Grannie Panties Ch. 01


“Jesus!” I swore under my breath. I was wearing my Mom’s underwear and stroking my hard 8-inch cock through them. They were red satin boy shorts with a little black lace trim. I also was wearing the matching bra. “That feels so nice!”

Last night, while Mom was out drinking with one of her co-workers, I rummaged through her lingerie drawer and found them. I put them on and wore them to bed. I humped my body pillow until I fell asleep. When I awoke, my regular morning woodie still needed some relief. I started humping my pillow again until I felt my pre-cum ooze from my pee hole. I knew the red satin material would have a large, dark wet spot on them. When I reached between my legs, the panties were completely soaked.

I wrapped a hand around my dick using Mom’s panties as a cock stroker. My other hand played with my bra covered tits. The dainty cups tickled my rock hard nipples; I could feel it in my groin.

I rolled onto my back and kicked off the covers. I pulled the top of my panties over my boner so I could stroke it unrestricted. My shaft was lubricated with my slippery pre-cum. My knob was red and angry. It wanted to cum. Who was I to argue with it?

I reached inside my bra and pinched my left nipple (the more sensitive one) while I stroked myself harder with a firm grip. My self-jerking hand was a blur. I pinched my nipple harder to make myself cum. “Ohhh fuck!”

The first blast landed on my belly. I continued my jerking. I knew the next one was going to be bigger.

“Knock…knock!” My bedroom door opened but I was too into it to stop and look. “Jeremy, are you awake?”

The next blast splashed my face followed by a couple of ropes of cum stringing from my chin over my chest to my belly button.

“Christ, Jeremy!” My mom shouted at me. “I was going to wear that to work today.”

A little bit of white goo oozed from my throbbing dick. I gasped. “Sorry Mom.”

“I thought I gave you some of my panties for you to do that! And what about the ones I bought you?” Mom pretended to be mad. She was dressed in a short, white baby doll with matching bootie panties. Mom sat beside me on my bed and casually took hold of my cock. She used her thumb against my exposed knob and swirled my cum around it. “You know I need to get that head manager’s promotion. I was going to wear that for Mr. Cummings. He makes the final decision so I need to make sure he gives it to me by me giving it to him.”

Mom’s playfulness had me fully erect again. She smiled at me. “You know, none of the other managers I had to go through have a nice big cock like yours.”

Mom took me in her mouth until I came again. She swallowed it all and chuckled. “Mmmm… Thanks for breakfast but I still need some coffee.”

She stood up and looked at me. “Go wash up a bit and come down for your breakfast.” My first cum had already started drying up on my body. “And don’t forget to rinse out my things. I’ll just have to wear something else to the office.”

Mom was hot. If she were to stand right beside Taylor Swift, you would swear they were twins. She was only 16 when she had me a little over 18 years ago. Back then as she is now, Mom was very promiscuous and accidently had me. At first, she tried to behave like mersin escort a respectful mother, but the father was an ass. He shared her with some of his so called friends, but when he found out she was fucking his best friend without his knowledge, he went ballistic and took off.

Mom worked for a marketing firm. She started as a lowly receptionist. She worked hard and fucked her way up the ladder to give us a decent life. The fact she loved fucking was a benefit. But she still complains about the first time she had to do her group leader, Bob. He was overweight and reeked of fish (Mom joked it smelled like a stinky pussy). At least his teeny dick was easy to take care of.

Mom always had a weakness for sexy underwear. I guess that’s where I got it from. I’m not sure why, but it just felt natural for me to wear it. Mom always suspected and found out about it one day. She caught me wearing her bra and panties and masturbating on her bed. She wasn’t angry or upset or anything like that and accepted it readily. Later when she realized I wasn’t going to grow out of it, she even helped me by buying some of my own things. She showed me how to mix and match items and how to put it on. When she bought me some stockings and garters and showed me how to slide them up my legs. I was wearing some loose boy shorts. She told me that I should wear the straps under them. When I pulled my panties down to clip my stocking tops, I heard Mom gasp slightly when she saw my manhood. She knelt in front of me. “Let me help you with your stockings.”

