Hot August Afternoon

Big Tits

It was an unusually hot stretch of weather, not atypical for the end of August, but still hot. I decided the garden deserved a little water in an attempt to at least say I tried to keep it alive, so I dragged the hose out and began to give it a good soaking. I looked over the fence and noticed our neighbors daughter was still home from college and had parked herself in the sun to try to get a little more color before heading back to school.

I had seen Christine develop into a very attractive young woman of 20. She had always been friendly and we often talked over our backyard fence. She had referred to me as “Uncle Frank”, and I didn’t discourage that. Although seeing how she had developed I felt a little like “Weird Uncle Frank”. Still, that didn’t stop me from looking and from having some excellent fantasies. I think it was Frank Zappa who had a song like that. “I’d smother that girl in chocolate syrup and boogie ’till the cows came home…” Susie Creamcheese or something along those lines. “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It”, that’s it, that is the song. My mind drifted as the vegetables soaked up the cool spray from the water.

Her light colored suit was cut high in the legs and as she lay on her stomach, her butt cheeks were clenched, giving them nice definition. She was focused on her phone, like anyone her age, so I couldn’t resist a quick spray in her direction. The burst of water caught her by surprise and she jumped almost straight up and gave a quick yelp. I hadn’t noticed that her top was undone to diminish the tan lines, but I sure noticed as she went up and the swimsuit stayed down. Her milky white breasts were a sight to behold, jiggling just enough and with perky round pink nipples that pointed accusingly in my direction.

“That was just plain RUDE!” Christine said with a half laughing tone. Her swimsuit top remained on the towel on the ground and she draped an arm across her chest as she approached me at the fence. “Did you get a good look? Ha – bet you didn’t think I would say anything about that, did you? A far cry from when we used to run through your sprinkler on days like this. Your yard was the center for all us kids growing up.”

“Yes, I guess it was kind of rude. And I do remember those days. But I must say you have…um….grown since then.” Something else was growing, so I decided to stay close to the fence. “You can always come over and run through the sprinkler, you know you are always welcome over here. You want to go back and grab your top? I promise not to spray you… Unless you want me to.” I added the last part with a chuckle. Hopefully not too dirty of a chuckle.

Christine paused as she thought the idea over. “It is awfully hot. That spray felt good, even if it did catch me by surprise. And, well, no one is home right now.” Her voice trailed off a little. She looked at Frank, cocked her head slightly and continued. “I wouldn’t mind being sprayed more, if that is alright with you.” She reached for the latch on the gate that connected our two yards and opened the door. As she stepped through in Franks’ back yard, her arm came down to her side and revealed her chest again. This time she stopped, placed her hands on her hips and thrust them out at Frank. “Here you are Uncle Frank, Ankara travesti have a good look. I know you want to”.

I did look, and I am sure my smile belied my appreciation. They were nicely formed, a trace of tan line, not too big or small. “Thank you. I must say, they are a feast for these old eyes. Do you think they want to be watered?”

“I do think they need to be sprayed…first with water.” She winked devilishly. “And I think I could use a total hosing off. I was getting very hot from the sun, and also from thinking about being watched. Does laying in the hot sun ever make you horny, Mr. Dillon?”

“Mister Dillon? You don’t need to use that formality with me. Especially now.” I answered as I brought the nozzle up.

“Especially now, now that you have seen my tits? Or now that we are both adults?” She instinctively covered her breasts as she prepared to be sprayed with the cool water.

I put the nozzle on shower and pulled the trigger. A fountain enveloped Christine and a rainbow aura appeared around her as the cool water covered her. She closed her eyes and leaned into the spray which covered her, making her tiny swimsuit bottoms almost translucent. The fabric clung to her shapely bottom as she twirled around. Some water came off and as she stopped facing me it began to bead up on her skin. Her hair hung wet to her shoulders. It may have been a trick of my eyes, but I could have sworn I saw steam rising off her into the summer air.

“Mmmmm, that felt SO good! Refreshing as fuck.” Christine announced as she shook excess water from her hair and pulled the dark tresses back, squeezing out the excess. “In fact, I have an idea. You game for more, Uncle Frank? I mean a lot more?”

I confess that her using the “F” word excited me a little, while it is common today, I am old school and to hear a young woman say “Fuck” is hot. Along with a lot of words. Truth be told any words a hot young woman might say are exciting to me. But again, my mind wandered. “Sure, I am game for some more, it sounds like you have something in mind. I confess I do as well, but you can tell me your idea first.” I had ideas, alright. Not proud of them, but definitely had ideas.

“Well, that cool water felt so good. Definitely made me tingle. Refreshing and exciting. I wondered about you putting it on a narrow spray and hosing my cunt. Spray my clit and see if you can make me cum just using the water. Whatcha think? Water fuck me? Make me cum, Uncle Frank? Puhleeze?” She toyed with the swimsuit bottom, pulling it lower with her thumbs revealing a shave crotch below some very low tan lines.

“I think that sounds like an very interesting Idea. Let’s see what we can do.” I fumbled a little with the nozzle adjusting the spray from the gentle shower to a much more intense jet. From five feet away it would do nicely to stimulate her. I loved her using the terms she had. Such a sweet kid now talking to me like she wanted it. And I so wanted to give it to her. My shorts strained at the thought, I was hard as a rock, but I’d promised her first. We would see what happened later. I turned the spray toward her and onto her belly. The water sprayed out and it moved her flesh slightly. I aimed it Konya travesti lower and it began to move her bottoms as she assisted them down.

