Ghost Hunk Ch. 01

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“Alright, she’s all yours, Blake.” Says Mr Owen as his keys jingle from handing them over to the handsome man before him, wearing a denim jacket and tight-fitting jeans. At age 26, Blake sports a nice layer of stubble on his face, besides his short brown hair, as he looks at his coworker. Mr and Mrs Owen are going on a two week strip, so they need Blake to house sit their lavish home for a while, including keeping up with the housework, yard work, and feeding their pet race horse and letting him out to exercise.

“Ok, Hank.” Blake says with that charismatic grin, “I’ll see you in two weeks.” He dismissed before Mr Owen hopped into his car with his wife and kids, and drove off. Blake enters the building while taking off his jacket, while at the same time, a sentient cloud of glowing white smoke slithers and glides into the chimney.

While snacking on a banana, Blake walks into the son’s room and looked under the mattress to find the kid’s ‘journal’. Blake casually opens the notebook and flips through the pages of private thoughts. He smirks as he sees a page on [Measuring], where the boy was probably measuring the size of his dick, “Hah, short stack.” Blake says as he reads a couple of more pages.

‘Ooh, hot Fleshie, dead ahead.’ Snickered a disembodied thought. Blake walks idly down the hall, flipping through the part where Jonathan wrote where he hides his forbidden Playboys, when Blake shudders from a chill. “Hey, PAL!” Comes a weird voice all of a sudden.

“HWOA!” Blake jumps from being startled, but gasps with his eyes bugging out as he sees a glowing white phantom of a semi naked male.

“What’s white and flying and horny all over?” Polter grinned.

“G-G-G-GHOST!!” Blake yelps as he drops the journal and makes a run for it. Polter cackles as he waggles his tongue around and holding his hands up. Blake runs right back into the kid’s room and slams the door shut and locks the door. He lets out a sigh of fear and relief as he leans his head on the wood. Then, his whole crotch feels cold.

“Hahaha, yeah a DOOR!” Blake’s eyes go wide as he hears the taunting voice. His head shoots down to see that ghost’s head looking up at him from his groin, “Oh yeah, that’s showing me!”

“AHHHHH!” Blake lets out a high-pitched scream.

“Open wiiiide!” Polter sneers as he flies up, and pushes into Blake’s mouth. The hunk’s eyes get wide as he feels the transparent entity shove and wiggle its way into his throat! His hands scramble to grab it, but before he knew it, the ghost’s tail squirms its way down in his gullet.

Blake irks as he shoves his butt at the door. He hammers his ass against the door at least 4 times before his right arm flails. Blake grunts as his mind fights a very weird wave of numbness as he scrambles on the floor. Blake flails his hips wildly, weird cartoon-like noises bouncing as his eyebrows waggled weirdly. His crotch shouts a HONK HONNNNK noise as it shakes and bulges out like a bowling ball before his torso arches as his lips curl around a thick “MOOOOHMAMA!” His body undulates as stretching noises can be heard as his arms and legs throw around and about. Blake irks and gags as he jerked his chest until finally, the terrified expression on his face changed to a smug and satisfied expression.

“OOooh yeah, theerrre we go.” The ghost says in his own voice instead of Blake’s. He licks his lips and wiggled his fingers and rolls his neck. Blake shakes his own face and staggers a bit as he holds his head.

“Whoa! What’s g-going on??” Blake stammered, hid body feeling REALLY weird, “W-What just happened?” Then, Blake’s eyes flash cyan blue as his mouth grinned.

“Guess what, buddy.” Polter’s voice says through the human’s lips with a cocky swerve of the head, “You just got yourself a new roommate! IN. YOUR. HEAD.” His eyes stop glowing as his facial expression instantly shifted.

“HohHH! Hahh! How are you doing that? W-What are you doing to me?!” Once again, his eyes light up as his face takes on a different expression as his hands go to his hips.

