High Society Pt. 01


Here I was a seventy eight year old married woman of socialite status, squatting on my high heel pumps, worshiping the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Licking it. Kissing it. Passionately stroking it. Literally making love to it.

The fourteen inch, log-shaped monster cock I was worshiping was attached to the sculpted body of a world-famous rap star. An eighteen year old black rap star!

My name is Virginia Wechsler. The story I am about to tell occurred within a two month period. The events that happened in this time-frame were by-far the most unbelievable things I have ever experienced in my life.

Since I was fifteen I was always tall and extremely busty. At fifteen I stood five feet nine inches tall, weighed one hundred and five pounds and measured 42DD-23-33.

In High School I was quite popular, but especially with my sixty five year old, black Principal. In my Senior year, the night of my eighteenth birthday found me at his home in his king-sized bed!

In the last thirty years I only gained ten pounds, all of which went to my breasts. My measurements at age eighteen were 34G-23-33.

During my teen years and into my mid-twenties I was a glamour model. Because of my measurements and standing at five feet ten inches tall I predominately did glamour-model pictures and pin-up calendars in the fifties.

During those years as a glamour model I traveled to exotic places all over the world. While modeling, I had countless experiences with older men, who were European and Middle Eastern.

At the time of being in my teens, these men were much older than me. They were fifty to sixty years older than me, and a few even seventy years older. They each spoiled and pampered me and showed me the benefits of a wealthy lifestyle. They were all amazing lovers and brought-out an animalistic side in me that burned deep inside me.

My husband, who is ninety three years old; fifteen years older than me, made his fortune in the rare-gem industry. His family owned diamond and precious gem mines throughout Africa and South America. He sold to the wealthiest clients all over the world.

When I was twenty four I met my husband at a Gala that provided funds to orthodox Jewish families. We traveled the world and although he never satisfied me in the way my European lovers did, I wanted for nothing and became part of a very affluent social- circle.

I do admit to having many lovers during our marriage. The need came from purely to satisfy the sexual desires that built-up inside me constantly. The lovers I enjoyed were all much younger than myself. My young lovers were my private trainers, and golf and tennis pros, but the majority of my suitors were young junior executives of my husbands.

Meeting these young men at company parties is how I learned their names. During a slow dance is where the introduction to my bedroom started. The trysts that I indulged in, were always while my husband was traveling on business. There were times when my desires became so untamed that I was in bed with up to four young lovers for the entire time my husband was away.

As years went by I still had intense sexual desires, but because of my high-visibility and social standing my lust was channeled into participation with organizations that focused on Jewish organizations. Although I still exercised regularly and maintained my measurements, my craving was most certainly repressed.

Four months ago I got involved with an organization that funded technology in the inner city for students of low socio-economic backgrounds. These were predominately black and Hispanic children that came from extremely hard backgrounds.

My involvement came through a business associate of my husbands. His son, Taylor. I agreed to working with the organization, lending my support. Taylor had started the charity a few months before while he was in High School. As part of his business-model he had planned a Gala. At eighteen he was well on his way to making a successful career for himself.

We agreed to meet for lunch at his fathers private country club. Coincidently, it was also the club my husband and I were members of.

I always dress attractively, and that day I came dressed in a black, mid-thigh pencil skirt with a sheer white blouse. I wore a strapless white-lace bra which was also very sheer.

Through the material of the blouse the bra was easily noticable and because of the bra being so sheer one could see the imprint of my large, dark nipples. Because the blouse clung to my skin I unbuttoned the top three buttons. With the buttons undone it showed my deep, plunging cleavage.

Unbuttoning my blouse was not for the intention to show off my cleavage, but rather for comfort. With the size of my breasts being 34G, I always have to undue buttons with close-fitting blouses. Unbuttoning, was to allow the blouse to fit comfortably.

Completing my outfit I wore a pair of white, lace bikini panties and a pair of nude thigh high stockings. The nylons were attached to a white, Gaziantep Anal Escort lace garter belt.

Although my sex-life has gone dormant, I still feel the need to be sexy, which is the reason I always wear stockings attached to garters. I find the nude shade gives my long, tapered legs a wonderful accent. I wore a pair of black high heel pumps which accented my long, tapered legs. My hair is the color of silver/gray, and is shoulder length. I have it styled, but do not dye it.

