Hot and Sweet Ch. 13


I awoke Friday morning with a beautiful woman sleeping on each side of me. Jana was resting her head on my right shoulder, Dana was resting hers on my left. I slowly ran a hand down each girl’s flank and began gently cupping and squeezing their ass cheeks. Ever since, one of my favorite ways to wake up is by fondling two women at the same time.

They’d kept me busy the night before, taking revenge for my refusal to let Dana suck me off. The women had repeatedly offered Dana to me in pretty much every way imaginable, only to withdraw the offer at the last minute. I’m almost certain that she did get a few licks in on my cock, but by the time I’d flicked the covers back, whoever had been working her magic tongue on it had stopped and both girls just smiled at me like the proverbial cat.

Just before falling asleep, Dana had straddled me with my cock riding along the slit of her pussy but never actually penetrating her. The sensitive tip of my cock rubbed against her clit and the shaven, shell-like outer lips of her pussy enfolded my shaft. Her juices lubricated our motion as she ground herself down onto me. I clutched at her tight, little ass pulling her down onto me as hard as I could. Jana was kneeling on the bed next to us, working the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy and teasing us both with the fact that we couldn’t have the good, hard fuck that we both so desperately wanted. Before long I began cumming. My sperm fired from between Dana’s pussy lips and landed on my chest in ropy white strands. I squeezed Dana’s ass so hard that I left marks, pulling her pussy down onto my throbbing cock. Dana began cumming too, her back arching and her cries of pleasure filling the room. Our mutual orgasm pushed Jana over the edge and her cries joined her sister’s.

Dana collapsed onto me and rested for a moment. After we’d caught our breath, she began rubbing her body against mine, rubbing my cum into both of us. Jana turned off the vibrator and put it on the nightstand. She lay down next to us and the three of us shared a long French kiss. Dana had slid off of my chest and snuggled into my left shoulder, Jana had given each of us one more kiss and snuggled in on my right side. We slept that way all night.

Now, my caresses were slowly waking the girls in the early morning light. I slipped my hands between their legs from behind and began gently rubbing the slits of their pussies. Jana began giving out small, sleepy moans as I rubbed her swelling clit in slow gentle circles. Similar motions on my other side had Dana grinding her wet pussy against my hand. She smiled up at me, then leaned over and began licking my nipple. Her hand slipped down and began slowly stroking my rigid cock.

Jana stretched as she woke up, pressing her firm flesh against my right side. She saw what her sister was doing and said, “Thanks for making sure he’s ready for me, Dana. It’s a shame you can’t fuck him yet.”

“That’s not very nice,” Dana replied.

“True, though,” her sister said. Jana straddled my hips and began rubbing her pussy against gaziantep escortları the head of my cock. “I’ll let him eat you out while I ride him. At least you’ll get something to hold you over until tonight.”

Dana got up on her knees and gave her sister a lingering kiss as she guided the head of my cock between Jana’s wet pussy lips. “You’re a harsh taskmistress, sister mine,” she said, “but I still love you.”

“I love you too, dear,” Jana replied, “and I’m looking forward to watching my boyfriend’s big cock stretch your little pussy tonight.” I watched as they tongue kissed again.

After they came up for air, Dana slid up the bed and threw her left leg over my head. I grabbed her slender hips and pulled her down until the lips of her wet little pussy were within striking distance of my tongue. I began flicking it all over her, moving rapidly from her thighs to her clit to the shell-like outer lips to the hidden inner lips.

Jana began slowly sliding up and down my cock, taking more and more of it into her wet pussy with each cycle. She reached forward and began cupping her sister’s breasts. Dana leaned back and they began kissing again. We continued in this way for a little while until Dana began approaching orgasm. She was moaning and grinding her pussy down onto my face and I began focusing on her clit, flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it in a steady rhythm.

Jana whispered something to her in Hungarian that pushed her over the edge. Dana thrashed and moaned as her orgasm took her, she squeezed my head between her thighs, one hand clutched awkwardly behind her at Jana the other gripped the sheets. A gush of her pussy juice filled my mouth with her musky flavor and I continued to work her clit with my tongue and lips until she flung herself away from us to curl up on the bed, shaking.

Jana laughed throatily and leaned down to kiss me. “My sister tastes so good on you,” she said. “I can’t wait to suck your cock clean of her pussy juices.” She began moving up and down on my cock more quickly. “Are you gonna fuck my little sister tonight, Jim? Do you want to pound that tight little pussy of hers?”

“Yes,” I said. I grabbed her hips and rolled over so that I was on top of her. “But right now I’m gonna fuck you until I fill your wet little pussy with my cum!” She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I began to pound in and out of her, slamming my cock into her cunt until it could go no further. Her cries of pleasure drowned out my grunts as I fucked her until we both came simultaneously.

“Szeretlek,” Jana said as we began to recover from our orgasm. Dana gasped in surprise. I looked over at her, she was looking intently at her sister.

“What’s that mean?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you some other time,” Jana said.

Dana began saying something to her in Hungarian. I slipped my softening cock out of Jana and sat back at the foot of the bed. The two women seemed to be talking seriously, Jana was starting to get slightly defensive. Dana said something that sounded conciliatory and moved over to give her sister a kiss. They hugged and Jana said something more.

