Grateful Wife


“Honey, what the hell are all these boxes out here? Looks like IPS got lazy again and left them far from the door.”

“How would I know? Bring them in and check the labels.” Her annoyed tone could be very grating.

The three big, heavy boxes were neatly stacked on the bottom two steps and overlapped. There was a large red heart sticker on each box. I soon discovered a familiar name on them. “They’re all from your boyfriend Steve.” THAT should irritate her. We’d been arguing again and this was my little counter attack. Steve frequently flirted with her even when I was near, and she didn’t discourage it. We all worked at a supposedly ultra conservative, big computer company. The literally starched shirts at IIM had become mostly for image. Under them were often teddies or frilly underwear – even the women wore them! The common erotic chatter could make the founder spin in his grave.

“You WISH he were my boyfriend. I know you want to watch me fuck someone else. What’s in the boxes?”

She was right about that. I love watching her squirm with embarrassment since I know she will then turn that into an all night sex fest if I do it right. There’s little that she allows to embarrass her and I still don’t fully understand it. She’s often embarrassed by the oddest things that don’t bother most of us. She still adamantly claims she’s modest and shy, but heaven forbid I try to support that ‘modesty’. Ms bashful usually goes to work braless in a buttoned shirt with several buttons open. I made the mistake of pointing out once, just once, that her tits were exposed and she loudly stormed off in a rage. We didn’t talk for a week. She goes in and out of her exhibitionist denial phase without warning.

Once, as proof of her modesty, she wore to a work party a mid calf but snug skirt with a small 10 inch slit. Hard to exploit that. Yet, she found a way. Getting out of the car with over a dozen people near, she pivoted one leg out of the car and paused. The long green skirt climbed above her knees as she held them spread as wide as the skirt allowed, then tried harder. She slid to the edge of the seat and ignored the skirt’s ascension, but the rest of us struggled to guess if her panty was dark or all hair. I guess no one ever taught her how a ‘lady’ gets out of a car or seat ‘properly’. She loved the tease, but couldn’t admit that either. Her antics were a frequent cause of bitterness. I wanted to support whatever she wanted, if I could only figure it out. I was willing to expose her if that gave her a thrill, even willing to share her and learn to like it. MY anger, I finally figured out, was about being excluded, about the inevitable secrets, about being her strawman. Since Valentine’s day was the next day, I wanted an unusual gift that she would enjoy and remember. I began to plot my scheme and hope for the best.

“This first one has books, lots of books. The next one has cooking tools? And a card. It says ‘Thanks for all your close and intimate help with my problem. Love Steve. P.S. Happy V.D. ;-))’ What should I make of that? What intimate problem did you help him fix? Should I be worried?”

“Well, my jealous man, I think he thinks it’s intimate and I’m not sure I should tell even you about it.” I could hear the tease in her tone. Maybe I really could ramp up a fake fight and get her to do what she enjoys but won’t admit?

“This stuff must have been VERY expensive to ship, so I doubt he thinks it’s a joke. I wonder why he shipped it instead of dropping it off. He only lives a few miles away. He IS saying thanks for something, but I don’t know what. It’s a big deal to him and you can use all this stuff, so maybe you should send him a Thank You/Valentine’s Day note. Want some help writing it? Ha!” Now she has the ball.

“You’re right. But a simple note won’t do it. I’ll think of a better way to thank him. Hmmmmm….. Maybe I’ll stop by his place after work and show him how grateful I am.”

So, she is going to play. “Well, have fun. Let me know if I can help.” As expected, she said nothing and left for work. She called at five to say she was working until six, ardahan escort then going to Steve’s. Without prodding, she would probably hang out there a while then try to tease me that something happened between them. I decided to push her tonight and went to Steve’s in time to see her ring his bell. After giving her a minute, I peeked in the window before knocking. It seemed innocent with both standing in the family room ten feet apart.

I rang the bell and Steve quickly let me in. “Hi, what are you doing here? Sue JUST got here, we-e-e uh sh-e-e’s uhh fine, there’s nothing going on….’ I wonder what he is so nervous about. “I was about to….”

“Relax, Steve. We’re fine. I just came by to lend a hand if needed. Sue just wanted…”

“…to express my gratitude for all you sent me. I really appreciate the sentiment and it wasn’t necessary.”

“Oh, please. There’s no need to thank me for a Thank You gift. That can get awkward and make someone uncomfortable.”

“You hear that, hun? You’re making him uncomfortable.” Time to push her limits. “You’re standing there so stiff, in your business clothes, it’s no wonder. Relax and loosen up some and we’ll all feel at ease. Though I love your royal blue outfit, at least take off your jacket.”

