Good Soldiers Follow Orders

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Note: This story isn’t some commentary on geopolitics or my opinion on global situations or anything of the sort. It spawned from me remembering a meme of the same name. I did research to make sure I got the facts right as to respect the situation as best I could.

Friday, outside Kabul, barracks, 18:00, July 2006

“Good news boys! Perhaps AJ here isn’t as much of a kiss ass as we thought!” Brian McKay announced. He clapped Abdul on the back as they entered the barracks with Lieutenant Robinson in tow. He then threw the same arm around his shoulder and pulled him close. “This little bastard was out there fraternizing with the enemy and found something juicy. He is a regular James Bond he is!”

The next ten minutes were filled with exaggerated praise and gratefulness as McKay took it upon himself to regale their unit with the details of their meeting with the top brass. He embellished many of the details, of course. Abdul only gave what information was pertinent to the situation. Nothing more. They didn’t need to know about Hamdiya.

After McKay’s tale ended, he was bombarded with questions. Many of which equated to ‘whose dick did you have to suck to find that out?’ or the like. Eventually though, they left him alone to prepare for the raid.

Lieutenant Robinson took him aside after he was free from their jeering. Robinson was a unique kind of commander. His unit had much more… behavioral leeway than others. Instead of their superior, he felt more like a father trying to wrangle a group of rowdy sons. But he was still an officer. Much was expected of him and any mistakes on their part reflected back on him. So they had a silent understanding. He took care of them and let them get away with some things, in their off time and they showed up one hundred and ten percent when he called on them. A strict, yet fair father.

“You might not hear it from them, but they appreciate what you’ve done. I just want you to know that.” Robinson was not speaking as Abdul’s better, but as his equal.

“Yes, Sir.” Abdul’s standard response when addressed by Robinson.

Of course, he knew they didn’t mean the things they said. They had all gone through training together. They were deployed together, slept together, ate together, and had seen combat together. Since the second day of bootcamp they had called him a kiss up, but rarely did he feel malice behind their words.

They were his brothers. Like him, they were good soldiers, and good soldiers follow orders.

Friday, outside the insurgent compound, 21:00

Abdul took point as they stacked up on the entrance to the building. McKay, the usual point man, tapped him on the shoulder to let him know everyone was in place.

“You ready AJ?” McKay checked one final time.

The entire ride there McKay gave him tips and advice on being the point man. He hammered home the fact that it wasn’t like the drills. The point man was the first one in, which meant he’d be the first to die if anything went wrong. There was no room for hesitation.

“Yes.” Abdul had to stop himself from adding ‘sir.’

“Good man. I’ll be right behind you. Remember, anything other than an immediate surrender, weapons free.” A final tap on the shoulder, this one to remind him that the squad had his back. But it wasn’t them he was worried about.

Abdul was a good soldier. He followed protocol and did what he was told, usually with a sense of indifference. This time however, he was conflicted. Even compared to the days of endless marching and drills, never before had his M4 felt so heavy in his hands. His equipment felt as though it weighed double, threatening to slow his steps.

He repeated his mantra inside his head. The saying that got him through every drill and challenge. Good soldiers follow orders. Over and over it repeated in his mind.

But through the cracks, a silent prayer came along with it.

Allah, don’t let her be in there.

Thursday, her place, 22:00

Incredible sex wasn’t on the list of pros his mother gave him to marrying a girl from the home country, but if it was, he might have taken her advice earlier.

Much like their first night together, they had barely gotten through the door before Hamdiya jumped him. He managed to hold her at bay just long enough to lock the door behind them. That would be the last time he’d go against her wishes that night.

She seemed annoyed at the delay, even if it was functional. Her movements shifted slightly closer to aggressive from the one hundred percent passion. She dragged him over to a recliner, not caring to make sure she wasn’t hurting him. They both knew she’d have to try hard to do that.

