Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 01

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Jason Jones was interviewing for the position of waiter. He was 24 years old, 5′ 8”, with a slim build. He had light brown hair and brown eyes that usually shone with bright good humor. But just now they were burning with lust as he began his closing interview; seated in the manager’s office, his clothes all piled neatly on a nearby chair he sat before the manager’s wide, polished oak desk and slowly stroked his already straining erection.

Opposite him, behind the desk was the Club’s manager, Mr. Colbert. Mr. Colbert’s right hand was clearly visible, leafing through the pile of pertinent documents on the table: Jason’s C.V., recommendations from Jason’s previous employers, the results of his blood tests and so on. Mr. Colbert’s left hand was hidden from view under his desk, but his arm could be seen, moving steadily in a slow back-and-forth motion. Had been since Jason walked into the room ten minutes ago.

The office itself was a combination of minimalism and opulence — the floor was bare wood, but looked like the quality kind, not the stuff you could buy at Home Depo; the only pieces of furniture were Mr. Colbert’s desk — once again, quality wood; his executive’s chair — high backed and comfortable looking; two chairs in front of the desk — less comfortable, but still fancy with their inset cushions; a closed cabinet, which Jason assumed was a liqueur cabinet behind the desk and to the left, and a black leather sofa in front of the desk, also to the left.

For the interview a row of plush chairs had been arranged along the right wall, in which the various department heads sat. Jason had only met two of them — Owen Cavanough, the head of the waiting and hosting staff, and Dr. Mark Jeffreys, who had administered Jason’s physical. Between Dr. Jeffreys legs knelt his assistant, Rory Daniels, who had drawn Jason’s blood for the blood test — and from the movements of his head it appeared that drawing out bodily fluids from men may well be a vocation for the young medical assistant.

When he’d been led into the room by Mr. Colbert’s secretary introductions had been made, so he knew the other men were Alex Filbert, the stage manager, for both the cabaret show and the more private performances in the upstairs rooms; Roy Masters, head of props and supplies; Chris Monroe, the Club’s chief of security; and chef Henri DuMont, who had made a name for himself in the culinary world as a gormet genius long before “disappearing” from the scene to become the Club’s master-chef.

After entering the room and being introduced to the men seated there, Jason had been told that he had one final test remaining before he could be welcomed to the staff. “Please remove your clothing and take a seat,” said Mr. Colbert, looking Jason in the eye before allowing his eyes to wander over the young man’s body, clearly visible through his hip-hugging slacks and tight polo shirt. After complying with the order Jason sat in the chair, all too aware that he was the only naked man in a room full of hard-ons — hard-ons which were quite likely to find their way into his only-too-willing body.

“I can see that you’ve passed all our standard qualifications as far as physical health and service record, but now we need to see if you have what it takes to work at our establishment. Please take hold of your penis and begin masturbating.”

It took Jason a moment to understand the order, as it had been delivered in a quiet, calm tone of voice rather than the excited, urgent tone with which he usually associated such a request. His cock, while not fully hard, had long since started to swell, and so it was no great hardship to stroke it the rest of the way to hard.

“Very good. Now, Mr. Jones, I am going to ask you some simple questions, and I would like you to answer them in as calm and even a tone of voice as you can. And, of course, you have to actually be able to give coherent replies, no matter how aroused you find yourself,” Mr. Colbert stated, his emerald green eyes seeming to grow darker as he stared at Jason’s engorged 7 inches, as Jason’s hand moved slowly up and down the throbbing length.

For the next half hour Jason was required to keep stroking himself as he answered such questions as why he was seeking employment at the club, how had he gotten his start at the service industry; even such seemingly irrelevant questions as where did he get his laundry done, and so on. The point of this test, as he was reminded later, was to see if he was capable of maintaining both sexual arousal and a minimal conversation without either losing his erection or losing track of what had been said to him.

Although hardly easy — Jason wanted nothing more than to shove a few fingers up his twitching back passage and stroke himself the rest of the way to orgasm — he managed to hold his own, in both categories. Even though the sights around him didn’t help his concentration. Before him was the impressive Mr. Colbert’s massive physique, with his short-trimmed beard showing off the strong jaw nişantaşı escort and his wavy dark red hair giving him a leonine air, as well as the slowly stroking hand under the desk; to his right an entire panel of sexy men, all of whom had opened their flies and were openly manipulating their own or each other’s erections — except for the good doctor, who had his buried in his assistant’s sloppy, slurpy mouth. God! He could hear the wet sucking sounds all too clearly, could see the pleasure on the Doc’s face as his assistant’s head moved up and down.

