Granddad – Mrs. D Pt. 02


This follows on from Pt-1, so if you haven’t yet read Granddad Mrs. D it would be best if you read that first.

### ### ###

“Right, I’m off to the pub, join me John?”

“No thanks Alf, y’know, working early morning.”

“And don’t you go telling your mates in the pub I’ve been sucking your cock all day either! I don’t want them coming round here while you’re away offering to let me practice!” Mrs. D called after him with a laugh.”

“You need to replace John’s razor blades!” he laughed in reply.

He gave her a dirty grin and pulled the door closed.

“Now we both know you don’t mean that, Mrs. D.” I chuckled.

“Some of his mates don’t know how to keep their traps shut,” she grinned back.

“Only some?

“No comment. Now off with yer! Get in the bath you’re filthy and not just your mind! Got a Jonnie that won’t split? I want to feel you cum in my cunt before Alf gets home.”

“Did you blow ‘im?” I asked as I fucked her bent over the bathroom sink ten minutes later.

“No, got as close as I dared then whipped it out and wanked him off. Soon as he’d finished I went back down on him, made him hard ‘n’ told him to fuck me.”

“How’d he react to that?”

“Fuckin’ loved it. Didn’t complain a bit.”

“Good, well done. Don’t give him the full works ’til just before he leaves, later the better. He’ll remember it all the trip. Be itching to get his head between your legs when he gets back. Then you can give him a full job as soon as you’ve recovered from him eating you out.”

“Yes Master!” the cheeky mare replied, “now fuck me hard, you dirty bastard!”

### ### ###

Alf was due to leave on the tide, Wednesday morning, which meant diddly squat to me. Alf never said a word but Jilly told me after he’d gone to the pub Monday night. She took a mouthful. I gave her a peppermint and sent her to the bathroom to clean her teeth. She’d decided she didn’t like being fucked by a rubber bag and I’d only get a wank or her mouth while Alf was home.

Alf didn’t go to the pub Tuesday night. After dinner I went up to my room to give them some space. Next thing I knew it was 4am and they were moving about quietly. At 5am it was quiet so I thought they were probably downstairs and crept across to the bathroom. The hallway light was on at the bottom of the stairs. Alf was leaning back against the coat rack and Jilly was kneeling at his feet, naked.

She’d said he had a cock on him and she wasn’t joking. She made it sound as if it was a bit smaller than mine but I had my doubts. She had the head in her mouth plus an inch or two. Her fist was around the shaft but her finger and thumb were a long way from touching and she still had cock to spare. She was doing a good job on his cock. Taking a fair length into her mouth and giving it a good stroke at the same time.

Alf was loving it. His arms were all over the place. He kept reaching for her head. I’m thinking hard, ‘Don’t touch her head! Let her get on with it!’ I doubt he heard me but it kept his hands off her head, just didn’t know what to do with them. Jilly was pumping him hard and Alf was thrusting up to encourage more. He got more. I could hear Jilly chortling on his cock and I knew, from personal experience, how good that felt with her throat rippling up and down the length of his cock. With a deep, long groan of pleasure he let fly with his first load.

Jilly kept her mouth around his cock and her hand flew up and down his length. With the second spurt on it’s way she moved her head back, Alf’s cock came out of her mouth. He looked down just as his second spurt jetted into her open mouth. His third, fourth and fifth spurted onto her smiling face. After that she swallowed his cock and wanked him furiously ’til he begged her to stop.

She looked up at him, her face shining with spunk in the dim lamp light of the overhead bulb.

“Like that?”

“Fucking awesome!”

“Good. Have a good trip. Come home safe. Your newly slut wife will be wanting more when you get ‘ome.”

She opened the front door, kissed him full on the lips and stood there, stark naked, and watched him walk down the street to the harbour.

### ### ###

“Was that alright, John?” she called up the stairs.

I stepped out from behind the bannister rail. My pyjamas around my ankles and my fist around my morning wood.

“Fucking great, Jilly. Well done!”

“Is that cock for me? You gonna fuck my face or my cunt?”

“Your choice, I’m easy.”

“No John, I’m easy. I’ll have a mouthful. Two mouthfuls, different flavour, in the space of five minutes? I’m definitely Alf’s new slut wife!” she declared happily, “you stay there, I’ll cum up and you can cum in!”

Jilly was very pleased with herself.

