Garage Surprises


Only 7:30 in the morning and I was tired. Helping the lady across the street pack her smart-ass nephew off to college had been a job-and-a-half. Boxes, boxes, boxes, all into his beat-up Hummer.

I’d been on hand since early. I shook my head inwardly – Why had I ever agreed to this? I was just glad to see the kid go.

Then I watched Sharon bending down to the driver’s side window to bid the kid off and I remembered. Hot with a capitol H, even if she did qualify for AARP.

Trim figure. Long legs, fabulously-rounded, firm ass. Solid, major tits. And an almost regal, sophisticated beauty that comes only with time.

The tight blue jeans and pink t-shirt flattered her. Did they ever. I longed to guide her clipped red bouffant down, to thrill as her prim lips surrendered, helpless before my steely dick. I yearned with every fiber of my manhood to despoil her well-preserved, mature throat with the raging-hot cum of youth.

And I decided that’s exactly what I’d propose as soon as the kid drove off.

Finally, junior was a speck. We went into the attached garage. Sharon smelled faintly of violets. She grabbed up at the door handle and pulled down. Then only the semi-darkness.

She turned around. “I want to thank you again for helping,” she said. “Like I said before, I can’t pay you. But I made coffee. Want a cup?”

“No thanks, I’ve got something better in mind.”

Sharon had turned away and was glancing out the window. I quickly unzipped and took out an already-throbbing dick.

“What do Ankara travesti you mean, ‘something better?'” She turned to face me and her blue eyes flew wide. “OH MY LORD, what do you think you’re doing?” Backing away, she shot a glance toward the window.

I ran my gaze over her, enjoying her seeming shyness. “Sharon, I could make small talk. Even flirt a little. Or I could just be direct. I want it and I think deep down you do, too.”

“Oh, my Lord,” she repeated, still watching the window. But she was considering it. “I don’t even really know you. And what if someone looked in?”

“I don’t really care.” I replied tersely. “And as for the ‘strangers’ bit? All that’s important is you’re a beautiful woman and I’m standing in front of you with a hard dick. We’ve got this moment. Let’s not waste it.”

Still nervous, she gazed sidelong at my waiting erection. She bit her lower lip. A compromise occurred to her.

“We could go into the house,” she suggested hopefully.

“No.” I stepped closer. “Right here, right now.”

Uneasy, one hand on its fender, Sharon lowered herself beside the Buick. “Okay, but I don’t like this. Too risky. Hurry!”

She hadn’t sucked dick in awhile. I could tell by how tentatively she started, how she tried to just sort of nibble the tip. She kept her eyes averted, watching the window.

Impatient, I ruffled the hair on the back of her head then suddenly pulled her face to me, ramming the length of my rod into her opened mouth.

And it all came back to Konya travesti her.

She leaned forward, moaning eagerly. Her pace increased. She remembered. She loved this.

I could tell.

Her fingers stroked and fondled my balls as she pumped that pretty head non-stop, twisting it from one side to the other as she swallowed my all.

Powder-blue eyeshadow. Muted-crimson lipstick. Just a hint of red rouge on high cheekbones. Lovely, compromised and anxious. I watched her bobbing red head, noticing a hint of grey at the roots.

Driving myself deeper, I felt her throat constrict around my swelled head. Her tempo increased and I nearly staggered back. Planting my feet, I pushed back.

The rapid, wet smacking sound reverbated in the garage’s dimness.

Squinting, I gripped the back of her delicate neck, massaging as I began firing a creamy charge into her dripping mouth. She swallowed hard, licking her lips.

“Oh, oh,” panting and leaning back on her haunches. “Was that what you wanted?”

“Part of it.” She didn’t know what else she was in for.

“Huh?” She looked puzzled. “But…”

“Take off your shirt,” I interrupted. “I’ve always wanted to check out those big tits!”

Slowly standing, leaning on the car, she numbly fumbled with the t-shirt. “I thought we were just going to…”

The t-shirt was off, then. And even in the sturdy, sensible white bra her tits looked good.

In a flash I tore open the bra, letting free her fleshy globes. They sagged a little. İzmir travesti But they were as beautiful as I’d hoped.

Her nipples weren’t erect. Yet. Reaching over, I brushed them with my fingertips. Sharon gasped, eyes fluttering shut. I caressed the full swells of her milky bosoms and watched her face. She smiled, eyes still shut. My fingers pulled lightly on her growing nipples, twisting gently. And they grew out.

I was getting hard again. “Turn around.”

Her jeans were soon in a pile on the cement floor. Sharon bent over the hood and, sweet, golden girl ass in the air, stretched her pretty legs wide.

She’d known what was coming but still cried out in shock as I drove myself high up inside. Again and again I rammed the length of my dick into her hot pussy, listening to grateful moaning and sobbing.

Time had no meaning as we ground together like beasts. Her ass was hot in my hands. Her breath was heavy, coming in huffs. Her knees gave way. Everything was slick.

I looked down, watching in sexual satisfaction as she flopped on the Buick’s hood, shuddering in ecstasy. Her arms flailed. She clenched one hand around the base of the antenna, bending it. The other grasped vainly a thin air.

I felt myself building to another climax, and — seizing her rolling, fleshy hips — made her an object of supreme primal satisfaction. Each forcible thrust gave reward and rendered her delirious.


Her upper body shook violently, racked with multiple orgasms. She pounded the hood. Sobbing in joy.

Feeling myself fully drained and knowing she could not be happier, I slowly withdrew. Knowing I’d be back.

I raised my head. And there, looking in the window, was her shocked nephew.

“Oh, geez,” he mouthed. “Oh, jeez.”

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