Growing up chapter 6


Chapter Six

Ashley my lab partner was a sorority girl with long straight blonde hair and hazel eyes. She said she was a cheerleader in High School and she still had the tight gymnast body and a cute ass. I can imagine her in a pleated skirt and cheer pants. I think navy blue would be her best color. I wondered what she was like in bed and what the look on her face would be as my dick slid into her. Fun to think about. But innapropriate!

After Cindy’s second weekend visit when we’d been seen in the student center and around campus she had some questions for me.

“Is that your girlfriend?”

“No, just my sister… we’re real close but I don’t see her often.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“That’s surprising, you’re awfully cute.”

“what?” I stammered, my ears felt hot.

“Ya, my sisters talk about you. You’re prettier than a lot of the girls at school here!”

I don’t say anything.

“are you experienced?… with girls, and things that they like?” She stares into my eyes and I think I see a sex type spark. I nod.

“Just so you know, most guys around here are idiots in bed. There’s often a need for a sweet, non threatening guy who knows how to treat a pussy.”

“Well Yes. Definitely.” This was getting interesting! I tried to play it cool.

“would you want to meet with one of my sisters, Jan? She wants to talk with you about something.”

“Something good?”

“Yes! Very Good.”

“I don’t know which one is Jan.”

“She’ll find you.”

One day in the quad a very attractive girl walks up to me and introduces herself as Jan , president of Alpha Gamma Pi, AGPi. She has long brown hair feathered back in wings, nice, sizeable tits under her button down, steely blue grey eyes and when she talks she has an accent like Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton but more cool and even and serious.

“My sisters think you’re really hot and we want you to hang out with us. You could be a special friend of the Sorority. Do you like hanging out with girls?”

“Yes I do.”

“I thought so. We are looking for someone from time to time who can be very sweet and very discrete. “

“I know how to keep a secret.”

“Yes, so do we. And you know how to treat a girl? Let’s say, intimately?”

I stared solidly into her intimidating grey blue eyes,

“I can make a woman meow.”

“Sold. Come by the Alpha Gamma Pi house tonight at 10pm sharp. Don’t tell anyone about this. Also you won’t be telling anyone about what goes on there.”

“Yes sister”

“I have a very good feeling about you darlin’. I can’t wait to see if I’m right.”

“Oh one more thing babe, are you 18?”


“Good, you’re legal. See you tonight.”

I go for my Sorority try out with the confidence my vitamins give me. I arrive at the one story house with the greek letters on the side.

Ashley is my sponsor, so she leads me in.”We wanna see whatcha got. You’re going to Strip and jack off, blindfolded. Is that something you can do for us?”

“Yes sister” My nervous twinge melts as soon as I know what’s expected of me.

“Mmmm… good”

She fastens my blindfold, tweaks my ass and leads me into a dark room. I can tell I’m in a circle of chairs and I’m made to stand on a box. I imagine who might be out there staring at me. Jan definitely, Shannon is a proper southern blonde in one of my classes and so is cute little brunette Katie. The Sisters get a good look at me as I slowly strip out of my clothes. I hear them commenting and laughing.

“he’s so pretty”

“Ya, I’m jealous of those legs.”

“Ya legs, beautiful legs.”

“That butt is so cute! Maybe look even better in heels?”

“God! Great ass baby!”


“His eyes are beautiful too.. I know cause I have him in class.” I think I recognized the voice of Jamie from my art class. Skinny, willowy, with no tits but insistent nipples, She doesn’t like bras but has to wear ’em ’cause… poing! She also has long legs and a great ass. Hippy type and a dancer.

I’m down to a black pair of stretchy bikini briefs that Cindy brought me. I thought they would look unisex enough but also more aluring than tighty whities or boxers that I would never wear anyway. I slide them down my legs and my junk is out in the open air.

“NICE! Whoo hoo!”

“Oh look, it’s getting bigger.”

“He needs some fluffing up! Sponsor!”

The fluffer is my sponsor Ashley, she has to get me looking good for eveybody. She uses her hands for long loose strokes and I’m soon getting turgid. I feel hot breath and a little lip action. Now I’m showing them my very best.

“Yay! Look at it!” Cheers and laughter. “Good one! Yaa! I can’t wait to see that in action!”

I get tugged down off the box and led around the circle by my dick. I get groped and squeezed and stroked and even a few fingers tickling my bum hole.

“Gonna be my little toy?” I hear.

“Gonna put you to work! Give that cock some business!”

“Look at that sweet ass! I wanna take a bite!” I feel teeth on my ass cheek and a quick bite, then another!

Spanks, and “Bend over!” More hand slaps and also pulling down on my dick and feeling my balls.

“That’s what a girl wants!”

“This is gonna be property of our sorority!”

“I’ll ride that!”

“Now beat that meat for us!” I recognise Jan’s southern voice.

I get lots of comments and cheers as I languidly stroke my erect cock. I’m back on the box in the middle of them all and I feel the spotlight and the hot stares and cat calls and the big finish is coming up. I’m glad my vitamins are in full effect. I let the feeling wash over me as it churns in my belly and shivers my legs. I’m highly aroused thinking about the girls watching me, the ones who are in my classes, the faces I can picture and the ones I’m imagining. They’re watching me stroke and squeeze and I know my dick looks good and they want to see my sperm gush out. My moans get out of control, I’m sure I sound like a girl in ecstasy. I come a great deal, under the spotlight, like a fountain of semen splattering on the floor. There are lots of squeals and cheers.

