Granddaughter-in-law! Pt. 02

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As Nana laid back down on the table she asked Cindy, “Have you ever had an anal orgasm? Opa is an expert at taking anal cherries.”

Cindy looked up from Nana’s wide-open pussy and nervously said, “Dewayne hurt me when he tried it and he is smaller than Opa.”

Nana said, “Dewayne never made you cum as Opa or Nana did either.”


Cindy said, “No one has ever made me cum so hard in my fucking life as you and Opa.”

Nana let her lips go as Cindy easily slid her entire fist into Nana’s pussy.

Nana said, “Cindy when I start to cum I want you to start fingering my ass as you did with my pussy. Opa will tell you when to add more fingers.”

Cindy was not sure about fisting Nana’s ass, especially since she already had her other hand in Nana’s pussy. Cindy could feel Nana’s greedy pussy clenching and release already on her fist.

Opa was milking Cindy’s titts as if she were a goat or cow and it felt good as they became empty.

Opa moved to sit on the floor as Cindy was standing at the edge of the table and his tongue was finding her still throbbing clit.

Cindy ran her free hand through Opa’s long hair and started to pull him deeper into her, but Opa was not having any of that as he quickly bit Cindy’s tender swollen throbbing clit.

Cindy let out a bit of a yelp as Opa told her to get started eating and fisting her Nana.

Cindy began doing as she was told. Her tongue quickly found Nana’s elongated clit and she began sucking and nibbling on it much the same as Opa was doing to her.

Cindy soon pulled her face from Nana’s pussy and began begging Opa to cum.

Opa said, “Is eating your Nana’s pussy the same as sucking cock?”

Cindy dejectedly said, “No Sir.”

Opa got up from sitting on the floor as Cindy was still fisting her Nana’s Pussy and he sat in his chair.

Opa then placed one of Cindy’s legs on top of his desk and scooted closer to again attack Cindy’s delicate swollen clit.

Cindy was noticing that Nana was becoming wetter and wetter and knew Nana was nearing her orgasm.

Cindy used her fist on Nana’s G spot. Rocking it back and forth like Nana had done to her a little while before and was rewarded with a squirt from Nana’s pussy.

Cindy knew now from experience that Nana was still cumming as she slipped three fingers into Nana’s ass. This caused Nana to squirt yet again.

Cindy was working both her fist in Nana’s pussy and her fingers in her ass as Nana continued to cum.

Cindy was struggling not to cum as Opa continued his assault against her swollen clit.

Cindy could tell Nana was on continuing rolling orgasms as she again used her fist on Nana’s G spot and slipped the remaining two fingers into Nana’s ass.

Nana in the throws of her orgasm moaned, “Fuck my ass!”

Cindy began trying to work more and more of her hand into Nana’s ass as she continued her assault on Nana’s G spot with the other.

Cindy whimpered, “Opa, Please let me cum when Nana cums!”

Opa looked at Cindy with one fist completely in Nana and the majority of her other hand in Nana’s ass.

Opa said, “You can cum when you have both fists in Nana’s holes!” as he went back to attacking Cindy’s clit.

Opa began fingering Cindy’s pussy as he continued and was stroking her G spot as he heard Nana moan, ” Oh Fuck me!”

Opa knew that Nana had just felt her ass swallow Cindy’s fist.

Nana immediately began squirting as Opa immediately used his long fingers to apply pressure to Cindy’s G spot.

Cindy and Nana were both squirting at the same time. Cindy was in haze as she took her tongue and stroked Nana’s clit as Opa slipped two fingers into her ass.

Cindy moaned, “Oh Fuck!” as she found her ass wanting more and more of Opa’s fingers in ofise gelen gaziantep escort her ass.

Both Nana and Cindy continued the roller coaster of cumming and crashing, only to cum again.

Another moment is recorded in their minds for those times when needed.

Opa instructed Cindy to remove her fist from Nana’s pussy, but to continue to fist her ass.

Opa then began pulling on Nana’s lips as his tongue found her clit. Nana soon was approaching another orgasm as she knew what Opa had in mind for her.

Nana felt Opa’s fist pushing at the opening of her pussy and moaned, ” Oh Fuck me, Sir!” as Cindy continued to fist her ass.

Cindy reached down and began rubbing her sensitive clit at the sight of Opa’s large hand slipping into Nana’s pussy.

Without a word of begging Cindy leaned down and took Opa’s cock in her mouth while she continued to fist Nana’s ass and rub her clit.

Cindy watched in amazement as Nana’s pussy accepted Opa’s fist and she could feel his large fist against her much smaller one through the thin layer of skin separating them.