After she clipped my straps, she took me in her mouth for the first but not last time. Later, she took my cherry.

This morning, I opted for some plain baby blue cotton panties to wear under my khakis. Since it was summertime and warm, I couldn’t wear a bra underneath a thin tee shirt without it being noticed. Mom was already sitting at the table when I entered the kitchen. She was professionally dress in a sharp business suit. It looked like she was wearing a white silk camisole under the jacket. Her legs were shiny so I knew she was wearing stockings and garters (she distains pantyhose; makes her pussy sweat). Her long, soft blond hair flowing over her shoulders.

“Coffee, Sweetie?” She asked as she stood up. “Toast or cereal or something?”

“Just coffee for now. Thanks.” I answered as I sat in my chair. “I’m sorry if I wrecked your planned outfit this morning. What did you decide on?”

Mom gave me a sideward nod and a coy smile. She pinched her skirt and slowly drew it upwards. The more she exposed, the harder I got. She teasingly held her hem just high enough to show me the dark welts of her stockings but no more. “Ready?”

I was rock hard in my own panties. They were tight and prohibited me from popping a tent. Mom pulled her skirt up the rest of the way. She wore matching dark purple garter belt and panties. They were beautifully laced. She turned to show me her bum. “Do you think Mr. Cummings will like this?”

She turned her ass to me then bent over at the waist and grabbed her spread ankles to show me her wet, naked pussy. Most of her ass was also accessible through the crotchless slit of her panties. My cock was kocaeli escort screaming hard so I let it loose though my zip and pulled my panties over it. Mom stood up and turned around. “Jeremy! Are you hard again? Didn’t you come enough this morning?”

She opened her jacket and pulled up the cammy so I could see her shelf bra. Her nipples were big and dark. “Fuck, I can’t stand not fucking you. I wanted to stay clean for Mr. Cummings, but I guess he’ll just get sloppy seconds.”

Mom straddled me. Her cunt was hot and wet; I easily entered her. Even after all the fucking she has done, she was still very tight. She slammed her ass up and down. “Oh god, you’re the best fuck ever! I would love to stay here all day and fuck you but I need to get to work. Hurry and cum inside me!”

Mom knew how to get me off. She squeezed her cunt walls and pinched my left nipple; hard. I started erupting inside her immediately. Having cum twice earlier, the load was smaller but still sufficient. “Oh Gawd.. Fuck! Jeremy! Uuuh!”

Mom lifted her bum up and released me. My cock was still twitching and was coated with slime. She bent over, took all of me into her mouth and sucked off the gunk. Her skirt was still up around her hips. Most of my cum stayed inside her; only a tiny dribble leaked out. Mom scooped it with a finger and licked it off.

“That was nice, Jeremy. I got to go.” My throbbing, exhausted cock limply disappeared back into my panties. Mom brushed down her skirt and fixed her jacket. “And don’t forget. You promised to look in on Gran. I’ll see you there later tonight. Wish me luck with Mr. Cummings.”

“Yep, I didn’t forget and will check up on Grannie later.” Only I called her Grannie; everyone else called her Gran. I waved good-bye. “Good hunting, Mom.”

Grannie was Mom’s mom. If Mom was Taylor Swift’s twin, then Grannie was her slightly older sister. Grannie had Mom when she too was young. At fifteen, she was playing doctor with Billy who ironically grew up to be a well-known Gyno. After Mom was born and once Grannie was of legal age, they were married. They really loved each other and Mom told me that they still fucked like horny, teenage bunnies. Unfortunately, Billy died of a heart attack a few years back. Grannie woke up next to him and found him. Rumour had it that he died with a smile on his face and a boner in his pj’s.

