GILF Anna’s Oral Servant Ch. 02


(The following is a story of sex, romantic, loving sex, between a 60-something woman and a 20-year-old stud. If this is NOT a story you will like, don’t read it. If it is, please enjoy and vote accordingly. Thank you)


Anna was in a cum coma for days. That’s what her best friend, Deb, called it, Deb having a way with words, always blunt, to the point and sexual.

Deb and Anna were in their 60s, Deb a horny divorcee, Anna stuck in a sexless, bland marriage, totally devoid of passion. Deb had convinced Anna to avail herself of the services of Juan, a sexy Puerto Rican lad of 20, muscular, handsome and possessed of oral skills Deb guaranteed would blow Anna’s mind.

And she was right. After some cajoling, Anna acquiesced, and Juan visited her, regaling the sexy older silver-haired granny with adoration and attention, and that most remarkable tongue and mouth. He’d done things to her not done in ages, if ever, and left her completely relaxed. Or in a cum coma, as Deb laughingly told her later, when Anna called to report to her friend.

“Jesus Christ, he’s amazing,” Anna sighed into the phone, still sitting on the couch where Juan had left her after licking her pussy and ass to a scorching series of orgasms. “The poor kid, though, he had this…lord, this amazing boner in his tight little pants, I felt bad for him, but he said not to bother, I was the important one.”

“Bingo, baby, it’s all about you!” Deb laughed, and in the back ground a door bell rang. “Oh, gotta go, girlfriend, got company.”

“Do not tell me,” Anna said with a laugh.

“Yup,” Deb growled. “The boy himself! Don’t worry, sweetheart, he may come in with a hard-on, but I won’t let him leave with one!”

“You’re so bad,” Anna giggled, clicking the call off.

She stayed in the cum coma for a few days, more than happy with how it went, not a shred of guilt felt, which surprised her. Anna was old fashioned in that regard, marrying young, having a decent sex life that evaporated when the kids came along, and just enduring.

But now she was tired of enduring. Bill, her work-addicted slug of a husband, never gave her what she wanted, the glaring difference between him and Juan all the more so after what had happened. She lay in bed with him a few nights later as he went over some papers from work, grunting as he read, checking off what needed to be checked off, totally ignoring Anna, who’d slipped into a tiny negligee to see if she could pique some interest.

“Bill,” she said seductively, running a hand under the covers to cup his pathetic nub of a dick in his pajamas. “How long has it been since….you..licked me…you know, there…”

Bill’s head slowly rolled to look at her. He wasn’t smiling. He looked annoyed.

“Honey, really,” he said. “Haven’t we been over this? You know I don’t, you know, like that stuff….”

She palmed his nub. She felt it stiffen. A sign. She smiled.

“C’mon, Bill, c’mon,” she growled, kissing his neck.

“Sweetheart, listen,” he said, thrusting up into her insistent hand, all four inches of his slim pecker at the ready. “If you want to do something…well…hell, it has been awhile…”

She stopped and glared at him. Taking her hand from his dick.

“Oh, so it’s all right for ME to do oral on YOU, but not the other way around?” she said angrily.

“You know what, fuck it, forget it,” he snapped, sliding out of bed with his damned paperwork. “I’ve gotta finish this for the meeting tomorrow, I’m going down to my office.”

She sat in the stony silence, arms crossed over the exposed cleavage of her tits that she’d hoped would arouse her husband. But in her heart, she knew full well it wouldn’t. She knew what his reaction would be. She counted on it.

This was affirmation, she realized, acknowledging that subconsciously she’d been testing Bill, to make sure her tryst with Juan was justified. Her first tryst outside marriage. Her one and only tryst. So far.

She shuffled to the door of the bedroom, closing it. Laying back in bed, she dialed her cell.

“Hello, Mrs. Wilson,” Juan said brightly. “I was hoping you’d call.”

“How…how did you know….”

“Your great and good friend Deb took the liberty of giving it to me,” he laughed. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” she said with a weak smile, looking at the bedroom door, beyond which was her ridiculous husband working at 9 at night. “No, dear boy, I don’t mind at all…”

“When would you like me to come over?” he asked.

“Uh…tomorrow morning would be lovely,” she sighed, wondering if she could wait that long. “My husband…well, it’s a long story, but he just…well, it’s a long story…”

“I understand completely, pretty lady,” said the impossibly charming Latino. “He’s left you wanting?”

“God, yes,” she sighed. “Again. As always. Christ.”

“What about now?” Juan asked.