### ### ###

Time flew by. Work went very well, we were a bit up on schedule but the weather forecast wasn’t good. The RE wanted to get as much time in the bag as possible. Jilly and I slept together every night. First time I’d actually slept with a woman, y’know went to sleep beside her and woken up Ankara travesti in the morning, still beside her. We fucked a lot but mostly we played, experimented. Her bum got a lot of attention but no cock. I fisted her a few times and she played with my bum. Only Gladys had done that before.

We played in her bed then went to mine to fuck and sleep.

“Why?” questioned Anja, pausing from her mimed note taking.

“So if anything happened in the night, for whatever reason, both beds had been clearly slept in. It was obvious, for anyone to see that we weren’t sleeping together. If only one bed showed signs of being used it was as plain as a pikestaff we were sharing a bed.”

“You really did learn to think about everything at an early age, didn’t you?”

“Have to thank Gladys for that.”

“That’s another thing, did you really speak so badly back then? Proper guttersnipe.”

“Alf was a grafter. Tough job, very dangerous. I wouldn’t do it for all the tea in China. Called a spade a spade. I didn’t want to sound different from him. Talking proper, like wot I’d bin brought up t’talk, might have made him less matey and when you’re fucking a guys wife while he’s away doing a dangerous job you don’t want him being less matey when he returns just because you talk differently. I tried to talk like him, one of the lads, a fellow grafter. Make sense?”

“Perfect sense. Bloody ‘ell Granddad Gladys didn’t leave many stones unturned did she? Any more?”

### ### ###

“Alf’s home in two days so you’d better save your energy for tonight. Last time you get to fuck me until he leaves and you’re not getting anything while he’s here. OK? An’ I still haven’t replaced your razor blades and I need to shave my cunt for him.”

“Don’t worry about the blades, I can get some more anytime. Ummm, is there a Timothy Whites or Boots in the town?”

“Yes, both, why?”

“They sell special razors for ladies. Slightly narrower blade with rounded ends so they don’t nick the delicate bits. Could get yourself a full kit. Nice Badger brush and shaving soap. It’ll look good in the bathroom, next to Alf’s. Nice reminder for him.”

“Good idea. Anything else I should get?”

“Maybe some smoothing lotion? NOT aftershave! Stings like hell. And a big tub of Vaseline, for me.”

“What do you want Vaseline for?”

“That’s for me to know and you to wonder.”

“Oh! I see! I’ll put it in your top drawer, out of sight then shall I? What blades do you prefer? Gillette? The best a girl can get?” she rattled off the advert, inaccurately.

When I got into the office the following morning Malcolm, the RE told me that Angie was coming up, the following day, to see how I was getting on. She’d be staying in the local hotel for a couple of nights. I told Jilly that night over dinner that my girlfriend was coming up for a couple of nights, the following day, and that I’d be staying in the hotel with her. Jilly was pleased as punch both for me and for her. She and Alf could really get stuck in without me being around.

Jilly made sure I had clean clothes packed in an overnight bag was was going to look ‘smart’ as she put it when I turned up at the hotel. The following day it absolutely chucked it down. No chance of doing anything. Malcolm declared the day Rained Off, which meant we could go home and get paid the day rate rather than the usual butt rate. I hung around the office. Angie was due about noon, depending on traffic. She was early by fifteen minutes. She looked really smart in a business sort of way. Still the skirt and flat, driving shoes but a nice top that didn’t hide her figure.

She gave Malcolm a hug and a good kiss on each cheek before doing the same for me.

“So, how’s the Lad doing?” she asked directly.

“John,” said Malcolm, “be a star, go and make us all a nice cup of tea, would you. No rush, take about a quarter of an hour, twenty minutes so Angie and I can have a chat in private?”

Angie nodded and I dashed across the compound to the kitchen hut. I didn’t rush, as requested and waited until I saw Angie and Malcolm headed my way before putting the kettle on. They both seemed happy enough.

“Well,” Angie announced as they pushed through the doorway, “Malcolm says you’ll do. He’s got your next job lined up for after this one finishes. Says you can have a couple of days off between jobs if you’re good.”

“Thanks, Boss. Any details yet?”

“42 incher across the Fens. 30 miles scheduled for 12 weeks. You’ll need to do a full test weld. You’ll work as a team of two, one each side. Chalkie says he’ll be happy to be Mate, if you’ll have him. Lots of new stuff for you to take on board. A proper pipeline not a piddly little mess-a-bout like this one.”

“Great! Thanks. Will you be RE?”

“No, that’ll be Dave Williams. Know him well. Angie knows him, don’t you Angie? He’ll look after you, as long as you produce clean welds. You don’t and you’ll be out like anyone else.”

We drank tea and chatted, or Angie and Malcolm chatted, I earwigged, learning as Konya travesti much as I could.

