Gus and His Three Boys: How They Me


It’s based around a man who takes men prisoners and trains them as sex slaves, for himself and other men in his group.

It has BDSM, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, NonConsent/Reluctance and Gay.

Thank you sdbnnc for editing my story

Gus and His Three Boys: How They Met

“Boys, you are in a lot of trouble!” said Gus, walking around the three young men he had tied spread-eagle from the ceiling.

“I have tied you three up, facing each other, so you can see what the other ones are doing. Please don’t try to talk or yell. I can get bigger ball gags than the ones you are wearing, and they will break the jaws of the first time cocksucker,” Gus continued.

“First, hands up, who would like to suck my dick? I see one, two, three pairs of hands up. Good! Second, who likes to get a nice fat long dick up his cute little tight ass? I see one, two, three pairs of hands up. You boys are eager to start. Excellent! You boys are going to love sucking my dick, and offering your asses to me. But I am not cruel, if you tell me you don’t want to be my cock-loving slaves, I will unclip you and hand you over to the police,” Gus said.

“MMMMMHHHHMMMM, AAAARRRRHHHHH” was the only response from the boys, their ball gags inhibiting their ability to speak quite effectively.

“My, you lot are eager to get started!” said Gus as he left the room and walked into his editing room. “The cameras were recording everything,” he explained as he returned to the boys.

“Boys, good news! You will be stars by the morning — three fresh young boys that are to be broken in by me, ‘Master Gus.’ Look around the room; check out the cameras. Some are getting wide shots, some close ups and I have a handheld for the money shots. If you don’t know what the money shot is, well you boys are in for a treat. First, let’s cut these clothes off, so you can show me how good you look naked,” said Gus, putting down the camera and picking up the scissors.

As the clothes on the first boy were cut away, Gus exclaimed, “Oh, look at you . . . you are cute and tiny. How about your friends — are they as tiny as you? Let’s find out . . . “

Gus moved over to cut the clothes off the other two boys and continued speaking, “Yep, they are as tiny. Ray, are you getting all this?”

“Yes, thank you,” Ray responded through the speakers in the room. “When can I come around and play with them?”

“Well, first you need to get back into the country, and then you can come around and use them,” said Gus, putting down the scissors, and picking up the camera again.

“Boys, open your eyes and look at each other,” Gus directed. “I SAID, BOYS, OPEN YOUR EYES, NOW!!”

“Trouble in paradise?” Ray inquired.

“No, they just don’t know me yet,” Gus responded. “I think they might be a little shy to be around each other naked.”

Gus picked up a flogger with the hand that was not holding the camera. “I will count to three, and if I don’t see three sets of eyes looking at me, I’m going to beat your asses! One, two, three! Nothing — oh well, Ray, sound check,” Gus said as he applied the flogger to each of the boys’ suspended asses.

“MMMUUMMMHH, MMMUUUMMHHH, MMMUUUMMMHH!!!” was the boys’ response.

“Now, open your eyes! Good, that is better. You do what I say, you don’t get hurt — well, not in a bad way. I will still hurt you, but that will be for my enjoyment, not because I am angry with you,” Gus explained.

“Sound, sounded fine, just a little muffled,” Ray said. “Who are these three, and how did you get them?”

“They are, let’s see — this one, is Todd Ashfield; that one is Rod Hanns; and the last one is Dennis May,” said Gus looking at the three men’s drivers’ licenses.

“Hey, Ray, all three of them are twenty.” Gus went on. “I think they are the youngest ones I have caught!”

“How about Roy Morrison?” asked Ray.

“He doesn’t count,” Gus responded. “I won him in a poker game with Master Jackson.” Gus threw the licenses on the table and walked toward Dennis.

“Dennis, tell me, do you enjoy this? I mean you are a boy, I am a man. This is unnatural. A slave boy can not love a Master,” whispered Gus, pressing his body against Dennis’s back, reaching around to slowly wank him.