Sue arched one eyebrow and paused silently a few seconds. “Umm, sure. You’re right. After all, this isn’t a business meeting with the stuffed shirts at IIM.” Steve dipped his head and coughed loudly. “I want you to feel comfortable.” As her jacket languidly slipped off her shoulders, she thrust her chest forward. Her swelling nipples strained her white, silky blouse in testimony that she was, as usual, braless. The three open buttons allowed her billowy blouse, now unconstrained by the heavier jacket, to expose her always surprising cleavage from her barely-B cups. So, she was finally listening to my advice to tease and expose slowly! But now? I took a second to confirm that Steve’s eyes were locked on her individually swinging breasts before admiring them myself. “There, that’s better. Ummm, I still feel too formal and constrained. I’m going to take off my panty hose, if that’s OK with you two.”

“Well, uhh, whatever makes you more at ease.” Steve replied, with a furtive and nervous glance at me. “Why don’t we sit a minute?”

Steve and I sat on a sofa and Sue moved closer to us. She kicked off her shoes and tried only hiking her skirt to mid thigh and tugging on the hose. She knew that wouldn’t work, so she already committed to working the game. “This damn skirt is too tight to do this.” So Sue reached back and unzipped the skirt. Somewhat flushed, she looked back and forth at both of us before obviously deciding…. The skirt, already unhitched, quickly fell to the floor. Steve’s jaw dropped. Though I’d seen her shed all her clothes thousands of times, sitting next to a near stranger who also watched her strip was different. As far as I know, she never went this far before. The tight hose further sculpted her already sexy and shapely legs. “Now I can get these off.” She lifted her shirt to grab the waist of the hose and rolled it down. Her silky white panties were loose and slid down slightly. Steve pushed his jaw closed and, trying to hide his growing rod, shifted on the sofa. When Sue bent to roll the hose down her calves, her blouse billowed and we caught a glimpse of a turgid, perfect nipple topping her loose tit. Steve groaned and rearranged his pants. My exhibitionist wife still hid her arousal behind a naive facade. She kicked the hose to join her skirt. “There. Is that better? Everyone relaxed now?”

“Well, honey, your blouse still screams WORK. I think you should remove it to show how concerned you are with our comfort. Don’t you agree, Steve?” He stammered a bit in disbelief, but managed to nod his head. I noticed his eyes briefly look past her. She was too committed to making her point to back off now. Yet, she also seemed to be enjoying the attention. This could all go very badly for me later, but I hope she appreciated my special gift to her.

“Well, alright. I know you both artvin escort look down or into my shirt every chance you get, and have already seen them, but my itty bitty titties are really not worth looking at. They’re so small, yet sag some and are different sizes. I don’t know why you guys like to see even my flawed tits.” She unbuttoned the blouse as she spoke. I loved her ‘flawed’ tits and now I could openly solicit Steve’s opinion. She paused with her blouse hanging open, yet still covering her tiny titties. After the tease, she put her blouse on the nearby chair and flaunted her bare chest. Looking a little flushed and breathing in shallow pants she continued, “There. Steve, let me say that…” She pulled her silk panty tight into her swollen camel toe. Steve coughed loudly and nervously again. This time we heard it echo into the other room. Steve tugged at his pants. We heard chairs drag along the dining room floor and voices gasp and get closer. Sue turned toward the sound, “Umm, Steve, is there something you want to tell me?”

“I can’t stand up at the moment for, ummm, obvious reasons, but these are some of our bosses from work and their wives. I think you know them.” Sue covered her tits as the men greeted her. Their broadly grinning wives, no longer hiding, now lightly applauded Sue. All were in cocktail dresses and semi formal clothes, even more formal than work suits. They encouraged Sue to keep going. Steve picked up on the challenge. “Umm, ahh yes, come on Sue. I won’t believe you’re sincere unless you drop everything, come clean for me, really drop your, ummmm, guard. I dare you to keep going.” I guess he knows she won’t pass up a dare.

All the women chimed in, “Sweetie, we all watched you strip for Steve. You’re almost done. Show us your all.” Their men were afraid to speak up.

Steeling her nerves and already exposed, she agreed “OK, Steve. Just for you.” She dropped one hand to her crotch. Despite exposing her now swollen and perfect, bared nipple, all eyes followed her hand as she pressed it into her swollen pussy. The panty immediately soaked thru. Eight hushed groans filled the room. She turned her back to Steve and put both hands on the panty waist before sliding her hands over her pillowy ass. Her fingers grabbed the panty, starting at the bottom, and pulled the tapered sides into her ass crack. She braced herself and gulped.

