Hayley’s Naughty Night Out with Her Sister: The After Party


The walk back to the girl’s apartment was short, but not uneventful. The tiny brunette, Donna, had ‘recruited’ along the way. Three more guys had joined her brother John and his two friends. Hayley found herself giving a stranger a blowjob on the sidewalk in front of a group of people coming out of a nightclub to ‘demonstrate her skills’, as Donna put it. After watching her sister Chloe and Donna lick the cum off her face and swapping it with deep kisses, another two businessman in smart suits had quickly joined the group.

Hayley herself had lost her jeans when a guy stripped them off to feel her ass and had walked back in only a pair of high heels, her underwear and a tiny jacket. The brunette had actually protected her from the guys when they started being too grabby with her; although she wasn’t immune from examining Hayley’s body with her own hands. Hayley loved how this tiny brunette made her feel.

Not close to five feet tall even in her heels, the girl had raven black hair, cut severely at the fringe above her dark eyes, with a pair of tight hot pants and a top that covered only the top of her tits, leaving everything below the nipple exposed. Hayley couldn’t get over how tiny her waist was compared to those gorgeous, big breasts.

Chloe walked to her sister’s left, giving all the guy’s that encircled the three girls like a pack of animal’s sultry looks, sometimes reaching out to touch their cocks through their jeans, smiling sexily if they were hard. Chloe had been fucked by groups of guys before, a secret she had planned to share with her big sister soon. She licked her lips in anticipation at revealing to her the biggest secret of all…

Back in the apartment, the three girls went into a separate room while John ushered the guys into the main room. Hayley felt nervous, she had done something tonight that would never have occurred to her in her wildest dreams. She had always been a ‘good girl’, never cheating on anyone, and she could count the amount of one-night stands on one hand. But something had come over her in that club that was almost spiritual.

By giving away control she had somehow become more in control than anytime in her entire life. For someone who had often turned off the lights for sex with her boyfriend and tried to avoid attention whenever she could had suddenly found herself being roughly fucked by more men than she could count and in front of a massive crowd who recorded every minute. It made her horny just thinking of it.

She watched now as the two girls gently undressed her and brought her into the shower. Working together, they began soaping each other’s bodies, caressing and kissing each other tenderly.

‘The calm before the storm, eh?’ said Hayley, smiling at the brunette.

‘You’re going to have a great time tonight. Remember; don’t ever feel you’re being forced into doing anything. We’re the stars. Without us they’re just a group of guys jerking off in an empty room! Anyway, John and me will keep them under control.’

‘I don’t know if I want them to be in control’ said Hayley seductively, leaning in to kiss the girl, rolling her tongue slowly in gentle circles. She felt her sister behind her reach her hand around and begin rubbing her clit, bringing her tongue up to her sister’s ear and inserting it deep inside, causing her sister to moan loudly into Donna’s mouth.

‘Let’s get ready for the boys, shall we?’ said Chloe, turning her sister around and giving her a pouty kiss on the mouth. Hayley had come to love those lips.

‘Before we begin, I better explain something’ said Donna, reaching into her drawer and taking out some clothes. ‘People don’t know me and John are brother and sister. We moved up here two years ago and started to look for people that would join us in our… activities. We thought it’d be safer to just pretend that it’s our fetish and get away with it like that. I love my brother but I love getting fucked by lots of big cocks as well, and he likes watching me do it.’

‘We’ll say the same then’ said Hayley, as Donna walked towards her with a cheeky and grateful smile on her face.

‘This is going to be fun. And these are going to look great on you’ said Donna, as she pushed Hayley onto the bed and began dressing her. First, she put on two white fishnet stockings that went up to Hayley’s thin thighs. Then she strapped on a pair of white high-heels. The ensemble was completed with a see-through top that barely covered her tits and a pink leather skirt that was strapped with white strings on either side that certainly didn’t cover her sexy little ass.