I get sent to a side room to get dressed, led by Ashley my sponsor. One last stinging slap on the ass and I’m in a room alone by myself. It’s one of the bedrooms in the Sorority house. Only some of the sisters actually live there. This one bedroom is sort of a “fake” and is where trysts can occur I come to find out.

“The Sisters liked your big load”.

A swan like blonde, with a ballet dancer body and elegant c-cup breasts comes into the room with me. Cool and serene I meet my sorority Big sister Heather.

“You cum like a girl, that’s really sexy. Your moans got me turned on.” She drags her fingertips over my shoulders and chest. ” I’ll think about you when I masturbate tonight.” She pulls me toward her and gives me a deep, passionate kiss and then sends me off into the night alone.


I have a meeting with Ashley after class the next week and she explains things to me:

Most of the sorority girls at our school were brought up religious. They can’t be seen to be promiscuous or experimental or even sexually liberated so they need “secret pets”, House Boys, to help them out with… special things.

Future husbands can’t know that they get up to this stuff or have even been promiscuous before mariage. Many of the boys are too square to do the stuff the girls secretly want and might react badly if they asked. Nobody wants to to think of the future wife getting fucked like a whore. So we have to make other arrangements.

Girls come to school to meet their future husbands, the fathers of their children, not to sleep around, not to get a reputation for freaky sex stuff.

Also, Lesbo is still frowned upon on this campus and specially in the Greek system. This may be how some girls release their sexual tensions… with other girls. Even inside the sorority, the “In” sisters can’t let on that they have sex with girls or with each other. Leadership, even Jan, wouldn’t like it.

Good Christian girls can get normal sex from boyfriends. Deviant stuff can be with you.

“They already call you Kevin from Heaven”

Girls get too jealous of each other and once a guy dates a sister he is off the market, even if they break up. And I can’t date any ONE, I have to date everyone. Anybody who wants me can have me. Poor, poor boy.


When you get a booty call you need to answer it if you possibly can, that’s a rule.

If you and a sister are up to something and she says stop, it stops. We have to trust you. You put out and you put us first. Ladies come first!

This is all a total secret. Not all sisters know about this little club. Also it’s way better for pledge hazing. The real ritual is boring so we have fun with fake “initiations”. Like a second level of Sisterhood.

I’m told I’ll be sworn to secrecy and photos will be taken as collateral.

I agree unconditionally!


My Initiation Day

Prior to the ceremony, Jan who is the most senior sister, has privilege. She uses me to instruct her little sister Kelly. She has curly dark brown hair like a poodle, it parts to the side and hangs over her eyes sometimes. She has sparkling dark brown eyes, a cute nose and she’s known for her loud voice and laugh that you can hear a mile away. Healthy handfull tits and a really round butt. Her back curves and pushes it out. It makes her look like she has a belly but it’s round and really cute.

They summon me to a dorm room on the afternoon of my initiation. Jan is adament that her sorority little sister be skilled in the field of oral sex. I’m barely there a minute before my pants are dropped and Kelly is facing my penis which we see inflate with each beat of my pitter pattering heart. A few light strokes from Jan and I am proudly at attention. First we work on getting it all inside Kelly’s mouth. She’s doing pretty well and being very enthusiastic. Jan is watching her slob on my dick and coaching.

“Trust Kevin, he’s not going to do anything you don’t want (or I don’t want) He’s not going to shove it down your throat or hold on to your head, it’s all up to you. Breathe through your nose and stick your tongue out. Relax and it will go to the back of your throat.”

“I come a lot” I announce with some urgency once Kelly starts getting really good at her studies. She’s a natural. Lips and tongue work together. Her gag reflex is under her control. I’m feeling my load about to blow.

“She’s going to swallow it. Right little sister?” Kelly bobs her head yes.

“Keep the tip in your mouth” I flash a look at Jan and give her a wordless sign. “Tell her.” she says to me.

“Kelly, I’m going to cum, here it comes, Ahhhhhhhh!!”

Kelly keeps it in her mouth the whole time and swallows frantically. Her groaning on my dick takes on a tinge of panic as the semen keeps spurting.


“Just suck it down, swallow it down. Keep going. Milk it with your hand. Squeeze from the base and get it all out. Like a toothpaste tube”

Mnnnnnn!” She is so serious!

I’m done contracting and just watch Kelly’s lips around my dick. She’s about to pull off.

“Come away slowly. Don’t just leave him out in the cold. Show him you had a great time too.”

Kelly pulls away with a pop of her lips and then gives a long lick from base to tip. It leaves a little pearl of cum at the hole.

“Lick that last little bit. Mustn’t waste any.” says Jan. Kelly laps it with her tonge and her big smile bursts out.

“Boy, I don’t know what you’ve been eatin’ but you taste good! I liked that! For maybe the first time ever!”

“Good job little sister! You got it al down!” We exchange high fives as Kelly stands up.

“Now a real man will give you a big kiss in appreciation of your hard work!”

I did just that, with gusto. A little taste of cum on that darting tongue. I guess I’m a real man. Ha!

After releasing that first creamy wad in Kelly’s mouth I get taken out for drinks and then we wind up at the Sorority house. It’s dark like before and I’m loseley blindfolded. The girls are noisier and drunker than the first time.

“You’re getting initiated by the circle of the “In” sisters.”

“We insist!”

“Take off your pants!!!”

They take pictures of me stripping and naked I guess as blackmail collateral to make sure I don’t tell anybody about our “arrangement”.