Anna’s mind raced. Now? Right now? How could she…what excuse…

“Go downstairs,” Juan continued. “I’ll call your Ankara travesti house phone in a couple of minutes. I’ll pretend to be your friend, Deb, with a problem…a man issue…and she wants you to come over right now. She’s quite distraught and needs her closest friend to comfort her.”

Anna smiled broadly. This kid was so very good.

“Lovely idea, Juan,” she smiled. “And I’ll meet you at …Deb’s house I guess? Should I call her?”

“No, she’s not home, we talked earlier, she had a date with someone,” Juan laughed. “Meet me in the beach parking lot. Near your house. A car can be a remarkably sexy place for this sort of thing. So forbidden, so out in the open, covered by darkness, doing what lovers do…to each other…”

Her eyelids fluttered at the thought, thighs clenching in her tiny nightie, pussy getting wet at his words.

“Oh, GOD, Juan, you are too much!” she said in a breathless whisper, looking at the door again and giggling like a schoolgirl about to break out of her parents’ home to meet a boyfriend they didn’t like. “Do you think it can work?”

“Two minutes, my sexy friend,” he laughed gently, hanging up.

She went downstairs, rummaging through the ‘fridge under the pretense of getting a bottle of water. She could hear Bill clattering away at his computer. Two minutes went by. The house phone rang in the hall, just outside his office.

“Who the fuck calls this late at night?” she heard him snarl, getting out of his chair.

Anna beat him to the phone, picking it up. Juan whispered.

“Hello pretty lady,” he said softly. “Are you ready for a little late-night licking?”

“Deb?” Anna said into the phone, curling away from Bill’s annoyed face. “What is it, honey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Juan can’t cure with his tongue, Mrs. Wilson,” he whispered, the words wetting Anna’s pussy in her tiny thong panties. “Come to me, pretty woman, come to me….”

“Deb, now calm down, calm down,” Anna said, struggling to ignore what Juan was saying and formulate a believable answer to the alleged reason for the call. “Yes, yes, I know, men ARE assholes, aren’t they?”

She turned to glare at Bill. He shrugged, walking back to his office. The ruse worked. He wanted no part of Deb’s constant histrionics, he’d been down this road before.

“Crazy bitch,” he growled, slamming his office door. “Go calm her down, for Chrissakes, or you’ll be on the goddam phone all night out here and I got fucking work to do!”

“Speaking of assholes, is yours ready for me, sweet woman,” Juan laughed.

“Oh, fuck yes, Juan, yes,” she hissed into the phone. “Be right there.”

She threw on a coat over her sexy negligee and raced outside, to her car, down the road to the beach near her house, where young lovers often parked at night. There were a few cars, fewer than usual. She drove way toward the end, near the water, the waves gently lapping the shore. The seashell parking lot crunched loudly under her tires, as she pulled into a spot and waited, turning off her engine and lights.

Juan’s car pulled next to hers moments later, knowing it from visiting her the other day. In the dark, she saw his beautiful white teeth flash a brilliant smile. They rolled down their windows.

“Should I…come to you?” she asked, beaming a nervous smile.

“No, my friend, it is I who should come to you, of course,” he said, unsnapping his seat belt.

It seemed to take forever for him to come around the side of his car to hers, time enough for Anna to at first second guess herself but then flash in her mind the years of neglect, benign abuse almost, from her husband. She thought of him at home, absorbed in his work, inattentive and uncaring. Her eagerness grew hearing Juan’s crunching footsteps gather closer to her passenger door.

He opened it, leaned his torso in, chiseled and muscular, his dark steel chest outlined in his tight white t-shirt.

“Shall we get more comfortable?” he smiled, nodding toward the spacious back seat.

She grinned and clambered over the console, guided by Juan, he behind her, strong hands on her slim hips, her little coat and littler negligee riding up to expose the backs of her sinewy thighs and white ass in her tiny thong.

Impulsively, his hands stopped her journey, her torso in the back, her sexy backside right at his face. He moaned and buried his face into her sexy, saggy white cheeks, shaking his head side to side so rapidly his face vibrated against her pussy, his nose slipping into the hairy cleft of her tight asshole.

“Naughty, naughty boy!” she exclaimed at the sudden intrusion of face in her ass, shaking it back at him, making them both laugh before tumbling into the back seat.

The world outside ceased to exist from that moment arm, as they righted themselves in the seat, her arms around his back, his big, strong hands framing her wrinkly face, pulling it toward him to start the endless kisses of the night. Their lips parted, tongues flashing into Konya travesti mouths, wrestling wetly with each other, his hands massaging her creased neck, sexily fingering the wrinkled flesh.

