Highway Closure

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Jolene was on her way back home after another two weeks working at her company’s Kamloops location. She’d been spending two weeks there and one week home in Calgary for 15 weeks now. “This has got to end soon” she thought as she finished up putting gas in her Jeep Grand Cherokee. As she made her way back onto the highway, she saw a pick up truck marked “Pilot vehicle” drive past her. “Could it be Jeff?” she wondered.

About a month prior, as she had been driving towards Kamloops, she had been caught in a major delay due to a big accident that had closed the highway and had met Jeff, a pilot vehicle driver that had also been caught in the same delay. They had passed some of the time chatting and Jeff had left quite the impression on Jolene. She’d enjoyed talking with him and had found him quite easy on the eyes. Since then, she’d always paid attention to vehicles around her on the roads, hoping to see him again and regretting not exchanging contact information with him back then.

As she followed two vehicles behind, she watched for opportunities to pass them and get up close to this pilot vehicle, hoping it was him, wondering how she’d get him to stop and chat. Eventually, one of the vehicles passed him and the other took an exit which left Jolene right behind the pilot vehicle. She tried to get glimpses of its driver to confirm it was was Jeff or not but couldn’t be sure. As they entered a mountain pass, they were stuck behind two semis that simply couldn’t go fast. Jolene was impressed by the room the driver ahead, possibly Jeff, was leaving them and made sure she didn’t follow too close either. Then, in her rear view mirror, she saw a car passing one of the vehicles in the long line of cars behind her. The driver was taking wild chances and passing in areas that he shouldn’t have been passing in.

All of a sudden, there he was, passing in a curve despite the fact there were vehicles oncoming. Jolene had to slam on the brakes to allow him to slide into the lane in front of her. She quickly looked at the license plate and, like she often did, she formed a word with the letters on the plate. “Mike April 22” for the license plate MIE422. She shook her head at how closely this guy was following the pilot vehicle. Despite the close call just moments before, he did the same to the pilot vehicle, passing him recklessly. “Is this guy nuts?” Jolene wondered.

Then, he got out to pass the semi.

“Holy shit, he is nuts!”

Jolene instinctively slowed down, even though there was already lots of space between her and the vehicle ahead. They were approaching a narrow bridge and Jolene was really worried about this careless driver. And then it happened so fast, Jolene barely had time to think. The semi, seeing how the car wouldn’t make it, veered to the right, hit the end of a guard rail and bounced back across the road, narrowly missing the oncoming car the crazy driver had swerved to avoid and then slamming head on into another semi, one pulling a trailer full of liquid. To avoid both, the pilot car slammed on the brakes and veered to the right. He cleared the guard rail and went into the ditch, eventually crashing into a big boulder.

Jolene stopped her Jeep on the side of the road, a few hundred yards away from both accidents as did the vehicles behind her. She quickly shut down the engine, got out and grabbed a bag from the back and headed towards the pilot vehicle, yelling at others to go help the drivers of the semis.

Jolene put on a pair of gloves as she ran to the pilot vehicle and saw that all the airbags had deployed. She got to the vehicle just as the driver’s door opened.

“Jeff! It is you!”

The man in the vehicle slowly turned his head and looked at her.


“Don’t move. Let me check you out first.”

“I’m fine. What are the odds, eh?”

“Jeff, you and I both know there’s no such thing as fine when you crash like that. Besides, you’re bleeding. Let me look at you.”

“Minor cuts from the windshield glass, that’s all. I knew I was going to crash so I braced myself. I’m fine, I tell you.”

With that, he tried to undo the seat belt. He found that it was stuck. He turned around and said “Jo, would you grab that blue bag from the back?”

“No need, I have everything I need right here in my own bag.”

Instead of reaching for the scissors, Jolene grabbed gauze and started wiping away the blood from Jeff’s forehead. As he tried to protest, Jolene shushed him. “Just let me do this.”

Jolene quickly cleaned him up and saw that he’d been right about the cuts being superficial and applied a few pieces of tape to keep them clean and closed. She then took her scissors and cut the seat belt and freed him.