Chloe had selected a small and tight schoolgirl outfit, tying her long blonde hair into two ponytails. Donna had a thin lycra black strip strapped around her breasts, holding her tits but only covering the nipples. The matching lycra skirt that she wore seemed to Hayley even more thinner, if that was possible. She really had to marvel at those breasts, for such a tiny girl they stood out a mile, and stood up as well.

‘Let’s join the boy’s’ said Donna, taking the two girls hands in hers. ‘But be warned, from here on in, I’m not gonna’ be nice…’

The walked into the room to be greeted by the men in their underwear, three sitting on the main couch, John on the main chair, and the rest standing around the room. Hayley couldn’t help herself checking out which guys had the biggest dicks. She looked at John, his bulge, and licked her lips.

In the centre of the large room was a lounge chair resting on a rug that covered the room. With no armrests, the chair was simply a long thin piece of soft material that curved gently to the floor. It was, Hayley thought, designed for sex.

‘Well boys’ Donna announced ‘here are your fuck toys for the night. Two whore sisters who can’t get enough cock. Treat them as you fucking well please, Sex hikayeleri I certainly will.’

With that, she pushed the two girls to the floor, putting them on all fours. She got down on her knees and began spanking the two sisters, pulling their hair as she started to get to work.

‘Two little sluts’ she growled ‘two little incestuous sluts. Fucking their own family in front of a group of guys. Luckily, I’m a little incestuous slut too, and I know exactly how to treat little cunts like you.’

She went to a drawer and opened a drawer. She took out a large double-ended black dildo, about sixteen inches long in total.

‘Go end to end’ she ordered the two sisters. They obeyed, staying on all fours and facing their ass to each other’s. Donna moved in between them and began spitting down, letting it drip before rubbing it against their pussies. The two girls moaned in pleasure.

‘You like that, you little bitches? You fucking better. These guys want a show, and you’re going to give them one, aren’t you?

She began inserting the dildo into their pussy’s, working it into Chloe’s first before moving Hayley’s onto it. The two sisters began to move together, working slowly at first before picking up the pace.

‘That’s it you little sluts’ shouted Donna ‘fuck your sister! Fuck her! Harder!’ She pushed the two of her together and soon the dildo was filling each sister. Donna began to spank their asses, then inserting a finger into each, and then two. The two sisters began to orgasm hard.

‘Oh, fuck yes!’ screamed Hayley ‘fuck me, sis, fuck me. I want you to fuck me! Fuck my slut pussy!’

‘I’m cumming’ moaned Chloe ‘Cum for me, sis, cum for your little sister!’

They began ramming each other as hard as the could, using their hands to push back hard, pounding each other for as long as they could before collapsing together onto the floor, Donna taking her fingers out of their asses and spanking them both.

‘That’s my little fuck sluts; I think you deserve a reward. Go suck those cocks’ she said as she gave them both one final spank and crawled towards John on the main chair, opening his legs and going for what she needed. She started to titty fuck her big brother, spitting down where his cock was moving up and down, held in by his sisters tits and the lycra strip.

‘You like that, big brother?’ she said, opening her mouth and taking the top of his dick into her mouth ‘You like it when your slut sister sucks your cock?’ Taking the cock out from between her breasts, she plunged her mouth deeply down all the way to the bottom of the shaft.

Hayley reached out to the four standing men and they moved in toward her. Chloe began at the couch, going straight down on the guy in the middle, looking him straight in the eye as she slowly took all of his eight-inch cock into her mouth first time, her hands behind her back. Soon Hayley couldn’t see her sister as the first guy pointed his dick at her mouth and she began to lick it up and down.

‘Fuck that’ said the guy as he grabbed her head from behind and shoved his cock straight down her throat. Hayley gagged, and loved the feeling. She opened up her throat and let the guy work it the way he wanted it.

‘Fuck yeah’ he said, first slowly working his cock all the way in before holding it and then roughly fucking her face ‘this one’s good.’