He broke the kiss to smile at her, dipping his head down to that neck, moaning as he suckled the slight hanging flesh she so long found appalling that he now could not get enough of.

“Juan, oh, Juan, my neck, I LOVE you sucking my neck,” she groaned, lifting her head to make his suckling easier, her fingers rubbing his dark hair. “I’ve always…hated…my neck…”

“You should not,” he groaned into the slightly sweaty flesh filling his mouth this warm summer night, tonguing the meat he ingested, lapping and nipping it playfully. “It is one of the sexiest parts of you, of all woman of a wonderfully mature age…”

The kid was a magician in word and deed, she thought as he licked down her cleavage, tonguing the furrowed folds of dark tanned flesh, gently pulling off her short jacket, then her negligee top. He feasted on her tits, sucking the white flesh around the nipples then the brown nubs themselves, and she moaned as he did. He feasted on her, all of her, she thought, he was a hungry man, she was the meal to satisfy him.

His hands snaked down over her back as he suckled her tits, massaging the slim hips, cupping that ass. One hand came down the length of one of her muscular old thighs, wrinkling the flesh in his grip, releasing it, squeezing it. His fingers danced over the flesh on the top of that thigh. She groaned, spreading her legs. His fingers caressed the inside of the thigh, then cupped over her thong panty, pulling it aside.

“Oh, GOD, Juan!” she growled at the top of his head, his mouth all over her swaying tits, feeling him slip through her furry folds, his long, impossibly long middle finger parting the lips, probing inside her wetness.

He was fully in her with that finger, his thumb dribbling her clit expertly, working it to engorgement, the oily nub silk to his touch. He slipped another finger in, then a third, and she felt the incredible fullness of his hand in her.

“Cum for me, pretty lady,” he hissed, biting at her nipples, pulling one then the other into his sexy lips. “Cum for me….”

That wouldn’t be a problem, she thought, and soon did, clapping her meaty thighs shut around his plunging hand, the digits flying in and out, that educated thumb working its magic on her clit, squishy sounds, wet, wild, obscene, filling her car, drowned out occasionally by her squeals and howling cries of pleasure. She held his head tight, burying his face into her tits, smothering him, her entire body trembling, her rugged old thighs tense and quivering around the hand she was soaking.

They both panted to a stop, Juan pulling back, smiling. He lifted his wet fingers between them, that long tongue flashing out to lick them clean. Impulsively, she brought her face to them, tasting herself tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm, moaning and tensing her inner thighs around her drenched pussy. Their tongues met as they sucked Juan’s fingers, kissing madly again, hands and arms finding each other. Her hands rubbed down that sexy hard chest, feeling the muscles, tweaking his nipples, dipping to his crotch. Their eyes met, his warm and inviting, hers open wide incredulously as she cupped one hand around the biggest cock she knew she would ever feel.

“My GOD, Juan, is that all yours?” she said in astonishment, trembling fingers stroking him in his tight pants.

“No, sexy lady,” he corrected, reaching for his belt and unfastening himself to allow her bony old hand to slip inside. “It is all YOURS!”

She groaned, feeling the heat, thickness and length of his dark cock, pulling it out with effort, the meaty wand springing free. He slithered out of his pants, then his shirt, and every inch of his gorgeous young body gleamed in the dark. She looked at his cock bobbing before him, the thick eye welling with clear fluid.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked politely. “After all, I am here to serve you…”

“Oh my God, you are, Juan, you are,” she groaned, scooting back a bit in her seat to allow herself room to bend over between his muscular, spreading thighs, smooth, hairless, sexy and strong. “You are…”

She leaned to it, smelling the manly funk, looking at the huge bloated smooth sacks of his gorgeous balls below the thickness above. She encircled the base with one hand, drew the other around the shaft, stroking it, slowly, purposefully. Juan moaned, tilting his head back to look down over his nose at her, marveling at the gentle way of her.

She leaned closer, the cock near her lips, tongue flashing out to lap clean the gel in the head, both of them moaning at the touch. She jerked harder now, both hands on task, twisting her hands in opposite directions. She’d blown her husband before, years ago, needing only a few fingers of one hand to do it. This was a two-handed dick if ever there was one, she İzmir travesti thought to herself, eyes wide, watching herself work it over.