Jeff got out of the vehicle and pulled her into a hug. “Nice to see you again Jo.” Then, he said “Let’s will trent izle go help those poor drivers.”

At that very moment, they heard and felt an explosion. Quickly, Jeff pulled up his jacket and covered both their heads. Burning bits and pieces from the explosion fell around them. After a few moments, he turned around and said “Oh boy, there won’t be much helping these two now.”

Then, they heard a rumble. “What’s that?” Jolene asked.

Jeff looked up and then turned her around and pointed to the mountain behind. “Avalanche”

“Are we at risk here? Should we go duck?”

“No, it’s too far to reach us.”

Jeff put his arm around Jolene and held her close as they watched the powerful avalanche make its way down the mountainside. It lasted less than two minutes and created a big cloud of snow that took a few more minutes to settle down. Then, Jeff said

“A lot of people need our help over there. We can’t do anything for the truck drivers but we can go help dig these people out. Let’s grab these shovels from the back of my truck and go.”

Both Jolene and Jeff grabbed shovels and made their way to the pile of snow and started digging. They worked tirelessly to help dig out motorists caught in the avalanche, joined by dozens of others. It was three hours later that they finally stopped and headed back towards their vehicles. They spoke to an officer that had come over the avalanche and learned that the highway would be closed at least overnight while crews worked to clear the avalanche and the accident. The officer asked them for their statements and both the officer and Jeff were surprised and impressed when Jolene provided the license plate number of the car that had caused it all. The officer thanked them for their cooperation and help.

They were then given the option of walking over the avalanche path and getting on a bus towards the previous town but like a lot of other people, both of them opted to stay with their vehicles, Jeff stating that his company would require him to not abandon his vehicle and Jolene saying she’d stay also.

As they walked towards their vehicles, Jeff said “We worked really well together.”

“Yes, we did.”

“Think you can put up with me for a while longer?”

Jolene smiled and said “I think so. It’s not like that truck of yours will protect you from the cold now.”

“I have an emergency kit that includes a sleeping bag, and a camping stove and stuff.”

“Great! I have a sleeping bag too! And I have food and water and we can make room in the back of my Jeep to comfortably sleep.”

They grabbed the supplies from Jeff’s truck and moved stuff around in Jolene’s Jeep and started making something to eat. They watched as the semi continued to burn in the background, providing light as the night fell upon them. Part of what they’d been told was that firefighters on the other side of the accident had opted to let the semi burn itself out of its load of fuel and protect the bridge instead so all their water was aimed at the bridge.

They rearranged things in Jolene’s Jeep and prepared an area to sleep in.

As they stood next to the vehicle, Jeff asked “Are you okay with us sleeping close together like this?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it all afternoon actually.”



Jeff pulled her to him and kissed her for the first time. As their tongues mingled, their arms tightened around each other and their passions rose. They kissed for a while and allowed their hands to roam and feel each other up for the first time, discovering each other’s bodies. But when Jolene got bold and moved her hand over his hardening cock, Jeff pulled away.

“Is there a problem?” Jolene asked gently.

“Jo, uh, I’m not sure how to say this.”

“Just be honest. I can take it.”

“Okay. Thing is, I don’t make love to a woman without protection and I don’t have any with me.”


“No. Never. At least, not since I was 20. See, when I was 19, I was horny and I was foolish and I trusted this girl who said she couldn’t get pregnant and went without. Well, she got pregnant which was her goal all along. After that, I wasn’t going to get caught again and swore I’d never have unprotected sex again.”

“What happened to the child?”

“She miscarried. It was a good thing. I’m just not the dad type. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, other people’s kids. I just never wanted them myself. Do you have kids?”

“No, like you, I just didn’t want any. Now, let’s get into the back and get comfortable. I’d still like us to put the two sleeping bags together and be close.”

They took off their boots and their jackets and got ready to lay down in their makeshift bed. Then, Jolene reached for one of her bags fate the winx saga izle and pulled out something.