Backing toward us, she bent slightly to allow her jostling tits to blatantly tease the dinner guests. She swayed her beautiful, curvaceous ass from Steve’s face to mine. We could easily smell her aromatic arousal. I could see her scent had the same dizzying effect on Stave as it always has on me. When she reached the top of her panty, she snagged the waist and pulled it down a bit, exposing the top of her deep crack. She giggled, flushed and looked at me. I rubbed my cock and pointed to Steve’s. She saw his eyes fixed on her ass, saw his bulge and noticed the other eyes in the room silently staring intensely at her, the only one about to be completely naked. With legs spread slightly, she aimed her crack at Steve and slowly peeled her panty away. When it reached her legs, everyone got a long, clear look at her most private part. She turned to show them her shapely, bare ass and show Steve her cropped bush, moist labia and stiff clit. OUR intimate secret, her beautiful, moist, sculpted and swollen labia were abruptly displayed to seven strangers. As she lifted one leg higher than necessary to slide the panty off that leg, her steamy sex gaped open. She stood up, akimbo. With a huge embarrassed yet excited grin, she looked over her shoulder and watched the other couples’ arousal. OUR secret was out.

“Honey, Steve is looking very uncomfortable in his tightening pants. Would you help him somehow? Bring your sweet ass closer to us.” She again backed closer. When she was just inches from us, she bent over again which put her quim within arms reach. Steve leaned forward to pat her silky soft ass. He stared, bug eyed, at her swollen pussy, then looked to me for consent. “Take it Steve. She wanted to show aydın escort you she is grateful so now you can have proof. Push your fingers into my wife’s pussy, lick her tasty twat, smell her sweet aroma.” He followed my suggestions tentatively at first. The other guests moved behind us to closely watch my wife’s lusty display. When Sue felt Steve’s fingers enter her pussy, she gasped and turned to stare at me, wide eyed. I smiled at her “Happy Valentine’s Day my love.” And she looked back at the crowd.

They watched Steve’s fingers more and more forcefully penetrate Sue’s puss. Despite their reserve, some began openly fondling each other. Two women had a breast pulled into the open. The other’s strapless top was down at her waist. Two men sucked her tits while each fondled another woman’s. All three dicks were out and getting some manual attention. Sue had to lean on a table when her arousal began to peak and Steve leaned his tongue into her virgin ass. He licked her beautiful exposed and opening crinkled hole before sliding it down to further split open her wet gash. He licked his fingers and her pussy at once. Sue shuddered. When his thumb grazed her clit, she exploded with a shriek and a slight gush of female honey. My own grunt told how much I wanted to drink up my wife’s juices. I held back to let her enjoy her experience without my interference. Once she was fully aware again I said, “Honey, now you have another reason to be grateful. Show us, and relieve the pressure in our pants.” Sue stood and turned to face us all.

A male voice from behind the sofa whistled, “Sue, they may be small and uneven, but I LIKE those titties and the tall, hard nipples on them.” The women kindly agreed. Sue blushed again and the two women wearing halter tops untied and dropped them. The other wife stepped out of her dress. She stood in the middle in just her panty and thigh high stockings. Two men sucked her tits and one hand, not her husband’s, was inside her panty. She moaned and we all stared for a moment. Her husband slid her panty over the other man’s hand and off her. The third man bent to lick her bush and clit.

Sue pressed on Steve’s cock thru his pants. “Can I give you a hand, Steve?” He nodded and slid to the edge of the sofa. She unzipped his pants, but couldn’t get her hand inside so she unbuckled him and pulled the pants off. After briefly squeezing his tented pole, she opened my pants and pulled them off. “I’m happy to see you both saluting me. I hope you other happy men will bring your dicks closer for inspection.” She squeezed my pole then pulled my briefs off before turning to Steve to pull his shorts off too. She squeezed both ruddy, stiff cocks. I saw her lick her lips before dropping to her knees between us. We both had a big glob of pre cum begging for her attention.

“Thank you for your Thank You, Steve. I’m really soooo grateful you sent me those gifts.” He got her tongue first. She took a long lick of his rigid dick while holding and slowly pumping my swollen rod with her other hand. After the briefest pause, she pulled back his foreskin and licked the sweet, clear, sticky blob off his cock before swallowing the head completely. Both moaned simultaneously. His stiff cock popped noisily out of her mouth and she licked my dick the same way. Her licking and sucking was much more aggressive than usual. Steve squeezed her right tit and pinched that nipple hard. She moaned on my dick. Still jacking him, she managed to take me into her throat. When she started to hum, I struggled to keep from bursting too soon. Suddenly, she groaned loudly with my dick still deep in her throat. My seed roiled up my shaft and charged directly into her belly. When I could open my eyes, I saw the reason for the groan. One of the other men was on the floor with his head between my wife’s legs and drinking from her fountain. We could hear his tongue lapping at her pussy. The rest of the night is best left for another tale.

All the women and one of the men thanked me for giving my wife such a thoughtful Valentine gift and giving them all a holiday memory none of us will soon forget.

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