Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 19

Big Tits

Bennie let the cat out of the bag, when he let it slip that he was spending the night at Aaron’s. I knew they were fuck buddies, but he said, “Yeah, I don’t want to be a third wheel…or a fourth wheel in this case.” That’s when he caught himself and got this guilty grin, “I guess I shouldn’t have put it that way.”

I knew it Valentine’s Day and I was already on it, “What do you mean by fourth wheel…are they planning something for Valentine’s? Go ahead…talk.”

“Fine, but act like you don’t know…and I never said a word…promise?”

I was a little smug and grinning, “Promise…I promise…start talking.”

“Well, they have a romantic night planned,” he grinned, “and I’d recommend lots of rest, because they’ve been planning for a few weeks.”

They hinted around about big plans for the evening, but I did good job keeping the secret and not arousing suspicion. It was clear to me that they wanted me to know they had worked together on things. We walked back from the restaurant with Darin and I teasing her with some flirty, grab-ass…she didn’t mind it at all.

We opened a bottle of wine, and took a few sips before, Megan grinned, “Darin and I have some surprises for you and…um…a few things to finish.” She looked at me, and then Darin, when he grinned, “Just relax and enjoy your wine and we’ll give you a holler when we’re ready.”

I was obligated to ask, otherwise they’d suspect something, “What’s up you two?”

She acted coy and smiled, “You’ll see…just wait here…you’re gonna love it!”

It was maybe ten minutes, and Meg yelled, “We need you, now!”

The lights were low, candles were scattered around the room, and they welcomed me with big grins, “One…two…three…Happpppyyyyy Valentine’s Day! Will you be our valentine?”

Almost squealing with excitement, Megan raised her head and added, “We wanted to give you something super fun and kinky!

I could see they were both buck naked, but I walked into the room and discovered that Megan was tied, buck naked and spread eagle, with her head hanging off the side of the bed. Then Darin was on his back, with his legs up in the air and pulled way back; he was gripping his ankle with one hand, and holding red, silky rope in the other.

I nodded, “Kinky and fun, I will always be your valentine!”

Darin handed me some rope, “You got to give me a hand, though…and tie me?”

That’s when I noticed dildos; they both had dildos…inserted dildos, with the business ends shoved deep into their “pussies,” while the other ends were tied with red bows.

I looked at Darin, and he was wearing nothing but the bow and a big, handsome grin, “You even have bows!”

“We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate…a box of candy always has a bow!”

I immediately thought of Robin and the times we tied her…but the memory quickly faded, when Megan spoke in a quiet, sexy tone, “We’re the candy…we wanted to make it extra special for our man.”

It wasn’t the first time she (or he) used “our man,” but it always made me feel good. I grinned, “You two have surpassed extra special…this’s hot as fuck! I can’t wait to replace one of those with the real thing.” Shoving my pants down and then the underwear, “Look at this fucker…yer both gonna enjoy how happy he is!”

“Well, tie me up and go to it…we’re both Robbie-stuffed and ready!” (Author’s note: They named the 8″ dildos Robbie)

I tied his wrists to his ankles, and his knees were nearly resting on his shoulders; I pumped the dildo a few times, “Fuck! You are Robbie-stuffed and ready…you’re even lubed!”

“Baby girl, you lubed too?”

“Of course…we got this all planned out…even used our Robbie dildos so we’re ready for you.”

“I’m having a hard time here…who wants to go first?”

Darin spoke up, “Ladies first!” He looked at Megan, grinning, “Besides, you were the instigator.”

I gently brushed her cheek with my hand and brought my dick up to her lips, “Do you want this, baby girl?”

I teased her lips with the head, and she nodded, “Yes…yes, I want it…mmmm…please, give me your cock!”

I grinned, “We got all night…but let’s start with some candy for that throat.”

She anxiously opened wide, but I laid it across her face and pumped my hips, “You like that…like that candy on your face…balls bouncing over your face?”

“Mmmm…yes…yes, I do…we’re tied up and all yours tonight…we want you to use us.” She smiled, “We got all night…use us all night.”

She looked over at Darin, “That sounds fun…doesn’t it, sweetie?”

He nodded, grinning, “All night…candy all night long.”

She looked up at me, “Please…please use my throat…fuck my throat.”

I prodded her lips a little harder, thinking that the night was going to be hot as fuck!

“You’re going to get exactly what you want,” I looked over at Darin, “and so are you, mister.” From there, I started pumping through her lips, “Ahhhh…good…good girl…yeah…yeah…gonna go all…all the way…get that throat ready!”

Once gaziantep masaj salonları the tip touched the back, I pumped a little deeper, easing it inside.