At long last the questions came to an end. “All right, everything appears to be in order,” Mr. Colbert said, taking a last look at the papers on his desk, his hand still doing that tantalizing back and forth movement. “In any other interview this would be the time for you to ask any questions you may have back at us — but I suspect you would like to move right on to the welcoming committee, would you not?”

Jason’s answering nod was energetic and whole-hearted, “Yes, please, sir!” He knew what was entailed, and couldn’t wait to get his greedy hands on all the man-flesh that was staring him in the face.

“Well, seeing as you’ll be working directly under him, I think Owen should be the first to welcome you to the team,” Mr. Colbert said, nodding towards Cavanough while gesturing Jason towards the couch with his free hand.

Jason all but threw himself on the couch, lying on his back and still holding his cock in a white-knuckled grip, pulling his legs up into the air to make his butt-hole more easily accessible. Cavanough had a smooth-shaven face and his short salt-and-pepper hair was combed neatly to one side. He was dressed in the official host/waiter uniform of evening-wear and chaps, his leaking erection quivering with anticipation as he stood up and crossed the room.

But Cavanough didn’t join him on the couch at once, moving instead towards the cabinet next to it and opening it. Craning his head, Jason was able to see that the solid wood doors concealed not a supply of liqueurs and drinking implements, but a variety of lubes and dildoes. He later supposed that the drawers beneath must contain other types of sex toys — but just then his only thought was somewhere along the lines of “Horny, horny, gimme, gimme!” his pucker diluting at the sight of that throbbing dick and all those lovely penetrative items.

Cavanough selected a bottle of lube and a dildo nearly as large as his own thick 8 and a half inches and began applying the lube to the toy as he finally approached the couch and the sex-starved Jason. Climbing onto the couch, Cavanough lay the dildo on Jason’s chest and straddled Jason’s face, bringing that mouth-watering cock within easy licking distance — which Jason immediately took advantage of — he bent over the naked body beneath him and began feeding the lube into the twitching hole he found between the spread legs. Easily pushing in two fingers to start with, he began a slow back and forth motion, pushing his first and middle fingers as deep as they would go into the hot cavity. Pulling out for a moment, he added a third and then a forth finger to his digital penetration, while half a couch away Jason used both hands to grip Cavanough’s waist and show sloppy appreciation for what was being done to him with his mouth and throat.

A minute or two later the fingers were withdrawn, quickly replaced with the dildo as Cavanough pushed its bulbous head into Jason’s stretched sphincter. Jason moaned around the cock in his throat in appreciation as the new intruder stroked in and out of him, massaging his prostate as it moved within him. His head began to mimic the back and forth motion of the sex toy in his rectum, pausing when the head was in his mouth to give it a hard tongue lashing before swallowing the whole length back down his hungry throat as the dildo stroked up and down his eager love-tunnel.

After several minutes of this slow, steady movements Cavanough pulled the dildo away, realigning his body so that his own cock was poised at the entrance to Jason’s boycunt, teasing him with the pre-cum leaking tip stroking back and forth at his anus while, up above, he ran the greasy tip of the dildo around Jason’s wet lips. Jason reached down to pull his legs to his chest, opening his mouth as wide as he could, knowing that soon both holes would once again be filled. He did not have to wait long before Cavanough pressed the dildo into his sloppy mouth, at the same time thrusting hard into Jason’s pussy, pushing all the way to his balls in one hard thrust. Arching his back with the pleasure of feeling Jason’s hot passage all along his eager fucktool, Chavanough groaned and began the hard ride to orgasm, letting go of the dildo so he could grab hold of Jason’s shoulders as he bucked back and forth.

Jason’s eyes crossed as they closed, his whole body tingling with pleasure at the hard banging his ass was receiving, the fullness of the dildo in his hard-sucking mouth adding to his sexual frenzy.

With şişli escort a final cry of joy, Cavanough released his cum deep inside Jason’s body. He lay on top of his newest employee for several seconds, panting hard as he came down from his climax. Finally he pulled himself up, and out, of Jason’s body, causing a small rivulet of sperm to leak out of Jason’s stretched ass-ring as he rose and moved back to his chair on the other side of the room.