She opened her little puckered mouth wide, slipping the glistening head inside, her pussy going electric at the touch, thighs clamped tight, grinding her pussy. She slurped down Juan’s massive cock to meet her twisting fingers, then pulled off it, down again, up, hands flying, his cock slick with her spit. It was as if she were having an out-of-body experience. She felt herself floating at the car ceiling, looking down at her own bobbing silver-haired head, her gnarled fingers squeezing and pulsating, the boy moaning louder and louder, the wet sounds filling her ears. She couldn’t believe how effortlessly she took to his cock, seemingly born to the task. She wondered what had taken her so long to do something she clearly wanted to for yours.

Juan couldn’t believe it either, watching this beautiful grandmother’s head in his lap, mewing like a contented cat, stroking his dick majestically in both hands, twisting in opposite directions in perfect synchronicity, hands clearing her dipping mouth, returning when it slurped on the upstroke.

“My GOD, Mrs. Wilson!” he cried out, feeling his balls swell. “You’re so….so GOOD at this! So..intuitive!”

She smiled around his cock at his words and felt his cock thicken. She braced for the load, eager for it. She left one hand on his cock, jerking it in and out of his mouth, and cupped the other around those amazingly huge balls. The softness, the fleshy heat, absorbed her, coursing through her tiny hand, up her arm, down her breasts and directly into her pussy.

She’d given countless blowjobs to her sluggard of a husband over the years, cold, mechanical, functional. As the first scorching jet of Juan’s steaming cum rippled into her mouth, triggering her own orgasm, she knew this was a blowjob of lust, passion, pure and simple, borne of a forbidden romance.

She came long and hard, her thighs pulsating around her clit, each pulsation matching the thick ropes of cum that filled her mouth and jetted down her throat. She gulped madly, tasting him, swallowing him, the texture thick and creamy, the aroma bleachy. He screamed in pleasure, hands gripping the seats, pushing himself up into her amazing mouth, finally resting his muscular ass down as she continued to slowly stroke and suckle his cock, gulping down the last of it. She sat up, smiling, a pearlish smear around the corners of her wrinkled mouth, a gob leaking out and dotting her chin.

He smiled, sat up, pulled him to her. She nearly came again at the kiss, from the touch itself but more from knowing this was a man, a boy, really, who knew how to satisfy a woman, knew that her reward for such a magnificent encounter was to share it. He licked her lips, sucked the cum bubble off her chin, shooting his tongue inside her moaning mouth to taste.

“Holy shit, Juan,” she sighed finally, their lips parting, a thin, silvery strand of cum bridged between them that Juan gobbled down until their lips met again, kissing gently. “ one has ever…my God….”

“Your pleasure,” he growled, licking down her shiny chin to that neck again, suckling the warm flesh, “is my pleasure…”

He never went soft, she realized, as she stroked his cock as they sat face to face, eager for more. Juan smiled, gently holding her shoulders at arm’s length, eyes warm and inviting.

“Allow me, dear lady,” he said, leaning her back, her legs falling apart, the gentle sway of her flaccid inner thighs drawing his gaze. “Allow me….”

He picked up one foot, lifting it to his mouth, running his tongue up the thick, wrinkled soul, making her squirm. Their eyes locked on each other as his tongue wiggled between her toes, tasting the sexy salty grit of it, sucking the big toe into his mouth like a small cock, fellating it with a naughty gleam in his eye. Her body was on fire, electric jolts coursing up the calf Juan now massaged, as he lovingly suckled each toe, then turning his attention to the other foot.

She watched as he worked his way up her calves and thighs, mouthing the meaty flesh, suckling, biting, finally coming face to face with her hairy, soaked pussy. He extended his tongue, long and wet, smiling at him — and slowly, oh so slowly, slipping it into the hairy chasm that lay before him.

His eyes locked onto hers, he slithered the slimy tongue in and out of her pussy, his nose rubbing the clit harder and harder, her thighs closing around his adoring head, squeezing, scissoring him tight to her sex. She groaned, thrusting her hips up into his face, hands on her own tits, twisting the nipples, lifting them to her own mouth to suck and lick.

“…GOD!” she screamed, the orgasm coming swiftly and noisily, her moans filling the air, ankles locked, thighs quivering like a meaty wave around the skull scissored lustily between them.

He smiled in her chasm, moaning himself, tongue fucking her rapidly as she filled his mouth with her thick cream, going back for more. His hands palmed the tawny thighs gripping his ears, marveling at their sexy power. Sated, she slumped back, thighs slack and open, tenderly holding his shiny, wet face. He pulled up his head, looking at her.

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