“Finished with John for the day?” asked Angie.

“Yep! Rained off today.”

“Good, I’ll take him back to the hotel and debrief him,” she replied casually.

Malcolm gave her the look that we all understood.

“Lucky Lad. Want him back on site usual time tomorrow morning, OK?”

### ### ###

The hotel wasn’t anything special, clean and friendly. The desk chap didn’t ask any questions as Angie checked us in. We went up to our room, undressed and got into bed. It wasn’t even one in the afternoon! It was good to be with Angie again particularly as there was no rush. I actually had her naked in bed with me and we could enjoy each other rather than a quick fuck or blow-job. I was able to go down on her properly without needing to keep one eye on the clock, very satisfying. Just like my last day on the course when we went to an hotel.

We skipped lunch and went out for dinner. The choice was restricted, fish ‘n’ chips or chips with fish. We opted for the former in a cafe down by the harbour.

“Didn’t you tell Malcolm he didn’t need to use a rubber?” I asked wickedly as we sat looking smugly at each other.

“He did. Years since I last had him. No telling where it’s been since then. What about you?” she riposted, “where’s yours been since our last time?”

“Mrs. D, my landlady.” I admitted honestly.

“What’s she like? Think she screws all her lodgers or you just got lucky?”

“Lot like Gladys, cuddly. Other lodgers? Don’t really know. I think I seduced her but it wasn’t a struggle to be honest. She didn’t seem to have the practised organisation of a regular fuck. She panicked when she remembered she hadn’t locked the back door, ‘frinstance. Was impressed when I told her I’d taken care of things downstairs.”

“Experienced? Smell? Taste? Feel? Thing is should we get some horrid rubbers on the way back to the hotel?”

“Wouldn’t say she was experienced in the way you mean. She just laid back and told me to put it in but she didn’t bat an eyelid when I did. Not so much as a slight grimace. Asked about it, in a round about way and she said ‘My Alf’s got a cock on him, that’s why I put up with the smell of fish all over him when he comes home’. He’s a deep sea trawler-man.” I explained, “nice and fresh but then by then I’d bathed her and commented on her neatly trimmed bush. She seemed to like that so probably nobody else had commented or seen it. Was a bit tentative about sucking my cock but once she got into it there was no holding her back. We hatched a plan so she could suck her husband off?”

“You had to help her plan a blow-job for her husband? Did it work?”

“It did, perfectly. He even thanked me, offered to take me down the pub!”

“If she’s not even giving her husband head she’s probably not giving anyone else head, ‘cept you. If she’s not giving head she probably isn’t getting fucked outside her marriage either, except by you. I think it’s safe to assume we’re safe to fuck without rubbers, don’t you?”

I agreed we probably were safe under the circumstances. We headed back to the hotel.

“So if Mrs. D isn’t putting it about how come you got into her knickers so quick?” Angie asked as we drove up the High Street.

“Long story short. End of my first day I got back to the digs absolutely covered in muck. She made me strip off in the scullery so she could wash my clothes for me. Stripped down to my pants. Told me to get them off too. Told me she was married and had seen men’s willys before”

“Not like yours she hasn’t!” quipped Angie.

“Well that’s just it. She averted her eyes while I took ’em off but they got caught around my foot, being all wet as they were. When she turned round expecting to find me covering my privates, I wasn’t. She was a bit surprised and sent me up to the bathroom to take a bath. She came in with fresh towels, saw my cock in its warmed up, carefully stroked state and the rest, as they say, is early beds for both of us.”

“You dirty bugger. Is she any good?”

“Getting better. She’s keen and willing to try just about anything. Not as good as you though. Her husband’s home from 10 days away at sea today. There’s a few things she wants to try out while I’m not around, she said.”

“Well let’s see if we can find a few more tricks for you to teach her.” Angie giggled.

We were in bed by nine after a very long, enjoyable soak in the big bath, together.

She dropped me off at 6:45, early, so Malcolm had nothing to complain about, except that I’d spent the night with her and he hadn’t.

“If the weather doesn’t improve I’ll be back at 10:30 and hope you’re Rained Off again if not I’ll see you back at the hotel when you’ve finished.”

We drove into the Fens later in the morning so I could have a quick look at the new job. Miles of flatlands! Angie explained the process of driving a pipeline across that type of country then we went into the nearest town to look for accommodation. There wasn’t much İzmir travesti about. We headed back to the hotel and went to bed. Another fish ‘n’ chip supper, early then bed. It was wonderful but she told me to go to sleep long before midnight.