When I arrived I went to the front desk. I recognized the hostess and recalled her name was Traci. She was a college student and worked as a hostess.

When I came up to her she was very excited. “Oh my God, Mrs. Wechsler, I can’t believe you’re having lunch with, Taylor Pierce,” she said enthusiastically. I smiled as she went on about how gorgeous he is.

I listened to her talk glowingly as she went on about how successful he is and how gorgeous he is and even added that he was always at the club with the most gorgeous girls. I just smiled and nodded politely as she extoled his virtues.

At that point the general manager, of the dining room, Charles came over and escorted me to Taylors table. Seeing Taylor I had to admit that Traci did not overstate how good-looking he was. He had the looks of a male model on the cover of all the Mens Health and Mens fashion magazines.

When Taylor stood he took my hand and thanked me for coming. Looking me up and down with a deliberate gaze he added that I looked stunning.

I thanked him then politely said that he was quite handsome himself. As I said it I watched his eyes roam from my long legs up my entire frame. I had to admit that I found him to be extremely handsome and as his eyes seemed to scan me I felt a thrill shoot right through me.

As we chatted I found him to be amazingly self-assured and quite confident. In my mind, as I listened to him speak, I kept thinking to myself that he could not be eighteen and just out of High School.

Taylor was mature beyond his years which was quite impressive to me. The fact that he was six feet tall, with the looks of a male model added to his confidence. I had little doubt that with his good looks and extreme confidence he had girls lining-up and taking a number to be with him.

During lunch, Taylor not only proved to be every- bit dashing and charismatic, but also quite the flirt. He would often look me up and down than tell me that I was very attractive. He even went so far as to say that it was really hard for him to concentrate on the charity with my being so sexy.

I thanked him for the compliments, but took them as him just being flirtatious. When I told him that I was sure he had hundreds of girls his age he looked me up and down then said in a very confident tone, “None with a body as sexy as yours.” I looked at him incredulously and said, “Oh I’m sure all the girls you’re with have beautiful bodies, Taylor.”

I then got us back on topic, but had to admit what he said about me having a sexy body had me excited. During our conversation I felt his eyes roam all over me. I felt a warmth that I hadn’t felt in years. With his male-model looks I felt a thrill deep inside of me. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced in quite a while. I felt my body come alive in a way it hadn’t for years.

In our conversation I told him that his parents were meeting my husband and I at our penthouse for drinks. When he learned that I had taken my husbands private limousine he offered to drive me to back to the city.

“Let me drive you back to the city,” he said. “I have plans in the city tonight myself, plus it will give us an opportunity to talk more about the Gala,” he added.

I was sure his plans were with meeting was with a young female.

“And I’ll bet those plans include a young female,” I chided teasingly.

He didn’t deny it and just grinned.

“Ok, got me there,” he said with a grin, ” but, I’d really like to drive you back.”

“Come on. Tell your driver that you are getting a ride back and that he could leave,” he said with a sheepish look.

“Well well you are persistent,” I said with a smile.

I had to admit that the thought of riding back with the handsome, Taylor was exciting to me. I accepted, then called my driver.

As we walked out of the country club he put his arm around my waist. I was a bit nervous because it was the club I belonged to with my husband.

When I looked over at the main desk I saw Traci staring at me with a surprised look on her face. I felt a bit devilish and smiled at her in a sly way. ‘Let her think what she wants,‘ I thought to myself devilishly. I had to admit that I was simply glowing inside as to what she was thinking.

I allowed, Taylor to keep his arm around my waist as we walked to his car. I felt a little uneasy due to knowing so many people at the country club but, I also felt very sexy being escorted by such a handsome young man.

As we walked to his car my heart was racing. The sounds of my high heels clicking on the blacktop seemed to add to the devilishness I felt, and even made me feel a bit sinful. As we walked his hand would circle from my waist to my stomach then back. I was basking in his touch, and let him continue.

When he opened my door he took my arm and helped me into the seat. As I sat I crossed my legs he said, “Very sexy.” I looked at him and smiled, and said, “Thank you,” in a voice that still had me thinking he was flattering me and being flirty.