Nana began squirting and cumming as Cindy again came herself.

Opa began applying more and more rocking of his fist against Nana’s G spot as she continued to squirt.

Cindy watched as Nana came so hard that her eyes rolled back in her head as she passed out.

Opa removed his fist from Nana and told Cindy to do the same.

Nana stirred a few minutes later confused and exhausted or as Opa called it wrecked.

Opa said, “It is break time.”

Opa had Nana and Cindy both put on some large T-shirts as they prepared to go to lunch.

Cindy began searching for her shorts when Opa said, “I did not tell you to wear anything else, Whore!” Cindy Immediately stopped looking for her shorts.

The three of them made their way to Opa’s truck. Cindy was not used to only having a T-shirt on in public, but found it liberating in a new way to her newfound role of Nana and Opa’s whore.

Opa opened the door for Nana and as she climbed in Opa asked her to get the toy out of the glove box.

Nana knew immediately which toy awaited in the glove box and asked, “Do you think Cindy is ready for such a thing?”

Opa said, “There is no time like the fucking present to see. Besides I am going to let you control it.”

A smile spread across Nana’s face as Opa and Cindy walked around the truck. Nana found the toy Opa was talking about and also found a small anal plug.

As Cindy climbed into the truck Nana asked, “Are we going to use both of them?”

Opa glanced and saw that Nana had the Bluetooth VIVI vibrator and an anal plug and replied, “Yes Nana.”

Cindy bounced across the seat and got in the center as Nana said, “You want to hold up a bit before you get belted in Cindy.”

Nana took the anal plug and gently inserted it into Cindy’s still wet pussy to lube it.

Cindy felt the cool stainless steel inside her and it almost had a calming effect on her as Nana pulled it from her pussy.

Nana placed the plug at Cindy’s anal opening and with her other hand made some soft gentle circles on Cindy’s clit. Her ass involuntarily allowed the plug to slip into her backdoor.

Cindy accepted it and was surprised by the weight in her bottom as she sat down. Nana then reached back on the dash and got the vibrator.

Nana slipped the bulb end of the vibrator into Cindy’s pussy and placed the other end on her clit. Nana parted Cindy’s lips so it could comfortably ride.

Nana reached down and pressed the power button as Opa got into the truck. Cindy was surprised as the device connected to Nana’s phone as it gave a quick vibe to her G spot and then her gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort clit.

Cindy looked questionably at Nana and Nana just smiled at her.

Opa took the truck down the driveway and out onto the main road for the twenty-minute ride to town. Opa had a favorite little maw and paw place that he liked to get his lunch at in town.

As they entered several of the regulars called Opa by name as well as Nana. Cindy finally relaxed a bit as she saw that Nana’s T-shirt covered her crotchless fishnet body suit.

Cindy could feel the air in the room being pushed around by the fans and it was cool on her bare skin and rather sensitive pussy.

The three of them sat down at a table near the back where Opa held court some days.

Jami the waitress had been and on occasion still was one of Opa’s submissive whore’s who worked for Opa and Nana’s BDSM parties from time to time.

Jami placed menus and water in front of Nana and Cindy, then placed a large sweet tea in front of Opa without a word as she headed back towards the kitchen to grab an order for someone else.

Jami noticed that Nana was in her fishnet body suit and was without a doubt that the young lady escorting Opa and Nana had nothing on underneath the T-shirt she was wearing.

The thought of what Opa and Nana were doing with this young little whore made her pussy wet. Jami knew she had to play along with whatever was in progress or Opa would tear her ass up at his next opportunity and knowing that old man it could happen then and there with the entire lunch crowd watching.

Jami returned to the table to get Opa, Nana, and Cindy’s order which was going fine as she took Nana’s order. Nana had her phone in her lap and started a low buzzing of the vibrator in Cindy’s pussy.

As Cindy began trying to tell Jami what she wanted; Nana would increase the buzzing in her pussy. Cindy was stammering to get her order out of her mouth.

As Cindy struggled even harder against the need to cum and be the little whore she was, Nana would increase the buzzing, and each time she thought she could manage Nana would increase it.

Jami instantly knew this game as she had been the whore more than once herself in this spot. Jami leaned in closer to Cindy and was shielding the movement with her own body as she reached down and twisted Cindy’s nipple.

Jami whispered into Cindy’s ear. “Opa and Nana will let you cum during this game, but do try and keep it together.”

Cindy immediately looked at Nana, then Opa, and said, “May I?” as Nana hit the buzz on Cindy’s clit.

Opa leaned across the table saying, “May I what?”