I get a group spanking with hands and paddles and a lot of groping and even some sucking on my dick to keep it hard. I recognize Shannon and gaziantep eskort bayan Katie getting a feel and Jennifer this big blonde takes me in her mouth. Kelly of course is unmistakeable and Jan coos in my ear as she spanks my ass and strokes my cock, ordering me not to cum yet.

“Come over here to the table and meet your big sister.” She pulls the blindfold down and now it’s just a bandana around my neck.

My dick leaps when I see the spread and naked body on the table. Cool and serene, her blonde hair like a shampoo advertisement and between her dancer’s legs a light brown bush framing her eager cunt. I enter it effortlessly and feel her stroking and milking my shaft with exquisite kegel muscles.

I get to fuck my big sis Heather on a table with sisters all around. She likes it slow and deep at first but then urges me faster. I have a cheering section. Her cool demeanor turns more heated as my pace speeds up. I’m stroking full length, brying it in her and drawing back out to the tip.

“Fuck me harder little brother.” Loud encouragement from all around. I up the tempo and get aligned perfectly for long deep strokes in her pussy. She lies back on the padded table with her arms spread and my thrusts rock her elegant breasts. She stares into my eyes as I’m fucking her and sees when I’m about to blow my sperm. It triggers her to climax like an electric signal and I feel the clamping and clenching of her orgasm.

“Cum in Me, Cum in meeee! Keep it in!” She moans. Other hands are on my waist and my ass, pumping me into her and then holding me fast as my cock swells like a waterballoon and bursts inside her. Lot’s of cheers and applause and more shots of liquor are consumed. Girls want to check out the scene of the crime when I pull out and a rivulet of my goo flows out between Heather’s reddened labia.

“Good Job! Yay little brother!”

Next I’m commanded to eat out Jan. She drops her skirt and shucks off her panties and sits on the table (table with a thin mattress on top of it, the exhibition table it turns out) Then to my delight she unbuttons her shirt and casts it off but keeps her shiny white lace bra that juts her fine breasts out and presses them together just so.

“Alright baby boy, time to give me my tribute”

She leans back on her elbows so she can see what I’m doing. I rub the inside of her thighs and then spread them and my face is in the business zone. I start with kisses and licks all over her inner thighs.

Cheers! Her sisters egg her on.

“Show us that O face!”

I stick my tongue up her asshole so far it starts to taste spicy. I get an animal noise from Jan for my effort.

“Whoo! You dirty boy!” Shouts Kelly, with some jealousy I think.

Jan’s cum is quick and violent and clenching. She grabs my hair and groans really loud. I feel her pussy contract in my mouth and my face gets really wet. All the girls are cheering.

After she finishes gasping and convulsing she passes privelidge to Ashley.

“Girl, you did a good job spotting this one! I pass my privelidge to you. Do what you want with him!”

“I’ve been waiting for this! I picked you out and I’ve been looking forward to putting you to work, lab partner.” Titters from the group of girls. The smell in the room must be the arousal of a dozen plus horny girls.

She’s beaming at me excitedly as she sheds her clothes.

“Let’s get it on!”

Ashley shaves her legs and her arms so her skin is really smooth. Probably uses lots of lotions. Her pink nipples are the same shade as her smiling lips. Chest freckles on tan skin. Great bikini tan line, white triangles, I love the contrast. Her tits look like muscles, firm and taut. Tight lipped pussy with clit hood peeking out. That’s shaved too. I lick and suck at it to start with but she wants the dick and says so in no uncertain terms. The sisters roar their approval. Athletic fucking follows. This girl wants it fast from the get go. My dick feels in good shape after blowing my first load in my big sister Heather and I can tell I’m going to have the stamina to get her off. I can give her hard and fast if she wants it. I’m sporting wood from the visual and psychological stimulation but the actual feeling from her pussy is minimized. She groans and whines as I thrust rapidly and then stop, then start again. I’m standing on the floor and holding her hips up and almost dragging her off the table. We make a slapping sound with our bodies together. Then she wants me up on the table with her and then doing her from behind. I’m fucking as hard as I can but things are getting dry around the edges and feeling abrasive. I pull out and before I can say anything, other hands are on me with lubricant and on her cunt, slickening it back up and then the sisters are guiding me back in with lots of encouraging comments. I keep pounding her for ten minutes, maybe more, and my legs are getting rubbery and my clenched abs are giving out. Her demanding growls and shouts bend up into a loud screaming orgasm. I hold onto her and keep pumping deep in her contracting vagina, hoping her squeezes will get me to the edge but I don’t feel it yet. I need a change of texture and temperature. She dives forward, off of my impaliing dick and rolls onto her back, looking up at me. He face shows joyful approval.

“Fuck ya boy! I knew you could do it! You’re awesome!”’ She brushes her finger tips around her reddened, engorged area and gives herself shivers. A hand reaches around and closes on my erection. Another goes between my legs and cups my balls.

“Money shot! Money Shot!” Single voices rise up to become a unanimous chant and multiple hands are working my cock. “Money shot! Money Shot!” Ashley spreads her legs and scootches towards me, pulling her knees up. Propped on her backward extended arms, she seems to be offering her face and freckled chest to me as a target. I desperately want to put it right there between those tits. I’m on my knees betwen her legs and I get to look around at the faces of the sisters who are cheering me on and want to see me shoot all over their friend. I lock eyes with Jaimie and Katie and a girl named Becky…The hands are acting a bit roughly with me and way too fast but there is lots of lube. I even feel a tickling at my ass hole from somebody’s finger.

I look back down at sexy Ashley and think about aiming right between those triangle tan lines on her firm tits. I’m not in charge of my dick right now though. The hands are jacking it faster and who knows where they’ll aim it!