Once we were in his car he leaned in, looked me in the eye and in a very deliberate tone said, “You’re so fucking sexy, Virginia.”

At that moment things seemed to happen in slow-motion. Before I could respond he leaned in further and kissed my lips softly. As he leaned into me my eyes closed. The instant his lips met mine I felt a warm wave rush over me which caused me to groan softly.

After our lips connected he pulled-back. This created a popping-sound which made the kiss very sexy. This kiss was much different from a casual friendly kiss. It was a sexy kiss by definition.

Although I was taken by surprise, I didn’t push away. Instead, I found myself returning his kiss.

We were parked in an upper lot where there only a few cars and the windows on his Mercedes were tinted so I knew no one could see inside.

I was feeling light-headed as our lips would meet for a second then pull apart. For the next twenty minutes we were kissing softly. I was in a trance as this eighteen year old boy kissed me.

As our lips slowly met, light pecking sounds followed which filled the air each time he broke from the soft kiss. It was as if he knew I was starved to be kissed.

“So fucking sexy,” he said between soft kisses.

During these tender kisses his tongue would slowly brush across my lips. I was amazed at how skilled he was as his full lips had me tingling elatedly. I was moaning in a soft deep- tone as we continued this sexy kiss. I began softly running my tongue across his when I felt it against my lips. I could not get over the fact that I was kissing an eighteen year-old boy.

A boy fresh out of High School who seemed to know exactly how to turn a woman on.

‘God. He is so experienced,’ I thought to myself as our tongues ran across each others. He must have had hundreds of girls.”

We kissed like this for over half an hour. Soft. Sexy kisses with that erotic popping sound filling the air each time he broke-off. I was loving every second of this slow, sexy kissing on his part.

Every so often he would say, “Yeah baby,” before his lips met mine, or “You’re so sexy, Virginia.”

As time passed, the soft kissing began to get more passionate and deliberate. It transitioned into us locking our mouths and for the next half hour we were locked in a passionate kiss that had me groaning deeply. I was literally spinning from the intensity of being in such a deep kiss.

The kiss turned feverous as I met his twirling tongue; so furious that our mouths opened as our tongues entwined and flicked across each others.

I never in my life ever kissed like this, even when I was having numerous trysts with the young men that worked for my husband or with my personal trainers. This style of kissing was all orchestrated by this young boy, fresh out of High School.

As our tongues entwined my moans of lust filled the air around us. He then broke off and began kissing my neck.

“You’re so fucking sexy” he uttered as his lips went up and down my long, exposed neck.

My head was now thrown back and I was lusting for him.

“Oh God,” I purred as he kissed along my neck.

The thrills that shot through me as he kissed and licked my exposed neck were electric. I was mesmerized at how he could turn me on, especially after years of being dormant.

After kissing my neck softly he went back to kissing me. It was as if he knew I was starved to be kissed, starved for sexual attention.

Once again our tongues entwined hungrily as our lips pressed against each others, until the intensity intensified to where our mouths opened and just our tongues flicked across each others.

I was absolutely in a daze. It’s as if we were lovers by the way we were kissing. I kept thinking that the sixty year age difference between us was so farfetched, but we were definitely in a lovers kiss.

During this kiss I felt his fingers run across the front of my blouse. I didn’t push him away, instead I groaned deeply. He took it as a sign and began touching the tips of my throbbing nipples. He then went back to kissing my neck.

“These huge fucking nipples in that sexy, sheer bra were driving me crazy,” he said in a deep breath.

At this point my nipples were aching: busting through my lace bra and making an outline the width of nickels as they pushed the fabric of my bra and blouse out an inch.

Being that my blouse was unbuttoned he slipped his hand inside my lace bra and began running my huge nipple through his finger and thumb.

“Oh God,” I groaned.

“Big-ass nipples,” he whispered into my ear. “so fucking huge…and so fucking hard.”

“Oh God” I panted in ecstasy.

“I love a big pair of hard nipples,” he said before going back to kissing me.

I was groaning passionately, and suddenly felt a mini-orgasm shoot through me. Taylor sensed this and began kissing me softly.