“Chill out, Bone-Bag. We’re gonna have LOADS of fun!” Blake’s eyes return to normal as he staggers to the bed.

“Agghhoooh… DamMIT!” He hits his forehead onto the post of the boy’s bed, “Get. Out. Of. Me!”

The ghost snickers as his eyes start to glow again, and the man puts his foot on the bed, and rolls his hips like a pole dancer, “Hahaha, this baddie boy’s got groove, yeah. Ooh yeah, work it stud.” Polter smirked through Blake’s lips.

Blake comes back in his mind and stumbles down onto the floor, panting and looking around in random directions as he stands back up.

“SSsshit! Have to call a priest-” The man’s buttcheeks then flex inside his tight pants on their own. “Wh-Whatthewhatthe-” He looks over his shoulder to see his bottom moving about in his pants, almost as if his buttcheeks are dancing, “Dude, what are you doing to my ass?!”

Blake’s eyes and mouth become possessed again as he smirked at the form-fitting jeans. “I’m taking Bahçelievler Escort your ass out for a test drive.” He grins as he sticks his ass out behind him. Blake jerks back into focus as he sees his legs are spread apart somewhat, and his own hips are waving his rump around on their own.

Then, an invisible hand pulls back the backside of Blake’s pants. He looks and gaps as he sees an 8-ball float to him, and plop into his underwear before the waistband snaps back on, making a big round bulge in Blake’s pants. “The fuck?? You think I… Hhaaaiiii” Blake gaps and staggers as his eyes go wide “HooOOOOOLY SHIIIIT!”

At this time, Blake feels his own anus open wide – VERY wide. He clenches his eyes and groans painfully as his ass swallowed the spherical toy in his pants like his butthole was a snake swallowing an egg! “UUUUUUUuuuHHHHH!” He moans out loud. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” The round shape in his pants slowly sinks down further until his rump finally reverts to its previous shape, that hole having gulped down the 8-ball.

“Hahh hahh hahh…” Blake pants, whining as he feels that massive and round object INSIDE of him. He can barely walk as he looks over his shoulder, feeling at his denim bottom and flinching before he attempts to communicate again, “Ok… Ok… I don’t know what you want… But I…” Then, his eyes turn cyan colored again and the ghost takes over.

“Ok, Magic 8-Ball” The ghost says through the human’s mouth. His hands pat and grab at those buns before he leans down and grabs his knees, “Do I, or do I not, stop my fun at possessing a hot fuck boy tonight?”

With that, the ghost bites his lip as his hips start jumping and bouncing. “Uhh, yeah, uhhh!” A loud sloshing and rattling can be heard from inside Blake’s body – or his booty, more like. “Shake it, really get it in there! Uhh! Hoh yeah!” Swollen, Blake’s ass wobbles and bounces as his body twerks actively like a hot stripper. He wiggles that rear left and right, up and down, shaking and mixing the pseudo-psychic toy lodged right up that hole.

He stands right up, and those glowing eyes and grin fade instantly as Blake comes back. “Ahh! Fuck, what’re you- ULGH!” Blake finds himself jerking forward and bending over as he suddenly feels he’s about to take the biggest dump in his life. “No way… NO WAY!” He yells as his eyes clench shut again. “EEEAAAAAAHHH!”

A ruffling sound came as Blake’s pants and underwear pull down just below his butt on its own. His asshole spreads wide and and a white circle with the number 8 emerges from his asshole. The black 8-ball slides smoothly yet slowly out of Blake’s anus as the poor jock stands helplessly as his tunnel ejects the toy out at its leisure.

Finally, he drops the 8-ball out of his ass and the ghost possess him again. He grins and turns to pick up the 8-ball, laughing as he sees its answer:


“Good answer, fuck-bag.” The ghost snickers. Suddenly, Blake forces his consciousness back through.

