Hot, Sticky and Eighteen


Chris watched the girl walking on the pavement. She had short blonde hair that revealed the back of her neck. She had no tits to speak of but a beautiful ass. Chris was stuck in a traffic jam with Bernice his secretary. They were on their way to a meeting and the car had barely moved in the last half hour.

“She’s cute,” said Chris.

“Who?” said Bernice.

“The girl in the long brown skirt, looks like a student.”

“Too skinny, no tits. I thought you liked real women.”

Bernice was what you might call a real woman, 34D breasts, big arse, sexy legs, long blond hair.

“I like all women, I have a problem.”

Chris did have a problem, for four months now he and Bernice had been having an affair behind his wife’s back. The sex was great but he couldn’t work, he couldn’t sleep and he still couldn’t take his mind off other girls. He took his hands off the steering wheel and closed his eyes. He tried to picture the girl on the pavement naked and sitting on top of him.

“We’re going to miss that meeting,” said Bernice.

“We’re going to miss that meeting and it’s going to take ages to get back to the office. It’s been a wasted morning.” agreed Chris.

“Think about all the better things we could have been doing.” Despite the strong attraction between them Chris knew this affair wasn’t serious. Bernice was using sex to work her way up the ladder. She’d admitted this already and he’d given her a pay rise for her honesty but it didn’t stop the guilt. He loved his wife but there was something missing. At first he thought he’d found it in Bernice who was certainly different to his slim, brunette wife. Bernice could make him come like a rocket, he loved to kiss and suck her tits. He loved to grab her sexy bottom as she wrapped her strong legs round his back. She could give him give a blow job like his wife never could. Often she would get down on her knees whilst he was on the phone and put his cock in her mouth. She would make him shoot into her mouth by jiggling his nuts around in her hand and touching him right underneath between his balls and arse. Afterwards he felt lost. The guilt would overcome him and he would send her from the room without a thank you. What was it that neither his wife nor his mistress could give him? Chris looked at the cute blonde who was beginning to disappear from his view. He was gazing at the back of her neck. Could that girl give him what he wanted?

“We’ve never had sex in your car before.”

Chris looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Its broad daylight, in the middle of London, in a traffic jam.”

“So that’s a no then?”

“Yes, that’s a no.”

“I’m just teasing you,” said Bernice re-doing her long brown hair into the tight bun at the back of her head. Bernice was always smart for work. She tied her hair back neatly, and wore expensive suits with skirts that stopped just above the knee. She had sensible shoes with just inch high heels and a thin ankle strap that drove Chris insane. She wore fitted tailored blouses that showed off the shape of her chest without being tight or slutty. Bernice was short sighted and had to wear horn rimmed glasses most of the day. Chris liked her to keep them on when they made love. There was always a surprise waiting underneath this professional exterior, skimpy thongs, suspenders, garter belts and sexy lace bras. In meetings Bernice would sit next to Chris with her legs crossed, shifting her skirt so she flashed Chris a glimpse of her stocking tops and the bare flesh of her thighs. Sometimes her hand would stray onto his lap to make sure his big cock was as hard as a rock.

“You have had sex in a car though?” she asked.

“Kirsty, used to be mad for it when we were first married,” said Chris. “She was always asking me to pull into a car park on the way home from a party.”

“Dressed in her party dress?”

Chris smiled, you’d think she wouldn’t want to talk about his wife but Bernice never knew where to draw the line. She didn’t know there was a line.

“Was she dressed in some short party dress with her best jewellery? High heels and make up?” Bernice continued. “Did you drive some where quiet or somewhere where you could be seen?”

“It takes a while for Kirsty to get adventurous. At first it would be industrial estates and stuff, but as she got used to it, her naughty side came out and she would ask me to stop in lay-bys on main roads.”

“Did you like that, screwing your wife in the back of your car? Were you thinking that some trucker might see her arse in his headlights? Did you think that some driver might fantasize about fucking your wife?”

Chris laughed. “I didn’t screw her in the back,” he paused and looked directly at Bernice. “She would put her seat right back as far as it could go. She would take of her panties and make me smell them. Then she would put her high heels up on the dashboard as far apart as they could go. Her dress would be up to her waist and I would climb on to her and fuck her. Her legs would be over my shoulders so I could get in good and deep, her heels clinking against the front windscreen. She would whimper like a little puppy. Sometimes I would come inside her but other times she Antep Bayan Escort liked me to take out my cock and shower my jizz over her best party dress. Afterward she would scoop some off her dress and suck it off her finger. Satisfied?”