“Are ya gonna cum? Are ya gonna cum?!” She asks like an eager child.

She sits up straighter and her smiling face is closer to my cock and I realize that I am indeed going to cum! Finally! Here it goes! I let the feeling flow towards my groin and also up to my diaphrahm and it pushes sounds out of my mouth. I’m moaning in a rising pitch and breaths are whooshing faster as I feel myself speed towards the edge.

“GO GO! CUM! CUM! Money shot!” shout the women all around me and the breathy voice in my ear who is handling my junk and pointing it towards Ashley’s tipped back face urges me on.

“Give it to her baby!”

“AAaaaaaaaiiiiyyAAAAAA!” I howl in a very feminine register and a jet of semen flys from the hole in my bulging cockhead and arcs into Ashley’s open mouth! Her eyes are closed but her mouth is wide and her tongue it curling out to meet my next splooge.

“Unnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She tilts back more and my dick gets pointed down farther and I hit her under the chin and another on her throat and another…

“Yaaaaaa! Whoooo! Money!” Whoever is handling my dick is having fun shooting it like a cum gun at our sorority sister’s naked body. They have good aim too and I still have more bullets.

She flops down on her back and my forth and fifth contractions send ribbons of cum lacing her chest and her white skin triangles on her springy, jiggling, sweaty boobs and connecting the dots of her freckles.

She is laughing hysterically.

“Yay! Hot shot! Whoo! God you can cum!”

She has my goo all over her. I’m gasping and shuddering and struggling to stay upright. Everybody is cheering! Ashley sits back up and scrambles to her knees and plants a sloppy kiss on my lips. More screaming. I taste cum and smile.

Then she leaps towards another sister, Bonnie, and kisses her and then Jaimie next to her sharing the semen on her lips and smearing the cum on her chest onto the other girls clothes. She’s sharing me all around. Shrieks of hilarity as girls get my goo on them.

My legs are wobbly and I lie down on the table next to her but she is up and running around naked. I see girls kissing each other. I think this celebration is a cover for some pent up same sex attraction.

I’m catching my breath, splayed out on my back but someone has produced a can of whipped cream and before I’m even flaccid I find myself decorated. I lay spread eagle on the table and sorority girls, my sisters now, take turns creaming me and cleaning it off with licking, sucking mouths. Shots of booze (a bottle of butterscotch schnapps is going around) are alternated with licks of my cock. I’m made to sit up and do some shots too and then when I lay back down I feel hands on my head and I’m beeing pulled by the neck. I slide to the edge of the table on my back and am pulled farther until my head is over the side.

A sister with no pants on walks right into me and her muff is sliding across my face. It’s Bonnie, a blonde sister with heavy breasts and a plentiful, light brown bush. She steers herself onto my tonge as it darts out.

I lick and eat. There are still things going on with my dick down below but I’m concentrating on Bonnie’s clitoris and she yelps like I’m doing the right thing. In a little while she yells that I’m making her cum and she crushes my head between her legs.

There’s another pussy to service after that and still another after that! I don’t even know who they belong to! I eat off a whipped cream bikini and then polish the pussy underneath it. Outside hands help out with the clitoral stimulation. When she shreiks and cums I taste a salty squirt. My dick feels like it’s the site of some menage e trois action, or four or five. There are definitely multiple sets of lips at work. As yet another cunt is riding my valorous tongue I feel all the right speeds and slickness and sensations coalescing on my still hard pecker and I know I’m going to cum one more time. I fasten my lips around the clitty in my face and suck it into my mouth. My nose is wedged into the squirming meat of the girl and I can’t breathe. My eyes are open but my vision is getting red and fuzzy and I launch a cum that feels like it will burst my chest. I buck on the table and hear cheers but they seem far away… fuzzy…

Some time later I’m being helped into a warm shower and after that I’m kissed and tucked into bed. Whooo!


For the first while they tell me I’m on probation:

Jan is my first booty call.

“You didn’t know this was going to happen? You come when we call. Especially me, I’m the queen Bee.”

She’s in Kelly’s dorm room, between classes, it’s not even lunch time yet.

She’s wearing a sorority t-shirt and umbros. It’s the totally casual, go to class or sit around the dorm clothes worn by most of the sorority chicks at this school. But Jan’s breasts tent out the white cotton shirt and her legs are smooth and her hair smells nice and her eyes are gorgeous and intimidating. And there’s that voice…

“Alright, drop your pants sugar, that’s what you’re here for! I want some of that service I saw you give Heather and Ashley initiation night.” I stroke myself to hard red rigidity and she seems to enjoy watching as she fingers her fur rimmed slit to open readiness. She spreads herself, legs and lips, with her hands and I plunge in.

There follows a good hard and fast dicking. I have to try really hard not to cum before she gets to her climax because I’m really turned on by her skin and her smell and by the way she’s treating me like a sexual servant. When she does climax she has a really good, deep, quivering orgasm, the little death.

“Where may I cum sister?” I ask in a heightening voice as she’s descending. “ Should I pull it out before I cum?”

“Keep it in, keep it in baby.”

“Ooooooooooohhhhhh” it comes out as a wail and my jizz issues out as a series of explosions.

“Good Baby! There you go, … give it all to me…” She holds me to her as I empty myself, and I think sob a little bit. It’s… emotional.


