Halloween Ch. 02

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There was going to be an epic Halloween party in Boulder, and we were all old enough that most of the party would be focused on young children and not so old that some of the party wouldn’t be just for us. So we decided to go and bring the kids. Talking to my ex- about it, she replied “I miss those people! Can I come?” My wife Shelley looked at my ex-wife Emily and said “Why not?”

I was a little concerned, just because we’d had four years of great chemistry and friendship, and the kids were flourishing amid the lack of conflict. But we’d never spent that much time in such close association. I didn’t want to screw up a good thing.

That turned out to be the furthest thing from what happened.

We loaded up the Suburban and headed east from Berkeley. With two of us driving, it’s often a two-day trip, with an overnight in Wendover.

We decided we’d just rotate drivers until we were all too tired to proceed and see what happened.

I took the first leg, and drove all morning and into the afternoon. As long as we stopped about every two hours for a pee stop, the kids were OK – they were 7 and 5 and old enough to start to enjoy road trips. Emily and Shelley traded off sitting in the middle row with both the kids and we drove along listening to audiobooks and music.

We traded drivers and kept going. I finally decided to fall asleep and moved to the back row and curled up. I woke up to laughter.

We were still heading east on 80 in the dark but as Shelley drove, she and Emily were laughing and chatting.

Emily said “Sex? God no, sex was never a problem between us. We did it all the time everywhere. Don’t you guys? You’re such a babe, I can’t imagine he’s not all over you.”

I was trapped between: wishing to go back to sleep and waking up knowing nothing about the conversation I’d woken up into, listening quietly and hearing some salacious dirt, and being honorable and sitting up and announcing myself.

I curled deeper into the blankets. I scrunched my eyes closed and my ears open.

Shelley laughed “Yeah, the sex is pretty darn good. And he’s a good sport – pretty much up for anything.”

“Really? Up for anything? Like what?”

I quietly started to pray in the back. For an instant I wondered if I needed to worry about custody. There was a silence from the front seat.

Shelly said “Oh, all kinds of stuff. What did you guys do?”

Emily replied. “All kinds of stuff too.”

They both broke out in laughter.

Emily said “He used to love it when I masturbated in the passenger seat.”

“Damn!” Shelley replied. “He’s gotten me to do that a bunch of times. Those stains on your seat…” she paused. “Actually,” Shelley confessed, “he’s told me a lot of stories about the stuff you guys did. It’s foreplay. We tell each other sexy stories.”

Emily’s voice got quiet. “He did?”

Shelly relied quickly. “Yeah. They’re hot stories. I get off to them pretty hard. The one where you sucked him off in the back seat and the passenger in the front seat reached back and played with you with her hand until you came?”

“Did he tell you what happened after?”

“Oh yeah.”

“What does he say about me?” Emily asked. “I mean about sex? Did he like it?”

“Oh yeah he did. He talks about how often and hard you come. He told me about the night you came a dozen times fucking him. Me – I’ve never once come vaginally.”

“Never? Really?”

“No. Sigh. I manage though…I wish I was like you sometimes. It’s unfair the way you come!”

“So it’s unfair.” Emily replied. “But unfair that you know all my stories, and I know none of yours. What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever done with him?”

There was too much noise for me to get a sense of her tone of voice. I felt like the conversation was taking place on a high wire.

My eyes were closed in the back of the Suburban, so I wondered what was going on during the brief silence. I was kind of turned on by the conversation at the same time I had the feeling that things could turn south in a truly massive way if anyone’s feelings got hurt.

But having played asleep, I really couldn’t jump in.

I heard a rustle over the noise of the truck, and Emily said “The kids are asleep.”

‘Don’t tell her about Jamaica. Don’t tell her about Jamaica’ ran through my mind.

“We were in Jamaica once…” Shelley began. “I took him to this resort in Negril. We kind of got picked up by these two women.”

“Really? Picked up? Then again, you’re pretty hot.”

“Thank you! That’s not the weird thing. [long pause] They were a mother and daughter.”


“I know it was strange as heck. But they were – weird. They’d done this before. They were rich New Yorkers.”

“I can’t imagine…”

“We were stoned. But it was sexy somehow as much as it was weird. I think I was more aggressive about it than he was. I could see him stop as it all started and think about what to do. I’m always a kind of a go-for-it person.” She laughed nervously.

“How old…?”

“The daughter, maybe 25 izmir escort or so, the mom forty-five or fifty.”