“Tell me, do you want me to finish you off? Let you cum? Hear your gasps as you cum, feel your body shake to absolute pleasure? Tell the camera in front of you?” Gus queried.

“Harh, yes!” Dennis replied.

“What will you do for me?” Gus asked.

“Hurh, what?” Dennis asked.

“If I let you cum, what will you do for me?” whispered Gus, slowing down his wanking and licking Dennis’s neck.

“Anything! That is the best!!” Dennis replied.

“Would you suck Todd’s dick, lick Todd’s dick, swallow Todd’s cum, lick your lips, and then ask for more, maybe from Rod?” Gus asked.

“Yes, anything! Please. You’re driving me crazy, let me CUM!!!!” Dennis begged.

“NO,” Gus said.

“Please, I said I would!” Dennis begged again.

“Prove it,” Gus demanded.

“How?” Dennis asked.

“Look me in the eyes, and say ‘Master Gus, I want Escort Bayan Gaziantep to suck Todd’s dick, and if I still need cum, I will suck Rod’s dick. I’ll be your cock-sucking slut. I want your dick too, Master Gus, please give me your cum’,” Gus said, moving around Dennis’s body to look him in the eyes, continuing to wank Dennis’s dick.

“Now tell the camera,” Gus stated.

“Please . . . please . . . Master Gus . . . I want to suck Todd’s dick, and — AH don’t stop — if I still need cum, I will suck Rod’s dick. I’ll — oh, I’m nearly there — be your cock-sucking slut. I want your dick too, Master Gus, please give me YOUR CUM!!!!!” Dennis wailed.

“Look at yourself, debasing yourself for a dick,” Gus taunted. “A piece of meat between your legs; only girls or poofter sluts suck and lick them. Are you a girl or a poofter slut?” Gus asked Dennis.

“Yes . . . I’m a poofter . . . slut!” Dennis replied.

“Good boy, go to Todd,” said Gus, taking his hand from Dennis’s dick, and undoing the padded chains around his arms and feet. “Suck those two, then you can play with yourself.”

“Todd, I have to do this, I need to cum. Please don’t think me a poof!” whimpered Dennis, falling to his knees.

“Todd, you tell him it is ok, if he wants to suck dick like a girl,” said Gus sitting in the lounge chair in the corner of the room.


“Hey, that is good, Todd,” Gus said, “I bet you get the girls doing what you want. How many girls or boys have you let suck your dick, stud?”

“A few, and it’s only girls. I wasn’t letting boys suck me!” spat Todd.

“That will change,” Gus replied. “Well, expert, you tell him how to suck your tiny dick,” said Gus.

“Lick the head of my dick like a lollipop,” Todd told Dennis. “Put your lips over your teeth; I don’t want to feel your teeth. Yes, slide it in, take it slow,” groaned Todd, watching Dennis lick his cock.

“Oh real fucking expert!” Gus said. “Dennis, you have ten minutes to make Todd cum, or the two of you don’t get to cum!”

Gus walked over to Rod and said, “Oh, Rod: look at your two friends: Dennis is learning to suck dick, and Todd is letting him learn. Doesn’t that look hot? Do you want Dennis to suck you after he has finished with Todd?” Gus continued.

“No . . . Yes . . . I don’t know . . . please let me go! I want to go home!!!” begged Rod, “YYYYAAAARRRRRHHHH!”

“That is not what I asked you!” Gus spat at Rod. “I asked, ‘Do you want Dennis to suck you after he has finished sucking Todd?'” hissed Gus, digging all his fingernails into Rod’s chest.

“YES! YES . . . I . . . WANT . . . TO . . . HAVE . . . DENNIS . . . SUCK . . . MY . . . DICK!” wailed Rod, looking at the dark nail prints left in his skin.

“OH FUCK, I’M CUUMMMIIINNGG!!!!” yelled Todd, thrashing around in the chains.

“Swallow it all, don’t let it out!” said Gus, walking over behind Dennis. “Open wide, I hope you liked it.” Gus continued, taunting Dennis. “Smile for your close-up. Now get over to Rod, and ask him if he wants his dick sucked, and if he wants to cum!”