Ashley had a bad date. She’s drunk and needs to cum she slurs at me over the phone. I sneak into her dorm room , shuck my pants off and get in her bed. It’s pitch dark but as my eyes get used to the light I can see that her roomate is asleep in the other bed! She’s a girl from another Sorority. I think I remember her; brown haired, nice rack, cute face, future housewife. Ashley breathes heavy as I get it in her and then murmers words I can’t understand as I fuck her nice and steady, the way I like to feel it. She gets quiet and her body gets more and more passive. I realize she’s fallen asleep with me on top of her, my dick moving inside her pussy that’s starting to feel dry. I have an idea and it sends a twinge to my pecker. I get some spit on it and moisten up Ashley’s pussy for a bit and bring myself close to cumming. Then I quietly get out of bed and tiptoe over to the sleeping roomate. Ashley just lays there spread and snoring. My dick throbs as I rub it, standing over the sorority girl’s soft downy cheek. The light coming through the crack in the curtains falls across her placid face.

And so does my sperm! I let a long arc of pearlescence drape across her forehead and then another and another thin but forceful spurt. She doesn’t even twitch. It’s dribbling down her nose and lips.

Ashley looks cute passed out and naked, sprawled on her bed and I bend down and kiss her pussy as I’m pulling my pants back on. I think about it for a second and then cover her up with the crumpled blankets. I wonder if she’ll even remember?


Big sis shows up for a BJ in my dorm room. He hands are dry and smooth and cool before she takes me into her mouth. She’s gentle but skillful and seems to know just what speed and pressure works well for me. I don’t need more than a couple minutes of this expert attention before my legs start to wobble. On her knees on the carpeted floor she wants me looking in her eyes as I gush in her mouth. My roomate comes in just as she’s finishing up. We pull away from each other hurriedly. She got some on her but she just smiles at my roomate, says hello and walks past him.

“WOW, who was that?”

Ha. He really has no idea.



A week later there’s a pledge initiation that they need my services for.

It’s for pledge Corey. She’s a slim girl with new tits mommy bought for her, 32D and they stand straight out. Gravity has been conquered. Bleach blonde hair and perfect skin, from a tanning bed apparently. She’s the exact same color all over! I can detect the scars around the bottoms of her areola from her boob job. Other than that she looks like an airbrushed model or a doll even! She trims her bush very close. Big hood drooping over her clit and inner lips that hang out.

I know this because she has been stripped naked by her sisters in her dorm room and they are holding her spread eagle on the bed. When I first came into her room, she was blindfolded and kneeling and she was told she has to suck me. I’m the mystery cock! She totaly goes for it right away, must have sucked lots of dicks in High School. Once I’m brought to maximum turgidity she is dragged onto the bed and held down by sisters. I eat her pussy until she wails out loud and then get my rod into position. My sisters are only too happy to spread her wide and help direct me into her sloppy snatch. I pump her cunt and many girls hands work on her clit so that she has another howling orgasm. They have the music turned up pretty loud but I bet somebody in the hall could hear the sounds of sexual exstacy. When I feel my jizz rising like a fire up my quivering legs I look at the sisters and they indicate I should blow my wad on Corey’s blindfolded face. I let it fly and concentrate on her mouth. It’s not my biggest cum by any means but her lips and chin get a good glazing. With my cum on her face she gets lots of kisses from all around. All the girls in the room have a little bit of me on them!

Before she gets her blindfold off I’m zipped up and ushered out. I hear Cory calling after me;

“Thanks Mystery Cock! You can do that again whenever you want!”


Soon enough there’s a pledge who needs punishment. Somebody got the idea to dress me in drag. A sister named Lisa does my makeup and a wig (even though I could manage just fine myself, I don’t let on) and produces some falsies to make my boobs stick out. I’m wearing a vinyl corset and high cut black panties and thigh high fishnets held up by my garter straps. I even have a pair of heels which I do pretty well in. I’m taller than all the other girls in the room with them on. Let’s see, there’s Kelly and Katie and Chelsea and Lisa and Becky and Bonnie. Redhead Shelby’s there too, she always likes to watch. I get hard inside my panties and I think I need some relief ’cause it’s ruining my look. I’m waiting in the bathroom with Katie and Lisa and they pull my dick out and start jacking me. Four hands at once on my rod and massaging my balls and delving into my butt crack, tickling my sphincter through my satin panties. I hear Kelly in the other room verbally abusing the pledge sister. Lisa is breathing in my ear.

“Nice hard cock! But let’s relieve this pressure. Does dressing up in my panties turn you on?”

They were her panties! I like the personal touch! I groan affirmatively.

“You look really sexy in them. You make a gorgeous girl!”

I start breathing hard and moaning as my shaft starts to buzz. Katie is on one side of me and Lisa on the other and they point my cock toward the tiled wall.

“Aiy! Aiy! Aiyyyyaaaaaahhh!” I squirt all over the bathroom wall, watching the hands milk me out.

The bad Pledge in question is named Ellen. Strawberry Blonde with fair freckled skin to match. Very beautiful and knows it. Long hair, grey green eyes, delicate cupid’s bow lips. Generous c cup breasts with just the right hang. Confident posture. . Big attitude, cocky pledge.

Her shirt is yanked off. Big pink nubbly areolas. Then her loving sisters remove her shorts and panties. Shaven slit! She’s held down on the bed, Katie and Becky hold her arms and Bonnie and Shelby pry her legs apart. She squeals as this unknown sister comes out of the bathroom in her sexy dominatrix outfit and kneels between her forcefully spread legs.

I pat her vulva with firm smacks. Kelly is informing her that pussy retraining is necessary and it needs to be from a girl’s mouth. I smack her some more times and then devour her shaved cunt. She howls and struggles but says Yes a lot of times. I feel Lisa behind me and she reaches between my legs and strokes my dick and balls.