She pushed him into it and loomed over him. She placed both of her hands on the arm rests, leaning down until their faces were an inch apart. There they sat for several silent moments, her deep breaths the only sound between them.

Her brown eyes burned with a passion bursa escort bayan he’d seen in her and no one else. Thinly veiled behind the look were threats. Passion alone was useless. One needs conviction, drive, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Right now, he was her goal. And according to that look, she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Not that he would deny her in the first place.

She spoke a single command. “Stay.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Satisfied with his response, she removed her face and lowered herself to her knees before him. Abdul kept his body still, as he was told. When she was settled, her eyes finally left his, now focused on her true goal.

Despite her excitement, her hands used deft movements to quickly unbuckle his belt and fish out her prize. He saw her grin widen slightly at the sight of it already erect, waiting for her.

Her eyes returned to his. She watched his face as she slowly lowered her head, taking him into her mouth.

His composure broke immediately, the feeling of her mouth and tongue going to work caused him to shudder. Her tongue moved in patterns that were familiar and yet unexpected, every other motion and sensation catching him off guard, producing another groan from his lips.

One could assume based on their positions that she was servicing him, but they’d be wrong. She was in control, and pleasuring him was just as much for her as it was for him. It had been clear since their first encounter that every noise she could draw from him, every face he made, the sight of his muscles tensing beneath the skin caused her no end of personal pride and self satisfaction. His hands fidgeted on the armrests, shifting between gripping the fabric, making fists and untensing as she worked on him. She placed her free hand over one of them, squeezing it a bit as she continued.

He only lasted about two minutes. The eye contact along with the view and sensations pushed him right up to the edge sooner than he’d expected.

She showed just how in control she was when she pulled off of him before he could even warn her of his impending end. He hissed as he went right up to the edge, but didn’t go over, his sensitive cock pulsing in the air as it searched for that one last bit of stimulation to satisfy it. Instead all it found was the feeling of cool air on his spit-covered skin.

“Not yet.”

All he could do was look into her eyes as a sadistic grin spread upon her face. She rose to her feet and backed away from the chair, then flashed him a final smile before turning around.

At first he wondered what she was doing but immediately understood when her hands went to her zipper. He watched as she unbuttoned her pants and hooked her fingers into the waistband. With exactly the same self-assurance he’d expect from her if she was undressing in solitude, she shimmied out of them. Each motion accentuated her curves. Then the waistband finally went below the bump of her ass and her mocha skin was exposed to him. As she pulled her pants and panties down her legs, she bent at the waist presenting herself to him fully.

His mouth went dry as the sight of her pussy amidst short tufts of hair. His hands white knuckled the armrests when he noticed strands of her excitement being stretched between the fabric and her skin as she continued disrobing.

When her garments sat around her ankles, she halted her movement, staying bent at the waste. Teasing him, daring him to take her then and there.

As much as he would have loved to bolt out of that chair and fill her with the orgasm she had denied him, he was told to stay. So stay he did.

Another few, torturous moments passed before she straightened, casually kicking away her discarded clothes. She turned to him and walked over, a proud look on her face. Almost as if the puppy you were training started to finally follow directions and it was time for its reward.

She casually swatted his arms off the armrests and climbed onto the chair. With her knees on either armrest, she looked down at him, his head level with her vulva.

This time, no verbal order came. Instead, she simply grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head until she was flush against his mouth. He didn’t need her to tell him to begin.

Though he was used to following orders, Abdul took satisfaction in a job well done. He immersed himself fully in the act to maximize her experience. The overwhelming smell of her as his face was held to her crotch. The damp wetness of the proximity to her crotch, the grating feeling of his beard scratching against her short hairs. He absorbed all of the sensory information available to him in order to do his job.

He slid his tongue between her folds in little patterns, making sure every few licks to pay good attention to her sensitive nub. Occasionally he abandoned licking to plant kisses and suck on the sensitive flesh. As he proceeded, he recognized the signs of a job well done.

