Help from a Friend

Big Tits

Friday evenings were NOW for rest and relaxation.

Gone were the days of ‘Mom, take me here!” Our kids were on their own. Living their lives.

We watched them mature into women with good character and a zest for life.

Closing my eyes, I was startled by the vibration of my phone from inside my pants pocket. “Two inches to the left and I might have enjoyed that.” I thought to myself.

I frantically thumbed my way into my jeans to retrieve the phone. Looking down I saw “Janet” had left me a text message.

Clicking on the message, I struggled to sit up so I could read and respond to Janet’s text.

“We are having beers at the BeeHive. Come join us. Bring Patrick, he and Rick can talk about sports.”

“Janet knows we don’t drink!” I thought.

My reply read, “Sounds like someone needs to be rescued?”

“Just get your asses here.” Janet texted back.

“Fine!” I replied.

Patrick, my husband of 30 years, was already helping the neighbor so I had to go solo.

Arriving at the BeeHive I found Janet sitting at an outside table. Rick was sitting on the other side of the picnic table facing her.

“Kathy, hey, Kathy”, Janet shouted over the music. I sat beside Janet and got one of those, I already tried 5 beers. One of those hugs where they hold on a bit too long.

I broke the hug and looking across the table Rick had a pathetic expression on his face. “What?” I said.

“No hug for me!” Rick said like a child who did not get sprinkles on his ice cream.

I stood up, reached across the table and gave Rick a big hug.

We sat down as Rick sarcastically stated, “You need to give Janet lessons on how to hug.”

Janet lifted her head and with a coy smile and mouthed.” perhaps she could show me how to give a blowjob!”

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and Rick choked on his beer.

“No filter!” I said to Janet.

“Sorry, can I blame the beer?” she asked.

Rick stopped choking and blurted out, “Lets try that!”

“OK, shall we change the subject.” I quipped.

“Fine!” Rick said in a childish voice while kicking the gravel below the table.

I took this in a humorous way and began laughing out loud.

Janet tapped my shoulder and referenced for us two girls to go get me something to drink.

While standing at the counter Janet apologized for her rude comment.

“No worries, although I could probably give you some pointers!” I said.

Janet’s face turned beet red.

“OMG!, that is the first dirty comment I have ever heard you say. What’s wrong?” Janet asked.

“I was merely joking.” I stated.

“BULLSHIT!” Janet replied snidely. “I know you, if you give a response like that there is an underlying problem. Tell me I am wrong.” Janet said.

“I’m just frustrated, let’s get something to drink and enjoy this evening.” I said back.

“Where is Patrick, why are you alone, you are never without Patrick.” was Janet’s reply.

Walking back to the table Janet informed Rick that the girls were going shopping and asked if he wanted to come along or go do something for himself. Knowing her husband, Rick jumped at the chance to do something along and ran off quickly.

“Shopping?, I hate shopping.” I said.

“We are going to drive down to the jetty and talk.” Janet informed me.

“What for?” I asked.

“I need to know what is going on with you, that’s what.” Janet replied.

The drive to the jetty was a quick 5 minute drive. It was low tide so the jetty was above water and dry.

“Great, its dry, easier to walk on.” Janet said.

We made our way to the end of the jetty and Janet asked me to tell her what was going on. “This is totally between you and me Kathy.” Janet reassured me.

“Look, I am not sure why you think there is something going on but there is nothing wrong.” I informed her.

“Again, BULLSHIT.” She stated.

“We are at the end of the jetty and not one can hear our conversation. Tell me what is on your mind. I can see it is eating you up. The way you walk, the way you play with your hair nervously, the tone in your voice. Spill it Missy!”

“Fuck you Ohio people are prying shits. Look you got me cursing.” I said.

Janet blurted, “Spill it.”

“Patrick and I are having a problem.” I said hesitantly.

“What? You two don’t have problems. You’re like June and Ward Cleaver for Christ sake.” She said.

“Patrick is going through what appears to be ED and I am not sure if I am handling it well. I have never really been the promiscuous type when it came to sex. I have always been reserved, It’s just how I was raised. Patrick has always respected that and things worked out.” I stated.

“However, NOW, I am getting more promiscuous and, well, nothing on his end. I know he is just as frustrated as I am. It is like I never wanted sex, now I want it everyday.” I said.

“Look there are remedies for ED.” Janet whipped.

“It’s not that.” I blurted out.

“Than What?” Janet asked.