“come on big brother, you’re gonna fuck her” she breathes in my ear “she won’t know what hit her.”

The yes yeses are coming faster and I slow down to tease her.

“You’re not allowed to cum yet!” Says Kelly “Cocky Bitch! Bad Pledge! Just you wait.”

I’m building up strength in the dick area without much trouble after my draining in the bathroom a few minutes ago. This situation and being dressed as a girl in front of my sisters is quite erotic. Lisa pulls me out of my panties to get ready and I sit back and see the mischievous grins on the other girls as they see what’s about to happen.

The pussy in front of me is engorged and drooling. Ellen is heaving and whining that she doesn’t want it to stop, that she’s about to cum, that she’ll be a good pledge.


I straighten up and plunge my dick into that pussy and watch it bury to the hilt. I bottom out and my balls slap her ass.

“WHHHAAAAAA!!” shreiks Ellen, her eyes flash wide and her body locks up.

“What THee FUCK!”

“Fuck her!” I feel hands immediatly on my waist forcing me back and forth. I start hammering. Her tits look glorious jumping with each thrust.

“Who are you?! Oh my God! Oh fuck!”

“This is your punishment bad pledge! You’re gettin’ fucked!”

I’m not sure who’s actually getting punished here. Ellen is rocking into me and gasping with each slam. Her slippery slick pussy is clinging at my pole and her hips are thrusting back at me. The other sisters are cheering and Shelby slides a hand down Ellens taut stomach and starts to flutter her fingers over her reddened clit.

“Shitttt! Ohhhhhh!”

Kelly leaned down over her face,

“Tell us you’ll be a good pledge!”

“I will! Iwill!”

“Promise you’ll stop being such a bitch!”

“I will, I’m sorry I promise! Oh god fuck me! I promise!”

I think Shelby and I are about to make her cum. I withdraw my self and ring my thumb and middle finger around my frenum. I’m ready to blow, I just need the word.

“Alright, we love you, we want you to cum. Kevin, time to give her our blessing!”

Shelby friggs Ellen’s clit ruthlessly and she starts to moan in a panicked pitch, like a scary monster is coming for her. I pull a few more times on my straining member and aim for Ellen’s face scrunching up in an anguished orgasm. As she screams her ecstasy I launch a torrent of jism into her open mouth which she isn’t able to close in time as she loses control of her body. I pump more ejaculate onto her luscious, sweaty tits and sternum. Shelby stuffs two fingers into her vagina and palms the girls clit as her climax spins itself out.

High Five! Go Team! Splat!

Unfortunately it’s the only time I ever get my dick in hot Ellen although she likes to flirt and tease me.


Chelsea is a sister with long straight hair all the way down to her butt and nice blue eyes peeking under her bangs. She always has great skin cause she does perfect makeup. She always looks slightly tan and has little pink lips and a cute nose. She was there for the hazing of the bad pledge Ellen and found out about me and my proclivity for drag. She talks to me in a class we have together.

“You make a sexy girl, have you ever tried it with a guy?”

I blush but after a long hesitation, I decide to confide.

“I haven’t sucked a cock in so long, I kind of miss it.”

“My boyfriend really wants me to do it to him but I can’t go through with it. I’m too squemish for that thing in my mouth. Will you teach me how?”

“on me?”

“No… on him.”

She has a plan. Chelsea sneaks me into her dorm and I get in drag and hide in the closet. I’ve got the outfit I need. A ruffled skirt and stockings, padded bra and two tight t’s and I brought my bob wig. It’s her boyfriend’s birthday and she says she’s finally going to suck his dick but her sorority sister is going to help teach her how. Wow two girls! Lucky bastard! But he can’t know who the other girl is so it’s dark and he’s blindfolded. I practice my feminine voice and give lots of instructions to her and real live demonstrations with my own mouth on him. Chelsea does fairly well with getting his short but thick member into her mouth and working up a suction. I try to get her to ease up a bit and do more tongue work and some hairy ball licking which I don’t think she fancies much. I wind up doing most of the work at the end and get the cum shot while he’s moaning her name. He spurts about a tablespoon into my mouth and I have no trouble swallowing it. His cum tastes like bleach but having his dick in my mouth has gotten me rather aroused in the panty area. Chelsea notices my bulge but just about then he starts taking off the blindfold! All I can think to do is bolt out the door and hop to another sister’s room right down the hall!

Thank god it’s my little sister from Alpha Gamma Pi Lisa and her roommate is out! She opens the door and I just go ahead and tell her everything that happened and she gets aroused by my outfit and my dick sucking story. She comes up close and gropes me under my skirt and gets me freshly straightened, kissing my neck and murmuring about how pretty I look. She poses with me and we look at each other in the full length mirror. I’m her sexy girlfriend in a short skirt with a hard cock bursting out. She stands behind me, head over my shoulder and jacks me slowly, admiring the both of us in the reflection. Obviously turned on she volunteers to help me with my predicament.

She drops down on her knees and immediately goes to work on my hardon. Great lips and throat control. I get to watch us in the mirror, one hot chick on her knees sucking another hot chick’s swollen cock. I think about myself down on my knees in the same position minutes earlier and my first contraction comes as she has me fully engulfed.

“Unggggg!” she gags slightly and then pushes me back with her hands around the base of my pulsing member. Her mouth is wide open and her tongue is outstretched and my cock head rests on it as I deliver my load in four more spurts directly onto her tongue. She holds still, her hot breath coming through her nostrils onto my penis as it finishes twitching and oozing and then when she has all of my spunk held in her mouth she closes her lips on the tip of my dick and swallows it all down. It was a glorious thing to behold.


