Here “Comes” The Bride Pt. 02


A knock is heard and all three look towards the door when a voice calls out, “10 Minutes Kenzi”

Watching his daughter jump… she runs across the room to get her veil but then turns to look at her future husband, “It’s bad luck for you to see me… you need to leave.” stating in a hushed voice.

“Aye, Get downstairs Shaun… We will share the news when it is time.” telling his future son-in-law.

They both watch him leave and then turns to face his daughter, “Let me get someone in here to help you with that, I will meet you at the bottom of the steps to walk you down the aisle when you’re ready.”

Before leaving, he couldn’t help himself… moving across the room towards her, slipping an arm about her waist, pulls her hard against his chest and gives her one final kiss before leaving the room.


Kenzi watches her father leave in a daze… fingers move up to run across bruised lips, as she thinks of what happened… her hip aching, pussy was damp and tender. All she could think of… was what had she done… and what did Shaun know?.

Not sure how long she stood there… lost in the moment of what just happened. A touch to her shoulder makes her jump as her Maid-of-honor, Mary… gives her a curious look, not hearing her come in.

“You okay? Getting cold feet?” she hears her childhood friend laugh at her.

With a shake of her head… she laughs as well… then with a bit of help, they get her veil on and grabbing their flowers… they head to the chapel area.

Just as her father promised he was waiting for her, with a new expression on his face. Unsure if it was need or lust… it makes her blush and for once she is grateful for the veil she wears.

When she goes to take her first steps down the aisle… she feels a bit of wetness trickle down one leg and she can’t help but look over at her father… her face becoming flushed.

He must have somehow known as he squeezed her arm that is wrapped about his and gives a low chuckle.

By the time they make it to the end, handing her off to Shaun… he leans in to give her a kiss to her cheek and she finds, she wished she could turn her face in that moment and take his kiss to her lips again.

Shaun takes her hand and leads her to his side, her stomach clenches at the betrayal but there was nothing she could… Hearing the Pastor clear his throat as he begins.

The sermon was beautiful and when Shaun gave his vows… it made her cry. She in turn shared her words that took her 3 months to write. Rings were exchanged and as they turned about… being introduced to the congregation as Mr. and Mrs Shaun Greenwood, she couldn’t help but look to her father.

It was done… there was no going back…

The next two hours were a blur, family congratulating them, tons of photos… finally the dinner meal and last the cake cutting, which then she heard the music start up.

The Dj asked everyone to raise their glass as he was going to start the Father/Daughter dance… Watching her father come about… holding a hand out to her, her stomach does a flip… taking his hand is led to the floor.

Arm about her pinning her to his body… she can’t help flush. Things tighten low and she finds she wants him… his face comes near her ear as he starts to lead her about the floor… as his breath tickles her neck… she hears, “You want me deep in you again… don’t you” he says huskily and all she can do is blush a deep red, feeling herself become wet again.

Then pulling back to look up at him, their conversation just between them as the music plays on, “What of Shaun?” the feeling the betrayal hits her again of what she had done to her new husband, overwhelming her to the point she thinks she might be sick.

“What if I were to tell you, I knew of xnxx a way to keep us and him?” he keeping his tone low. Surprise shows on her face… how can he do that? All of a sudden, she spun out of his arms… twirled about and then pulled back against his chest… reminding her she had an audience.

Saying nothing… letting her guests watch them for a bit.. It is near the end of the song where her father leans in one last time… “Pretend to twist your ankle… ” which then he does the same move he did before… spinning her out and just as she is to roll back in… takes a right instead of a left and ends up in a puddle on the floor in the midst of her full wedding dress.

Folks start to come towards them and before anyone can touch her, her father has lifted her up and calls out as he heads towards the doors… “I told her, she needed running shoes today,” laughing out… as folks see she is okay… join in her father’s laughter.

Calling over his shoulder, “Hey Shaun… tell your guests to get started on the dancing, grab your wife’s 2nd outfit and meet us so we can get this party started…” then he has her out the door and off towards the suite that was reserved for them.


