Halloween Hook-up


Authors Note

This story was written for the 2020 Literotica Halloween Story Contest. It’s my first ever submission. I hope you enjoy it. If so, please vote and rate accordingly. Either way, I’m open to feedback. I’m always trying to learn as a writer.

All characters are over age 18. This is a work of fantasy, for entertainment purposes only. It contains smut, naughty language, and lots of intentional sentence fragments. If any of these offend you, the time to leave is now. Otherwise, I hope you’ll stay and enjoy.

This is PWP. I’m not promising deep character, thick plot, nor a thoughtful exploration of humanity. The story is an excuse for the smut, but I had fun writing it. No apologies.

Thanks for reading.


Kali Nightingale isn’t a slut, but a girl has needs, doesn’t she? Her sex life has seen a bit of a drought, lately. It’s not like she’s a shrinking virgin, locking it away for Mister Forever. Love is grand if you’ve got the time, but Mister For-The-Weekend will do in a pinch. At this point, this is a pinch.

Kali is in her second year of law school. A good one, ivy-shrouded edifice and all. The law program is demanding. She’s seen few opportunities to scratch many notches in her bedpost. She works hard to stay at the top of her class. She has plans for the future. Big ones. Her ambition takes her like a lover, but leaves little time for loving. Most nights, she clings to the cool embrace of her work.

When’s the last time I got properly laid?

Six months ago, at least. It’s been longer than that since her last serious relationship. She was still an undergrad when she broke up with Brett. They moved to different coasts; it couldn’t have worked. Since the break-up, her love life has been more miss than hit. A girl needs to keep her standards, no matter how horny she is.

Sorry boys, but it’s not me; it’s you.

Kali looks good; she knows it. Three nights a week at the gym keep her toned and trim. And guys swarm around her like flies. From the time she emerged from puberty, she’s basked in the aura of masculine attention. She’s not a goddess but she’s bright, sweet and approachable.

Yet male cowardice can tarnish the shine of any feminine halo. She’s aware of their eyes. Caressing her from a distance. Sometimes she catches them in the act. The furtive glance, swiftly averted. Sometimes she sees the futile shame; sometimes she’s honored with a sheepish grin.

Talk to me,already. She often thinks, but the men rarely approach. When they do, they fumble.

I’m in law school, for fuck’s sake.

The place should be brimming with masculine power. This institution has produced Presidents, and a sitting justice on the Supreme Court.

Future Leaders, my pretty ass.

Don’t let the prestige fool you. Law students don’t always make their case. They’re great at learning the rules. But oh, if they knew how desperate she is to break them.

Maybe it’s the gestalt of the times. Third-wave chivalry, and all that. Even with her accomplishments, they treat her like a porcelain doll: fragile. She isn’t looking for a white knight to drive away the evils of the world. She can handle the bastards herself. She’s looking for a hero with a ready cock, and half the balls to use it.

So yeah, Kali’s panties are eager to drop for the right man, or even the right-for-now man. She doesn’t often resort to the quick-fix of a dating app. When she has her druthers, Kali Nightingale is a slow burn kind of girl. But lately, no sparks have landed in her tinder box.

Any port in a storm, right?

Thanks to the miracles of technology, Kali has a date tonight. With a man she’s never met, no less. He invited her to a Halloween party off-campus.

Kali Nightingale is nothing if not a realist. Daniel Martens is not forever man. Let’s face it, he’s a stranger she found through chance by swiping right. She needs more from a boyfriend than a chiseled jaw and some roguish charm. But if he wants to audition as her weekend lover, he might be a strong contender.

She’s seen enough of his pics, even a few shirtless ones. He must live at the gym. A girl could strike a match on those abs.

He’s the sandy-haired all-American type. Plays running back for state. Stands a shot at going pro, if you believe him. If you want to know how great he is, he’s always happy to tell the tale.

But she likes that about him. Even the cockiness. He knows what he wants, and isn’t too timid to ask for it. He’s bold. Something about that boldness turns her on. A warm, solid current ripples through her.

She’s meeting Daniel at seven. They’ve been flirting-like-hell by text all afternoon. She has to admit, he’s got some game.

So far, he’s hitting the right notes. Tight buds of desire ripen in her core. She needs this. She already knows she’s going to fuck him. If he doesn’t blow it, the night is his to take.

And if the night goes down in flames, it won’t be her fault. She’s put together the perfect costume. A naughty Cat-woman düzce escort get-up. Sheer and tight, clinging in all the right places.