Donna had selected her friends well, Hayley thought, as she was swapped from guy to guy. These were hard to handle. Drool began to drip out of her mouth as they kept pummelling her mouth. They started slapping her tits with their dicks and fucking the side of her mouth causing her cheeks to stretch out.

‘More’ she said to them ‘I want more. Fuck my horny little mouth, God damnit!’

One guy took her at her word, viciously ramming his cock in and out of her mouth.

‘That want you want, you little fucking whore? That what you fucking want?! Well, you can have it then.’ With that he began ramming her face so hard that she became a blur, desperately gagging as the cock pounded her mouth.

One of the men behind her began groping her tits and removing her top, while another shoved his hand up her skirt and feeling her pussy.

The guy who had just been face fucking her picked her up, turned her upside down and positioned his cock so she could start again. She worked it slowly at first, getting used to the position, but then began to work it harder and faster. The guy responded by thrusting back and forth, causing spit to drop to the floor whenever Hayley could open her mouth. Whenever he got real deep, big wads of spit would drop messily out of her mouth and roll into her eyes. She collected it and spit it back over the cock whenever she could, allowing him to get even deeper.

The guy turned her over her and laid Hayley down on the chair. He grabbed her hands and lifted them over her head, attaching them to a pair of handcuffs that Hayley hadn’t seen at the top of the chair. She lay there, totally exposed in her pink skirt and fishnet stockings, her high heels barely reaching the floor. The guy who had picked her up moved his cock towards her mouth again. She moved her head with her tongue out in anticipation but he pulled away.

‘Beg me for it’ he said.

She looked up into his eyes, exhaled deeply and said in what was almost a whisper ‘I want you to fuck my little whore mouth. It’s yours, all yours, treat me like the slut that I am.’

‘You think I won’t, you little whore?’ he said, grabbing her chin ‘now open wide.’

He stepped in front of her, took a hold of the back of the chair and began roughly fucking her face. Hayley began squirming wildly as he pounded her mouth, showing no mercy while calling her his ‘little fuck slut’.

Hayley felt her body Sikiş hikayeleri being held down and someone shoving fingers up her pussy and licking her clit, making her even wetter than before. She arched her back as she felt a huge cock enter her, working its way in fast and hard. The guy fucking her face moved aside, giving her a view of the room.

Chloe was fucking the middle guy on the couch while jerking the other two off. He was holding her steady as he rammed his cock up into her, making her scream out loud.

‘Fuck yeah’ she moaned ‘pound that fucking cunt!’

Donna was on top of John on the armchair, grinding slowly while he pulled her hair from behind. The two girls caught each other’s eyes and smiled. Donna watched as Hayley took one guy into her mouth while another began to pound her pussy. She could see that this cute little brunette with her big brown eyes was having an orgasm as she arched her back and moaned loudly, the cock slipping out of her mouth.

‘Oh, fuck me like that…’ she panted, pulling at her handcuffs, wishing she could pull him deeper for longer ‘oh, fuck, fuck, oh fuck yes!’

She came as Donna walked over, knelt beside her, and started sucking on her tits, twisting and biting her nipples.

‘Is my little slut cumming?’ she whispered into Hayley’s ear, moving her hand towards her pussy, rubbing the clit as another huge cock began to enter her ‘I think it’s time to see what you can really do.’

She unlocked the handcuffs and immediately two cocks were thrust into Hayley’s hands. She was lifted up and a guy stand down on the chair and began lowering her ass onto his cock. Hayley winced as it entered her. Even though her ass had already been fucked thoroughly tonight, she still felt pain as more and more penetrated up her asshole.

‘Oh yeah, baby, take that fucking dick’ said Donna as she watched Hayley’s ass engulfing the cock totally before she took a deep breath at the bottom.

‘Don’t stop working those cocks’ demanded Donna and Hayley began stroking the two men either side of her. The guy fucking her ass began bouncing her up and down, waiting until the very tip of his dick was at the entrance on Hayley’s pussy, before slamming it back down again. Her legs were spread wide open, the white stockings and high heels dangling in the air.

