His British Invasion


Note to readers: This is a fun fantasy romp. All characters depicted are well over 18.


Day One – His Surprise

John was up early. He had been planning this surprise for the past three weeks and now as the time was at hand, he was nervous. He wondered if she would even entertain the idea of actually meeting him. And now as he opened and booted up his laptop he felt a wave of nervousness. But then he thought, “She will either come, or I will go sightseeing.”

Suzi was his online sex buddy. Their online relationship had been going on for a couple of years. Being that they lived 7500 kilometres apart, it had only been online. He lived on the west coast of Canada and she lived in a suburb of London, England. But today, John was in that suburb in a very nice little Air BnB that he had found when he knew he was unexpectedly going to being making a trip to the U.K. John’s uncle, who lived in Manchester, had passed away suddenly and John had volunteered to represent the Canadian relatives at the funeral. He had flown to Heathrow and then driven up to Manchester in a rental car. After the funeral he had returned to the London area and was now settled for the next few days in his ‘Ikea modern’ style flat in Uxbridge. He had picked this place because he knew Susan, or Suzi as he called her, lived in Uxbridge.

Their relationship online had developed after she sent him a message complimenting him on a story he had written on Literotica. He had responded and in no time they were exchanging sexy and flirty messages. Suzi was 48 years old, married and very outgoing. She was blonde, short and busty with a curvy figure and a round pretty face. She loved to act slutty online and had told him that she liked to party. They had moved from chat and sending pictures to Skyping. She seemed to get off on stripping and playing for him online and certainly loved to talk dirty for him. She didn’t seem to mind that he was 62. He was in good shape and still had strong sexual desires.

Because of the 8 hour time difference, they had arranged regular hookups on Skype around 8 am her time and midnight his. That way her husband had gone to work and she had lots of time to play. He liked it because since he had taken early retirement he had become a bit of a night owl.

She always loved to tell him the things she would do with him if he lived close. So when he had found out he was coming to the U.K. he decided to make some time and see if she would put her money where her mouth was. He hadn’t told her he was coming, and in fact had told her he was travelling for a couple weeks and wouldn’t be online until today.

So as he dialled her up on Skype at their usual morning time, he was anxious with anticipation. Suzi answered quickly and was really happy to connect after his time away. They chatted and flirted for a bit and when the chat got really sexy, John revealed his surprise.

“You know how you always said how you would love to get together if I lived close?” he asked.

“Yes, and how I’d be your slutty English tart!” she replied.

“Well,” he said, “Today is your lucky day, I am here in a flat near Hillingdon Road and the Greenway.”

He watched her eyes widen and wondered what her response would be. And then he saw her wicked little smile and she replied, “Bloody hell John, you are full of surprises!”

She paused for a moment and then said, “I can be there in an hour, and I’m looking forward to that fat sausage of yours and some good Canadian cream!”

He gave her the address and they disconnected. He was tingling with excitement as he shaved and got himself ready for Suzi’s arrival.

She was obviously as anxious as he was because she was at his door in fifty minutes. When he opened it, she came quickly into his arms and they shared their first real kiss.. Her body felt wonderful against him, just as he had always imagined. He could taste her lipstick and smell the lilac scent of her perfume. Her mouth was hot and as he held her tight their tongues played. He felt her hips grind against him and was sure today would be all he had imagined when he planned this visit.

They broke the kiss and he helped her off with the long coat she was wearing. He smiled as he saw she had dressed in the slutty outfit that she had teased him with online a few times. The tight black leather mini skirt accentuated the gorgeous curves of her hips and the black push up bra under her purple blouse really set off her big tits. He was pleased to see she had also worn fishnet stockings and pumps, knowing from their chats that they were a turn on for him.

She did a twirl for him and grinned as she said, “So do you like seeing your hot English tart in person!”

“Fuck yes,” he replied, “I’ve been longing the taste of English tart for quite awhile!”

“You are going to get more than just a taste love,” she said with a smile, “but first I want a mouthful of that fat sausage you have been teasing me with these past couple of years!”