“I confronted Patrick, telling him that he was not big enough. He has a small Ankara travesti penis. I don’t know why, frustrated I guess but now I feel horrible. I know he has the beginning stages of ED and that has an effect on the length and rigidity but I got horny and there was nothing there. The one time I get really horny and nothing.” I said.

Letting it all out seemed to be a great relief but what was said next knocked me off my rocker.

“Fuck Rick!” Janet said.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I surprisingly said back to Janet.

“Look, Rick and I have had our problems and ALL of them are mine. I don’t like this or that or something else. I know he gets frustrated and wants some kind of ‘relief’.” Janet confides in me.

“Relief?” I ask.

“Other than watching porn. He gets cranky if we don’t have sex twice a week and lately it has been every other week so he is quite resentful. Thus the childish whims today… I know he does not mean it and he is just frustrated but I do not think I can help him. Does that make sense?” Janet stated.

“Actually, perfect sense. Rick is frustrated and I am frustrated so together we should be able to help one another.” I reply.

“Are you fucking crazy, have you lost all respect for yourself and your marriage.” I boastfully state.

“Look, get off your moral high ground and come live in 2020. Open marriages, Poly marriages. This is like ‘free love of the 60’s.” Janet replied.

“What about Patrick, does he not have a say in this matter?” I asked.

“Several months ago we were at the BeeHive with you and Patrick. You saw some young buck and asked jokingly to Patrick, ‘Can I take him for a ride Patrick? to which he replied. ‘Go for it, live a little, live outside your box.’ Janet said.

I remembered that situation like it just happened. I can remember the aroma of that cowboy and the firmness his ass filled those jeans out with. I also remembered the conversation Patrick and I had that very evening.

“Look, I know I am going through some body changes with my age. I do not want you to live a sexless, unfulfilling life, void of any pleasure. If you find someone, have fun. Just be careful and things will work out. We have been together everyday for the past 30 some years. I don’t think some boy toy will cause us any strife.”

His words were echoing over and over in my head. He was giving me permission to have sex outside our marriage if I ever needed to.

My thoughts were interrupted by the splashing waves against the jetty.

“Let’s go, we have to get going. It is 8:13 and the tide is coming in. Do not want to get stuck on the jetty tonight.” Janet said.

We got back to the car and I drove Janet home. We went inside and Rick was watching TV. He got up and put his beer on a coaster then wiped the table.

“Hey, buy anything?” Rick asked.

“What?” Janet said.

I piped in, “No, just girl talk. I need to get going. Perhaps we can chat about this later.” I asked Janet.

“OK, sweetie,” Janet said and we hugged good night.

Rick stood up and as I went for the door I turned and walked over to Rick, hugged him, letting my leg drift between his legs rubbing up against his cock. “Night Rick.”

I whispered into his ear.

The look on Janet’s face was priceless.

Rick was mesmerized…Stunned. I left listening to Janet laugh at Rick.

Walking through the mud room I saw Patrick in the kitchen finishing up the dishes. “OH SHIT! I never ate tonight.” I said.

Patrick smiled, “I ordered you General Tso Chicken with lo mein noodles and an egg roll.”

I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. “I am starving.” I said.

Later that night I was reading as Patrick and I laid in bed getting ready for some sleep.

“good night?” Patrick said.

“Night sweetie.” I replied.

“No, did you have a good night with Rick and Janet? I know Janet can be a bit rough for you sometimes.” He stated.

“Oh, she is always talking without a filter. I am used to it though. She actually asked me a unnerving question tonight.” I said with a bit of nervousness in my voice.

“What was that?” Patrick inquired.

“Her and Rick are going through something and she said Rick was getting stressed because of their lack of intimacy.” I replied.

“Every guy is stressed about intimacy in one way or another. We live by our drive for lust. Like we used to live for the rush of hunting and gathering, providing the things that would keep our spouses healthy, happy. Now we live the same way but we no longer need to hunt or gather so it is our internal lust that drives us to somehow make our spouses happy. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel it is how men are driven deep down…” Patrick explained.

“HMMM.” I said.

“What, she wants you to help Rick?” Patrick quipped.

“What? What makes you say that?” I said.

“Kathy, It’s 2020, people are more open about things now than we were years ago. We grew up being told that if we masturbated we would go blind, If we fornicated we would never see the light of heaven. Today Konya travesti they see through all that and are out to just have some stress relieving fun.”

I was shocked. Did Patrick just give me permission to have sex outside our marriage?