He gorukle escort heard the shifts of her breaths. Moans and groans interrupted by moments of breathlessness. He reached up and held her thighs and ass from behind, feeling her muscles flex and relax as he pleasured her. He felt her pussy quiver in his mouth as she rose higher and higher towards her peak. With his arms supporting her, both of her hands went to the top of his head, alternating between gripping hair and simply touching it as her mind focused solely on what was happening between her legs. He knew when she was close when what had at first began as light movement and gyrations became hard and short thrusts against his face.

There was no stoppage then. No flirty edging or teasing pull away. Hamdiya completely and gracelessly succumbed to her orgasm. She groaned loudly as her body shuddered. Her hands gripped his head and held it steady against her as his mouth continued to extend her peak for as long as possible.

After several moments she removed his head and climbed down from the chair, the aftershocks visible in her movements. Abdul’s cock was painfully hard but he waited.

Almost staggering, she wandered over to the couch and sat on it and let her body go limp. Her head tilted back and she let out a long sigh as she basked in the afterglow. For a moment Abdul thought she’d forgotten about him, until she regained some composure and met his eyes again. She spread her legs, giving him another view of her wetness.

The next order came. “Fuck me.”

Friday, her place, 10:00

Abdul woke first, worried about what time it was. Looking over to a nightstand, he saw that it was ten o’clock. He still had time to get back. Relaxing slightly, he looked at the sleeping woman in his arms, not believing he was in this situation.

Abdul Jaleel always did what he was told. In school, he did anything the teachers asked him to. He was the perfect son, at least in terms of respecting his parents, and did everything they told him to and avoided anything they said wasn’t good for him. He’d never gone off script. He never colored outside the lines. He never really did anything for himself.

He knew he was unremarkable. He never really had any creative expression. He felt strongly about very few things in life. He was more of a “go with the flow” kind of guy, except without the hippy happiness. He was a cog in the machine. Whatever machine he happened to be a part of at the time. So to him it made sense to join the military. If he was only good for following orders, at least he’d do them trying to make the world a better place.

His decision to join the military was met with some… grievances, to say the least, from his parents as they were first generation immigrants from the middle east. But though they didn’t completely agree with his decision, they at least understood their son’s heart was in the right place and supported him. The day he left, through tears in her eyes, his mother joked that maybe he’d meet a nice girl and settle down like she’d been telling him all those years. At that moment, in the bed with Hamdiya, he could see it happening.

He, naturally, went through a fair bit of rough patches in basic training. Even ignoring his reputation as a teacher’s pet for refusing to break any rules with the other recruits, his heritage was a point of contention for more than a few of his brothers in arms. But, he eventually found his place amongst the men he now called brothers in his squad, under the leadership of Lieutenant Robinson. It brought a slight smile on his face to think about their reactions to him breaking one of the biggest rules they had, and on a regular basis.

At first it had been just an absent minded thought. A daydream, if you will. He wondered what would happen if he wandered the streets outside of his station. He already looked the part, knew the language, and had deep knowledge of the culture thanks to his parents. But it was just a thought. Until a month ago.

He and his squad did what they always did when not on duty, went to a bar within the designated zone and drank with each other. It was their routine. But on that particular night, he was alone. All of them had either broken some rule and been assigned extra work, or had promised to hang out with other groups, leaving Abdul to fend for himself.

It wasn’t even some grand moment of realization. No resolve to break his first rule ever or anything like that. If anything, it was an accident. He threw on his plain clothes and walked to the bar like normal, the entire time thinking about how it was the perfect chance to go explore outside the area. He’d only noticed where he was after realizing that he should have been at the bar several minutes prior. In thinking about the idea, he’d unconsciously done it.

At first there was some apprehension of being in “enemy territory.” But after a look around, he realized no one paid him much bursa merkez escort bayan mind. He was just another person in the crowd. So he figured he might as well see what else the area had to offer.

That was when he looked up and saw the kites.