As Cavanough walked away, Dr. Jeffreys and his assistant, Rory, made their way towards Jason’s reclining body, both their erections poking through their lab coats (the only clothing either was wearing at this point) leaking with anticipation at the sight of his hot body — Jeffreys’ a slender 8 and a half inches with a wide mushroom head, Rory’s slightly shorter, but surprisingly thick. Both sets of blue eyes shone with anticipation, Rory’s wavy blond hair looking somewhat mussed from being used as a handle earlier contrasting with Jeffreys’ cropped brown hair.

“Get up, baby, you’re going to fuck some ass,” said the Doc, reaching for the lube sitting on the floor by the couch and, squirting some on his fingers, surprised Jason by stroking those fingers into his own ass, while Rory took the lube and applied it to his thick, throbbing studpole.

Kneeling on the couch in front of Jason, Jeffreys reached back and pulled his butt-cheeks apart, showing Jason his dilating hole as he brought his head to rest on the arm of the couch. “Get in there and show me what you got, boy,” he said, turning his lust hazy gaze to the other men in the room while his body quivered with anticipation. He knew Jason wouldn’t last long — not with all the stimulation he had been subjected to, as well as the pleasure Jeffreys knew all too well of Rory’s rammer, which was about to be shoved into Jason’s open backdoor — but he was counting on the resilience of youth to help Jason maintain his erection even after shooting a load, maybe even manage a second shot up the Doc’s ever-ready fuckhole.

Jason’s second fuck of the evening was all he could hope for; being pleasured by a tight, hungry hole in front while his prostate enjoyed a hard pounding from the thick invader shunting up and down his love-tunnel. As expected, it was less than a minute before he came, ejaculating hard into the eagerly milking ass before him — but he had been brought to such a high pitch of excitement and need that the orgasm barely registered with him as he continued to shove forward and push back against the double stimulation. Sadly, all good things must cum to an end, and Rory began cumming into Jason’s body, slamming in hard for the last few thrusts as he emptied his balls into his new co-worker. Jason continued his own fucking for several minutes, while Rory bent over and immediately began lapping up his own cum, as well as the last traces of Cavanough’s cum, as it leaked out of Jason’s thrashing backside. A few minutes more and the Doc hit his climax, his asshole spasming around Jason’s cock as he shot his load. The rhythmic tightening brought on Jason’s second orgasm, as he shoved as far up the doctor’s fuck-passage as he could go and began to unload.

Jason and the Doc both collapsed onto the couch in a boneless heap, happily drained, with Rory’s face still buried between Jason’s butt-cheeks, licking and sucking away.

A few moments later a polite cough brought them back down to earth, and turning his head, Jason looked up at the tall visage of Alex Filbert, a leather cock-ring, the only covering on his otherwise naked body, causing his penis to turn an angry purple color and looking not-unlike a hungry dog straining at its leash as it sighted a juicy morsel.

Looking the copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from its dilated slit and feeling wet from Rory’s spit and two men’s cum, Jason knew that fucker would slide right in quite easily as he shot a sultry smile at the theatrical manager.

Wordlessly giving Jason a hard look form his dark brown eyes, Filbert’s dark five-o’clock-shadow lent him a still more dangerous air as he pulled Jason out of the Doc’s still kneeling body and pulled him to a standing position facing the middle of the room.

Bending Jason over so he was forced to grab his knees to keep from falling over, Filbert shoved his fuckstick into Jason’s well-opened boypussy and began fucking him standing up, his hands on Jason’s hips all that kept the young man from falling over from the brutality of the assault on his backside. Barely able to keep his eyes open as he tossed his head back and forth from the force of the pounding he was receiving. Moaning with painful pleasure in time with Filbert’s increasingly rapid grunts, Jason was dimly aware that their pose gave Mr. Colbert an ideal view of the point of entry between the two of them. Forcing his eyes to focus, despite their tendency to close from the repeated impact, he looked over to his new boss. Mr. Colbert appeared outwardly calm, until one noticed the heightened color mecidiyeköy escort in his cheeks, the added brightness in his eyes as he devoured the sight of the two fucking men in front of him. And still that hand, back and forth, still following that same slow rhythm. ‘Yeah, save that cumload for me!’ Jason thought, his stuffed hole twitching around its current invader with anticipation — he’d heard rumors about Colbert’s meat.