Silence for a moment, then Emily asked “Was it hot?”

“Fuuuuck yes. I think about it from time to time and just – sploosh!”

“You’ve always been bi?”

“Yeah. Look, I know you are too.”

“We won’t…this is awkward” Emily responded.

“No, no…not a chance. Don’t worry. We’re just chatting.”

Then just road noise.

Then Emily. “I can imagine that was pretty hot.”

And I made it across the tightrope and fell into a deep sleep.

Ten hours later, we stopped at Dan & Dana’s house and unloaded.

It was just lunchtime, so we fed the kids, snacked, then headed up the mountain to the party.

Rob’s house was a wood-and-glass V embracing the view of the mountain. The courtyard between the legs of the V was set up as a kid’s paradise – everything from slides to swings to a chocolate fountain and clowns to guide the kids through it all.

The kids fled into their playground and we retreated into the living room where we cocktail partied. We drank great wine, snacked on hors d’oevres and chatted – about our kids and work. I felt very grown up.

Emily was a hit – people hadn’t seen her for five years and were thrilled to catch up.

Soon it was getting dark and cool, and the exhausted, sugar-amped kids rolled inside.

The helpers moved them toward the wing where they’d have a slumber party. They ignored us, secure in the tumble and chatter of their pack.

We sat and drank, and slowly we peeled off and went home, promising to be by in the morning for breakfast.

We followed Dan and Dana to their house in the more modest part of Boulder.

Sitting around the kitchen table we drank and talked. Dan put his arm around Emily and they relaxed into each other’s shoulder.

Soon we retreated to the cushioned living room.

Dan and Dana lay on one side, Shelley and I on the other. Emily stood between us.

There was a moment – there’s always a moment – when it was all in balance.

We paused and waited.

Emily unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them.

Her legs were as I remembered them – muscular, a little thick, but perfectly curved.

She unbuttoned her shirt, and paused. Dana stood up and stood next to her and pulled it off her shoulders. Emily’s nipples poked through her thin bra, and as Dana unbuttoned it, her breasts slumped slightly onto her chest, her hard pink nipples standing out against the crinkled aureoles.

Dana pulled her t-shirt over her head and exposed her pale breasts. Her nipples were smaller and made more of a point, and her pale pink aureoles were bigger and flatter, even as the bright red nipples stood out.

Then Emily turned and unzipped Dana’s skirt and pulled it down. Dana was commando, and the sight of her pale bush and the pink inner lips had the attention of everyone in the room. Dana was slender compared to Emily – but soft where Emily was toned and strong.

Dana turned and pulled down Emily’s underwear, exposing the familiar twin curls of her bush, just covering the hood of her clit. Emily delicately stepped out of them and we all saw her – the sweeping curves of her hips, the broad muscular shoulders, the inward curve of her waist. Emily moved over by Dan and sat down, and Dana pulled Shelley up.

They kissed, and then Dana unzipped Shelley’s dress and pulled it down from her shoulders. Shelley’s erect nipples stood out from her small breasts, dark in the light of the room, and protruding. We saw the ridges of her stomach muscles, and her impossibly narrow waist and heart-shaped ass as she turned from us and stripped off her own panties.

As she turned back, we could see the black triangle of her bush, and in the gap between her thighs, the protruding inner lips.

As Emily sat next to Dan, the two women standing looked at me and said “OK, what about you?” So I stood up, pulled off my shirt and unzipped, releasing my cock. I’d been hard since we were sitting at the table, hoping that I’d wind up between Dana’s lips again.

Emily was undressing Dan, taking a moment to slide her mouth over his cock as she pulled his pants down.

Dana rolled over toward her husband and my ex-wife.

Shelley kissed me and she pushed me down and straddled me, sliding me into her familiar pussy, and began riding me up and down as we watched Dana kiss Dan and Emily swallow his cock. Dana shifted down to watch her husband’s cock slide in and out of Emily’s lips. As Emily slid up to the tip and off, Dana took her husband’s shaft in her hand and slid her mouth over it. Dan arched his back – she knew how to please him. Then she handed him back to Emily and softly kissed her. The both had their hands on him, and as they kissed, they caressed his shaft and balls.

Shelley pushed herself fully down onto me and I felt myself bottom into her slippery pussy. She leaned down onto me and offered me her protruding nipple. I sucked it deeply into my alsancak escort lips and ran my tongue over the tip as she moaned and pushed herself down onto me harder.