I had to inquire.

“So you mean to tell me that if Janet asked me to have sex with Rick, you would be OK with that?” I said with a hint of nervousness in my voice.

“Would it be OK with Rick and Janet? He said.

My heart fell to my knees.

“Look sweetie. In the past I use to get really stressed if we did not have sex once a week or every other week. Now, I don’t think of sex that much at all. This is not a reflection on you, it is my biology. I no longer have control over my desires. My antenna has been stripped of its powers. I know this stresses you out but it is the truth. Sure, medicine can raise the antenna but it can not make the desire go along with it and not to its former glory.” He explained.

“Am I not desirable anymore?” I ask.

“YES, I think about you all the time. My friend, my wife, my partner, my lover, the object of my desires.” He replied.

“Unfortunately, it is not the same now for me. When you can’t satisfy someone you feel their pain, you lose the desire to try. All you see is the frustration on their faces or the disappointment in their voices.” He continued.

“I am shocked Patrick.” I said.

“I am sorry, we should have had this talk a long time ago. Now that the kids are gone we have to be more open with each other. It is you and me forever.”

The next morning I woke and heard Patrick in the back yard racking the pine cones and leaves. I watched as he moved to his music and flung the pine cones into a pile with his hockey stick. ‘Gotta make work fun’, I would hear him say.

I looked at my phone and saw several texts from Janet.

“What the fuck did you do to Rick? He was so alive after you left. He ripped off my clothes and we had sex right there in the living room. OMG, it was fantastic.” I read.


“No seriously, he was a changed person. We have not had that much lust in our sexual activities, ever!. Now what did you do?” She typed.

“I got bold, that’s what. Wanted to see how you and Rick would react.” I answered.

“Tell me please.” she asked.

“OK, when I hugged him goodbye last night I rubbed my leg between his legs and gave his man parts an unexpected brushing. I also whispered ‘night rick’.”

“I thought you did something. Thank you!” She replied.

I typed a reply, “I talked to Patrick last night and he basically gave me his permission to help. Are you sure you are OK with this? I know Rick is, HAHAHAHAHA!”

“Only one request?” She typed.

“What?” I typed back.

“I want to watch! please?” I read with a sense of trepidation.

“Seriously? won’t that be a bit uncomfortable?” I asked.

“No, I really want to watch. I will sit on the chair in our room. Please?” She replied.

“For fuck sake, Rick will get a kick out of this huh?” I typed back.

“OH, FUCK YEA!” Janet sent back.

I met Janet at Joe’s Smoking Hot Ribs for lunch Saturday afternoon.

Janet leaned in and whispered into my ear. “SO, tonight?”

I looked at her and said, “Well, Patrick is on his way to a hockey game and will not be home until sometime between 11 pm or midnight. Looks like tonight would be the best time. Is Rick OK with this?” I said.

“Yes he has been asking constantly since your ‘rubbing.'”

“Shall we say 5?” Janet asked hesitantly.

“Sure but just to let you know this is going to be weird as fuck. I am so far outside my box I am in another galaxy.” I stated.

“Us too!” Janet replied.

I drove home and picked out a nice casual outfit to wear. I did not want to dress as a hooker, although that is what I was beginning to feel like. With that thought my phone vibrated on the nightstand.

“Janet?” I read.

“Look, Rick and I were talking and wanted you to know that at any time any of us feel weird or feel we need to call it off, no one is to be angry or hurt. Sounds good to you?”

I replied. “Sounds great to me. See you in 20 minutes or so.”

Ringing their door bell I suddenly heard the movement of the doors handle. My heart sank into my stomach.

“Hey, Kathy.” Janet welcomed me with a big hug.

“Well this is starting out on a normal vibe.” I thought.

“DRINK!” I heard Rick yell from the kitchen. “We have wine, beer and an assortment of alcohol.

“Margarita’s?” Janet interrupted.

“Margarita’s it is.” I jested.

Rick was wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts and Janet was in yoga pants and top.

“This is all too familiar.” I thought. “Just like any other visit I have had.”

“I figured some alcohol would loosen us up a bit.” Rick stated.

“Hope that is not forwarded to me?” Rick continued.

“Not at all, great idea actually.” I said.

After a couple, potent Margarita’s I went to stand and felt a slight head rush.

I looked at my watch İzmir travesti and it was almost 6. We have been drinking and laughing for almost an hour I thought.