I let out a loud grunt when it hit the mark, “Ahhhhhhh…good girl…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh, you are good…ahhhh…ahhhh…so good with a cock…or candy!” I held her head with both hands, and fucked…fucked those plump, kissable lips…fucked that sexy mouth.

I laid a hand over her throat, “Feel that meat in there…that thick ass meat fuckin’ your throat…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuckkkkkkk!”

My thoughts wandered to her being spit roasted, but I looked over at Darin. He was rock-hard, mesmerized…and a little tied-up…but I was mesmerized, too. His fair skin and wispy pubes framed what was a beautiful cock, by any definition. Anchored with heavy, low-hangers, his big dick was an awesome ten inches; the long shaft was average in girth, but the head was lip-stretching perfect, stout and deep purple.

My cock surged in her throat…I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him…his cock…his ass. I wanted to fuck his brains out, but I refocused, reaching down to pump Megan with the dildo (I kept the bow).

She was all lubed up, and the dildo glided effortlessly in and out…but her clit was calling. I started rubbing her, circling…flicking, and teasing the tiny bud.

Darin grinned, “Goin’ after that candy…you’re all into it!”

“Wait till I get to you…I got some hard candy for you!”

He grinned, “Please daddy…give me candy…give me candy, please!”

There was a whole lot of moaning and the pleasure, Megan could deliver with her throat, was intense. I groped her big tits, digging into the firm, fleshy mounds and pinching the pillowed nipples.

When I went back to work her bud, she stiffened and started bucking her hips. She was cumming…but I kept pumping her throat till it was over.

Still gently tweaking the puffies, I pulled out, “Sweetie, after all that, you ready to get fucked hard?” Teasing her, I laid it over her face again and thumped her cheek a few times; it felt heavy and beefy, hitting her face, and I asked, “Tell me how much you want it…tell me how much you need it.”

“Mmmm, you know I need it…I need that cock…I want it…I want it bad…I wanna be fucked hard!”

I got between her legs, pulled out the dildo and pumped my dick over the little, moist gap; it wasn’t long before I had her grinding against the shaft, and begging, “Rob…Rob…oh god…want it…I want it badddddd! Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuckkkkk, I want it…want that cock!”

She lifted her hips the best she could…and begged again, “Rob…Rob…please fuck me…fuck me hard…stop teasing me and put it in…put it in…pleeeease!”

When I pushed inside, she shuddered with relief; I took it slow, but went all the way, sinking it deep. Sensuously pumping with shallow thrusts, I felt her quiver, around the impaling flesh. Though it’d only been a few days, she had that first-fuck-in-weeks look and rolled her head back.

“That cock feel good?”

She moaned, “Oh honey…yeah…yeah…yeah, it’s so good…that’s it…that’s what I need…fuck me…gimme that cock…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…yeah, gimme that…that big cock!”

With that, I took it up a notch, and humped deep into her belly, grunting, and grinding harder, “Mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah, take it…take it, baby…take that dick…all that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah!”

While churning her insides, her lips caught my eye, and I moved back to her mouth, “Lick it…yeah, lick that candy…suck my dick…suck off that pussy…all your pussy…yeah…yeah, that’s it.”

She hungrily ran her lips up and down the shaft, savoring the arousal; I made sure she got every girthy inch covered, moaning as she attempted to swallow her way to the base. I reached down to finger her, “That’s it, baby girl…work that cock…bob on it…yeah, bob on it…I’ll take care of you…I’ll take good care of you!”

She moaned around shaft, as I pumped my fingers into her pussy; she looked so gorgeous with her lips wrapped around my cock. Because of her position, there was no way she could get it all, but I watched her swallow about half. I felt her shuddering and writhing on my fingers…her pussy was wet and ready for something more.

Pulling my cock from her lips, my gaze met hers, and I leaned in to kiss her. She opened her mouth, and my tongue danced with hers, savoring the hint of pussy on her lips. I thrust her dildo back inside, pumping it a few times, “I’m gonna tease you a bit, but I promise I’ll be back soon…I’ll fuck you long and hard soon…really soon.”

I moved over to Darin, fucking him with his dildo, “I know we got all night, but I gotta give my man some attention, too…something for you to watch…and fantasize about.”

She looked at me with a lusty grin and tightened her pussy around the big toy…she was ready to go all night.

When I slapped gaziantep masaj salonları escortları my cock over his lips, he opened wide and strained his neck to get it in his mouth. I kept teasing him, “You really want it…don’t you? You wanna wrap those lips around it…you wanna taste it.”

“Fuck…fuck yeah…put it in…and fuck my mouth…yeah, I want it!”

