Games Boys Play Ch. 02


This is a follow on from the original ‘Games Boys Play’. It is a work of fiction.

Many days passed since my interrupted session with David; there were many feelings and thoughts competing for attention in my mind. I suppose embarrassment was the overriding emotion as I had been brainwashed into thinking sex between males was wrong. Along with embarrassment was a fair helping of excitement; it was raw sexual excitement, the kind that is generated by your first ever sexual encounter. I wanted the incredible magic that was the touch of another persons hand on you cock; I wanted the throbbing excitement of a rock hard cock bought about by another’s person’s touch. My overbearing need left me no option but to go back to David and openly ask him for more sex.

Evening was creeping closer and the last lecture of the day had just finished. I left the hall and spotted David heading towards the campus gates. I put on a spurt and caught up with him. As I approached I tried to sound casual, “Hi Dave, how’s tricks?”

“Oh; hi Pete. Pretty good thanks.” He stopped just to the side of the gates. We exchanged small talk for a while and the conversation seemed to get me nowhere. I had the feeling he was making it difficult for me.

After five minutes I clumsily broached the subject with him, “David; I want to do it again. What we did the other day.” I kept looking round nervously in case anyone was within hearing distance. I was flustered when David replied.

“Do what? What is it you want to do Peter? Tell me what it is and we might be able to arrange something.”

I threw caution to the wind and just came out with it. “David, I want to have sex with you. I want to suck your cock. I want to pick up where we left off.”

Before David could reply we were approached by another student. As he reached us he gave Dave an affectionate pat on the bum. Realisation hit me like a sledgehammer; my earlier fumbling with David hadn’t been a mutual exploration of sexual contact; I had been played like a fish on a line and I had taken the bait hook, line and sinker. David had seduced me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

David didn’t give me time to think; he introduced the newcomer to me. “Peter this is Fergus.” I mumbled a greeting and then David turned to Fergus and said. “Peter was just asking me if he could suck my cock. What do you think Fergus; should we let him?”

“Oh yes.” Said Fergus, “I do like to share.”

Fifty yards to the left of the gate was the main boiler room; it was always kept locked and entry was not permitted. I was surprised when David led us three to the small entry door. With a quick look around to make sure we were not observed he opened the door with a key from Silivri Escort his pocket. We quickly entered into the warm gloomy interior. It seemed that David had been here before. Together with Fergus I was guided to a quiet corner beside a huge boiler. We were out of view from the door and after a few minutes of being inside our eyes had adjusted to the poor light.

“Now,” said David, “Tell Fergus and me what you want to do.”

To hell with it; I was as horny as a person could be; if this was the game they wanted to play, so be it. “David, I want to suck your fucking cock. Fergus, I want to suck David’s fucking cock.”

“Ahh,” said Fergus, “Let’s do it together.” David was leaning with his back against the boiler; Fergus stood in front of me; he reached out and gripped my two hands with his; he pulled me towards him and kissed me lightly on the lips, then he pulled me down with him as he sank to his knees in front of David. This is somewhere he had been before and he expertly unzipped the front of David’s pants; he popped in a couple of fingers and extracted David’s rock hard prick. Fergus put a hand on my chest and prevented me from immediately devouring the cock that stood between us.

“Gently Peter. Just follow my lead; copy everything I do.”

Gently, oh so gently he placed his forefinger on top and thumb on the bottom of the cock shaft and moved them up and down the length of David’s prick. His touch was feather light and several times the prick leaped as if it had a mind of its own. My turn now; I imitated his movements and was delighted to achieve the same results. The prick stood alone now as the item of our desires; I know Dave was attached to it but the prick was all we concentrated on.

Next it was just the forefinger resting on the fraenum and moving just slightly causing the prick to leap and buck, but each time coming to rest again on the finger. Then it was just lightly squeezing the fraenum between finger and thumb and holding it steady as it tried each time to break free.

As we were manipulating David’s cock my own cock was desperate to be touched but when my free hand dropped to touch it Fergus shook his head and said “No.”

The fingering lasted a little while longer but David seemed to be in some discomfort and was begging us to “Stop fucking around and suck the dam thing.”

Fergus now grabbed the shaft and pulling the prick round to his face kissed the glans; now he pushed it across to me and I repeated the action. Fergus retrieved the object of his desire and closed his lips round the entire glans. His tongue was flicking across the end of David’s cock and then I saw Fergus’s cheeks sink as he sucked hard on the prick. After a few seconds Silivri Escort Bayan it was my turn; the end of the cock glided into my mouth and as Fergus had done I worked my tongue over the end of the penis. Then I sucked on it like it was my favourite lollipop. My eyes met Fergus’s eyes and I realised I was happy; I was happy to b sucking cock and I was happy for someone to see me doing it.