Filbert suddenly bent forward, reaching for Jason’s cock with one hand, the other sliding down his hip to his thigh as he began to masturbate Jason’s erection fast and hard while speeding up his thrusts up Jason’s rear.

Feeling ready to blow, Jason closed his eyes in anticipation, only to open them wide in surprise as he felt a hot pair of lips close over his pre-cum drooling cockhead. Before him was the head of long, curly black hair belonging to DuMont, as the chef began licking and sucking out Jason’s load, moaning with pleasure and lust at the taste of hot, throbbing meat in his always-hungry mouth. Jason’s orgasm only took seconds to arrive, pushed as he was from behind and drawn forward by the front by the hard jerking hand and skillful mouth working him.

The feeling of hot pleasure as he came was compounded by the hot feeling of cum shooting once again up his ass as Filbert finished in him. But even after Jason had emptied his balls into the eager chef’s maw, DuMont would not release his cock. He dimly felt Filbert dismount and pull away, a trickle of semen running down the back of his leg from his gaping opening. Feeling suction on his now-sensitive knob, Jason took a small step backwards away from DoMont, towards the couch — only to have his hips grabbed and pulled. Falling backwards, Jason found himself suddenly impaled on Roy Masters’ thick 7 and a half inches. The props manager was a medium sized, balding man, and when he was fully dressed one would have no idea that such impressive equipment was hidden in his pants, but just now there was no way to doubt it as the beer-can-wide erection tunneled its way into every nook and cranny of Jason’s rectum, stretching him wider than any other cock he’d ever taken before.

And once again Jason’s dick was swallowed up by DuMont, obviously looking for a second helping of his favorite dish. This time the chef grabbed him around the waist with both of his large hands and began manipulating Jason’s body up and down the cock impaling him, apparently a side-effect of shoving all of Jason’s cock completely in and out of DuMont’s own mouth and throat. It took Jason some time to cum, as the pace was beginning to tell on him and, were it not for the sheer determination shown by the cum hungry cocksucker milking him, as well as the thorough seeing-to his butt-passage was receiving, he doubted he would have managed an erection again so soon.

It was strange that it was the suckling DuMont who was the most active participant in their threesome, Masters seeming to be content to just sit back and enjoy the sights and feeling of Jason sitting in his lap, while Jason himself was just beginning to get his second wind, leaning back against Masters’ torso as his lower body was pushed up before he fell back down to Masters’ pubes as gravity took hold of him over and over again.

Looking across the room through pleasure-slitted eyes, Jason looked at the men he’d already serviced as they looked back at him. Only one man seated across from him had not had sex with Jason yet — Chris Monroe, the head of security. Jason studied the man; the only black man in the room, clean shaven with short, kinky hair, Monroe looked to be in his early 40s. He wore casual clothing — the security team at the Club didn’t have a uniform, preferring to be inconspicuous whenever they were around the clients and staff — his fly was undone and a mouth-watering 9 inch ebony rod was waving to Jason from the light grip Monroe had at its base. Jason licked his lips at the sight of it before making eye contact with the security chief, giving him a ‘come hither’ look.

Taking Jason up on his invitation, Monroe got up and crossed the room. He was clearly taller than anyone else in the room, and quite easily stood with his legs braced on either side of the moaning, cocksucking DuMont’s kneeling body, leaning forward to present his cock to Jason’s face and bracing himself against the wall behind the couch.

Jason got a good look at the pre-cum flowing freely down the shaft, before leaning that extra quarter inch to start licking up and down the twitching hard-on, feeling the pulse beating strongly in the veins which were standing out prominently along the sides, as he lapped up sweat and pre-cum with his tongue.

At Monroe’s arrival DoMont had stopped moving Jason, instead pumping his own head up and down, while reaching between Jason’s spread thighs to play with Masters’ tightly drawn up balls. The added stimulation was all that was needed to add yet another cum-load into Jason’s already creamed pussy, the tightness of the fit of his ass-ring around Masters’ circumference acting as a stopper, keeping the copious flow in his bowels rather than allowing it to escape and join the existing mess of cum, spit and lube coating the backs of his thighs.

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