“Please, Rod, let me suck your dick, and give me your cum. Please,” said Dennis, kneeling at Rod’s feet.

“Ok . . . if . . . you want to,” whispered Rod, looking at Dennis.

“No,” Gus insisted. “I want you, Rod, to say, ‘Yes, please, please suck my worthless tiny dick. I may be able to give you a present of my cum,” continued Gus, sitting back down on the lounge.

“Please . . . suck . . . my . . . dick. . . . .I wan– ” Rod began again.

“No! Stop! That is fucking terrible! Rod, it looks like you don’t want to get your dick sucked by your friend,” Gus thundered. “Now, try again, or I WILL TAKE YOU INTO MY BEDROOM AND FUCK YOUR VIRGIN ASS ‘TIL I GET BORED WITH IT, AND THEN SELL YOU TO A LOCAL BROTHEL!” yelled Gus, stroking his seven-inch dick.

“Arh . . . arh . . . Please suck my worthless tiny . . . dick! I may be able to give you a present, of my . . . cum,” said Rod, chewing his bottom lip.

“That was a little better. Well, Dennis, what are you waiting for? Get your lips around that tiny dick,” said Gus, leaning back in his seat.

“Oh, fuck . . . that feels nice. Keep going! That feels nice. I’ve never had this,” Rod said.

“Oh, that is priceless!” gasped Gus, leaping out of the lounge, and turning the camera toward himself, and then back to Rod and Dennis.

“You’re a virgin, Rod? You never had a fuck or a blowjob? You’ve never cum unless you were playing with yourself? Ha, this is priceless! You never had a girl or a boy! Well, good and bad news for you, Rod. The bad news: you never will touch a girl; the good news, you will touch many, many boys. Har, Ray, you still there? You hear that, I got a pure virgin. You ever had a pure virgin,” Gus asked.

“Shut up!” snorted Ray.

“Oh, Ray, please don’t be like that. You can watch as I break him in,” smiled Gus, looking at the camera in the left hand corner.

“Oh, fuck, your lips feel great! Please keep going!” Rod sighed to Dennis.

“You hear that, Dennis? You are this young man’s first sexual experience. You better make him never forget your mouth,” whispered Gus, licking Dennis’s ear and pushing his head further down on Rod’s dick.

“OH, FUCK! I’M CUMMING!!!!! DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOPPP!” roared Rod, throwing his head back.

“Don’t swallow this one — keep it in your mouth,” said Gus, “I want you to kiss Rod and give him back his cum, then you can play with yourself.” Gus stroked Dennis’s dick, and continued, “You pair make a lovely couple! Look at the way you are sharing Rod’s cum, back and forth. Rod, did you enjoy that? That was much better than using your hand, wasn’t it?”

“Yes . . . much . . . better,” Rod replied.

“Good! Hold onto that memory,” Gus chuckled. “Dennis, get on the floor in front of your friends. I want you on your back, looking at your friends, legs apart, and your hands on your body. Rod and Todd, I want you to yell any nasty things you can think of at Dennis — like ‘Only girls suck dicks,’ ‘You give horrible blowjobs, you nasty poofter’ and such. Dennis, begin!”



“ARH, FUCK, ARH FUCK! YES, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’M CUMMING! FUCK, THAT FEELS GREAT!!!!” yelled Dennis as he covered his chest and his face with his ejaculate.

“Good boy, you came,” said Gus, clapping his hands.

“Now that is a money shot! The slave looking into the camera, cum on his face, caught on camera for the world to see. Now, look at the mess you made of yourself, Dennis! Which of your friends would you like to lick you clean?” asked Gus, kneeling next to Dennis’s head, waving his dick.

“Rod, please,” gasped Dennis licking his lips.

“Rod, this is your lucky day! You will go from a virgin to an expert in one night!” laughed Gus as he unchained Rod.

“Get your mouth and tongue cleaning Dennis’s body and face!”