“Beg me…beg me for it!”

“Fuck me…fuck my mouth…fuck my ass…use me…please…please, I want that big thing!”

I shoved it between his lips, “There…mmmm…suck it…suck it good…yeah…yeah, that’s it!” I started rolling my hips, “Yeah, you love that…love that cock…hungry for it…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah.”

I grinned, and fucked his mouth pussy, “Look at how nice it fits…it always looks good in those lips!” I felt him moan into the flesh, and just kept pumping…pumping it as deep as I could. Unlike Megan’s deep throat, Darin had limits, and I took it easy.

I looked at him, then Megan, “This’s quite the Valentine’s day, guys…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, suck it…suck that cock! Probably the best ever!”

I reached over to tease her clit and trace her pussy; she was still gripping that big dildo and I grinned, “Squeeze that big cock with your tight, little pussy…imagine the real thing…all rock-hard and buried deep, stretching you just like this. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

She breathed deep and nodded, “Ahhhh yeah…oh god, yeah…can’t wait…can’t wait to get the real one!”

Attempting to close her legs some and tighten her grip, she squirmed and pulled against the ropes. Because she was spread wide and tied tight, she was only able to flex her pussy on the toy.

“That’s it, work that pussy…imagine working a big, hard cock with that pussy…you want some big, hard cock…that tight, little pussy wants it!”

“Just close your eyes and imagine, we’re taking turns in your pussy…working it with both cocks…big cocks…two big cocks.”

She moaned softly, dreaming of what we were going to do to her…how we were going to fuck her…she could see it all unfolding.

“Slowly a big cock spreads you open, stretching you as it pushes inside. You want to be fucked hard and fast, but we tease you, going slow, gradually pumping deeper…and deeper.”

Pulling the dildo back out, “The big cock pulls out to tease you with the emptiness…and you just want it back inside and you beg. Beg Megan…beg me to fuck you…you gotta beg me to fuck you!”

“Put it back in…please Rob…put it back in…fuck me more…fuck me, sweetie!”

I shoved it back in and started fucking, “That big cock shoves back inside, fuckkkkk…yer tight…yer…mmmm yer tight…so fuckin’ tight! You love it…your pussy’s stretched tight, around a big, manly shaft, and it goes deep…deep into your belly…deep into your pussy!”

Still fucking Darin’s mouth, I gradually backed off with the dildo, to where just a few inches were inside. I pumped with shallow thrusts, and she closed her eyes, relaxed, and totally surrendering to pleasure.

When I pulled it out completely, I spoke softly, “No worries…just keep those eyes closed, sweetie…that’s right just relax…now, I’m gonna give you the real thing…give you all you need…a big, hard cock!”

Moving between her legs, I lined it up and smiled, “Megan, do you want a real cock? Do you want to be fucked with a real cock?”

She opened her eyes, moaning, “Yeah, I want it…I want that big, cock…I want the real thing!”

I worked the head through the puffy-lipped gap, while she looked up at me, wild with lust; I teased her, stroking on more lube, “Almost…almost there…almost there…don’t wanna hurt baby girl’s tight, little pussy.”

Her head nodded back, and she moaned, as I pushed inside; eagerly welcoming penetration, she was crazy, fucking horny, and couldn’t get it fast enough.

I reached out to trace the taught lips and pumped deep. She was clearly enjoying it as much as I was, but I held her tight and teased her, “Take that dick…take that big dick! You like it…don’t you? You love being tied and fucked…don’t you?

“Mmmm…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, I love it…love the ropes…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…love…love being tied and fucked!” She was able to roll her hips up to meet my thrusts…lustfully grinding, she was a woman possessed, desperately needing cock.

Glistening bright with lube (and pussy), the shaft pumped deep, satisfying that desperate need to be fucked. Her breasts danced, and she rambled, “Yeah…yeah…love…love it…love that cock…like it deep…fill’n me up…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, fuck me deep…ahhhh yeah…yeah…yeah, it stretches…fills me up!”

The bedroom was completely overwhelmed with sex, but I teased her big, meaty tits, with playful swats and flicks. Mmmm…I remember her nips getting deeper red and really hard…they looked more like candy than nipples.

She squealed masaj salonları gaziantep as I fucked into the warm embrace, “Yessss, use me…fuck me…please…please, fuck me…spank my titties…use my pussy…fuckin’ use me…fuck me!”

Slamming hard and deep, I fucked into the wetness, slapping loud and frothing the arousal. She was in the clouds and bucking, tugging on the ropes to get every last inch, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…love it…ahhhh…love it when you get in me…and hammer away.” She nodded with a lusty smile, “Oh god yeah…like that…yeah, like that!”