“Oh God,” I purred as he kissed my neck.

“Cum Sexy?” he said in a deep voice.

“Oh God,” I purred in a voice that let him know I did, and quite blissfully.

“I fucking love the way you turn on,” he said which absolutely thrilled me.

It was just one more sign of his extreme confidence, confirming that he was quite adept as a lover. He then went back to kissing me softly. Our lips would touch for a second then break apart.

As he softly kissed me he began running his left hand up my leg. His touch was thrilling me. He went up my leg in the most unhurried way. Kissing my neck he said. “Sexy legs,” in a deep voice. “long and sexy.”

Although my breasts are very large, my nipples are too, the thing I prided myself on were my long, slender legs. Men and women have always commented on my legs, saying how amazing they were. I would always wear a pair of nude or tan stockings to accent them.

His touch was wonderful. It had me quivering. For the next few minutes his hand would go from my knee, up my inner thigh then up to the top of my stockings. I found myself moaning, “Yes,” as I enjoyed his touch. The feel of his hand traveling under my thigh as my legs were crossed was so electrifying.

As my groans grew deeper he gently pushed my crossed legs apart. Once again he wasn’t forceful. If I resisted I know he would have stopped. But I didn’t. He had me so worked-up. Once he reached the tops of my nylons he would run his finger across the edge, touching both the lace and my naked skin.

“Oh God,” I groaned.

“You like my hands baby. Touching these long, sexy legs?” he said deeply as he looked into my eyes.

“Oh God,” I moaned.

“Perfect legs,” he hissed. “Long and fucking sexy.”

This was driving me crazy. He had me squirming as his hand went across my nylons. His language was also thrilling. Ordinarily I would be repulsed by the word fuck, but in this context it was thrilling to my ears.

On the way back down his palm would go from the top of my thigh then to the side. It was such an exquisite feeling.

“Such fucking sexy legs,” he continued to say as he kissed my neck than my lips.

I was groaning deeply and at that point he spread my legs a little more than ran the tip of his fingers across the front of my lace panties.

“Well,” he said in a somewhat surprised voice. “Someone has a big, puffy pussy,” he said, grinning at my slyly.

“Oh God,” I purred as his fingers swirled in a gentle, spiraling motion across the center of my panty.

With his finger and his thumb he began softly pinching my vaginal lips through my panties.

“I love a pair of big fuck lips, and a big pussy baby,” he said which caused me to have a mini orgasm.

My groans were deep as I was going crazy. He then gently pushed my panties to the side, and with one finger began running it through the center of my vaginal lips to the bottom of my clitoris.

“Oh God,” I groaned from the absolute bliss he had me in.

Then with his finger and his thumb he took the left-side of my vaginal lips and ran it through his fingers.

“Huge pussy lips,” he said in a deep voice.

I began to feel self-conscious, because I did know I had very large vaginal lips.

Looking me in the eye he said, “I fucking love your big fuck lips.”

“Oh God,” I groaned.

He then kissed me hard and as he did he inserted two fingers inside me.

I was now groaning deeply and he then began rubbing my clitoris with his thumb as his two fingers began going in and out of me.

Heaven, and pure bliss. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew he had me in a place that I was loving.

“Don’t cum yet sexy,” he said looking into my eyes. “just enjoy yourself as I finger your beautiful snatch.”

Snatch. A new word. “Oh God,” I moaned feverishly.

Words like fuck, cunt, pussy, fuck-hole and snatch had me going wild. I felt so wanton. So wicked.

“That’s it baby. Let me enjoy this smoking fuck- hole,” he said before kissing my neck.

“Oh God,” I moaned and as soon as he said it my body convulsed.

His language was turning me on like crazy. The way he casually used words these guttural words had me climbing the walls. I have never heard a man talk like this to me, but the casualness in how he said it told me he had used words like this with many women.

I was having one mini orgasm after the other as his skilled fingers sunk deep inside my wetness and as his thumb circled my clitoris.

“Such a wet snatch, he said as he removed his fingers. “Taste your sexy snatch, Virginia,” he said authoritatively as he brought his fingers to my mouth.

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