I half released the cock but kept my lips on the glans. Fergus now moved forward and applied his lips to the other side of the glans. Then in synchronisation our lips moved up and down the shaft and each time we reached the glans end our lips briefly touched before starting the trip back towards David’s balls.

Fergus and I now had something going and on the next trip to the end of Dave’s cock we released it and went into a passionate kiss. Tongues intertwined and wrestled together; David now saw fit to push his cock between our lips and started to thrust backwards and forwards between our lips as though fucking a woman. We stayed perfectly still and allowed David to fuck our lips.

Now Fergus turned his head and took the full cock into his mouth. His lips moved down and down the shaft till the cock butted up against his throat; then he eased backwards and held the cock in his mouth for a few seconds before releasing it. For a terrible moment I thought David had come in his mouth but then realised that it was only spit that was reluctant to make the break between cock and lips.

My turn now! When I had sucked David’s cock before it had been frantic and the moments had been stolen but now it was deliberate and I could savour the seconds to the full as his prick slid into my mouth; my lips made their way slowly and deliberately down his cock; his penis filled my mouth and I could taste the musk of his cock. I had a man’s cock in my mouth and it was good. As I pulled my lips back over his cock I squeezed them and hoped he might reach a climax. I didn’t want to let go but Fergus had other ideas and pushed my head back thus releasing Dave’s cock.

Fergus took the cock in hand and turned to me and said, “Watch and learn. The master will now show you how to really take a cock.”

I watched in fascination as the cock entered his mouth; as before the lips crept down the shaft till the cock was knocking at the door of his throat. Unbelievably the lips continued their relentless descent and the cock disappeared from view millimetre by millimetre till finally Fergus’s lips hit balls and body. He bobbed his head back and forth just a little, each time releasing to view one centimetre of the base of the cock.

This lasted for a minute till finally there seemed to be a reaction and Fergus Escort Silivri gagged and withdrew the cock. This time the whole dam thing was covered in spit and salibre. Fergus now repeated the whole operation again till once again it emerged, hanging with spittle. With one hand Fergus guided the prick into my mouth, his other hand rested on the back of my neck.

I was not sure I could do this. Fergus said urgently, “When I say swallow just swallow. Imagine it’s the last bite of your dinner.”

My lips edged down the shaft and pretty soon the cock head was at the back of my throat. It all seemed to happen at once. Fergus said “Swallow!” I made an attempt and as I did so a strong hand pushed my head forward impaling me on the cock. My lips were right there where they should be at the very end of Dave’s cock. For a few seconds I gloried in the achievement before nature took over and I gagged violently. I dragged myself back of the shaft and the penis slid free. I managed not to be sick, just!

“Good boy,” said Fergus. “Now we’re going to christen you.” He moved behind me and pulled my head back onto his chest. David moved forward till his prick was an inch from my face; now he started to masturbate his cock. It bobbed up and down in front of me, I wondered at the beauty of it, I tried to engulf it in my mouth but Fergus held me firm.

Little drops of precum decorated the end of David’s cock, it slipped down over his fraenum and hung like a jewel on the end of his prick. The pace of masturbation quickened; David tensed up and now stood stock still and with the smallest of movements he continued. His prick pointed at my face and I was ready to receive all that David could give me. No interruptions this time.

Now! One, two, three strings of spunk shot out from Dave’s cock, four, five, six each one hitting its mark. Warm sticky sperm flooded over my face, into my eyes over my tongue. The smell that accompanied that ejaculation was exquisite; the taste was the nectar of the gods. The hands that had held me firm released me and I moved forward clamping my lips onto the end of his cock. I sucked like a vacuum cleaner, determined to extract every last droplet of spunk.

I was pushed to the floor and Fergus dropped onto me and started to lick at the spunk; each time he harvested a little he would touch his lips to mine so we could share the sperm; then he would return to another part of my face to lick it clean of sperm. Although we were both still fully clothed our bodies entwined and we gyrated as we kissed. I spunked in my pants and I think Fergus did as well. As I lay there, Sated, I had vague memories of David pulling my pants down and using his tongue to clean away what spunk he could. He did the same for Fergus and just as he finished I heard a slow round of single applause coming from across the room.

Did I care that we had been watched? No. Did I want to know who it was? Not just now but I suspected that in a minute or so the answer would be clear.

The End.

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