With Ankara travesti that she licked her painted lips and pushed John back onto the big sofa. She took a pillow and put it on the hardwood floor between his legs and knelt and quickly undid his trousers. He raised his hips as she slid them down to reveal his white bikini briefs that left no doubt about his arousal. Her head dipped and she began kissing the bulge, leaving traces of red lipstick on the thin cotton.

In no time his briefs joined his trousers on the floor and her fingers were encircling his thick hard shaft as her tongue danced around the fat head of his cock. She looked up at him and giggled as she said, “I do like your hot sausage John, I’ve been wanting to suck you off since you sent me that first picture of it!”

With that she began to give him a nice sloppy blowjob, drooling over his cock as she took it deep into her hot eager mouth. Her head bobbed and her lips tightened around his flesh causing him to let out a soft moan of pleasure. Instinctively his hand found her head and his fingers gripped her hair as he guided the rhythm. His hips rose as he tried to push his cock to the back of her throat. Her fingers found his heavy sac and her nails raked over his balls as she sucked him. She was obviously into it as she moaned around his flesh giving his cock sweet vibrations.

She pulled up off him for a moment; letting his cock bob free, long enough to say, “Don’t worry about cumming we’ve got all afternoon to fuck! Now shoot some of that hot Canadian cream down your tart’s throat!”

With that she took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue as she pumped his shaft with her fingers. He stopped holding back and as a deep growl of pleasure escaped his throat, ropes of his hot cum began shooting into Suzi’s hot mouth. She kept sucking him, not stopping until he pulled her away. She looked up at him grinning, a bit of cum dribbling down from her lips that she quickly scooped up with a finger and drew it back into her mouth.

“Fuck Suzi,” he breathed, “you do know how to please a man!”

“I know John, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and I’ve had lots of practice!”

She leaned down and kissed the head of his cock, giving it a nice slow lick. Then she stood up and slowly hiked up her skirt, letting him see the tops of her stockings, the white flesh of her thighs and her bushy mound. She had worn no panties, just like she did when they played online. “So now it is time to see if you like English tart as much as you have said you would!”

She unzipped her skirt and wiggled it down off her hips and let it fall to the floor. As she stepped from it he saw her that bush glistened with wetness and John couldn’t wait to taste it. They quickly switched positions and his hands slid under her bottom, giving it a hard squeeze as he leaned close and inhaled the scent of her hot sex.

His tongue swirled around the lips of her hot wet cunt, my nose pressed into the curly hairs of her thick bush. It had been awhile since he had enjoyed hot pussy and he was loving the taste of it, He moved his tongue in a Z motion up and down and then lightly flicked his tongue against her clit. John lapped happily, thinking that he could do this all day. He pushed his tongue in deeper, enjoying the taste of her hot juices as her hips lifted to meet my ministrations. He licked his wayback to the extended button of her clit, flicking his tongue against that sensitive nub and feeling her quiver. John was so enjoying the taste of her and the sounds of her soft whimpers as he ministered to her.

“Oh fuck yes John,” she cried, “Eat my hot cunt!”

As he licked and teased her clit, he slipped two fingers into her, twisting them as he pushed them as deep as possible. Then he hooked them upward seeking her G. He smiled inwardly as her hips bucked and he felt a gush of her sweet nectar. Her fingers gripped his white hair as she ground herself against his fingers and tongue. He continued, wanting her to totally enjoy his oral skills.

After a bit, she pulled him away and said, “John, I need a breather, that was so fucking good!”

He slid up and kissed her, the taste of her still strong on his tongue. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, savouring the sweet sensations of their lovemaking.

He buried his face in her cleavage, her breasts still encased in her blouse and bra. His fingers found the buttons and he pulled the blouse open, lips caressing the tops of those big breasts. He took off her shirt, and then his. As he did, she reached back and unhooked the bra, letting her tits spill free. His hands cupped the heavy globes of flesh and his lips danced from one taut nipple to the other. He pushed his face into her, letting her breasts surround him as he licked her deep cleavage.

Then he stood, and smiled. She grinned too as she saw that his cock was standing straight. He was glad he had popped Konya travesti that one-a-day Cialis first thing, as he knew he was going to need the stamina to keep up with Suzi.