As she lifted away I saw Dana’s legs as she stood over us. As Shelly sat up, she stood astride my head and I looked up at that marvelous pale frizz of hair and the tight pink slit that so fascinated me.

She knelt down and I watched the slit come closer until it blocked my view and I could reach up and slide my tongue along it. She was already wet, and I tasted the musky bitterness and my cock stiffened inside Shelley’s pussy.

I heard Dana moan, and then listened to the sounds Dan and Emily were making. I couldn’t see anything, but I was sure they were fucking.

Shelly slid off of me, and I felt her move up to hold Dana. She lifted Dana off me and said “Switch.”

For a moment, they were both standing over me, naked, aroused, holding each other and looking down at me so hungrily and I wanted to come just from looking at them.

Then Dana straddled my waist and slid herself down onto my cock. Again, I was surprised by how warm it was – tight and wet and hot on the skin of my cock. I watched as she slid up and down me, watching the wobble of her soft breasts and the intensity on her face and then my view was blocked as Shelley straddled me and slid her swollen clit into my mouth. Like her nipples, her clit was enormous and as I slid it unto my mouth and sucked on it, she shivered and moaned in pleasure.

I knew then that I could bring her across and went to work aggressively, sliding my tongue around her clit and then along her swollen lips and then between them as deeply as I could into her, feeling the juices run into my mouth and over my face. I pulled my hands back over my head and cupped her ass cheeks, sliding one between them and running my finger over her asshole. The ring was tense and I knew she was close. I slid my fingertip in, and sucked her clit between my lips and felt her begin to tense.

Dana stopped riding me and just pushed herself down hard enough that I felt the had smoothness of her cervix and held herself there. She held me there as I pushed my finger and tongue into my wife, tongued her hard inner lips and Shelley grew tenser and tenser as I did. Then I heard Emily start to come across the room and a soft smacking I assumed was Dana sucking on Shelley’s nipples.

The inside of Shelley’s thighs became hard as oak and all the muscles in her torso stiffened and I knew she was on the verge. I slowed my tongue and softened it and she drove her pussy harder into my face seeking release. I slid my tongue deep into her and then slowly, as hard as I could, slid it out up to the base of her clit and then so slowly and hard over the bottom of her clit as she gasped and shook and her legs spasmed and pressed against my head clenching me between her knees until she was spent.

My face was slick with her juices and my nose was sore where her pubic bone had pressed into it, She’d come hard.

My cock had softened as I focused on my tongue. Now Dana pulsed herself around me, reminding me that we had unfinished business.

Shelley lifted herself off my face and moved alongside Dana. She leanded in and kissed her and cupped her breast in one hand as she reached behind her and cupped my balls in the other. I stiffened in an instant and pushed back against Dana’s cervix. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as I reached up and held her soft breast in my hand, my fingers pressing slightly into the soft flesh and my thumb circling her hard nipple. Shelley turned and looked at me, smiling, her eyes on fire.

She reached down and played with Dana’s and my pubic hair twining the white blonde hairs with my dark ones. She ran her fingers up to our junction and slid them back and forth over the place where my flesh disappeared into Dana’s. Then, deliberately, slowly, she raised her finger to her lips and sucked on it. She pulled it from her lips and slid it down her body. Between her small breasts and her huge erect nipples. Down her flat belly past her navel to the dark triangle of her bush. Then between her prominent red lips and into her sodden pussy. She rocked her hips as her finger slid over her clit, then withdrew her glistening finger and slid it down Dana’s back.

Dana arched her back as I felt the pressure against my cock of Shelley’s finger deep in Dana’s asshole. I grabbed Dana’s thighs and began driving into her. Shelly was kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts and my cock was swelling in Dana and she arched her back and I felt the first spasm of her pussy and suddenly I was grunting and driving myself into her and I felt the clenching and the waves of pleasure and the warm jets of my come as we came together gasping and grunting.

Shelley laughed and said “I felt you come! – Remember that?” Her friend Nancy had said that, holding my balls as I came into Shelley the first time we’d shared someone.

“Yeah, I do…very well.”

Dana looked up and caught her buca escort breath. “That sounds like a story.”

“Not as good as this one,” we heard Emily say.

She lay under Dan, legs wrapped around him as he lay slumped on her and panted.

Shelley walked to the wet bar and washed her hands. Then she came back to lie next to me as Dana curled up on the other side.

