she wanted it, and lick with a variety of short and long strokes.

The other man’s tongue was starting to caress her pussy, and those lips were already swollen with her lust. She had shaved herself there that day, before her tryst at the hot tub center, and the bare skin was highly sensitive, which was what she liked. Marie couldn’t have said which was giving her more pleasure, but she knew they were well on their way to driving her to a powerful orgasm which she hoped would be the first of many that afternoon.

Chad, because that was the man who was licking her ass and had inserted his finger there earlier, was having a great time too. He knew Marie was clean there, because he had carefully washed everything from her ass while in the tub, even from the first few inches of the adjacent channel, and the chlorine had even sterilized her skin. His eager tongue caressed the soft, smooth texture, beginning from the top of the cheek all the way down and around to below the velvety, dark brown rosebud that he knew would be the best part of all. It would be fun to lick and even more fun to drive his cock in and out of her there, after she had cum from what he and his brother were doing with their mouths.

Jeremy was having as much fun with Marie’s pussy, maybe even more, having started with the smooth skin of an outer lip and worked his way inward until his tongue started to caress one of the swollen labia that surrounded her dripping pink slit. The juices flowing from there were delicious and he loved the spongy way her lip felt against his tongue and the way she was pressing her pussy against his face. Wanting to make sure he didn’t get pushed off the bed, he clung tightly to her big, plump thighs, spreading them apart, while he buried his face in the lovely place where he and Bostancı Türbanlı Escort she both wanted it.

After his tongue had thoroughly caressed one outer lip, he started on the other one, licking her the same way there. The skin was as soft and felt even better because of the way Marie’s pussy was squirming against his face. Her juices were flowing more heavily too. He paused briefly to lick them off, finding them as delicious as he knew they would be, before starting to apply his tongue to her much more sensitive inner lips.

Marie felt like she was in Heaven, with the fabulous way the tongues of the two white boys were caressing those extremely sensitive places. “Keep it up, you guys,” she told the twins. “You’re gonna make me cum like crazy.

They didn’t answer. She didn’t expect them to say anything, and didn’t want them using their mouths for something as trivial as talking, when they could be using them to send gushers of pleasure rippling through her body from where their tongues were pleasuring her. Marie spread her breasts and looked down the front of her body at the light colored head pressed against her. She couldn’t see any of his features, because his face was all the way between her thighs, but she could feel what he was doing for her, especially his tongue. The agile, wet giver of pleasure was slowly advancing up her pussy, and would soon be fondling her clit.

She couldn’t see anything at all of the other young man, but she felt his hands on her voluptuous ass cheeks, spreading the perfect hemispheres as far as he could so he could bury his face between them. His tongue was just as active as that of his brother. The exquisite joy she could feel emanating from the places he was licking was different from what her pussy felt, but the pleasure was no less intense. The combination of the two was driving her to her first orgasm of the day, and she knew it would be a momentous one.

Jeremy knew the same thing, because of the way Marie’s eager pussy was ramming against his face and her moans of bliss and the juices running down his face. He kept his arm around her thigh and his tongue active on her lip, licking up to where it merged with the other lip to form her clit hood. Briefly, he moved his face away and gazed, enraptured on the area he had been licking. Marie’s clit was so swollen it had pushed its way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lovely pink pearl. Everything about eating her pussy was so delightful, he didn’t keep his mouth away for more than a few seconds before returning to feast on all the fresh nectar and start licking the other inner lip.

Chad suspected the same thing. His face was wedged tightly between the hotsy’s cheeks and his tongue was lapping avidly at her brown rosebud. The insides of those cheeks had felt like warm satin pillows, but the part his tongue was pleasuring then was like crushed velvet, with its myriad of tiny wrinkles. He could also feel her jamming her pussy against his brother’s face, and his hands held tightly to her soft, brown hips so his mouth could keep constant contact with her ass.

“Suck my clit!” she said to the man in front of her. “Make me cum like crazy.”

Jeremy waited until his tongue had traveled the rest of the way up her lip before opening his mouth wide to engulf the lovely pearl. With his lips forming a seal at the base, he sucked on the luscious mouthful while his tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. Marie’s movements became wilder and more strenuous, and he held more tightly to her thighs to avoid being pushed away from what he dearly loved to do.

“Yes! Yes! Like that! The big, beautiful black woman urged the man with his face between her thighs.