She gives herself plenty of time to get ready. True genius takes effort.


Kali draws a steaming bath, heated to the edge of her tolerance. A languorous soak in the tub is just the thing to quell the butterflies.

Thoughts of the evening, some of them erotic, flutter through her mind. She shimmies out of her jeans, revealing her lean, sinuous legs. Her inner thighs grow sensitive at the friction.

Even though she’s alone, her bare skin makes her feel vulnerable and sexy.

She clumsily works the buttons of her pink, satiny shirt. The silky material drapes from her shoulder and glides to the floor. She fantasizes about Daniel’s eyes on her skin. A knot of warmth forms in her core, expanding through her.

Kali unhooks her bra with familiar ease. Her b-cup teardrops are sensitive to the touch. She imagines Daniel’s hands groping them. Her nipples grow erect. She wonders how his tongue will feel on her dark, quarter sized areolae.

By the time she wiggles out of her panties, a wet stain has formed. A pool of heat wells in her pussy. The lean column of her body is tight with need.

She thinks about it. The curved purple contraption stashed in her panty drawer. The device is a strange mixture of organic curves and sterile, mechanical function. Its sinuous arcs touch her in places that a man seldom does, a harmony of form and purpose.

She remembers her chagrin when she smuggled it out of the sex shop in a brown paper bag. The flush she felt on her face when she carried it awkwardly to the counter. The quaver in her voice that she did her best to suppress. The helpful woman’s answers to her red-faced questions. The investment has been well worth the price, both in cash and embarrassment.

She retrieves her naughty secret from its hiding place. Why not? Kali indulges her temptation. Gives her lust some leash. A quick taste to take the edge off.

Kali perches at the edge of the tub, legs dangling in the steamy water, parted lasciviously. Her hands explore her body, cupping her aching tits. Her nipples tingle at the brush of her fingers. A jerky tension surges through her muscles, building slowly, growing tighter.

She escalates slowly. Meandering the familiar territory of her body. Her hand grazes the taut plane of her belly. Wanders through the trimmed triangle of down that graces her mound.

Delicate fingers circle her clit. She teases the sensitive bud before slipping into the slick folds of her labia. Tight heat wells in her pussy. Her fingers are soon bathed in her lust. Wet desire spills from her, moistening her inner thighs.

Kali follows her fingers with the cybernetic thrum of the vibe. Sensations dance over her clit like shooting stars. Celestial forces spiral in her body. A galaxy of ache, collapsing into the growing singularity of her need.

The humming wand sweeps over the surface of her cunt like a pleasure seeking missile. The curved, rigid plastic probes her skin teasingly. In time it finds the entrance to her cosmic gate. The glistening toy seeks its target, gliding into the dark unknown of her womanhood. Kali homes in on the secret node of pleasure hidden within her.

Kali stimulates her clitoris with her free hand. The other probes her g-spot with undulating strokes of the vibrator.

Aching need winds in her body, tautening like a coiled spring. She tenses her eyelids shut as the sensation escalates. The pressure builds. Tighter. Tighter. Tighter. And then it snaps.

Constellations collide, devouring each other in their fury. Echoes of their collapse tremble through Kali’s limbs. Her back arches. Her breath releases in a throaty gasp. Kali pools into her pleasure until it subsides.


Kali has barley settled into coherence when she slides into the foamy water of the tub. Her skin is still sticky with the evidence of her orgasm. Aftershocks reverberate through her nerves.

Lost in her most private of private moments, she is unprepared for the buzzing of her phone. She considers ignoring the intrusion, but peeks at the screen out of habit. Its a text from Daniel.

How’s my guest of honor? Ready for tonight?

Kali’s complexion flushes pink. Great timing, she thinks. Nothing awkward about hearing from a man you just diddled over. Nope. Nothing awkward at all.

She staves off her embarrassment as best she can, but her hands are jittery when she types her response. She’s glad her phone is waterproof. She can barley hold on to it.

Looking forward. Getting ready now.

Daniel’s reply comes a few seconds later.

Great. When are you coming?

Kali’s blush deepens. Intentional or not, she can’t let the double entendre pass. Her throat tightens as she types he response. A shiver runs through her when she presses send.

As often as possible if the night goes well.

Kali edirne escort holds the phone above her and snaps a pic. The suds strategically conceal her nudity, but the top of her boobs tease the surface of the water. She attaches the pic and presses send.

Daniel’s response is swift.