“Just get the hell out fucking bastard!” Blake yells. He clears his throat as his chest seems to feel a chill, “Stop possessing my body! I have things to do, I-” His overshadowed hands then go up and feel his pecs, “H-H-Haaa-ah-ah-ah” He shudders.

‘Yeeeeaaah, you like that, don’t ya, Skin-Bag?’ The ghost says inside Blake’s mind.

“Nnneehh” Blake pouts and whines, but petting his chest just feels so damn good! “Awwwlll… Iyuh…” His mouth absentmindedly mumbles, “I wanna do the dirty udder mambo…”

‘AH hahahaha!’ The entity laughs, just as Blake snapped out of it, and stopped rubbing his shirt.

“Dude, FUCK! I didn’t say that! Did NOT say that!” His eyes flash again as Polter takes on his face.

“Of course you did, dick-face! Just thought I’d give you a vocabulary lesson!” The ghost retreats back inward, leaving Blake bewildered and angry, turning around and swiping the air.

“What the fuck are you talking about?! You’re not…” He winces as he feels that weird pressure in his brain again, “… Gonna stop me from making out with some big fat hairy balls…” Blake says as a different phrase as he was GOING to say. “Shit, what are you doing??” He says before the light pressure presses on the greymatter, “I am holding your speech part of your Fleshie brain to make you say whatever I want.” He stated, as if the thought itself occurred to him. “Ah, get out of my HEAD!” To his horror, Blake grunts as the pressure builds again, “I deserve to be your wonderful jackass! HEEHAW, motherfucker!”

“Awwwwww.” Polter grins as he takes over Blake’s face again in a wicked taunting expression, “That is so sweet of you.”

Blake snaps back out of it again. “F-Fuck, I need to get out of here!” He goes to the door, before he feels the pressure again, “Sshhnnooo!” He grabs at the doorknob, jerking it before he feels the urge to talk again, “I wanna a big pink pretty girl, Daddy~!” He pleads goofily. He grimaces as the weird sentence comes out Bahçelievler Escort Bayan of his own mouth, as if he meant to say it. His eyes flow with light cyan fog again as the smirk of the phantom curls his mouth.

“Ho ho HO, now you’re confusing me, son.” The ghost says in Blake’s body as he walks from the door and rubs his chin. He puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head in bemusement, “Damn, you’re a weird guy.”

Blake’s eyes return to normal as he swerves a little, starting to get dizzy from these mind-swaps, “No, dammit! You’re making me say it! Literally! I literally WANT my butthole to be my pride and joy!” His eyes blink as his face goes red, “AAGGH! Stop it!” He shouted at the air as the ghost continues to mess with his speech pattern, “It’s my life’s PASSION to be a baby bitch boy!” He preached out, “GHHHaaa! Cut that out!”

‘Hahahehehehahah!’ The ghost laughed as he screws around into Blake’s brain and way of thinking for shits and giggles.

“I’m serious! Just get out of my body, and force me to blow outta my butt!” Now unable to say anything else, Blake rants more, as if he can’t even figure out how to try anything else, “Goddammit!! STOP! I desperately need to hump a horse or I’m gonna pass out!”

‘BAHAHAHAHAHA!’ The phantom cackles in Blake’s head, ‘Oh-hoho HAHOHAHAHOOH’

Blake comes back before his attention goes down. His zipper yanks itself down and his belt undoes itself in a few seconds, and Blake’s eyes widen as he sees his own penis poke out and lift from the slit of his boxers! “Dude! You’re playing with my dick now?!”

‘I’m playing with a LOT of things!’ The ghost echoes in his head. Blake’s flaccid member wiggles around, wagging back and forth and flopping around.

“Stop! That’s freakin gay!!” Blake says as he tries to stash his meat back into his pants. His penis loops and squirms around playfully on his fingers, “Errggghh! Stop!” He gets a tight hold of his member, only to have it squirm and wiggle wildly around in his hand, “oh my GOD!!” Blake yelps as his sentient member actually freaks him out enough to let it go, almost getting a panic attack from looking and feeling it flop and slap around his lap like a fish!