The other man moved his tongue slightly too. Chad was aware his twin brother’s mouth had just enveloped Marie’s clit, and he took advantage of that fact to start licking up some of the delicious juices he knew were flowing from the lady’s pussy. He loved what he was doing, as much as Jeremy was loving what he was doing, but he did miss the taste of the nectar he knew was being produced. After his long, agile tongue had sluiced up as much of the treat as it could reach, Chad squeezed his face in between her ass cheeks and returned to licking Marie’s velvety brown rosebud.

He had to cling to her voluptuous body even more tightly than he had been, because she started cumming as soon as his mouth was back where it belonged. Her howls of lustful delight filled the small room, and she clamped her legs onto Jeremy’s temples and grabbed the back of his head to keep him in the place where she wanted him, while pounding her pussy against his mouth. She needn’t have worried about his escaping, because the young man wanted nothing more than to keep Marie’s lovely clit in his mouth and his tongue caressing the swollen cutie. Chad didn’t want to go anywhere either, and he held on and kept licking her ass.

When she climaxed, all Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort Marie’s muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against the face in front of her for a final time. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, and Chad got to his feet and went to where they had left the condoms and the Aqualube. Jeremy didn’t go anywhere right away, for he was avidly feasting on whatever pussy juices his brother hadn’t poached, although he did leave some in the adorable pink hole that had produced them. After devouring everything else, he also got to his feet and accepted a condom from Chad while Marie rolled onto her back to rest for a minute and catch her breath.

“That was great, you guys,” she told the two men when she was ready. “You both know what I want now.”

They did and, after the big, beautiful woman slid down to the end of the bed, her place was taken by Jeremy, who lay on his back while holding his stiff shaft upright. Marie straddled his legs and moved toward his face until her hand and her dripping pussy was in contact with the head of the latex covered cock that awaited her pleasure. She grinned down at the man whom she was about to mount.

“This feels good and big and hard,” she said. “I hope your dick gets me off as well as your tongue did.”

“It will, but not until you stop playing with it and wrap your hot pussy around it.”

Smiling at the jest, she raised her big body and lowered it so the end of the hard cock was touching the place where it was wanted. She waited while the man on his back rubbed the tip against her wetness. There was plenty of that, because she was already so aroused her juices were running down onto his pubic area. With his cock ready for her, Marie reached down, spread her lips, and lowered her body slightly.

She sighed happily when she felt the thick head wedge into her pussy, and stayed in that position for a few seconds. Leaning forward and placing her hands on the young man’s chest for support, Marie let her body go lower and felt two more inches of the hard cock ease into her front pleasure hole, sending thrills of joy shooting through her body. In small increments, she continued enveloping the young man’s entire shaft, until she could feel his blonde pubic hair tickling the soft, bare skin of her pussy. She straightened her legs, extending them beside those of the first boytoy, and prepared to take the dick of the second one in her ass.

That man was ready and eager too. While waiting for Marie’s pussy to engulf his brother’s whole shaft, he had prepared his cock by applying the condom and covering it with Aqualube. When the woman who would be in the middle reached back and spread her ass cheeks, he crouched and reached between them to use the fingers and thumb of his left hand to pry open her adorable brown rosebud. Chad had the plastic squeeze bottle in the other hand, and he pressed the top against the tiny hole he had opened and squirted in a big dollop of the lubricant.

Marie murmured happily when she felt the cool, oily liquid gush into her ass, and made even happier noises when she felt a long finger burrowing into her to spread it. As good as that felt, she knew the cock that would soon follow would be long and thick and feel infinitely better. Impatient for the excruciating pleasure of being fucked in two places at once, her ass squirmed invitingly as the finger completed its task.

Chad smiled at the way Marie’s ass was inviting him, and he was just as eager as she was. Licking her there had been fun, but fucking the tight, brown hole would be vastly better. Using his left hand again, he pried open the adorable rosebud while she moved her fingers in closer to help as much as she could. His right hand held his cock to guide it, and he moved in closer, until the head was pressed against the hole they were creating. With contact made, he rubbed the tip against her rosebud to better spread the lubricant, paused, and thrust forward. When he felt the head of his cock wedge through the tight band of muscles into Marie’s ass, he sighed in delight.

She did more than just sigh. At the first instant of penetration, there was a brief dull pain, which was immediately overwhelmed by the incredible burst of pleasure that reverberated out from the site. Marie moaned in bliss, and her slight movement sent more pleasure swirling through her body from where her pussy was so well crammed.

“Oh, god, that feels good. But give me all your dick in my ass.”