“You, Todd, I can see you looking at me, like you want to kill me, is that true?” said Gus, turning away from the two boys on the floor. “You can tell me the truth.”

“Yes, I want to hurt you, like you hurt us,” snarled Todd.

“Boy, I have not begun to hurt you, but if you think you can take an old man of 47, OK,” Gus responded. “

“You think, you can take me, make me pay, and get away from here? You don’t even know where we are. Let’s see if you can back that up,” Gus continued.

“I’m going to release you. Dennis and Rod, get your asses over to Todd and rub his arms and legs to get some blood flowing back into them — just so Todd can’t say I had an unfair advantage,” said Gus, putting the camera down and cracking his knuckles.

Gus watched Dennis and Rod unchain and rub Todd’s arms and legs.

“You are fucking dead, old man!” Todd exclaimed. “Let’s rush him! He can’t take all three of us!” said Todd.

“You two, better think about this,” Gus said. “When I beat him, if you two are not on the floor, sucking each other’s dicks, I will fuck you with no lube and rip you apart! Your choice, tough guys,” said Gus, pointing at Dennis and Rod.

Dennis and Rod exchanged a single glance, and then resumed their positions on the floor. “Good boys,” said Gus before turning his attention back to Todd.

“You . . . you . . . fucking pussy — you, old man, ARE SO DEAD!” yelled Todd running at Gus.

“Oh no, what will I do? I know — hey, you’re making this too easy!” said Gus, stepping to the left side of Todd, and reaching up and around Todd’s neck. Once Gus had his hand in place, he began to squeeze, saying, “Nighty-night!”

As Todd slumped against him, Gus said, “Hey, Todd — you awake in there? Hello? Can you hear me?”


“Oh, good! You are awake! Not bad for an old man, huh? Now, are you going to be a good boy?” asked Gus, releasing Todd’s shoulders.

“Fuck you, you poof!” Todd replied.

“I’m guessing that means ‘NO’,” said Gus, pushing into Todd’s shoulders.

“YYYYEEEERRRHHHH, STOP PLEASE . . . STOP . . . AAAARRRHHH, YES . . . STOP . . . YES . . . YES” Todd gasped.

“They are called pressure points; your body has them all over. I can cause great pain and leave little if any marks on your body. You will accept your place in life: on your knees, sucking and fucking mine or a friend’s dick! Your two friends are enjoying their new places in life — look,” said Gus, releasing the pressure on Todd’s shoulders.

“They have been like that since you tried to attack me, on the ground sucking each other’s dick. That was twenty minutes ago. You know, I think if I offered you the choice of fucking the ass of one of your friends or having me fuck your ass you would choose to fuck one of them!”

“Only because you would make me!” whimpered Todd looking up at Gus.

“Look down. Your dick has been hard throughout all this. You do enjoy being dominated! Now, your choice: your ass or your friend’s ass?” Gus persisted.

“My . . . friend’s . . . ass,” whispered Todd, looking at the floor.

“Good! You get Dennis; I want the virgin,” smiled Gus, removing his hands from Todd’s shoulders and walking over to the two men on the floor.

“Good news, boys! Your friend wants to fuck Dennis’s ass,” Gus laughed.

“No . . . don’t . . . please!” begged Dennis after taking his mouth off Rod’s dick.

“Rod and Dennis, get on your hands and knees. Don’t make me ask twice; you saw what I did to Todd!” Gus commanded.

“Rod, get over here between my legs, and get your mouth over my dick. Dennis, get your tongue into Rod’s ass, get it very greased up. I am going to fuck him, and no fingers to open him up. You hear that, Rod? Ray, you hear that, I’m going to fuck Rod’s pure virgin ass. Todd, your choice: you can fuck Dennis’s ass now; whether you wish to lick it first is up to you,” said Gus sitting down on the lounge.

“I can’t watch this, this is too cruel!” exclaimed Ray.

“What is Ray?” Gus asked.

“You fucking a pure virgin! You know how hard they are to find!” Ray said.