Cindy fought hard not to shout out, “Cum!” at the top of her lungs in the crowded little restaurant.

Nana said, “Jami, what do you think dear?”

Jami replied, “Will I get a chance to play with this toy at some point?”

Nana said, ” Why do you think we are here Jami?”

Jami reached down and stroked Cindy’s quivering leg and made sure her breast was in Cindy’s face as she then moved her hand to Nana’s soaking wet crotch.

Jami said, “Oh fuck this is going to be fun.”

Nana said, “Cindy has been more willing than you were for these lessons. This little whore has not even asked to look at the contract.”

Nana increased the vibration in Cindy’s pussy as well as on her clit, and Cindy moaned, “Please.”

Jami whispered into Cindy’s ear, “Cum whore.”

Cindy visibly shook from the orgasm that wracked her body in front of the thirty or so people in the restaurant.

As Cindy began to join the world again she realized Jami was gone and that Nana had kept up the dull vibration in her pussy with the vibrator gaziantep ofise gelen escort and it was pressing firmly into her G spot.

Cindy started to protest that she might squirt right here in the restaurant as Nana and Opa only smiled. Cindy knew that if she squirted sitting in this chair that the back of the T-shirt would be soaked.

Cindy was begging in earnest as the need to squirt was becoming near overwhelming. Opa asked, “Cindy is it better to be a known whore, or is it better to live a lie?”

Cindy squirted hard sitting there as Nana reached and knocked over Cindy’s glass of water. The ice-cold water mixed with her cum and shocked her back to a reality that here she was soaking wet enjoying the fuck out of the toy Nana had placed in her pussy and ass.

Cindy asked if she could be excused to go to the bathroom as she thought it best to try and dry up some of the mess and Opa and Nana allowed her to do so as long as the vibrator and anal plug stayed in place.

Cindy entered the bathroom and found Jami waiting on her with a dry T-shirt. Jami carefully cleaned up the wetness with some towels from the kitchen and held them to her nose taking in Cindy’s young heady scent.

Cindy had never allowed so many sets of hands on her in a month let alone a day. She was equally sure not as many tongues either as Jami’s tongue licked the length of her pussy to her ass.

Nana was still sitting at the table and controlling the vibrator in her still wet pussy and reminded Cindy of who was running this show as she increased the vibe to her overworked clit.

Cindy gasped out, “I can’t stay!”

Jami said, “I know. Opa and Nana expect you back at the table shortly, but I will see you all around 3 after I get off work and I hope Nana and Opa have left me some of this fine pussy and ass to play with.”

Cindy came again just from the words and vibration in her and on her.

Jami smiled at her as she did.

Cindy sat down in a dry seat at the table and did not realize just how hungry she was until Jami placed their order in front of them.

As the Chef’s salad was placed in front of her she realized she never had even ordered as Nana had been mind fucking her so good.

Cindy did not protest at all as she ate every last bite. Opa and Nana were talking in some kind of code they understood about this lifestyle, Cindy was mind fucked beyond caring.

As Jami brought the check to the table for Opa, she leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Please save some for me; I should be there at 3 PM.”

Opa said to Nana and Cindy, ” We have several appointments this afternoon.”

Nana could only smile at Opa and gave a reassuring hand to Cindy as Opa said, “We have some more training to get in first for our new toy.”

Opa placed a rather large tip on the table as Jami hiked the front of her skirt and Opa gave her full mound a nice firm swat.

Nana had turned the vibrator down to its lowest setting as they got up and left the restaurant. However, Cindy’s pussy was still tingling with excitement.

As they were driving back to the new home site Cindy reached over and began playing with Nana’s pussy. Cindy found it exciting that this older woman could manage such things easily and was wanting the knowledge she had.

By the time they hit the driveway, Nana had a leg on the dashboard and Cindy was fisting her pussy again as she suckled Nana’s 44 EE titts.

The first rough bounce into the driveway caused Cindy’s fist to hit Nana’s G-spot, sending Nana over the edge and into another of her squirting orgasms.

Cindy soon realized why Opa’s truck always smelled of sex. She had asked Dewayne about it, but Dewayne had said, ” All old man trucks smelled like that.”

Cindy also realized that Dewayne had no clue just how much sex Opa and Nana had together or what they knew about sex either.

Cindy’s fist was being squeezed hard by Nana’s pussy as the orgasm worked through her body as well as her mind.

Opa pulled up in front of the construction trailer as Cindy’s fist slipped from Nana’s pussy.

Cindy and Nana quickly disappeared into the small 40-foot trailer for what they thought would be some privacy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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