Hayley watched as John stood up, his huge twelve-inch dick standing up straight, and looked her deeply in the eyes. He didn’t let them leave hers as he walked over, grabbed her around the waist and began rubbing his dick up and down her pussy, removing her pink skirt to expose her fully. She began thrusting against it, letting the rhythm of the guy below guide her.

‘Please fuck me’ she said ‘fuck my little cunt with your big cock. Pound it. Fucking pound it.’

She looked him straight in the eye ‘I need you to pound it.’

He said nothing as he shoved his cock as far as he could into her pussy. Even with the effort, it still took a few thrusts before Hayley’s could see the cock totally disappear inside her. She had never felt so full, and her body began to sing as another orgasm rose up within her.

‘You like fucking my brother, you little slut? You like it don’t you, his big cock filling you up. He’s mine bitch’ said Donna aggressively, grabbing Hayley and thrusting her tongue into Hayley’s mouth before pulling away and slapping her in across the cheek ‘and so are you.’

One of the guys on either side couldn’t hold it any longer. He grabbed Hayley by the hair and thrust his cock deep inside her mouth a few times before taking it out and dumping a load all over her face. It dripped down from her forehead and passed her lips, allowing her to reach out her tongue and taste some. Donna was working the other guy hard and he soon began to come soon, the little brunette directing it into Hayley’s mouth.

The feeling of the cum running down her face and onto her tits while the two cocks double penetrated her nearly sent her over the edge again.

Donna looked at her brother. ‘I want to taste your cum, big brother. I want you to put it all over her face so I can lick it up for you.’

Hayley lifted her head back as the two guys began to fuck her roughly. Her body was almost a blur as it bounced up and down.

After a few minutes, John picked her up and flipped her around. Her pussy was lowered gently onto to the guy below while he began to work his cock up her asshole.

‘Oh my fucking God, that’s so big…’ she stammered, her eyes rolling up to the sky as he went deeper and deeper. The guy below grabbed her by the throat and squeezing it just a little. The feeling of breathlessness and John’s monster cock now picking up the pace caused Hayley to scream out.

‘Oh fuck yes, give me your fucking cum. Cum all over my slut face, cover me with it. Please cum on my face!’

They kept fucking her roughly until John, deciding it was time, lifted her up, signalled to the guy below her and slammed her onto the chair. He grabbed her hair and began roughly shoving his cock into her mouth.

‘Oh yeah, big brother, fuck her face. Fuck her face for me’ said Donna, placing a hand each behind her brother and Hayley, forcing them together. Even with all three trying as hard as they could, there seemed no way Hayley could take all of his cock down his throat.

Donna got both hands behind Hayley’s face and began shoving it hard into her brother’s cock.

‘Come on, my little fuck slut. Deeper, deeper’

Hayley began to cough and splutter but kept going, and soon she had his entire cock down her mouth. She could feel it filling her throat, and even though she was gagging hard she couldn’t help reaching down and shoving two, then three fingers up her pussy.

It was almost too much Erotik hikaye when John held her nose and came deep down her throat. Her gag reflex began to kick in and she pulled back and let the cum rise back into her mouth, spilling over the sides as she struggled to get her breath back. The sight of this set the other guy off and Hayley felt another load land on her face.

‘Oh my God’ said Donna, somewhere around Hayley’s face ‘you look so beautiful with cum on your face. I want your sister to see how beautiful you look. But let me taste her ass first.’

She plunged her mouth over her brother’s cock, groaning and rubbing her tits as she tasted Hayley’s juices and his cum mixed together. She rubbed her brothers dick all over her face and tits, looking him straight in the eye and mouthing silently ‘I’m your little whore. Always.’

Hayley looked across to the couch to see her sister lying upside down with her legs in the air as one of the businessmen shoved his cock down her throat while the other fucked her pussy from above. Huge wads of drool were dripping down her face, into her hair and onto the floor.

Donna went across, pushed the complaining guys out of the way and grabbed Chloe by the hair.