“I have something for you” she said as she handed the item to Jeff.

Jeff took the item and pulled her into a kiss before saying “You’re unbelievable. You have condoms! You must have been a girl scout! Always ready or always prepared whatever is their motto.”

Jolene laughed with him and said “No, not a girl scout. Just part of my personality. Now kiss me again and let me resume the exploration you so rudely interrupted.”

Jeff smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her and pulling her hand onto his hardening cock. Then, he reached under her sweater to her breast, caressing the nipple to a peak under her tank top and bra. He pushed up her sweater and they broke their kiss to take it off. Jolene reached for Jeff’s belt and pulled on his shirt, indicating that if she was going to shed some clothes, he should too. Jeff complied, taking off not only his shirt but his undershirt too. Jolene growled as she started caressing his bare skin and kissing his chest.

It was Jeff’s turn to growl as Jolene took one of his nipples into her mouth and applied suction and well as tongue, teasing him. Her hand made its way back to his belt and pulled it apart, then attacking the pants themselves. He gasped when she reached in and wrapped her hand around his now hard cock. She continued teasing his nipples with her tongue, moving from one to the other as her hand stroked his hard length.

He pulled her face up to his and kissed her deeply. Then, he stopped her hand on his cock, saying “You’re going to have me coming off right away baby, and you don’t even have your clothes off!”

Laughing, Jolene sat up and took off her tank top and her bra, exposing herself to him in the orange glow from the fire.

Jeff wasted no time and pulled her back down to horizontal so that he could have his turn teasing her nipples which drew a sharp intake of breath from their owner. Jolene’s hand went to Jeff’s hair and she wrapped her fingers into the softest hair she’d ever encountered.

“Your hair is so soft!”


As his tongue teased her nipple and his hand caressed her skin, Jolene’s back arched, enjoying the moment. Soon, it was his turn to deal with her belt and jeans and snake his hand down her underwear. At first, he simply caressed her mound, taking his time as her legs opened up to him. She moaned as his fingers parted her nether lips and stroked the folds gently. When his middle finger finally made contact with her clit, Jolene’s hips rose sharply off the bed, showing him just how much she was craving his touch and this made him smile, enjoying her responsiveness.

He then pushed the finger inside her tight pussy and again, she responded with a moan. He teased her nub with his thumb while moving another finger inside her, making her pant and arch her back. Attentive to her breathing and moans, he focused where she responded the most and soon had her begging.

“Don’t stop, please Jeff, don’t stop!”

He complied, continuing his gentle attack on her pussy and clit, stroking her, pushing her towards that edge while teasing her nipple with his tongue.

“Yes, Jeff, YES!”

He felt her pussy walls contract around his fingers as she came for him. He then eased his caress, without really stopping and his lips left her nipple to go meet with her lips, kissing her deeply. When they broke the kiss, Jolene had the condoms in her hand again and said “Put one on now, I want to have you inside me.”

Not one to argue with such an interesting request, Jeff tore open the packet and put the condom on his length while Jolene took off her jeans and undies. Jeff also removed his pants and then positioned himself between her open legs. As soon as he was on top of her, she used her legs to pull him down upon her. He glided easily inside her, stopping when he reached her depths. They looked at each other, both enjoying the moment and the intense feeling of connection.

She moved first, just tipping her hips up to rub against him and that was his undoing, he started moving back and forth between her legs, creating delicious friction and heat.

“You’re so tight Jo, this is so good.”

“Yeah, I think we’re a good match here too. God, this feels good.”

Then, there was no more talking, only moaning and grunting as they focused on the pleasure and the amazing sensations brought on by their joining. There was nothing fancy, no wild positions, no weird angles, just two bodies moving in unison, immensely enjoying each other.

Jeff continued to move in and out of her tight pussy, alternating between kissing her on the lips and kissing her neck or nibbling on her ear while with love izle one hand caressed her hair and the other tweaked her nipple. Jolene’s hands were caressing his back, his hair, and then reaching down to pull his hips down as deep as possible. Soon, the tempo increases as both feel their need increase. Words were once again needed.