She escorts me back to my room, still dressed up in my slut clothes! I borrow a jacket and shoes. Her heels fit me. We wear the same sizes! We walk across the darkened campus and she says hi to the few students we meet but I’m afraid to. Nobody recognizes me. My roommate is asleep when I get back fortunately and I get my clothes off in the dark but I fail to hide all the things and he sees a fishnet stocking on the floor next morning.


Katie calls late on a weeknight

“Are you available?”

“For a sister? Of course.” I have her in one of my classes and she still gives me squishy feelings. Something so wholesome about her.

“Meet me in the room, at the house?”

“Ya, ten minutes.”

She’s at the door when I get there and we head straight for the “trysting” room with little fanfare. She locks the door and we stand in the semi darkness.

“So how does this work?” She looks at me furtively. I love her eyes, my heart is thumping already.

“I do whatever you want me to do.”

“Really?” She chuckles nervously.

“Ya.” I swallow a lump. My voice sounds funny. “Anything you ask, I’ll do… willingly. We can make out if you want or I’ll just go down on you or we can just wam bam thanks get out.” She considers a moment.

“I think I just want you to fuck me.”

“You’re already making my cock hard.” I exhale a nervous confession. My dick was getting firm even as I was walking over here from my dorm.

“Well let’s see it. Put it to work.”

I eagerly disrobe in front of her. My cock is pointing out! Reaching towards her.

She drops her roomy denim shorts and pulls her tshirt over her head. Her hair flounces. She reaches for the front clasp and unhooks her bra revealing delicate little b’s. We stand there just breathing for a few seconds. She slides her white cotton underpants down and kicks them off. I try to control my fluttering diaphram. My flag is flying proudly. I look at the soft brown curls of her bush.

“Do you want me to…”

She licks one finger and sends it down to her slit.

“Naw, I’m ready.”

Ok. Katie lies back on the bed, stretchs her arms up over her head and spreads her legs. I see her pink petals unfold beneath the brown thatch. I aim myself and with some back and forth I’m all the way inside her vagina. It’s nice and snug. My arms are straight and I hold myself up off of her and rock my hips into hers. Her eyes are closed and she turns her head to the side and moans softly. I think I really like her. I think I might cum soon. This is sooner than usual.

“I think I’m gonna cum Katie”

“Oh ya…”

“Should I keep it in?”

“No, pull out. Catholic, duh.” She glares at me.

Her eyes are hurting my soul. I buck faster, harder, trying to make her hurry up and feel something. I wish it wasn’t so soon. I want her to cum. She looks away. I want her to look in my eyes when I cum. I want to make her feel good but I can’t hold it. I pull out and lay my wet cock on her pale belly. I shoot all the way up to her delicate little breasts. I can’t control the sounds coming out of my mouth. I think I sound like a girl.

“I’m sorry. I usually last longer. I wanted to make you cum.” I’m gasping.

“Oh Well.” she says. She glances up. She grasps my hips and rolls me away from her.

“We could try again. I can give you oral.” I’m pleading.

“Nah. You can go.”


Jennifer.Sister Big girl, big hair. Beautiful sparkling blue eyes but they always look wet, like she’s about to start crying. She looks good in a gown with bodice that pushes her hefty tits up and out towards you.

My Roommate “Some chick on the phone”

“Kevin, snif, I’ve had a really bad day, can you come over and sleep with me?”

When I get there I take off my pants and get right in bed with her. She just wears a nightgown and we cuddle and I stroke and pet her a lot.

“Am I too fat?”

“No, you’re gorgeous!

“My boyfriend says I need to loose weight and that I’m ugly”

“Anybody who says that is stupid and abusive… and probably needs to be punched in the face”

She sputtered and laughed and was probably picturing me trying to punch her boyfriend in the face. I had seen a picture of him on her dresser and he was huge.

“Will you lie on top of me?”

I do and feel her big tits sloshing beneath me. The silky nightgown kept them from spreading out too much and I could feel her big nipples. Her hands were gliding up and down my back.

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

I was starting to feel the way I used to feel when I lay on top of Twyla and swam around in her silky cleavage and humped against her pillowy thighs. I began to slowly rock my groin into Jennifer’s crotch area and she sighed. We shifted a little and I settled between her legs. She held me to her in the dim light and I concentrated on our body to body contact. I was chubbing up a bit. I adjusted my swelling member in my tight satin briefs and got my hips in between her hips. She was spreading out. I could feel my cock head nestling between her outer labia, pushing her panties inward. There was heat and wetness.

“Come on, you can put it in.” She held my head in her hands and looked at me with watery blue eyes. “Make sweet love… be sweet to me.” She was almost crying.

I stood up and removed my tshirt and stripped down my underware. Her panties were blue satin and as I pulled them down they drew a string of wetness away from her flushed cunt slit.

Her pussy was big. Outer lips, inner lips, all of it was big and it opened with her legs widening and I could see up into her vagina. It looked like roast beef. I lay back down on top of her and felt our bellies pressing together. Through rocking back and forth I got my dick angled down and it found her sloppy trench and from there it was automatic that I should slide all the way up and in her.

“Uuuuhhhhmmmm!” she whimpered and squeezed me. She kissed my face with her big pillowy lips and I could feel the tears on her cheeks. I started to pump a little harder and then a little harder. It was very wet in there and open and not much friction. I was trying for different angles.