“Oh, fuck yeah, spray me, Frank, spray my pussy, head on, spray it!” She stepped out of her swimsuit and spread her legs accepting the cool water jet between her legs. The clear shaft of water sprayed into her pink lips, parting them, making the fold back as the spray covered her with water. As the sun beat down again making a rainbow halo around her. Her hands went between her legs and pulled her lips back revealing her tender pink slit. Move closer, spray it, get it in there, make me cum. Run it back and forth, clean my dirty little cunt.”

I was more than happy to oblige, I moved the nozzle closer and moved it back and forth, up and down. I could see her hard little button of a clit and focused the spray on it. It also looked like it needed to be nibbled. But first I wanted to see if I could indeed excite her using the hose. I focused on her clit and then moved myself lower and sprayed a little behind, almost directly in her, and near her cute ass.

“Oooo, that felt good, maybe my ass needs a bath as well.” With that she turned and presented her ass to me and my spray . She put a hand on each butt cheek, spreading them apart to reveal not only her anus, but a good view of her dripping pussy. “Not too much in my ass, I don’t need an enema, Frank, but do me good, spray the fuck out of me.”

The nozzle sprayed a stream onto her ass and I slowly mowed the stream down her leg and then over to her other leg, back up to the right cheek. “No need to rush, I’ll get over to clean you out soon enough.” Her pussy and my face were about at the same level, it was so tempting to drop the hose and bury my face into that sweet ass. I would love nothing more than to lich her, finger fuck her, rub her until she came, but we were in the middle of a wonderful experiment. Perfect for a hot day. Could she cum by water pressure alone? It was time to see.

I directed the spray to the center and again it smacked onto her sweet slit, parting the lips and vibrating onto her hard little button of a clit. I moved up slightly and it began to gush onto the small area of skin between her asshole and her pussy. I held it there and it seemed to have the desired affect. After a moment, I moved to her tight anus, spraying close around to stimulate but not allow too much inside. And back to her middle skin when I moved the nozzle in closer.

It started as a small sound, almost a giggle. Christines’ hands shook, but held her ass open. A deeper more guttural sound began, and then “Oh yes, Fuck yes, cummmmmming….. Oh, yes, Ohhhhh.” I aimed the water into her pussy as she seemed to tense and shake. All at once, she slipped in the wet and mud that we had created and lay out full in the lawn, breathing hard as her hands moved above her. I dropped the hose and went to help her up.

As I grasped her arms and helped her to her knees, I realized this was the first actual contact we had made. Her skin was wet and warm. Soft, but muscular beneath the skin. I looked down and she looked very sensual wet, covered with some streaks of mud, grass and dirt, but her eyes had a fire İzmir travesti and sparkle that told the whole story. As if on cue, she licked her lips and commented “Well, as long as I am down here, we may as well get really dirty.”

I stepped back a step and reached for me shorts to undo them, but her hands stopped me. “I’ll take care of everything. But I want you to spray me with this hose now. When you cum, cum on me, cover me. Shoot a big load all over me.” With that she undid my shorts and pulled them and my underwear to the ground. Anyone coming into the backyard now would be greeted by a large white moon.

Christine wrapped a hand around my hard cock and pumped a few times. “Mmmm. This is nice, I think it looks very tasty Uncle Frank. It is a shame you kept it hidden from me for so long.” She moved her hand along the shaft to the back and placed her mouth on the tip and began to roll her tongue around the tip. The hand came forward and my cock reluctantly left her mouth only to return. Up and down and back again. It was a combination of my thrusting and her moving her hear forward. Either way, my dick was enjoying the expert attention. Her tongue was slightly rough and felt incredible as it explored the sensitive underside of my cock. It quivered with each suck, but wasn’t quite ready to explode.

I placed my hand on the back of Christines’ head and held her on my cock. She was anything but quiet in her work. The sound of her devouring my dick only made it harder, each slurp and gurgle brought me closer to cumming as I felt it welling up within me. Watching her mouth close around me and then to see my cock emerge from that pretty face was fascinating.

I felt the urge intensify and I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I heard her gasp slightly but then my dick began to spurt hot white cum across her face. Another spasm and a rope of cum splattered on her chin, dripping down to her chest. It squirted again and again, one blast landing between her lips and taken immediately by her tongue. Finally it was spent. A last drop oozed from the tip and I directed her head back where her willing tongue took it off the end and into her mouth.

Christine stood and pressed her wet, muddy torso against me. My tshirt absorbed some of the grass and mud and probably a little of the cum that I had deposited there. I bent down and we shared a deep lingering kiss. I tasted a salty residue that I presumed to be my own, but it didn’t bother me since it was mingled with her tongue.

“Incredible. That was amazing, and to think it started with a small squirt of water. Who knew that cool water would have that effect on a hot summer day.” I looked into her eyes, and then at her naked body before me. “Do you want to clean up? I could always hose you off or invite you in for a shower. I’ll even do your back!”

“As tempting as that offer is, I will pass. I’ll run home quick and grab a shower. This certainly was a better way to pass my last afternoon before I go back to school. Thanks again, Uncle Frank. Maybe you’ll come visit me at school?” Christine was already making her way back to her yard, more bounce than walk. A wonderful bounce and jiggle as she shut the gate.

“I’d like that. Perhaps we could go out for something to drink, or even ice cream.” I suddenly had a craving for chocolate syrup. Perhaps even on ice cream. I noticed that my garden had perked up, I don’t think it would be in need of water for a few days as I fastened my shorts and began to rollup the hose.

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