Honing Talon: Beasts


The sounds swirl around him in the dark dancing inside his mind as the room fills with life his thoughts wonder trying to make sense of the noises surrounding his body. The darkness hides him from the beasts stomping behind him as they enter the room; he counts the steps from each of the intruders as they invade his dark solitude. At first they trickle into the room one at a time then like a stream after an early summer rain they begin to flow into the room flooding the space with bodies. His heart quickens with anticipation that each beat will be the last one he enjoys when his naked shoulder feels the hot breath from one of the beasts flowing from the rounded caps of his shoulders down his back. “This is it”, he thought to himself as the beast’s large paw landed gruffly on his shoulder.

“Great job out there today, Talon!” came the bellowing sound of the beast. Talon opened his eyes pulling himself out of a day dream and turned to face the young man behind him.

“Thanks, Mick, but I don’t know what you saw out there. From my point of view, I got my ass handed to me.”

Mick laughed boisterously then smiled wide and playfully punched Talon’s right pectoral with a solid thud. “Don’t worry about it, that’s what these scrimmage games are for. Just keep it up out there, you’ll be fine”, said Mick, his bare feet stomping the puddles in the shower room as he walked to the other end of the room to where a free shower head already sprayed streams of hot water beckoning his naked body.

Talon looked briefly around the room at the beasts now transformed into young men their bodies toned and firm, the water glistened as the hot streams lapped at the tight flesh of the men, then he turned back to face his own shower head once again. Lifting his right hand, Talon pressed his open palm against the cold tile wall in front of him, his left leg stretched behind him allowing the pounding water massage his back. He closed his eyes again letting his head hang while his aching muscles enjoyed the gentle massage from the shower head.

Talon is a young man, just turned 20 a few weeks ago actually, who was on the university football team, the Whittendale State Brancos. He isn’t the tallest guy on the team or the fastest but he was one of the best linemen that Whittendale State has had bursa escort in the last 3 decades. His skin has a bronzed glow from all the time he spent practicing over the summer, and he was built like those statues of the Egyptian pharaohs. Talon’s eyes were a brilliant emerald green, the kind of eyes that would hold your gaze as long as he desired. His hair was a short conservative style and a light sun-kissed brown. He grew up in a small farming community where the only thing to do on a midsummer Saturday night was either tip cows or run naked through the corn fields with the neighbors daughter, Jenny.

Talon thought about Jenny a lot these days. He thought about the nights they would run naked in the fields trying to catch each other but neither one really trying all the hard to get away from the other, then after they were out of breath Talon would always lie down on his back atop the pile of clothes they shucked from their bodies earlier. Then Jenny would lie next to him resting her head on his stomach and they would both look up at the stars while talking about their lives gently caressing each others body. Even now as Talon stood nude in the showers he replayed those nights in his head and he realized for the first time since he left his hometown how much he missed her. His mind jumped from one frozen moment to the next dancing through his memories like water bugs across the ponds of his youth.

The showers began to empty having successfully rejuvenated the bodies of the beasts, as Talon’s imagination would have him believe they were. In a way his teammates were beasts to Talon. They pushed and pulled each other lifting their opponents up from the Earth, plucking them like weeds from the garden soil tossing the muscular stalks back to the ground eager to get to the next weed in sight. Talon understood that was the game. What he didn’t understand was the gleeful joy his teammates contrived from trying to injure each other, or himself for that matter. If it wasn’t for the scholarship he would have abandoned the game for some other sport with less blood-lust, swimming perhaps, he always enjoyed jumping into the ponds and rivers of his hometown and swimming there for hours on end. In truth the idea of being visually devoured by hundreds of sets of eyes while strutting bursa escort bayan around in a pair of crotch hugging speedos excited him more than he would ever admit, but modesty prevented him from ever joining the swim team. That didn’t prevent him from fantasizing about it though.

Standing there as the warm water poured over his toned flesh he imagined emerging from the waters of the Olympic sized campus pool the sheen of the liquid coating his body. He looked out into the crowd as he lifted himself slowly out of the pool, watching the eyes of his classmates studying his form, learning the movements of his flexing muscles. Planting his feet on the hard concrete steaming from the suns pounding heat. He lifts his powerful arms over his shoulders throwing his head back using his hands to force the excess water from his face back across his head. Lowering his gaze again he observes his classmates continual study of his body as he walks towards them. He smiles to himself feeling the front of his swimwear fill, his swollen member bouncing slightly beneath the thin cloth. Exposed and on display he doesn’t attempt to hide himself, but instead slows his pace to prolong the anticipation of this public exhibition. He feels the head of his cock slide across his hip and upwards on the inside of his swimwear with each step he took towards the crowd and his smile widens as his member peaks out over the tight waist line.

Talon suddenly became fully aware of his erection in the showers and his eyes darted open. He looked quickly to his sides hoping no one had noticed his arousal. To his relief the room had cleared and he took a deep breath and sighed with frustration as his hand lowered to grip onto his hard and pulsing cock. He stroked himself for a moment feeling his hips involuntarily press into his fist then decided he needed to stop pushing his luck. Talon released himself and reluctantly turned off the shower. He looked down his lean body at his still hard cock begging for relief as the water quickly flowed down the drain between his feet. As Talon quickly turned to exit the showers his heavy and swollen member swung around with him striking Mick across his flat stomach. Talon stood there frozen half embarrassed and half excited to be caught but bursa merkez escort completely horrified that his erect member was stretched out across the washboard abdomen of his teammate.

Mick stood there nude before Talon looking down at the impressively large and thick cock lying across his stomach. He lifted his head and looked Talon in the eyes. Talon was waiting for it, the inevitable fist across his face. Then Mick stepped closer, pressing Talon’s cock firmly against both young men’s muscled bodies. Talon stood there not moving not knowing what was about to happen but either out of fear or from the rush of adrenaline from being caught he felt his cock pulse between his and Mick’s bodies pressing against both of them. Mick responded by forcing his body fully against Talon, their naked bodies bulging against each other. Talon’s member pressed firmly between their abs, Mick’s swung between their thighs. Talon watched as Mick slowly lowered his eyes back down looking at both young men’s bodies.

“You really should take care of that, Talon”, Mick finally said with resolve looking back in Talon’s eyes as he finished speaking.

Talon opened his mouth like he was trying to say something but no words formed, they were stuck in his throat. Mick backed away slowly allowing Talons cock keep contact with his abs as it reached out, the weight of it drawing across Micks stomach. Mick looked down again as Talon’s member slid down, the head of it falling from one abdominal bulge to the one below it then swaying freely in front of the both of them. The spot where Talon’s cock head fell and hit Mick’s abdominal muscle had a slight glisten to it. Talon watched as Mick reached down and wiped a small amount of Talon’s clear pre-cum from his stomach, lifting his finger to look at it briefly before reaching out and wiping it across Talon’s chest.

Mick turned and walked out of the showers calling back, “Seriously, you really should take care of that!”

Talon watched Mick leave the room, he was speechless and confused at the exchange. He looked down at the spot of pre-cum on his chest then looked further down at his cock and noticed the long clear stream of fluid now flowing from the head of his member to the floor of the showers. He waited until he heard Mick leave the locker room, reached down grabbed himself firmly shaking his cock a few times letting the momentum of it’s own weight force the remaining stream of pre-cum out of his body. He slapped his left leg with his member a couple of times and Talon decided it was time to leave before he embarrassed himself further.

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