The soldiers stationed in Kabul knew that kite flying was a favored pastime. They could see them from the base on most days, though they were but dots in the sky being not only at the edge of the city, but on the opposite side of the section they were allowed to roam. Closer than he’d ever been, Abdul was able to make out the designs and shapes for the first time. They were beautiful.

Using the sky as his guide, he followed clusters of kites until he came to a clearing just outside of the city. There, hundreds of people lounged, enjoying each other’s company while piloting the cloth birds in the sky.

The kites were all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Each one unique and vibrant against the blue background. And then he found his favorite one of them all.

It wasn’t the biggest or even the most flashy kite. It was simple. A diamond pattern on it alternated between red, purple and white. Behind it flowed a long tail of rippons of the same colors. Something about watching it float on the wind mesmerized him, and so he spent several minutes standing under it, straining his neck to look up at its stationary voyage.

It was there that they met.

“Hi.” A feminine voice snapped him back to reality and he looked down to see Hamdiya standing before him, a smile on her face and the glint of excitement in her eye.

He cleared his throat, taking the time to remember how to speak. “Hey.”

Then she surprised him by doing a little twirl, as a girl might do to show off a new dress to a family member. Afterwards she sat in silence. It was like she was expecting something from him. After a moment, he realized what her display was supposed to mean. She was dressed the same as the kite.

Studying her outfit a bit more, he pegged her to be one of the more progressive citizens of the city, though even by some progressive standards maybe a bit too free. Instead of the usual light blue Chadaree more traditional women wore, some young women had taken to more expressive clothes. Pants beneath brightly covered robes, and head scarves to replace the conservative headgear that traditionalists demanded they wear.

She wore a red robe and beneath it, white pants. To top it off, she had a purple headscarf on her head, though it seemed to be there more for formality than anything. More hair than even most liberals would allow poked out from under it and he wondered how his mother would respond to meeting someone of the country dressed like this.

It was then her turn to clear her throat, making Abdul realize that he’d been silently staring at her. Though she still wore the smile.

“Oh. Um…” He pointed up to the kite, “is that-“

“Yup! Glad you could figure it out on your own. For a second there I thought you’d have to phone a friend.” She left a pause for laughter but Abdul just kept staring at her. Something about her just seemed… special. She held the same levity as a kid in a schoolyard looking to make friends. As if simply walking up to him and saying hi would seal the deal.

Looking at her in his arms now, he had to admit it worked. Though it didn’t hurt that she was extremely attractive.

She brushed off his lack of response and continued as if nothing happened. Though he could have sworn her smile got just a bit bigger. Probably satisfaction and rendering him speechless. She brought him over to the man who was controlling the kite and introduced them. He turned out to be her brother, Afshin, and he received their sudden guest with open arms. Hamdiya then declared that Abdul was interested in learning to fly a kite. A request Afshin was all too happy to fulfill.

After an introductory lesson, Hamdiya shooed her brother away and took over his training, though they mostly just talked while he struggled to keep the kite steady.

They talked for about an hour, and in that short amount of time she’d managed to draw out of him more than most people who knew him for years could. There was something about her passion for not just life, but seemingly every topic, that was infectious. She was self assured and confident. She had strong opinions on everything, where he had none on most things. But she didn’t take too kindly to his docileness. She poked and prodded him until he finally started answering her questions, revealing things that even he didn’t realize he felt or thought. She was the first person to ever make him feel like he wasn’t just a worker bee. She made him feel as if he was an individual.

To complete their introduction, she made a simple statement. As if she’d just decided it out loud. After giving him a once over she stated, ‘You’re coming home with me.’ And with that, she called Afshin over and handed him the kite. She told her brother they were leaving and led him away by the arm.

Ever since then, he’d been meeting her every day he had off, making excuses to his friends about what he was doing and where he was going. He simply wanted to see her. He enjoyed being around her. And she definitely made sure he knew she enjoyed his company.

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