That was exactly what Chad wanted to do and, after a third thrust had elicited another moan of joy, he knew his cock was in deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide it. He placed both his hands on Marie’s hips and, the next time he thrust forward, he pulled back on them to help drive his cock more deeply into her ass. She felt what he was doing and her hands spread her cheeks ever farther apart while she fucked back to meet him. Almost half the rest Bostancı Ucuz Escort of his shaft slid into her, stretching the tight opening and sending new and greater waves of joy throughout her body.

With a few more combined strokes like that one, Chad’s entire cock was buried in her ass to the point where his pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of her cheeks, while Jeremy’s equally long shaft was stuffed into her pussy. The three happy people lay like that for a minute, and every movement by any of them sent waves of exquisite pleasure flooding the bodies of all three. Fabulous as it was, Marie knew the sensations would be even more extreme once the real fucking began.

“Okay, you guys, really give it to me now. One at a time in each hole.”

Although a bit garbled, the twins knew what she meant. Chad placed his hands on Marie’s shoulders and slowly drew his cock from her ass until just the head was still inside. He paused and used more Aqualube to coat his shaft before driving it back into the tight, oily hole where it was wanted. Jeremy had his hands on the lady’s hips and, when he felt his brother’s shaft surging back into her ass, he slowly pulled his cock most of the way out of her pussy. Seconds later, he plowed back inside and felt the other man slowly making his exit. Their first stroke ended with one long, thick cock buried in Marie’s pussy while just the head of the other was inside her ass.

“Yes! Yes! She urged them. Keep fucking me like that!”

There was no need for any urging, because there was nothing the two men wanted more than to keep fucking the hotsy the way she was asking them for. They were both in high states of arousal from the fondling and licking they had already done with her, but they wanted their fun to last as long as they could keep it going. Slowly and steadily, for a long time, they drove their cocks in and out of Marie’s pleasure holes, while feeling their climaxes drawing nearer.

She was getting closer to cumming too, and her body was thrashing all over between the two men. She fucked back to meet their cocks as they surged into her ass and pussy, but Marie was otherwise losing most of the control of her muscles. If anybody had looked down on her from the ceiling, she would have resembled a brown frog swimming, from the way her arms were waving uncontrollably at her sides and her legs were thrusting back and forth in time to the cocks plowing in and out of her.

She was ready, and Marie very much wanted another big orgasm like the first. “Faster, you guys. Make me really cum again.” They increased the speed of the plunges of their cocks into her.

“Yes! Yes! Oh god! Oh god,” Marie cried out joyously as her climax began to overwhelm her. “Yes! Keep fucking me!”

Having no more reason to fuck slowly, the two men increased their speed until their cocks were ramming into her as hard and fast as they could. When Marie climaxed, she uttered a loud, incoherent cry of joy; all her muscles clenched, and she rammed her ass and pussy back at the twins. They didn’t stop, but kept pounding their cocks into her until their climaxes exploded too.

Chad was first, but by no more than a few seconds. He felt a great wave of intense pleasure well up in his body, concentrating in his groin, until it burst out in a tremendous climax. A gusher of semen blasted into his condom, but he didn’t stop, and kept going at the same pace until he had ejaculated twice more. His brother started cumming too, before Jeremy finished, and his climax was a duplicate of what his brother had just enjoyed.

All three people lay in a happy pile, resting and catching their breaths. None of them believed they were through with their carnal fun and, after a few minutes, they resumed. The twins’ cocks were still almost fully erect so, after they had pulled them from her body, Marie peeled off their condoms and licked all the cum from the outside, making sure she got everything from under their ridges. When she finished with that, they were stiff and ready for action, and she knew what that action would be. First, she got into position, kneeling by the side of the bed.

“Sit on the bed here, one on either side of me,” she instructed them.

When the twins were in position, with their big, stiff cocks sticking up in the air, Marie smiled up at one of them, leaned forward and took the tip between her lips and started licking the head. She loved the velvety feel and the flavor of the semen still oozing out from the earlier fucking, and she licked the slit and under the ridge. After less than a minute of attention to the first man, she raised her head, kissed his cock and switched her attentions to his brother.

She started by treating this man the same way and enjoying it just as much, but this time she lowered her head and engulfed his shaft in her mouth as far as the back of her throat. For a few seconds, Marie stayed in that position while her tongue laved the cock that was cramming her mouth so well. Slowly she bobbed her head up and down, reveling in the way the thick shaft spread open her lips and in the texture of the smooth skin stretched over the hard roundness. After stroking the man’s cock a few dozen times, she removed it from her mouth, kissed it and returned to the first man.

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