Getting the door open, he carries her over the threshold and into the living room. Placing her on her feet he slips an arm about her and pulls her hard against him… lips meet lips hard… hand to the back of her head slipping into her hair and she finds she is kissing him back…

Heart racing, small sounds coming from them both, hands moving over each other… she tugs on his jacket all while their tongues dance an unknown dance with each other.

Feeling movement to the back of her dress and the zipper being pulled down, she can feel the cool air against her skin.

Breaking the kiss… she helps him push the dress down and steps out of it… watching him rip it away once she is free… tossing it to the side.

Hands to his shirt… he fumbles with buttons then yanks it off, tossing it to the pile of clothing gathering, and then reaches for his belt at his pants. It dawns on her that Shaun was coming. His pants already being pulled off one foot and now the other.

Moving towards her with a look of need, she moves hands up to his chest, “Wait, he is coming… we can’t”

Instead, he claims her lips again… calloused fingers run over one full breast gripping it hard… causing her to cry out a sound mixed between pleasure and pain… she can’t deny what she feels for him, wanting… needing… fingers hook into the hem of her panties and then they are pulled tight… so tight that for a moment it hurts when she hears the fabric give and it is ripped from her body…

For some reason the sound of him tearing them from her body… makes the flip in her stomach happen again. Her hands move up to curl about his neck and she feels his hands move down to her ass… lifting her.

Hooking her legs about his waist, he carries her to the sofa and as he carefully lays her back… she watches him grab his hard cock… lead it to her sopping pussy and with a few swipes over her wetness… she cries out as he pushes it deep into her… causing him to groan in the process.

In… out… gasps… moans… her father claims her again…

Trying to move to meet up for more… she hears a sound and both their heads turn as Shaun is standing there with clothing in his hands.

“Oh… no.. Shaun” she feels dread slip through every part of her body, “Stop… daddy… please… Shaun… ” Kenzi tries to push her father off of her and instead… he drives himself again into her pussy… causing her to give another pleasured sound but frustrated as well.

Trying to move up and away… she watches Shaun put things down slowly… tears start to form bakire porno as she is ashamed for how he has caught her.

Hands grip her hips and she feels herself being pulled back towards her father as her husband comes about, “Daddy… please… stop… ” she cries out… still trying to push him but this only seems to egg him on as he continues to move in and out of her… “Ugh… no.. please… I need to explain,” trying to squirm out from under her

Which then to her horror, she hears her father’s state, “Shaun… come over here and stuff your wife’s mouth with your cock to shut her up.”

Needing nothing more, Shaun tosses the clothes he was holding over a nearby chair, moving towards them, hands moving to pants… she hears his zipper go down where by that time… he is standing next to her…

Not sure what is going on… she moves a hand up to block her husband’s cock trying to prevent him from doing what her father asks… then as her father drives back out and into her again, she hears Shaun, “Did you take what you needed and get the proof…?”

Watching give a pant, he nods, “Aye and it was as good as I thought… later you can take her virgin ass… but for now…”

They were both in on it… What… the… Hell!!

Needing to say something… she is thwarted when she feels Shaun’s hand grab for her, he leans in she feels his cock run over her lips, “take all of it love… like I know you can.”

Father still working in and out of her pussy… her husband wanting to fill her mouth… what is wrong with them… making one more attempt to get them to stop… her father grabs for her face… driving one more time into her and she feels him hit her cervix causing her to cry out, “Just enjoy this… take his cock and make us cum… like the slut, I know you can be,”

His hand turns her face and as Shaun leans forward… she feels his cock press against her mouth, “Take him Kenzi… take him into your mouth,” and she parts her lips, feeling him push into and over her tongue.

Unsure if it was cause he was watching her take her husband into her mouth, all three of them together… her pussy starts to get pounded faster… deeper… trying to fill her to the point she thinks to go through her… a hand slips between them and when he finds her nub… it causes her to gasp and her mouth is suddenly fuller with Shauns’ cock.