I replayed sessions with Twyla in my head and eventually came inside her. She made a lot of accommodating moans but I don’t think she had an orgasm. As I got to the end and I was humping frantically she held my face in her hands and blubbered,

“Cum little baby, Cum little Baby!”

I finally came and it’s like a relief that I can stop. I’m really tired.

We snuggle some more. The bed smells like cunt.


Amanda is a petite, frizzy haired Sister with glasses. Pretty cute really with slim, smooth legs. She informs me that she wants to use me for Daddy play. In the “extra room” at the house when everybody is out.

The lights need to be out and there is to be no talking from me. I lay her across my lap and spank her until my bare hand hurts and then apply light kisses to her tender ass. I pull down her underpants and kiss her pussy too before spreading her out on the bed and fucking her hard. She makes a lot of noise.

“I’m your good girl Daddy! I’m your good girl… fuck my little pussy!”

Hard pounding seems to be what she wants.

“Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy Daddy!”

“cum in me , cum in me Daddy.” Her loud, insistent voice, squeals and cries, bring me off pretty quickly. I pump some mighty ejaculations into her squirming body and a lot of it squishes out.

“Oh no Daddy, you shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have done that Daddy! You probably got me pregnant” She works herself into a crying fit but keeps pulling my hips and pressing me forward wiith her heels.

I keep fucking into her after I’ve cum and she has an orgasm, crying and blubbering.

“I’m gonna have your baby Daddy!”


Tracy is a lesbian. I can tell but somehow everybody else pretends to ignore the obvious.

Short hair, compact, pancake tits. Used to be a swimmer. “Glad I don’t have to shave my legs any more!” Really wants to have sex with girls. No dicks. Hairy muff, no shaving. There’s hair on her crotch and hips and butt crack.

I get to be the first person to eat her out when she admits that she’s been putting all the guys off. She gets drunk and emotional and spills her guts to me at a party one time. I’m special, she can think of me as a girl. I share a secret and tell her I like to dress up as a girl and be penetrated.

Shelby is the redhead who fingered bad pledge Ellen so adeptly during my hazing in drag session. Screaming blue eyes. Typical body, you can see the suburban Mom in her already. Hips are getting wide and calves are thick. She starts off shy and resisting, then gets uncontrollably loud. Turns out she likes girls.

Tracy and I have a tryst in the trysting room and redhead Shelby comes in to watch me eat Tracy out. I’m the first person to give her an orgasm. We tell our spectator that she’s next but she gets shy and runs out. Fire in the hole! Maybe next time!

We do some kissing with my face slathered in pussy juice.

”I could definitely get down with that.” I think she means Shelby. “Oh, but you didn‘t get off.” she says to me.

“I’m just here to serve”

She’s relieved that nothing is expected of her and we just lie there chatting for a while.

We set up another get together, Tracy and I, and we get Shelby to attend by telling her she can watch. She likes to watch. She likes to watch me porking Tracy with four fingers and eating her furry snatch. I’m underdressing and after I bring Tracy off, vigorously fingering that hairy pussy, Shelby plays with my erection in my panties. We get in a gentle 69 and I make that bush of fire cum, loud. She mostly kisses the end of my dick and moans on it but I suck her pussy something fierce! After she’s orgasmed she says I can fuck her. She’s not a virgin and her red trimmed snatch feels pretty good. I blow off pretty quick, pulling out and shooting on her pale freckled belly. We clean her off and when I start eating and fingering her again, Tracy joins in. We work her vigorously with fingers and mouths and bring her to another orgasm. This time she squirts a stream of clear liquid that gets both of us wet and soaks the bed. We all kiss each other after that. Laundry needs doing!

Shannon must have heard all the noise we made because she knocks on the door and asks to be next. Tracy and Shelby duck out in a hurry but I’m happy to let her stiffen me up with those red lips and blonde tresses bobbing up and down. I wonder if my dick tastes like her sister’s cunt but she seems totally unfazed. I slip my eager digits in her white satin panties and give her a good clit fingering and then she tells me that in order to stay a virgin for her husband to be, she is going to let me stick it in her ass! My slimy fingers go in there next and her hole is very receptive. I get my proudest, hardest digit inside her without much trouble. She’s experienced in the back door and very turned on by it! She has loud orgasms from the anal sex and says really dirty shit and then when I tell her I’m about to cum she shouts at me to pull out and she quickly turns around and takes my cock right into her mouth! From her ass to her mouth! I never thought I’d see that happen! When I start jizzing, making a good bit of noise myself, she holds my cock up to her lips and lets it spray all over her face. She gets a few hot drizzles on her forehead and eyelids and cheeks and then she sucks me back in with those lips and swallows the rest down.

Wow! Totally porno!

“that was hot” she says with a satisfied look. Her makeup is ruined. “I’ve gotta get out of here.”

I collapse down onto the bed. It’s wet. It’s kinda stinky too.

Next time we have a class together she just smiles and says Hi. I spend the whole hour thinking about fucking her in the brown ring and pink innards of her rectum and how she popped my dick right in her mouth. I compare and contrast her anus with the others I have fucked, Cindy, Twyla, that smelly Frat guy. Shannon’s asshole didn’t have any shitty smell to it as I recall. Maybe she did something to herself before hand? God she said some really dirty things. “Jesus Fuck my Christ!” keeps leaping to my mind.

I wish I could have had butt sex with Bobby more, that was my favorite. I wish I could have stuck mine inside him. I mean, I wouldn’t do it differently, I loved getting fucked by him, It felt romantic, just wish we could have done more… I’m daydreaming.

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