“Don’t stop Jeff. This feels so good, don’t stop.”

“I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to, Jo.”

His hand made its way down to help lift up her hips against his.

“I want you to come baby, come on my cock, squeeze my cock like you squeezed my fingers earlier.”

Jolene started squeezing with her pussy muscles, clamping down around his hardness. Her breathing was ragged and she was moaning, quickly feeling her impending orgasm build and build. Again, she begged:

“Please don’t stop, I’m so close, please Jeff, don’t stop!”

Jeff wasn’t going to let her down and pounded her pussy hard, building up his own need for release.

“I’m cumming Jeff, Oh, that’s so good!”

Jolene then cried her release and was joined by Jeff’s groans as he came too.

Soon, they stopped moving and focused on catching their breaths. Jeff gently and sweetly kissed her. Then, he said “I don’t want to leave here tomorrow without your full name and number. I want to see you again.”

“I want to see you again too.”

Jeff pulled out from Jolene and after using tissues to clean up, they cuddled together, enjoying the warmth. They talked softly for a while and Jeff turned Jolene around to spoon her, thinking that they’d fall asleep like that. But Jeff’s cock had other plans. As soon as Jolene’s behind rubbed against it, it started to react and harden again. Jolene realized it and rubbed more.

“You keep doing that and you’ll get another pounding.”

“Maybe I’d like that” Jolene replied with a big smile.

Her hand made its way between their bodies and grabbed hold of his hardening cock. While her hand stoked him to hardness, his own hands got busy. The arm under her neck twisted around to reach her breasts and the other hand made its way to her pussy, stroking her folds and getting her ready for another round.

Jolene’s free hand reached for another condom and used her teeth to help open the package. She gently turned around to be able to use both hands to put the condom on his rock-hard cock but he turned her back.

“I want to take you from behind this time. I want to feel your ass against me.”

Jolene complied and allowed him entry into her wet pussy. Although she’d had his length in her only a few moments before, she gasped as he pushed into her.

“Oh yeah.”

Jeff teased her, pulling almost all out and then pushing back in.

“You like that?”


Slowly, he continued to take her from behind, caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks and making her moan. Jolene could feel his hot breath on her neck and could only enjoy as his hard cock moved back and forth inside her, causing delicious friction. After several minutes of this slow, leisurely movement, Jeff let go of her breast with his hand and made his way down her stomach. He pulled her leg up and over his so she was at an angle. That gave him full access to her clit while he continued to fuck her.

He heard her breathing quicken and felt her muscles contracting around his cock and knew that she was quickly building up to another orgasm and he wanted that.

“Yeah, baby, let it happen, come all over my cock again.”

“You keep fucking me like that and rubbing me and you’ll soon get what you want. God, you’re good!” Jolene said before her breath became even more ragged.

He increased the pressure on her clit and fucked her as deep as he could. Soon, her moans became pleas.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t stop.”

“That’s it, come for me, come for me baby.”

Jolene groaned deeply, feeling her third orgasm of the night wash over her.

When he felt her come back down from her high, he pushed her leg back down and then grabbed her hip to brace himself as he fucked her.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me until you come big guy!”

Encouraged by her words, Jeff increased his speed and really fucked her, focusing on his own pleasure. Soon, it was his turn to groan loudly as he came deep within her.

After he’d cleaned up and they cuddled, they fell asleep. They woke up the next morning at day light and after considering another go, figured it might not be a good idea when they saw people milling about. They got dressed under the cover of the sleeping bag and made their way outside.

It was past noon that day when the highway was finally cleared of the accident and they were allowed to get going. Jeff had taken everything from his truck and put it in the back of Jolene’s Jeep and she drove him to the closest company office so he could report in. They exchanged contact information and vowed to get together as soon as they could.

Two people died that day on the highway but then, there was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Who says Highway closures are always bad?

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