“Yes, that is why I’m going to enjoy it!” smiled Gus, running his hands through Rod’s hair.

“Hey, Dennis — you got Rod’s ass nice and wet?” Gus asked.

“Yes,” Dennis replied.

“Good! From now on, all three of you will address me as ‘Master Gus.’ Is that clear?” Gus said.

“Yes, Master Gus,” all three men responded.

“Rod, get up here and face me, I want to see your face as I slide into your ass, and record it,” Gus instructed.

“Todd, although you decided to take pity on your friend and lick his ass, you look like you need to practice. We can help you. First, get over here and add your tongue to Rod’s ass — a little more lube for the pure virgin’s first fuck!” Gus said, smiling in anticipation.

“Good, now get back there and fuck your friend’s ass,” instructed Gus, placing Rod’s feet on each side of his legs.

“Rod, squat down and reach under your ass, and hold my dick. You will guide it in and fuck yourself. But, be warned! If I think you are taking too long, I will grab your hips and push you down fast!” Gus said.

“OK . . . please don’t . . . I . . . will do . . . it,” cried Rod, looking into Gus’s eyes.

“Hey, why are you crying?” Gus asked. “You have not started fucking yourself yet! Well, get to it.”

“Maybe he is crying because he wants my dick, not yours,” laughed Ray.

“Dream on,” Gus replied. “I caught him at my place, not yours. That means he wanted my dick in him!”

Gus’s laughter stopped as his cock began entering Rod’s tight asshole. “Oh, fuck, Rod you are tight! The only way you will get looser is to fuck yourself up and down on my dick. On the downward stroke, move your hips around in small circles to get more of my dick into your ass.”

“FUCK NO, it is too tight! I can’t! Please stop,” whimpered Rod.

“I will count to three, and if you have not started going down. I WILL FUCK YOU IN ONE MOVEMENT AND DISCARD YOUR FAGGY LITTLE BODY, SO NO ONE CAN FIND YOU,” yelled Gus, digging his nails into Rod’s sides.

“Look at your friends,” Gus continued more quietly. “Dennis is taking Todd’s dick without too much trouble.”

“He . . . he . . . is smaller. Please . . . please don’t hurt me!” Rod begged.

“Then fuck yourself on my dick! ONE, TWO –” Gus said.

“AAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!!” Rod cried, pushing down onto Gus’s cock.

“Ah, there you are! You can do it!” said Gus, looking into Rod’s tear-filled eyes. “Not all the way in, but I did feel you move down my dick a little. When you see Ray’s dick, you will be glad I fucked you first — he is a monster.”

“Thank you; that is so kind,” said Ray in mocking embarrassment.

“Oh, oh fuck! You are tight. Keep moving up, down; built up the pace,” Gus commented. “Oh, fuck! You may make me cum before you get all the way down. I don’t want that. If that happens, we will start again! Todd, how is Dennis’s ass?”

“Tight, Master Gus,” Todd grunted.

“Good! Both of you crawl over to Rod’s ass,” Gus instructed. “I want you both to get your tongues into Rod’s ass and loosen him up a little more. Todd, don’t take your dick out of Dennis’s ass, though.”

“Yes, Master Gus,” Dennis and Todd replied, crawling awkwardly across the floor to Gus’s feet, and then laving Rod’s asshole with their tongues.

“Oh, fuck! Your tongues tickle! I like it!” Gus screamed. “You three are my best finds. I have trained and fucked many boys in all my years, but I do believe you three are going to be the best.”


“Careful, boys — especially you, Rod,” Ray interjected, obviously frustrated at only being able to observe.

“I think Gus is in love! Normally, he would have dumped his load in one of your asses by now, and dragged one of you off to his bedroom,” Ray continued sarcastically.

“Ray, you would be in love with this ass too! Untouched by tongue, finger or — more importantly — dick,” said Gus bluntly. “Admit it, the only reason you are bitching is because you would love a pure virgin. Hell, when I tell the other guys, they will be offering me all their slaves for a chance to fuck this after me — a nearly new pure virgin.”

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