Anyways, Grannie had a bad sprain in her wrist she got during a rather rambunctious round of golf with some friends. It involved some bashed golf carts and club tossing. Mostly she’s okay on her own, but Mom asked me to check in on her to make sure she was okay.

When I got there, Grannie was sitting on the couch reading the paper. She was in a summer dress but it didn’t appear she was wearing stockings. She loved going around barefoot and she had beautiful feet with perfectly curved, high arches. She got regular pedicures and had perfectly painted toe nails. If I had a foot fetish, they would be my perfect pair to love. Mom’s were a very close second.

“Hi Grannie!” I called out when I entered the house. “It’s me!”

“Hi Jeremy!” Grannie looked up at me and smiled. “Thanks for coming. I know your mom makes you come samsun escort but I’m okay on my own.”

“Yeah she asked, but I love seeing you. How have you been? How’s the wrist?” I inquired as I kissed her soft cheek.

“It’s better. Still a bit sore and makes some things difficult to do.” She replied as she showed me her left hand still wrapped in a bandage. “Took me five minutes to button the front of my dress this morning. Maybe I should just walk around naked.”

“Grannie!” We both chuckled.

I helped a bit with the dusting and vacuuming around the house; made some lunch for us and cleaned off the table. “Anything else you need help with, Grannie?”

“Well… I did some washing and they are in the dryer but I can’t fold them up properly. Do you think you can do that for me?” She asked. “There is also another load in the washer that needs to be changed over to the dryer.”

“Of course. No problems.” I answered and went to the laundry room.

Like most laundry rooms, it is in the back basement and there isn’t a lot of space. Washer, dryer, sink and a folding area. I opened the dryer door and piled it on the folding table; then moved the wet wash to the dryer. I started folding the whites. A couple of her golf shirts and socks. Then I came across something I didn’t expect. Grannie’s panties. White cotton bikini panties. French cut thongs. Teeny string T-backs. Then I noticed some others that I knew were delicate and hand washed. A black satin full panty with high cut hips, red lace boy shorts, silk bikini panties.

My cock was rock hard inside my own panties. I asked myself. “Oh my god! Grannie actually wears these?”

I dropped my shorts and pulled out my stiff. I stroked myself as I brought her undies to my face. I rubbed them against my cheek and breathed in the smell of the freshly washed panties. My body spasmed slightly. Then I saw it. A beautiful jacquard corset and pantie set. And I knew I had to try it on.

I practically ripped off my shirt then kicked off my shorts and panties. My hands shook as I stepped into the black and purple G-string panties. The crotch piece barely covered my testicles and in no way would contain my hard 8-incher. I wrapped the corset around my torso and did up the front hook closure. Gran’s breasts were at least C’s so there was no way for me to come close to filling up the cups, but it rest of it fit tightly around my chest and belly. It felt like a warm hug.

I grabbed one of her white cotton panties and used it as a cock stroker. I felt harder and bigger than I ever had before. It felt so good but I needed to cum. I pinched my left nipple and spewed into Gran’s panties. “Uuuh…!”

“Jeremy, is everything ok.. Oooh!” Grannie suddenly appeared to check on me. “Oh my!”

There was no way I could stop myself even if I wanted to. I just looked at Grannie and continued to dump my load into her panties. “Uuuh…! Uuuh…! Uuuh…! Uuuh…!”

Exhausted, I wobbled a bit trying to recover from one of my most powerful orgasms. It ranked right up there with the first time I masturbated, the first time I masturbated in panties and the first time Mom and I fucked.

Grannie stood there and waited until I was finished. My hand still wrapped her cum soaked panties around my cock. Finally she said. “When you’re done with them… Come upstairs to talk.”

As she turned away, I muttered to myself. “Shit!”

“I heard that!” Grannie called back at me. “Little girls don’t use curse words.”

Stunned, I thought. “Did she just call me a little girl?”

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