“Are you going to tell me what that was all about?” I asked.

“Nope,” said Dana. “But I will let you fuck me tonight!” she added brightly.

“Smartass,” I said and gave her tight little posterior a swat. I glanced at the clock. “Jana, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t hurry.”

“Ah, the most they can do is fire me and without Kriszta there, the job won’t be that much fun anyway,” she said. “I’ve been thinking. When we first met, you told me and Kriszta that you thought I could do well as a stripper. Were you being honest or just trying to get me into bed?”

“I was being honest,” I said. “Why do you think school girl outfits are so popular? There’s a significant portion of the male population that’s turned on by ‘innocent,’ especially if it’s innocence being corrupted. Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Jana said, “I was thinking that I wouldn’t want to be a stripper because it’s too much contact with men I don’t know. But if I started doing porn like Kriszta, I could choose my partners or just do solo work.” She blushed a little and seemed nervous. I couldn’t tell whether it was because she was afraid of what I’d think, afraid of what her sister would think, or both.

“I think you could do very well in porn,” I told her, “and there’s probably a lot of money to be made too, depending on what you’re willing to do. You should think carefully about it though. In this day and age, you have to assume that anything you put on tape and any pictures that get taken will be seen by the entire world — friends from school, teachers, ex-boyfriends, your mom, your grandmom, your grandmom’s next door neighbor. If you’re going to do it, you need to be prepared to brazen through some potentially awkward conversations and to have people say some pretty mean things to you and those who love you.”

“What about you?” she asked. She was scared.

I lay down next to her and pulled her into my arms. I held her close to me and kissed her tenderly. “I love you,” I told her looking deep into her brown eyes. I felt the tension leave her body as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down for another deep kiss. “Whatever you want to do is fine with me,” I said when we came up for air. “I’d be happier for you to do porn than be a stripper. But I’d only want you to do either of them because you want to, not because you think you have to do it to pay the bills. Worse comes to worse, I’ll support you until you’re done school and then you can support me for a while.”

We kissed again. She pressed her body up against mine, her thigh pressed against my rapidly re-inflating cock. I squeezed a nipple with my free hand. We began caressing and stroking each other all over as we continued to neck. After a few minutes, she gently pushed me away and said, “There are a few other things we should discuss.”

“That sounds serious,” I said as we sat up facing each other. Dana said she was going to take a shower and left the room.

“First of all,” Jana said to me, “‘Szeretlek’ means ‘I love you.'”

“That’s good to know,” I said. I took her hand in mine and kissed it. “What’s next?”

She took a deep breath, “For the last three years I’ve been strictly a lesbian.” She noticed my raised eyebrow. “I never had an orgasm with any guy that I dated,” she continued, “but I always did with girls. Then I came home with you and Kriszta and we had some of the best sex of my life. You seem to be able to bring me to orgasm without even trying. I don’t know what’s different about you and other guys.”

“I’m happy that I make you happy. I can’t tell you what the difference is – I don’t know any of your ex-boyfriends. But our relationship (both in bed and out) is the best I’ve ever had.” She pulled my hand up to her lips and kissed it gently.

“One more thing then,” she said with another deep breath. “I want you to know that when I came home with you and Kriszta it was mostly because I’ve wanted to fuck Kriszta since I’d met her, but she didn’t seem to be interested in a strictly lesbian encounter,” she looked up at me to see my reaction holding my hand tightly.

“I remember how easily you went along with Kriszta’s suggestion of ‘fake lesbianism’ when you two were stripping. From some of the other things that went on I wouldn’t have guessed that you were really after her.”

“It was only at first. Something in the way you watched us as we stripped made me want you too… you followed Kriszta’s limits during the couch dance and were gentle with her, even though you’d fucked her the night before. I’d also never been with a guy who had a cock as big as yours. When I felt it, I wanted it.”

“I’m glad that it worked out the way that it did. Please don’t be afraid to tell me these things.” We embraced and began necking and fondling each other again. She pushed me backwards and climbed on top of me.

As she guided my cock once more into herself she said, “I love you. I love fucking you. I love the feel of your sperm as it shoots deep into my pussy.” She kissed me. “And I’ll still help you fuck any girl you want.” We kissed again.

“Szeretlek. Right now I only want you.” I grabbed her hips and began driving myself up into her, meeting each of her movements with one of my own. It wasn’t long before we both came again. It was not the most intense orgasm of the past 24 hours, but it was certainly the sweetest.

Jana and I cuddled a bit afterwards, then she got up and went to the bathroom. She came back and began putting on her work clothes. “Dana just got in the shower,” she told me. “You should go help her wash her back.” She leaned down and gave me a deep kiss. “Thank you,” she said.

“For what?”

“For understanding my situation. For caring about me. For being willing to help me.”

I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her. “You’re welcome.”

“I really should go. Have fun with my sister, just don’t get too carried away. I want to be there the first time you two fuck.”

“Per se,” I said, then gave her ass a final squeeze and turned her loose. I walked her to the door and gave her a kiss goodbye.

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