He Said, She Said


Author’s note: I meet an e-mail friend at a nightclub and things heat up. I start things off and she’ll end them. Special thanks to my co-author, Tiffany from Tenn. I begin the story…

* * * * *

I can see you and your friend from across the dance floor and wait until she goes to the bar for a drink until I make my move.

The dance floor is crowded, with people elbow-to-elbow. You had told me in an email you and your friend would be at this particular club and almost dared me to meet you. I finally decided to take you up on your offer.

I approach you and say “Thanks for the email, baby. I’m glad you finally wanted to meet. “

Your eyes widen in surprise and then you break into a broad smile. Your face lights up when you realize it’s me.

A slow sexy song has come on and you grab me by the hand and lead me to the middle of the crowded dance floor. You place your arms around my neck. I put my hands on your waist and pull you close to me. I whisper into your ear “You’re even sexier than I ever dreamed you could be. ” You just smile and move my hands from your hips to your ass. I begin to gently massage your ass as we sway to the music and you pull me even closer. You nibble on my ear and whisper to me “guess what… no panties. “

I decide to find out for myself. The dance floor is so crowded, everyone around us is oblivious to what is going on. I move my hand down from your ass and to the back of your thigh and I hear you sigh in my ear. I slowly inch my fingers up underneath your microscopic skirt and find out you meant business.

My fingers dance along your curvaceous behind and I move my right around to your front. I slowly slide my fingers up your thigh to your naked pussy. I trace the lips up and down and can feel your heat and moisture building. Your grip around my neck becomes tighter and all you can say is “yes. “

I ease my middle finger inside you and you begin to bite my neck to keep from crying out. You’re dripping in anticipation. I slide another finger inside you and begin to ease them in and out while we move to the music. My fingers move faster and faster and kartal escort I can feel you shuddering and quivering. After several minutes of manipulation, you begin moaning as your orgasm overtakes your body.

As your orgasm slowly begins to ebb you look at me with a “two-can-play-at-that-game” gleam in your eyes. Your hands move from my around my neck down to my beltline. You deftly move down to my zipper and pull it down. Reaching inside, you massage my rock-hard cock through my silk boxers. Now, it’s my turn to moan and you respond with an almost evil chuckle.

You pull my cock from my pants and begin to stroke it as the song changes. Teasing the head with your fingertips, you get a dollop of precum from the tip and bring it to your lips. You whisper to me “is there more where that came from?”

I respond by shoving my cock back into my pants and taking you by the hand off the dance floor and out of the club into the cool night air. I don’t want to waste any time looking for a place for privacy and spot a limo nearby. Thankfully it’s vacant.

I take you by the hand and dash across the street to the limo. It’s unlocked! The gods are smiling upon us tonight. I hustle you into the back of the car and literally dive into your arms. Tongues fluttering together, we grope and maul each other with a passion neither of us thought possible.

Your tiny skirt has become hiked up almost to your hips and I move between your legs to retrace the steps my fingers had taken earlier. Your pussy is steaming and bare, freshly shaven before you went out for the evening. I lick all the way up one side of you and all the way down the other, teasing you with my tongue. You will have none of it and grab me by the neck again, pulling me down even closer to you. I flick my tongue over your clit just to hear you moan again. I suck your clit between my lips and flick it back and forth with my tongue as I plunge two fingers inside of you once again. The combination of my tongue and the finger fucking has pushed you over the edge. Your moans have become screams.

I reach up with my left hand and begin to play with the cumhuriyet mahallesi escort nipples of your unrestrained breasts. They’re as hard as thimbles and begging to be sucked. I move away from your pussy and up to your breasts and begin licking, kissing, biting, nibbling and just about anything else I can think of with my mouth. You pull my face to yours and kiss me deeply, savoring your own taste on my lips…

And now she continues the story…

.. Gently sucking one of your lips into my mouth and gently biting it, I run my hand down toward your manhood. The taste of my own excitement on your lips, makes me so wet. I push you back and down onto the seat. My tongue still forcefully probing your mouth, just stopping occasionally to gently suck it deep between my hungry lips.

“mmmmmm I can not wait to taste your hard cock”, I whisper in your ear as my tongue plays with your earlobe. Your cock throbs in my hand as I kiss my way down your neck. Slowly dragging my tongue over your hot skin. I unbutton your shirt and pull it open, so that I can continue my way down your body. Savoring ever possible inch at my lips.

My hands quickly undo your pants and slide them down with your undies. I look up at you to find you watching my every move. I lock my eyes to yours as my mouth slowly kisses down your tummy. “I hope you have something for me to taste”, I say to you as I lift the head of your cock to my lips. “mmmmmmm” I lick a droplet of the precum off your huge head. I leave your cock for a moment, and go to the inside of your thighs. Slowly tracing my tongue in circles working my way upward till I reach your balls. My tongue gently works between them, tracing up and down taking each one into my mouth, slowly sucking, as though I am eating a tender and delicate treat. I hear your moans of pleasure as I continue to feast on you.

“I can not take any more I have to feel that cock inside of my mouth”, I say to you as I run my tongue up the side and rest my lips on the head. My tongue works slow delicate circles around you as I push you further into my mouth. Massaging yunus escort you, you slide deeper and deeper. I feel your hands start to grip my hair. Your fingers slide around to the back of my neck, as I try to deep throat all of your massive manhood. I can feel you at the back of my throat and I start to slowly fuck you with my mouth. Working up and down in a faster motion, my tongue working at the same rhythm all over the length of you. Massaging you harder as I stroke you up and down. I can feel your balls tightening in my hand as I massage them. I know that you are so close to cumming deep into my mouth. I groan at the thought of tasting your hot cum, but not yet. First, I must feel you cumming deep inside of me.

I slowly slide my mouth off of your hard cock and come to sit on your lap. Leaning into your chest, I whisper in your ear… “Do you wanna feel what sucking your cock does to me? Do you wanna feel how wet my pussy is?” I slide your cock head over my slit, covering your head in my wetness. I feel your pelvis slide toward me, but I back away just to be a tease. I feel your hands grab my ass and push me toward you as you say, “I want you now, please” I reply to you. “mmmmmm baby, tell me how this feels first?” I slide your head into to my hot wet tight box. I hear you moan deep in your throat from the pleasure. “mmmmmmmmm, how about this then?” I slide another inch of you deep inside of my wet warmth. Slowly with each moan I hear I slide an inch of your cock into me.

We both begin to rock in motion with one another. Our pelvises grinding against the other. I lift my pussy up all the way to your head and plunge back down on you. “Oh baby yes, please fuck me” I scream as I come down harder on your cock. I rub my breasts and pinch my nipples as I ride your cock harder and faster. I lean forward kissing you deeply, my tongue hungrily searching for yours completing that intimacy of our bodies being one with the other.

Sharing an overwhelming feeling of heat and passion, desire and lust. You can feel the warmth of my juices flowing all over you. I can feel my orgasm building, my pussy grips you tightly, squeezing you, wanting to take your seed. I push down harder and faster as I feel my orgasm rise up my body. You respond to me, you grind deep into my flowing juices and reward me with your orgasm. I feel your hot cum shoot into me as I continue riding pumping you for every last drop…

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