The room smelled of come – the dull musk of Dan’s and mine and the sharper, sweeter smell of the women.

Emily rolled Dan off her and lay alongside him, playing with his still-hard cock. I was half-hard and Dana fondled me and then knelt down and began to suck on me.

In the orange light of the Halloween decorations in Dan and Dana’s living room, I could see my ex-wife Emily take a break from kissing my friend Dan, lean up on her elbow and face me. Dan took advantage of this to take her nipple in his mouth and suck as she spoke to me.

“This is a one-time thing. Never again – deal?”

Dan’s wife Dana chuckled as she sucked my cock, and my wife Shelley took a break from kissing me to look down at me and say “One time only.”

I looked up at Shelley and over at Emily and said “I didn’t think this would be an any time ever thing, so sure, one time sounds just great!”

Shelley and Emily looked at each other as Dana, Dan, and I watched.

Emily stood up, and then Shelley and Dana stood up.

Dana took Shelley’s hand and pulled her to the middle of the room, between Dan and I.

She reached out for Emily, who walked slowly over.

I looked at Dan. We were both fully erect, wondering what was going to happen and incredibly aroused by what we imagined it might be.

Shelley pulled Dana to her, arms wrapped around her waist from behind. Emily stepped in and suddenly they were sandwiching Dana. Black and tall, blonde and slender, dirty blonde and muscular. Three images of the feminine.

Dana slipped one hand down and between Shelley’s legs, her fingers disappearing into her. Then she slid her other between Emily’s legs. Both women pressed closer to her.

Shelley reached her hand between Dana and Emily, and slid her hand down. I could see the muscles in Dana’s arm working as she fingered Shelley, and I guessed that she was doing the same to Emily. Then Dana writhed, and I guessed that the pleasure she was giving Shelley was being returned. Emily moved her arm from Dana’s shoulder to her belly and slid it down to meet Shelley’s.

Dana closed her eyes and her knees wobbled. The pleasure of two hands in her pussy as she had her fingers in two others looked overwhelming.

She straightened, and pulled her hand from Emily. She took her glistening fingers and moved them to Shelley’s lips. Shelley paused, and then opened her mouth and took them in. Dana took her finger from Shelley and placed it on Emily’s lips as she hungrily opened her mouth and sucked them in.

Emily took her fingers out of Dana and slid them into Shelley’s mouth alongside Dana’s. I almost came on the spot. Dan was rubbing his cock as we watch the trio finish as Shelley took her fingers from Dana and put them into Emily’s mouth. Emily sucked on the fingers like the was sucking on two cocks. Then Emily pushed Dana down to the floor and Shelly followed.

The women arranged themselves on their sides, a triangle of lust. Dana’s head between Emily’s legs, and Shelly’s head between Dana’s. Emily paused for a moment, then opened Shelley’s legs, ran her fingers over her immense inner lips and clit and slid her face into her.

Dan and I couldn’t have looked away if the house had caught fire.

I was pretty sure that Emily would come first, and yes, we watched her hold Shelley’s hips so tightly the flesh turned white around her fingers as her hips bucked back and forth against Dana’s mouth. I heard Dan grunt and quickly looked over to see him pumping his hand over his cock and spurt come all over his belly. To be honest, I wasn’t far behind him.

Emily’s orgasm set Dana off, and she lifted her head away from Emily and arched her back and groaned as she pressed herself into Shelly’s mouth.

Shelley wasn’t there yet, but Emily was going to make sure she kept going. She rolled Shelley onto her back and knelt between her legs. Her ass was pointed at me and her drooling pussy faced me. Dana went over and started licking the come off Dan’s stomach.

Shelly looked at me.

“Fuck her.”

I looked back at her, doubtful.

“Right this fucking instant, fuck her.”

I didn’t move. Shelley rocked her hips.

“Now, goddamn it. I want to watch.”

I moved behind Emily and touched her waist. She nodded yes.

I moved close to her and felt the heat radiating from her. I knelt close to her and slid all the way in in a single motion. She lifted her head and gave me a view of Shelley’s distended pussy; the glistening lump of her clit, swollen red inner lips extending way past her outer lips and opening around the gaping red opening where I had come so many times.

Then Emily lowered her head and went to work licking Shelley as I fucked her.

I remembered her pussy. I remembered the contours, the feeling of her muscular thighs and I pressed against them, the way she rolled her hips to meet me. And as she suddenly came, clenching my cock like a hand squeezing and releasing it, I remembered how she came.

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