I knew she must be close, when she started rubbing, and moaning, “Don’t…don’t stop…fuck me…fuck me…don’t stop!” Gradually, pleasure took over, and she screamed, “Oh…ohhhh…ohhhh…god…Rob…Robbbbbbbb…Robbbbbbbb…fuck me…fuck me…fuck meeeeeeee!”

Savagely driving deep into the quivering warmth, I wanted to fuck her through it, but I was on the brink, too.

Pumping into her wetness, I finally exploded, groaning, “Megan…Megan…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh fuckkkkkk!”

Buried deep, and saturated with our pleasure, she was catching her breath and grinning, “That was an amazing workout…you got me out of breath.” She giggled, “Darin, sweetie, it’s your turn to be fucked senseless.”

“Works for me!”

“That can be arranged.”


After flooding her, I moved back over to Darin, “Yeah, lick off that pussy…lick it…lick it good…yeah…yeah…yeah, lick it good!”

Lapping up the froth, he looked up with a big grin, “Mmmm…you know…I love the taste of that juice!”

I couldn’t help but notice his dick, responding, “And I got my eyes on something I love to taste.”

Ten mouthwatering inches of boyfriend, he was gorgeous, steely hard, and bobbing over his abs. I reached out to admire the sensuous curve of the shaft, tracing my fingers over the head and wrapping them around the shaft. I wanted to feel its virility between my lips and started jacking.

Pumping it through my fist, I could feel the warmth…the life, pulsing through it and a bead formed at the tip. That beautiful purple head, topped with sugar, was more than I could resist; I had to take it between my lips.

“Mmmm…fuck Darin, love that dick…and your juice’s tasty, too…jeezus!”

I looked up from, “Will you be my valentine…and ride me?”

Throbbing in my hand, I knew he was crazy horny and ready to ride it, like there was no tomorrow. He grinned, “Fuck yeah,” and relaxed as I untied him.

I looked over at Megan, with a big, lusty grin, “You’ve been worked hard, baby girl, but I want you in on this…this valentine’s ride.”

She got the sexy hard-fucked smile, “Anything for my valentine.”

We untied her and I grabbed the lube, stroking it on thick, “Ready to ride it…ready to give me that ass?”

He grinned and pulled the dildo from his ass, “Couldn’t me more ready…look at this ass!”

I held my dick upright, as he lowered himself, and came to rest in my lap, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…right there…right there…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh!”

“You like that?”

He lifted himself, nearly to the tip, before grinding it deep, “Fucccck…fuck yeah…fuck…fuck yeah!” Our eyes met and he started riding…riding slow…and sensually.

Megan was playing with her breasts and enjoying the show; she loved to watch us fuck…but I could see her focus. “You see that ten-inch candy? If it was in a heart-shaped box, that’s the one I’d pick.”

She grinned, “Me too…it’s not chocolate, but it’s one of my favorites!”

He picked up the pace, and I started bucking my hips up to meet him, pumping and grinding his ass. He moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuuuuuckkkkkk!”

He loved the toy, but he savored feeling his boyfriend…and the real thing; no other man ever made him feel like this.

Working together, we pumped it deep into his belly, and it looked like it would split him in two…but we both knew better. It was nothing but sheer pleasure for both of us, but it was Megan that would push him over the edge.

Softly moaning, she trailed kisses down his torso, till her lips teased that beautiful cock…better yet, that gorgeous cock! Ten, beautiful, rock-hard inches…with a nice girth, and the perfect lip-stretching crown.

Impaled on my cock, he moaned and rocked his hips, teasing Megan’s lips, and me. His big dick was bobbing, and she buried it between her lips. He moaned, “Fuck yeah…yeah…yeah, spread those lips and take it…work it, babe…oh god…ohhhh…work it…take it!”

She ran her lips up and down the shaft, exactly like it was that favorite chocolate, from the box. I could still taste him…I could still taste the sugar on my tongue, as I watched her tongue swirl over the silky, swollen head, savoring that manly arousal.

He was groaning and thrusting up to meet her lips, and I looked up to watch his eyes roll back, surrendering himself to thrust after pleasured thrust; I smirked thinking this man’s definitely my valentine…better yet, he’s, our valentine.

Her hand stroked the base, while spit trickled over the head and down the long shaft. I was fucking him pretty damn good, but like I said, Megan sealed the deal. She probably felt him swell and pulled off, jacking the big shaft, “Cum for us…cum for us, sweetie…yeah…yeah…shoot…shoot that big load…yeah…yeah…shoot that big load!”

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