‘Heh heh heh!’ Polter giggles as Blake’s meat curls and coils back into his pants and the zipper pulling up behind it.

“Hoh,” Blake clutches his crotch and whips around, his hands keeping a secure hold on his jewels as he looks around for something – ANYTHING – to try and get this gay phantom out.

‘Pffff, try all you want, ya stupid fleshie.’ Polter laughs in Blake’s head as the jock holding his denim package fumbled and rummaged all around the room, “I’ll play along if ya want! Hahahaha”

“Come on, come on, come on, come on, HAH!” Blake looks above at the doorframe at the holy plus-sign hung up. Blake reaches up and seizes it and shoves it to his chest, “NOW! GET OUT!”

‘No! Aaahhh! What are you doing to me?!’ Polter exclaimed inside Blake’s noggin.

“Out of me! The power of Christ compels you! Get the hell outta me!”

‘No! Nooooooo!’ Polter yells as his spirit goes berserk.

“UuuUUrrrRrr!” Blake irks and gurgles as his body loops around, thrusting his hips in the air before his gut distends a bit, with his hand still grasping onto the cross.

‘You vile meat-bag! How dare yoooooOOOUUUUUU!’

“PoooOOOOUUUUUUHHHH!” Blake’s mouth puckers as he forcibly blows out a glowing fog. Bug-eyed and freaking out, the jock watches as the ghost is expelled from his body. Polter billows away from the man before he turns and scowls at Blake. “You clever, stupid human! I ain’t gonna-“

“HAH!” Blake holds out the crucifix at the ghost.

“Ah, ooh, oh no!” Polter flinches and holds his arms in front of him defensively, “Have mercy, oh mighty meat! I beg you!”

“Get out! Get the fuck out and go to hell!” Blake says as he then ‘stabs’ the golden cross at the ghost.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Polter yowls as his non-corporeal form spirals into the floor, echoing and yelling random scorns and insults while Blake still holds the cross at him, as if to banish Polter to the carpet. Within seconds, the glowing entity vaporizes into the floor, and disappears from sight.

“Hoh… Hah… Fuck…” Blake pants as he lets his arms rest down in relief. “Jesus Christ, I need to call an exorcist or some shit…”

Blake turns and walks out of the bedroom. As he goes, a glowing fog flows in the air and drifts up in the air. The mystic smoke floats up and twirls in the air as it surrounds Blake’s jean covered denim before the trail of mist narrows and flows tight into the center of Blake’s rear.

“OoOOoo! What the??” Blake whips around, patting his ass and glaring at the dimly lit hallway. He listens closely and tries to see if that ghost somehow came back, “Hello?” No answer, “I’m armed, fuckin demon” Blake says as he holds up the cross. Again, he’s met with silence.

Meanwhile, Polter grins with Blake’s mouth Escort Bahçelievler as his eyes shimmer with mischief for a split second.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, Casper The Faggy Ghost.” Blake says as walks off to the living room.

‘Heh heh heh… Fuckin dumbass’ The ghost snickers as he looms inside Blake’s mind. Polter looks over the fleshie’s brain, wondering just where to start. It’s been a while since he’s REALLY messed with a human body, he’s actually curious as to what he can make him do…

“Now…” Blake then goes to the living room and looks at his chest. He’s got some very fine titties for a guy. He smiles as he cups both pecs under his shirt and fondles his own square-shaped pillows. “Nice…”

Blake pulls the shirt over his head and tucks it behind his neck to let his chest expose to the air, “Mmmff, nice pair of udders, stud.” Blake says as he starts to grope his chest. His member starts to harden in his jeans as he starts to feel and dig his fingers into his pecs. “Fuck, is this how chicks feel? Damn…” He grins and bites his lip as his fingers start to brush over and graze his nipples.