Dragging her across the floor she lifted Chloe’s face to her sisters.

‘Look how much of a whore your sister is. A little slut slave to be used by anybody that wants to. She’s mine now, and so are you’ she said, spanking Chloe on the ass. ‘Now lick that cum off her tits while I taste my brother.’

With that she began aggressively licking the cum off Hayley’s face, who responded by sticking out her tongue and opening her mouth, begging to be allowed swallow it.

‘I’ll let you have some, my little slut’ said Donna, dripping mouthfuls of cum into Hayley’s, before kissing her deeply so they could both share. Soon Chloe and moved up and was giving her present to Hayley, moaning loudly as she felt her sister feeling her pussy as they swapped cum.

‘I think these two cunts need to be fucked again’ said Donna ‘anybody want to treat them like the little whores that they are?’

The two businessmen who had been sitting on the couch got up and moved towards the two sisters. Hayley was laying on her back with Chloe on top of her. One of the men moved below her and started putting his cock into her pussy. Her cum covered lips moaned in pleasure as she began to feel it slide in and out while her sisters’ tits rubbed against her own erect nipples.

She watched as the guy behind her sister positioned his cock at her pussy and began thrusting deeply inside her. The two men worked well together as the girls started to scream in pleasure, stopping only to kiss deeply when their lips met.

‘I love you, sis’ said Chloe, looking into your eyes.

‘I love you too. And I love it when you fuck me’ responded Hayley, quickly biting her sister on the bottom lip. Chloe groaned.

As the two guys quickened their pace, they began grinding their bodies closer and closer and harder and harder. Their lips hung tantalisingly close, their noses touching as they breathed heavily into each other.

‘I have a secret to tell you’ whispered Chloe, her sisters big brown eyes bulging as the cock pounded her from below. ‘I’ve done this before…’

Hayley smiled softly, her eyes closing briefly in pleasure.

‘And that’s not all’ continued Chloe, and what she said next caused Hayley to have the most all-encompassing orgasm in her life.

‘I’ve done this before… with our brother…’

They came together, feeling their bodies shake violently against each other. Collapsed together on the chair, they could hardly move as the two businessman continued to pound these two little sluts they had found on the streets.

Sensing that the two girls were spent, the two guys lifted them up and put them both upside down on the couch. It seemed to be their thing. The girls’ heads dangled backwards over the side as they both unconsciously reached up and began rubbing their clits.

The two businessmen bent their knees and started fucking their mouths and the others began to join them. Donna sat above them on the couch. She started to move her left hand to Hayley’s pussy and her right hand to Chloe’s. As the guys continued to fuck their mouths, she began to insert her tiny fingers into both of the sisters. Within a few moments she had gotten both her hands totally inside, and she started moving her fist in and out of the two groaning sluts.

‘Cum in their mouths’ she ordered, and the men duly obliged. They all lined up and began cumming in the two girls’ mouths and all over their faces as Donna kept fisting them roughly from above.

‘That’s it, take that cum. Let it drool out of your mouth, you little cum slut sisters. You like how my fists feels in your pussies?’

The two girls moaned in pleasure and began to thrust back against the brunette’s fists as the cum fell out of their mouths and down their faces, dripping down their hair and to the floor. They both reached up and rolled their fingers across their faces, collecting the streams of cum and swallowing it greedily while Donna took out her fists and instead gently rubbed and licked their clits..

When the last guy had finished, the two sisters moved together and began kissing. Donna lay down over the two girls, joining them in the cum bath.

The three girls wrapped themselves around each other in the couch, desperately clawing at skin and licking every available space. They couldn’t take their hands off each other, kissing the way only new lovers can. None of the world mattered to each girl except for the other two.

Suddenly they all stopped at once and stared at each other. Their eyes moved towards the double dildo at the other side of the room, and came to a decision.

‘Guy’s’ Donna said as all three girls looked up at the surrounding group ‘get the fuck out.’

In the end, they let John stay. After all, he was family.

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