We made our way to their bedroom and I noticed a big lounge chair set up beside the bed with a blanket strung over it. A towel was placed on the cushion.

The master bathroom was enormous. A walk in shower with no doors. You had to walk around a small wall into a cove to shower. It was quite nice I thought.

“Care to shower?” Janet said invitingly.

“Not alone!” I replied.

Within minutes I was in the shower and hot water was cascading down from the rain spout in the ceiling. “I am in heaven” I thought.

Janet and Rick joined me after several seconds. Rick had more drinks which he set on the shelf along the back wall.

“Lets lather up, shall we.” Rick stated.

Janet started lathering up a sponge and I stood under the rain with my eyes closed. I felt the hot water glide over my body as my skin jumped with the first touch of the sponge. My shoulders were being washed and I could feel another sponge on my thigh.

“OMG, I am about to explode!” I thought. “Keep your eyes closed and enjoy the moment.”

I could sense the sponge on my thigh moving downward to my feet and back up the other left, stopping at my vaginal area.

My breasts peeked as the other sponge glided over my nipples.

“MMMMMM.” escaped my lips as the sponges cleaned my body.

Rinsing off I stepped out of the shower and feeling brave I pulled Rick under the rain.

“Your turn.” I said.

Rick stood there rinsing off in the hot water as Janet and I began washing his body.

He was quite fit with a nice ass. I started cleaning his back when Janet grabbed my sponge and guided it down to his ass.

I took the hint and began moving the sponge across each cheek and then dug into his ass crack to wash this area especially well. I could feel him tense up as I pushed the sponge into his ass.

Reaching around to the front I took his cock into my hand and felt for the first time his long hard shaft.

Janet once again took over, she guided Rick to turn around as she began sponging off his chest. I stood there with his cock in my hand when Janet took the sponge from me and guided her eyes to Rick’s cock.

“What is your desire?” She whispered to me.

I saw two towels placed on the shower floor and knelt down in front of Rick. I began stroking Rick’s cock as he and Janet were kissing passionately.

I began feeling his balls as I stroked his cock. Being brave I licked the head and shaft and heard Rick moan.

I guided his cock into my mouth, “No going back now?” I thought.

Deeper and deeper I let his cock fill my mouth. I started to feel uncomfortable and withdrew his cock. “He is longer than I am used to.” I thought.

I once again began pushing his cock into my mouth. This time I got all the way to his balls without a problem. I stopped there allowing his cock to pulsate inside my eager mouth.

I withdrew his shaft once again then stood up.

“Your turn Janet?” I asked.

I tossed a sponge to Rick.

“OH MY.” Janet let escape from her lips.

I noticed Rick went for the breasts and shoulders leaving me for the stomach and below.

I glided the sponge over her midsection then began moving between her legs. Janet spread her legs for me as the sponge slid inside her vaginal area.

“First time washing a pussy.” I thought. “I like it!” I continued thinking.

I let the sponge fall to the floor and started washing her with my fingers. I felt her hand take mine and guide it into her pussy. Rubbing it as she grinds back to my touch. Spreading her legs giving me more access I hear her say.

“Rinse the inside especially good please.”

My fingers plunged into her pussy two knuckles deep. I felt her lift to the balls of her feet.

Rick turned off the water and we toweled off and made our way to their bed.

Looking at Janet I could not help but notice that she had her vaginal area waxed smooth. It felt so nice when I was massaging it.

Janet sat on the chair and spun it towards us.

I lay on the bed and Rick climbed between my legs spreading them apart. He reached for a pillow and placed it below my ass. This allowed my ass to lift off the bed.

I felt his tongue glide over my vaginal lips and my whole body exploded with tiny bolts of electricity. Over and over Rick lapped at my lips. Gently and carefully his tongue caressed me until I felt like I was going insane with pleasure.

I placed my hand on his head and pulled his face deeper into my pussy. Feeling his tongue enter my hole I looked up noticing Janet fucking herself with a dildo.

She placed the dildo on the cushion and was riding it. The sight of this toy thrusting in and out of her turned me on so much. I was losing my mind with desire.

I pushed Ricks head back from my pussy and guided him to lay down beside me.

Positioning myself on all fours beside Rick he took the hint and began positioning himself behind me.

I felt his cock touch the entrance. Without hesitation I thrust my hips backwards and encompassed his cock in one quick stroke. I sat there pushing back on his cock. It was buried deep inside of me. I looked up and Janet was feverishly fucking that dildo.

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