Bernice was giggling, “Of course not.”

The car in front pulled away, and for a minute it seemed like the traffic was moving. Chris looked around to see if he could see the blonde girl again but she was gone. They pulled to a halt again.

“I lost my virginity in a car,” said Bernice playing with the hem of her skirt.

“Tell me about it, we’ve got time.”

“I come from a small town in Essex. I was eighteen and when you’re that age you feel so trapped in those places. The only way to gain freedom is to have a car as soon as you’re old enough. One summer afternoon, when I was sixteen, three of us were walking around town. It was hot and sticky, we were all wearing summer dresses and….”

“You were over eighteen, that’s quite old to be losing your virginity isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it took me a long time to lose my virginity. In my twenties I really made up for lost time, and got myself lots of cock.”

“What did you look like at eighteen?”

“Much like I do now, though my tits were perkier, big puffy white tits that stood up to greet you. I hadn’t got used to wearing bras though and on a hot day like that I wouldn’t have been. I knew even then how the guys liked to stare at my tits. A few cars had honked their horns at us, already that day. We were just so hot and bored. I remember my fanny getting so sweaty, my panties rubbing up against it. I guess now looking back on it we were as horny as hell, but then it felt like boredom.”

“Had you been kissed before?” asked Chris.

“I’d had a boyfriend for about three months at one point! We didn’t get very far though. Long fumbling kisses at the back of the cinema but that’s about it. I let him put his hand up my skirt once but it didn’t do much for me, I don’t think it did much for him either.”

Bernice’s hands were still at the edge of her skirt and looking itchy. Chris felt the beginning of a hard on.

“So anyway we were walking along the road when this Ford Cortina pulled up beside us. Inside were two older boys we knew vaguely. The boy in the passenger seat was Pete, a friend of my brothers. They asked us if we fancied a lift. My friend Sarah was very sensible and cried off immediately saying we must be stupid to even consider going off with them. Laura, my other friend, was much more experienced than me and had already been with a boy. In those days I did anything she said, so I followed her into the car. Laura sat next to Gav who was driving and Pete sat in the back with me. Pete seemed very nervous and it took him a while before he’d even look at me. Things were going fine in the front seat though, Laura was laughing at all of Gav’s jokes and keep placing her hand on his knee. We decided to go to South Weald, a massive park out in Essex. We took the car a little way down a track into the woods and then parked up. It didn’t take long before Laura and Gav were kissing. I wanted to learn so I watched them intently. Laura still had her hand on Gav’s knee, she was leaning forward and had her tongue in his mouth. They were moving their heads around clumsily and eating each other’s faces in the way that teenagers do. There were soft wet sounds as they kept finding new ways to get their tongues deeper into each other’s mouths. Gav put his hand on Lauras chest and started moving it around like he was washing a window. Laura touched Gav’s lap where I could see a bulge. I was amazed at how Laura seemed to know what she was doing she started to rub the bulge making it twitch and throb.”

“Were you turned on?” asked Chris.

“Not really, just incredibly curious.” The car still wasn’t going anywhere. Chris looked down and saw Bernice slowly hitching her skirt up to her stockings.

“Laura started to make little moaning noises as she explored Gav’s mouth. Then I felt a hand on me knee, Pete had woken up! His hand was shaking so much, the poor lamb. There was never much doubt as to what would happen so I turned around and started kissing him. It was obviously his first time because he didn’t even move his tongue. I started moving mine around, trying to give him the general idea and slowly he caught on. His hand moved ever so slightly up my thigh, but soon stopped. I heard a moan from the front seat. I wanted to carry on kissing but was desperate to see what they were doing, if only to find out what I should do next. Like Laura I moved my hand onto Pete’s lap and found a stiff penis underneath his trousers. It moved when I touched it. I was quite taken with it. I was tempted to just poke around his crotch, finding out what I could get this strange bulge to do. Pete started kissing me more roughly now, and grabbed the back of my neck. I pulled away quickly. ‘Hey! Stop that. Don’t be rough!’ Pete looked very shocked, he was only learning. He said he was sorry and I started kissing him again, rubbing the lump in his trousers.”

“Was this guy attractive?”

“It’s hard to say, it was unimportant to me at the time, I just wanted to learn a bit more you know? I remember being relieved that his breath smelt fresh.”