Naughty! I think I like it.

Emboldened, Kali replies.

Naughty whether you like it or not!

Like! Definitely. Come early. I’ll make sure you come often!

Kali blushes again, but the flirting fans the embers of her desire.

Hold your horses, cowboy. I need to get dressed.

If you insist. But you’re right. Neighbors might talk.

They’d be right to gossip. But wait till you see my costume. You’ll like what I’ve put together.

Hint please! How will I recognize you. French maid? Naughty Nurse?

Perv! But no. Better than that. Trust me. You’ll know.

Look for me when you get here. I’ll be the sexiest Batman in the place.

Minus one for originality. A new movie came out. Batman is hot this year. Plus one for cockiness though. If he can pull off the look, he stands a great chance of getting lucky.


Kali finishes her bath. Having expunged the evidence of her self-love activities, She gathers her costume.

Kali blow-dries her chestnut hair. She flips it to one side, draping it over her left shoulder. It almost reaches her erect nipple. She enjoys wearing it this way. It leaves her slender neck and shoulder exposed.

Next she slithers into her stockings. She found them on sale at a lingerie store. They’re a sheer, black one-piece with an attached garter belt. The belt rides low and snug over the flare of her trim hips. The translucent, dark fabric offsets the creamy skin of her thighs. Silky material glides over her skin, offering a sensual friction. The open crotch exposes her pussy, along with her toned, heart-shaped ass. The effect us scandalous, and wearing the sexy stockings makes her wet.

She evaluates the black-lace bikini panties that she’s picked out. She shrugs and tosses them back into the drawer.

Why install speed-bumps while preparing to race?

A shiver runs through her. Her bare pussy throbs at her fashion rebellion. Kali feels deliciously decadent.

The snug-fitting top she found online. The distinction between clothing and lingerie is sometimes nuanced at best. A low neckline leaves her shoulders bare. Though long sleeved, to call the top revealing is an understatement. The clingy fabric accents, rather than conceals the perky teardrops of her breasts. The center-line of the garment sports a keyhole panel of diaphanous lace. The cutout hints at her chest, and exposes her belly to below the navel. Her nipples poke at the gauzy, semi-opaque film. The sensitive buds stiffen from the sensual friction of the cloth. Anyone can see her arousal, and the thought excites her.

The pièce de résistance of the ensemble is a glossy micro-skirt, which scarcely covers the essentials. She wouldn’t dare wear it dancing. Her private parts would be public domain. But given her current plans, ease of access to her throbbing pussy is a selling point. A provocative gap shows between the rising hem of the skirt and the fabric of her stockings. The creamy skin of her thighs plays peekaboo when she moves. Calf-high, zippered boots finish the scene. The total effect is delightfully lascivious.

Kali dusts the blank canvas of her cheeks in black cherry blush. She sets off her Prussian-blue eyes with dramatic purple shadow. A swipe of midnight purple lipstick glosses her lips. Cat ears and a domino mask complete the look. Dark. Mysterious. Sexy. She adores it.

Naughty, naughty, naughty.. Daniel is going to love it.

Kali nods approvingly at the finished costume. She finally leaves for the party, feeling kittenish and ready to pounce.


23 Greenville Lane resides in a posh slice of suburbia. The neighborhood is a sliver or two above working class. The street is alive with costumed party-goers. Kali is glad she didn’t wear heels. She had to park a few blocks down.

This late in the evening, the autumn air is growing crisp. The night is mostly calm, but tiny gutters of breeze nip at slivers of bare skin. Each gust provides a self-conscious reminder that Kali is naked under her skirt. In spite of the chill, the naughtiness of it turns her on.

A curvy redhead in a skimpy devil costume greets Kali at the door. Ample cleavage spills out of her corset, which displays a copious amount of freckled skin. She carries an ornamental pitchfork, and wears a pair of horns atop her coppery curls. She smells faintly of alcohol, but her smile is buoyant.

Devil-girl shakes Kali’s proffered hand, then follows up with a friendly hug. She introduces herself as Amie. She gives a rundown of the logistics of the place: bathrooms, drinks, etc.

Amie appraises Kali’s slutty-catgirl costume with an approving look.

“I’m not the only horny devil in elazığ escort the house. Someone’s trying to get it tonight.”

“Guilty,” Kali laughs, not bothering with coyness. She blushes a little.

“Locked on to a lucky target, already?”

“Meeting him here. Said he’d be coming as Batman.”