She said she needed to teach me how to tow a caravan PDQ as there was little chance of finding digs easily. Mr. Arbuthnott and Gladys had apparently offered to rent me Mollie, their Landrover and the caravan I’d been using for the previous six months. All I had to do was get it on-site. Angie had previously agreed, with Mum and Mr. Arbuthnott that she’d help me get it down.

I realised very quickly I owed a lot of people a great many thanks. Without their help I’d never have made it.

We didn’t get rained off again. Angie hung around for a few hours, chatting to Chalkie and watching me work, which was nice then, after I’d finished the weld and right in the middle of the High Street, she gave me a big, motherly hug and sloppy kiss and promised to see me soon. I made a note to pay all her hotel bills in future.

### ### ###

Alf and Jilly seemed genuinely pleased to see me that evening. They asked after my ‘girlfriend’ and if she’d worn me out and if she’d taught me anything they might like to try. My! I thought, they have enjoyed themselves. Angie had also given me a couple of ideas but I wasn’t about to offer them until I’d talked to Jilly. Then I had to work out how to make them work. I retired early and slept the sleep of the shagged out.”

“Granddad! You? Shagged out and only eighteen! I don’t believe it!” Anja scolded in delight.

“Poetic licence, I didn’t want to get in the way of their evening.”

“Alf left to go to sea two days later on the early tide. A parting I watched from the upstairs landing, in the dark. Jilly didn’t suck him off but pulled his trousers and pants down in one go stoked his cock to erection then climbed up him and slid down his cock where she proceeded to bounce up and down on his cock like a ball on a bungee cord. They’d obviously been practising. After Alf had cum she climbed off, licked and sucked him clean and happily sent him on his way.”

“Sloppy seconds, is that what they call it, John?” she called softly up the stairs.

“Yes please, I’ve missed your greedy cunt!”

“Your bedroom, I’ll cum up and you cum in!” she chimed gleefully.

### ### ###

After loosing two days to bad weather we gained them back in three with the Council allowing us to string the pipes again. That night in bed Jilly wanted to know about my nights with my ‘girlfriend’.

“You told her about us, didn’t you,” she accused happily.

“What makes you say that?”

“Coz when both Alf and I asked if she’d given you any tips for us you didn’t deny it. See, I’m learning from you, aren’t you pleased?” she grinned.

“OK, I did,” I grinned back, “she asked if I was keeping fit. I told her I was. She asked if you were a good fuck. I told you were, a very good fuck and that you enjoyed trying new things and experimenting.”

“That’s nice, what did she suggest we try?”

“Well I told her you’d enjoyed me pulling your hair and had squealed with delight when I started to tease your bum hole. Told her I was thinking of putting you over my knee and spanking you.”

“Ohhhhhh, you’re doing well so far, go on, what else?”

“She seemed to think that as you’d enjoyed my fingers playing with your bum I’d better introduce my cock there, before Alf gets home. Get you ready in case he fancies arse fucking you too.”

“That’s why you told me to get the Vaseline, isn’t it? So you could fuck my arse?”

“True, very true but you won’t get my cock up your arse without a lot of help and certainly not Alf’s.”

“He’s gonna be away two weeks this trip, long enough? What else did she suggest?”


“What’s that?”

“Recently now, since you’ve been sucking and fucking, have you had a cock up your cunt and thought ‘wouldn’t mind another in my mouth right now’?”

“You mean two cocks at once?”


“Yes, frequently. I’m such a slut, aren’t I?” she admitted with delight, “any other ideas?”

“One more, for now. How about being DP’ed? Double penetrated?”

“Two cocks at the same time? It’ll have to be my cunt. I couldn’t take two cocks like yours or Alf’s in my mouth together. I’d choke! Wouldn’t mind trying two in my cunt though. Yours and Alf’s together would be good and fucking greedy!” she announced with conviction, “which brings me to another point.”

“Go on?”

“Alf said he wouldn’t mind you looking after me while he was away.” she said matter-of-factly.

“You’re kidding? Does he know we’re fucking?”

“I don’t think so. He says I’ve been a horny bitch since you’ve been around and if you’ve got anything to do with it he approves. He was as keen as me to know if your girlfriend had any good ideas for us, so he must think you’ve spoken to her about what you’ve suggested to us, at least. He hasn’t had any problems with doing as you’ve suggested either so he might be thinking that you’re doing the research, as it were, and giving him good pointers. I’ve sucked his cock and he’s eaten my cunt most of the time he’s been home. Said he’d be pleased to get a rest, then fucked me again.” she chortled in delight.

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