Bernice had now pulled her skirt up so that Chris could see the tops of her tan stockings and the black suspenders that held them in place. He looked at the soft white skin of her thighs and wanted to get down there and lick the insides of her legs.

“We were kissing nice and slow and I think we were both actually starting to enjoy it. I was starting to like the feel of his tongue moving around my mouth, he was trying different things, little flicks and stuff. Occasionally he would come out and kiss me on the nose, which I thought was very cute. I was getting into stroking his cock through his trousers too, feeling it react to my touch. I was hearing groans from the front seat but now it sounded like Laura was protesting a little. I was worried about my friend and was just about to turn around to find out what was going on when suddenly Laura shouted; ‘No! I said no!’ I turned away from Pete and saw her pulling down her dress as she got out of the car. ‘Come on Bernie, we’re leaving’ she shouted as she slammed the car door and stormed off into the woods. This left me in quite a predicament. I wanted to follow Laura but she run off so quickly I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to find where she’d got to, plus we were miles from home. At the same time I was wary of being left in a car in the woods with two horny teenage boys.”

“Naturally,” said Chris.

“I went to follow Laura but Pete grabbed my arm; ‘Don’t go, we were having a good time.’ Gav was cursing his luck; ‘Fucking stupid bitch, why’d she have to run off.’ We discussed whether we should go and look for her or if we should just go home, we decided to wait in the car thinking that eventually she would have to come back to us for a lift. Understandably it was a little uncomfortable in the car for a while but eventually me and Pete started kissing again. I put my hand on his lap and found he was still hard. He put his hand a bit further up my leg right by the hem of my dress.”

“Describe that dress to me,” said Chris.

“It was pretty; it was white with tiny red flowers all over it. It had short blousy sleeves and had red buttons down the front. It was loose fitting, not particularly sexy but it was quite short, stopping half way down my thighs. Pete started to move his hand up my thigh so his fingers were underneath my skirt. His other hand was stroking my neck. I was trying to figure out what Gav had done to upset Laura and when I should consider that Pete was going too far. It was hard though, Petes hand up my skirt was making my heart race and I really didn’t want him to stop. When he put his hand up further so he was touching the edge of my panties I didn’t say anything, but just froze for a moment. Pete was conscious of Gav in the front and whispered in my ear; ‘Can I touch you there?’ I said he could. He lightly touched the cotton in betweens my legs and now it was my turn to quiver and twitch at his touch. My heart started pounding each time he touched my pussy. I could feel my nipples start to tingle. I started to rub his cock a little more though his trousers as I kissed him some more. I moved round to his ear and flicked my tongue in there, which made him shudder. ‘You can put your hand inside if you like’ I said. He pulled down my panties a little and found me to be wet. He didn’t know what to do, but it was the first time I’d had a boy’s hand inside there so I didn’t know either. He started rubbing my vagina and it felt good.”

In the car Bernice had pulled her skirt up all the way so Chris could see her sheer see-through black panties. Chris could see her neatly trimmed bush up against the material. Bernice was rubbing herself, as was Chris.

“Did you shave yourself back then?” asked Chris.

“No of course not, I had a big hairy pussy like all girls of that age, and Pete was running his hands through my thick bush, making it wetter and wetter. ‘Its wet,’ said Pete. ‘Your doing that, your making me wet with your hands,’ I replied. Pete told me that I could touch his penis if I wanted, and I could barely contain myself. I undone his trouser button and pulled down his zipper. His penis was straining to get out of his boxer shorts. I pulled the flap to one side and his stiff cock sprung out. It was the first one I’d seen and now in retrospect I can see that it wasn’t so big, but back then it seemed enormous and I couldn’t believe that such a thing would fit inside me. I touched it hesitantly and was surprised to find it soft to the touch but at the same time hard and rigid underneath the tender exterior. I kept touching it and Pete made little sighs. I felt certain that Gav must have been watching us in his mirror but I tried to cast it from my mind.”

Bernice had her hand inside her panties and was stroking her warm wet slit. Chris decided to join her and undid his trousers and started massaging his cock.

“I took his penis in my hand and started moving my hand up and down. I didn’t know if I was doing it right but Pete certainly seemed to like it started to move his hips in time with my hand. He still had his hand on my pussy, but I knew where I wanted him to touch me. I put my free hand inside my panties with his and guided his fingers to my clit. ‘There, just touch it lightly,’ I said.”