Soon both men are pumping in and out of her holes…sounds of skin against skin… the smell of sex… sounds from each of them as her body is being used… father leans over to claim one breast… her husband’s hand in her hair, moving her head forward and back along his shaft…

Father’s fingers still rubbing at her harden gem, causing small jolts to shoot through her body… she finds she is trying to meet each of them… taking more of his cock into her mouth, trying to lift to meet her father’s thrusts… his hips slamming into her body…



That feeling from before starts to build again and she finds… it growing… to much… much more than before…

Final,ly she feels as if lightning has crashed through her whole body all at once…

Body arching up… she screams about the cock in her mouth… the pleasure both men are bringing… she cums… riding the orgasm of her life…

Her mouth is all of a sudden being filled and all she can do is try to swallow as it hits the back of her throat… but then she feels him pull out… the next spurt of his cum hits her chin and then down across her chest, he experiencing his own release.

Father seeing this… growls out… hands grip her legs and he makes one final deep push… into her… she feels him pulsating within her as he starts to cum, filling her with his bedava porno seed…

Still feeling the after effects of her own orgasm, she watches him drive into her a few more times as if to make sure he had emptied all into her… when he looks up, their eyes meet and he moves to lay over her body… one hand to her father’s head and the other to her husband’s leg, who has now moved to sit next to her.

Shaun now reaching with fingers to pull sweaty hair strands away from her face.

For some reason, it all felt…

As father starts to pull from her… they all hear a knock at the door and she looks between them both panicking.

“No… do not worry, we are expecting this… we need to sign our marriage certificate.” Shaun states as he begins to stand, hands reaching to pull up his pants, fastening them. Though he makes a detour to a nearby door… slipping in, then out bringing her a robe and a towel.

Watching her father move to stand, reaching for his shirt… he watches her before calling out, “One moment.”

Standing up quicker than she should have, her legs still wobbly like jelly… cum starting to dribble down one leg… with an arm to the couch to balance her… she uses the towel to try to dab up some of it, wrapping a robe about herself and take a seat in a nearby chair.

Shaun goes for the door, opening it… there stands her a man she does not know, but seems both men did.

“Is the deed done?” he ask as he steps into the room and Kenzi can’t help to look up with a puzzled look.

Watching her father move towards his jacket… he pulls out the towel from earlier, seeing it was stained with a bit of blood and watches him hand it over to the stranger. The man goes to the kitchen counter, opening a briefcase and pulls out a plastic bag. Dropping the towel into it, she notices her father searching through the pile of clothing that was tossed aside earlier and pulls out her undergarment that was ripped from her body and watches him hand them over as well. The man adds it to the plastic bag and then seals it..

Standing she looks between the two men, “What is going on?”

The man then pulls out a document and lays it out on the table. “If you three will stand before me, we will go through the quick ceremony and then you can each sign. I have to remind you, if she is not pregnant within three weeks… both contracts will become null and void. Do you understand?”

Watching both father and Shaun nod, they each turn to her. Then her father takes a step forward… where she takes a step back, “What is going on? Daddy?”

Taking the few short steps to close the distance, he reaches for her hand and pulls her back, “Tell me first, did you enjoy what we had… ” motioning to the couch. She can’t help but look in the direction of the sofa…, flashes of what they just did fresh in her mind… she swears she can still smell the sex in the air.

Face going crismon, she can’t say the words but gives a quick nod. Drawing her over to where Shaun was standing, “If you love the both of us… If you want more of what we had… we can do this now. We each will say our vows, we will sign our names and as long as I get you with child within three weeks, we will live as husband, husband and wife.”

Eyes going wide, she can’t help but look between the two of them, “Pregnant…? Poly?”

Which then Shaun moves about to face her, “We are part of a Order that welcomes a poly lifestyle. It has been going on for hundreds of years… but it means you get to keep us both. Though to the world, I will be your legally public husband, but to make it binding, he…” pointing to her father, ” needs to get you pregnant… to seal the contract.”

Looking between the two men, she takes a moment to let their words sink in, Poly…? she would be allowed to keep them both… but she would need to get pregnant… thinking over the day’s events… a hand moves to her stomach and then horror flashes on her face. They had used no protection… none…

She could be pregnant now…

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