“Ooh, mmff, yeah, love them teats, yeah…” Blake nods and bites his lip as his thumbs and index fingers pull and twirl at his slightly puffy nipples. “MM! Yeah” His thighs rub together while he starts to sport a rod-shaped bulge in his jeans. “Fuck yeah, work those titties…” His fingers pull a little firmly as he twists his nipples a bit.

“Hohhh, ohhh! Ffffuuuuuuck!” His manly hands really grab as he hisses with arousal and really grabs and squeezes his pecs, almost mushing his chest about. A dark spot starts to form and drip from his jeans as he continues to tweak and yank at his pecs and his nipples, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m… I’m…”

Then he looks up and gaps as he sees a random neighbor watching him! His grin vanishes as he looks down at his hands mid-pinch on both nipples, and he legs rubbing on his boner-thick pants, and then his head darts back up to the random stranger, “Shit, hey!”

The neighbor just strides away, snickering harshly as they rush away. The magic fades and Blake is no longer interested in playing with his chest. “Shhhhit, what the fuck…” He huffs, now wondering why he just did that.

He got rid of that idiot ghost, right? Cross and everything. Why was he playing with his nipples like that? He never does that! A girlfriend did that once, but Blake was more interested in milking his own pecs just now. Weird…

Blake sighs – another puff of luminous cyan smoke again – and goes to the living room. He picks up the remote and turns the TV on.

Rather than rest comfortably on the sofa, however, Blake unbuckles his belt. “Better pull my pants down…” He mumbles to himself, oblivious to the almost TOO casual thought. Blake then pulls down his zipper and drops his jeans down. Blake then leans on the back ridge of the couch and rests on his elbows, arching his back even.

You know, like how every guy relaxes.

Behind Blake in the kitchen, a spatula levitates from the counter…

“Pffff! Hahaha,” Blake laughs as he watches Two and a Half Men “Hah, nice.” He nods and laughs, shifting his weight to one leg as his athletic rump shows on display in his underpants for the floating spatula.

“Heh heh…” Blake smiles and grins at the comedy show, but then the spatula pushes onto his butt. “OOoooh, can really go for a grilled cheese…” He says as he pushes his rear back onto the floating utensil as it rubs circles around his underwear-clad booty.

The spatula winds back, and suddenly slips into a full-on SLAP across Blake’s ass!

“OOH!” Blake jerks as his hands grasp on the couch, “Fuck, harder…” He unknowingly goads. The disembodied spatula winds back and delivers another hard spank onto Blake’s left cheek! “AHH!” His body jerks as his toes curl, “H-Harder… Fucking… UHH!” He lurches again as another angry explosion slaps onto his opposite cheek.

“Fuck, that hurts…” Blake grins and bites his lower lip, “Gotta… I need more…” His brain fails to keep track of everything before the spatula winds again and SPANKS him again! “ULLH! … MMM! … AHH!” Pantsed and horny, Blake stands there and jerks and jumps each time his ass is impacted by the paddle-like spatula.

“Fuck… My ass needs some air…” It occurs to him that his butt can’t breathe in his briefs. Blake then peels down his underwear and pulls them down just below buns. “Whew… Better…” He says before he leans on his forearms again to watch the TV, with his rump is hanging out behind him.


“OHH! Mmmm! FFFF! Ghhhh! Fuck yes, MMM!” Blake jerks and moans as the spatula starts to really abuse and punish his buttcheeks. Both mounds start to turn red-pink as they burn with pain that hurts so good. With his package still bundled safely in his underwear, his buns jiggle with each hard slap on the ass as he unknowingly takes it again and again.

“MMff! Fuck… Ah! GHHH!” Blake grunts and grimaces as the spatula spanks him over and over-


“Ah!” Blake jumps as the house gets dark all of a sudden – the TV, the kitchen, the lamps, suddenly blackout and the spatula drops on the floor. Seconds later, the lights come back on and Blake whips around, “What the?? Wha…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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