“I bet you did, you dirty girl,” said Chris, “Did you know you were going to let him fuck you.”

“I knew it was the furthest I’d ever been with a boy and certainly the most fun I’d had. I was incredibly turned on and didn’t want him to stop. I was thinking about what it might be like to have a cock inside me, imagining what it would feel like. I couldn’t take my eyes off it; just standing there in my hands looking like it was going to burst. Pete started rubbing me around my clit, he was being too rough, but I didn’t complain, as it still felt good. Whilst making me wetter with one hand he started to undo my dress buttons with the other. He did it slowly still not sure when I would stop him but I let him undo all the buttons which went down to my stomach. He pull my dress aside and let my tits fall out. It felt good to have my boobs out in the summer heat, my puffy teenage breasts free to roam and my nipples rock hard. He grabbed my right tit roughly. ‘No!’ I said, ‘kiss them, kiss my nipples’. He took his hands away and started kissing and licking my nipples.”

Bernice was frigging her clit and playing with her nipples through her work blouse. “and you were still given him a wank?” asked Chris.

“Sure do you want me to show you?”

“Oh yes.”

“Like this,” said Bernice taking his penis in her hand and moving her hand up and down his shaft. “Just like that, do you suppose he liked it?”

“Seeing your virgin titties for the first time I don’t understand why he didn’t just come all over you.” Chris was close to shooting off himself, he was trying to regain control.

“Do you suppose he wanted to fuck me?”

“I know he did, he wanted his cock inside you, he wanted to come as soon as possible”, said Chris panting.

“That’s what he said. He said, ‘I don’t think I can last much more’. I took my hand away from his cock and said, ‘Do you want to?’ he just nodded.”

“Was that other guy still watching and listening from the front seat?”

“I guess so.”

“And did that make you even hornier?” asked Chris.

“It does now, thinking about it years later whilst I play with myself and beat off my boss. Two horny boys and one virgin girl with her tits out and her pussy all dripping, I suppose they both wanted to take me don’t you?”

“I think if you’d have let them they would have both fucked you, hard and quick, one after the other.”

“Pete pulled my panties down my legs and I helped him get them over my shoes. I pulled my dress up and swung my legs around so they were either side of Pete. I moved to get comfortable, my bare ass sticking to the hot vinyl seats. I rested my head against the rear passenger door. Pete was pulling off his trousers and pants, his stiff cock waving around. He got himself between my legs awkwardly. I pulled my dress down over my shoulders so that it was bunched around my waist then got my legs as far apart as they would go, one up on the back shelf and one on the headrest of Gav’s seat.”

“That guy must have been playing with himself.”

“Probably, but I didn’t care anymore, I was nervous but I was more than ready for my first fuck. My heart was pounding with nerves but I knew I wanted this guy to be the first to put his cock inside me. My pussy was aching to find out what a real cock would feel like. I said ‘Here let me help you’ and took his cock and guided his helmet to the lips of my pussy. He started to push his way in and I parted my lips for him with my fingers. He pushed a little more and then his helmet slipped into my cunt.”

“Was it tight down there baby?”

“Oh yes it was tight. I got myself as wet as a girl can be but I was still virgin tight. The walls of my cunt were tight around his little cock and I didn’t know how he was going to get in any further. He pushed a bit more forcefully and it started to hurt a little. He pulled out and pushed in a little further, my pussy juices starting to get everything moving.”

Bernice was still tugging at her clit, whilst playing with Chris’s throbbing cock.

“With a big grunt Pete pushed himself all the way up my tight cunt and took my virginity. I let out a little scream and he grabbed one of my tits. He started rocking back and forth now, my wetness allowing him to move more easily. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of being fucked for the very first time. Each time he reached the end of one of his thrusts I felt it right thought my body, especially at my sensitive nipples. ‘Pinch my tit’ I said and he did, pinching and rubbing my tit, whilst moving his cute cock up and down inside me. I heard some movement from the front seat, I guess it must have been Gav playing with himself but I tired to shut it out and concentrate on this increasingly hard fuck I was being given. Suddenly Pete let out a cry ‘Gav, What do you think you’re doing?’ I opened my eyes to see Gav in between the seats, facing us, with his huge erect cock in his hands. Until recently I’d never seen a cock, now I’d seen two! ‘Don’t stop man!’ said Gav beating himself off, his cock only a foot or so away from me. ‘Carry on, I’m just watching, let me watch.’ Gav’s cock was much bigger than Petes.. and……”

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