“Oh, right. I think I saw him heading upstairs. Good luck,” she says with a wink.

Kali’s blush rivals Amie’s hair, but she heads up the stairs in search of her hero.


Kali finds her Batman in the hallway, chatting up a French maid and a naughty nurse. She doesn’t waste her time on petty jealousy. She decides to blow her competition out of the water.

She throws every iota of sultry femininity into the sway of her hips. gliding to the hapless hero, she pretends not to notice her would-be contenders.

When she reaches him, she traces his torso from neck to navel. She presses into him with her body, rises on tiptoe, and brushes his lips with the lightest of kisses.

Batman looks at the girls, smirks and shrugs.

French maid pouts for a moment. “Let’s go Bunnie. I see we’re not wanted here. Maybe another time, Bruce.”

French maid and naughty nurse slump down the stairs, defeated.

Kali’s body jolts at the recognition. The complexion is darker. The jawline isn’t quite right. And the man she’s been texting isn’t named Bruce. She’s shamelessly thrown herself at the wrong Batman.

Kali’s slut-o-meter is blaring klaxons in her mind. She nudges past easy, bypasses minx altogether, and red-lines the needle at wanton-whore.

Part of her wants to sprint out the door, bolt to her car, and hide from the world in embarrassment. But another part, her pussy, is gushing with wet heat. Her inner thighs are slick with her arousal.

Let’s face it. She came here tonight, willing to fuck a stranger. Her body doesn’t know he’s the wrong one. As for the two unwitting Batmen, both are none-the-wiser.

“Something wrong?” Bruce asks, withdrawing slightly.

“N-no, everything’s alright.”

Kali makes a decision that changes her forever. She nuzzles against the strangers body, peppering the column of his neck with soft kisses.


Responding to the action in the hallway, Kali’s body is rising heat.

Warm masculine hands ease along the lean column of Kali’s body, gliding from her armpits to the swell of her hips.

She presses into him, kissing the hard line of his jaw.

He turns to claim her mouth. She opens for him. Their tongues collide, sending fiery tendrils through her core.

The stand like that for a moment, connected. Now she’s trapped in his arms. He presses a leg gently between hers. She feels the solidness of him. His steady, muscled presence. The pressure of his thigh against her sex. She aches for him.

And his hands are traveling down her back. Strong. Unyielding. Until they reach the firm curve of her ass. He holds her there. She melts into him. He pulls her tight against him. She grinds her sopping pussy against his thigh.

Her fingers trace the rippled plane of his stomach. She wanders lower until she finds him, already stiffening. She rubs his swelling cock through the thin material of the tights.

And his hands travel to her upper thighs, and her skirt is riding up. He’s cupping her bare ass. His hands are rough against her searing skin. Her body tightens at his touch. Anyone can see them here, and it turns her on.

But when he guides her into an empty bedroom, she follows.

The nexus of Kali’s thighs are sticky with the flow of her swollen cunt. Her lovers fingers explore her there. Jolts of tense pleasure rack her body. He shows her the web-like strands of syrupy nectar that cling to his fingers. She licks at them with her tongue, relishing her own musky taste. She takes his fingers into her mouth as if they were a cock.

Now big hands peel her top away in a fluid motion. The silk caress of the fabric feels electric on her sensitive skin.

Rough hands glide over naked skin, cupping the firmness of her breasts. The caress sparks new arousal in her erect nipples.

A bit of fumbling later, and the lovers stand naked but for the masks. When Kali reaches for his, he grips her wrist, gently but firmly halting her action.

“No peeking,” he says. Throaty. Almost a whisper.

He finds a length of silky cloth, and blindfolds her. The loss of one sense arouses her others. Her skin crackles with the heat of her lust. Another strip of material binds her hands behind her.

Kali’s willing helplessness fuels her desire, surprising her. She is guided to the bed, and firm hands mold her into position, like a sculptor forming clay.

She wonders how she reached this point of the evening. Face down, ass up, subject to a strangers will. She feels the fat bulb of his cock as is seeks her entrance. Her pussy is dripping with need. One hand strokes Kali’s back as the other guides him into her. Her tunnel clenches tightly at the intrusion, then expands to welcome his girth. Gripping her hips, he glides into her fully.

Bruce fucks her with steady undulations. Ease and thrust, Push and pull. Kali responds to his movements, meeting him with the fluid symbiosis of her own body. Her cunt forms a rhythm of its own. Grip and release, expand and contract.

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