He stepped back to look at her lush body, the wonderful curves and turns of her. She now wore only garter belt and fishnets and heels and looked fucking hot. She teased him a bit, striking some poses on the sofa, before turning and wiggling her round bottom at him and saying, “Well, aren’t you going to give me that good fuck you always promised?”

He needed no further coxing. He held out his hand and led her to the bedroom. She climbed on the bed and got on all fours, again wiggling her ass as he moved in behind her. He gave her a couple playful slaps on the buttocks and then took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down her dripping pussy from behind. Quickly he thrust in and began pumping her hard and deep. As he did he reached around and grasped her dangling breasts, squeezing them as his cock pounded into her.

“That’s it, fuck your hot slut good and hard!” she moaned as he released one breast and gave her another hard slap, reddening her white bottom.

She pushed back to meet his thrusts. He hadn’t had a good fuck like this for a long time and he wanted to enjoy it as long as he could. As he felt himself nearing the point of no return, he slipped his hand down her belly and found her clit and teased it. John felt her tense and clench around his flesh and as she did he gave a deep thrust and felt the sweet release as he came deep in her.

“Mmmm”, she moaned as she milked the last of his cum from his loins, “Two generous doses of that Canadian cream. Yes!”

As he slipped from her, he glanced at the digital clock on the bedside table and saw that it was just past two. “When do you have to go, to get home before your hubby?” he asked.

“I don’t have to leave here until 4:30,” she answered, “Bert doesn’t get home until past 6. You think you can get that old cock up for one more round before I go?”

“If you give me a little help, I am sure I can manage,” John replied with a grin.

With that he lay beside her and she scooted down and began running her tongue along the length of his cock. Taking it in hand she swirled her tongue from head to base and back. “You like my mouth on you, don’t you John?”

“You know it!” he replied as he felt himself begin to stir.

He watched her as she expertly teased him with her tongue and lips. As he hardened, she concentrated on his frenulum, teasing it with her tongue. Her boasts online of being a talented fellatrix seemed not to be exaggerated as she coxed him hard for the third time that day. As she ministered to him, his fingertips toyed with her nipples, rolling them and then pinching them. She lifted her mouth from his flesh and asked, “Would you like to fuck my big titties John?”

“Such a silly question.” he replied as he pushed her onto her back and mounted her chest, laying his swollen flesh in her deep cleavage.

Suzi smiled as she wrapped her own flesh around his and and he began to rock his hips back and forth. As he did, he reached back and found her hot wetness and began moving his fingers to the rhythm of his cock between her tits.

“So glad you said yes this morning, I was worried you might not want to come.” he said as he watched her try and lick the head of his cock as it poked out the top of her cleavage.

She smiled and replied, “There was no way I wasn’t going to come, and be your little English tart John. And I have tomorrow free too, so I hope you are up for more!”

With that he pushed his fingers deeper and began rocking his hips faster until his cock began to spurt again, shooting globs of cum onto her face and tits. “As long as you are Suzi!” he said with a grin as she opened her mouth to catch the last ropes of his spunk.

John moved beside her and gave her a long deep kiss. His hand went to her breast and he massaged some of his cum into her skin. They lay there together, very content just savouring the afterglow of their lovemaking. A bit later he helped her peel off her stockings so that they could share the shower and clean up before she had to leave. After they were both dressed, he offered her a glass of wine and they chatted for a time until she had to leave. As he kissed her at the door, she told him to get a good rest as she would be back at 9 the next morning for a mother day of fun.

After Suzi left, John just sat there for a bit, trying to take in all that had happened. He had hoped maybe for a quick fuck or a blowjob, but had never expected the great session he and Suzi had shared.

That night he slept like a baby, making sure to set the alarm so that he would be up and ready for 9. He made sure to pop one of his “magic pills” with his orange juice at breakfast.


Day 2 – Her Surprise

At 8:45 he heard a knock on the door and smiled as he thought, “She is an eager beaver.”

John İzmir travesti opened the door and standing there was Suzi, but with her was another woman. A black woman.

The two entered the flat and giggled at John’s shocked look as he closed the door behind them.

“This is my running mate Alice,” Suzi said, “We party together regularly and when I called her and told her about our day yesterday, she begged me to bring her along today. And I thought you might like a little chocolate to go with your tart today.”

John just stood there stunned. The ladies took off their coats and laid them over the chair by the door. Suzi was dressed similar to the day before, with a different short skirt and white blouse. Alice was taller and had very striking features with big hoop earrings and a shaved head. She wore a tight red dress that showed off her large breasts and beautiful big ass. She had on white silk stockings and matching red heels.

“Glad to meet you Alice,” John said, “You definitely are a big surprise!”

“Susan and I like having fun together, and she didn’t think you would mind.”

John gave them both a welcome kiss and hug and as he went to hang up their coats, he saw Suzi wink at him. When he turned around, the two ladies were in an embrace, kissing each other.

“Just sit down John,” Suzi directed, “We’ll get to you in a bit!”

He did as instructed and watched as the two gorgeous women made out in the middle of the room. They kissed deeply and their hands roamed each others curves. In no time, Alice had Suzi’s blouse off and was kissing the top of her big breasts. Her hands slid around Suzi’s back and she unclasped the bra and as it fell away she playfully tossed it to John.

John watched as Alice’s thick lips caressed Suzi’s nipples, drawing them back and sucking them deep into her mouth.

Suzi had unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it and kicked it aside. Like the day before she wore no panties and John could see she was already very wet. He rubbed the crotch of his trousers as Alice turned around and Suzi slid down the zipper of her dress. As she slipped it off she smiled at John and blew him a kiss.

Alice was now in only a matching set of red panties and bra. Suzi quickly undid the bra and it too got tossed in John’s direction. He fixed his eyes on her bare breasts, the chocolate flesh, the very dark areola and the big thick nipples. He couldn’t wait to have them in his mouth, but he sat patiently waiting to see what was next.

Suzi moved to a chair, sitting down and spreading her legs and Alice quickly knelt in front of her and began eating Suzi’s hot wet pussy.

As he watched, John quickly stripped off his shirt and then his trousers and briefs, his eyes fixed on Alice’s big round ass. His cock was rock hard and Suzi, seeing it, said, “I think John wants to join in!”

He didn’t need further invitation and crossed the room until he was behind Alice. He ran his hands over the curves of her bottom, giving her soft flesh a squeeze. He knelt behind her and slid her panties down and began kissing that smooth brown flesh. He spread her cheeks and swirled his tongue around the tight pucker of her asshole, causing her to shiver with delight.

He moved into a better position and rubbed his white cock up and down through the crease of her bottom. He saw Suzi’s hands holding Alice’s head as she ground her pussy against Alice’s lips. The head of his cock found Alice’s pussy and he thrust in to the slick wetness.

This is like a porn movie, John’s though as he fucked Alice with a nice steady rhythm as she munched happily at Suzi’s cunt.

“My turn,” said Suzi, “I fancy a bit of that cock!”

John pulled out and they changed positions, Alice spreading her legs in the chair while Suzi began licking her bald slit. John’s cock slipped into Suzi and he began fucking her. He reached around and began rolling and pinching Suzi’s nipples and smiled as he watched Alice play with her own.

Alice, who hadn’t said much to this point said, “I think he likes our little surprise Susan, He seems to enjoy vanilla and chocolate!”

Suzi was clenching John’s cock with her pussy and he could feel himself close to cumming. Both the ladies sensed this and Alice said, “I think he wants to shoot his big load love, lets give him something to remember.”

With that both ladies moved to their knees beside one another and started taking turns sucking John’s cock as he stood before them. His head was spinning, hardly able to comprehend what was happening. As Alice sucked his cock, Suzi licked and sucked his balls. Watching and feeling this pushed him to the edge and he moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

With that the two ladies moved back and Suzi stroked him until he shot his hot load onto Alice’s face and tits. As the globs of cum dripped down her chin, Suzi moved in and began kissing her and licking off the spunk. John dropped down and joined her and together they lapped up the cum from Alice’s big breasts. John finishing by sucking one of those big nipples deep into his mouth before letting it pop out.

The three of them just remained motionless for a few seconds, enjoying and processing what had just happened.

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