Fun with Rosie , Armando

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I worked with Rosie for about a year and a half. She is incredibly sexy and we got along well. Every time we were together there was a sexual energy that was palpable. However, we are both married and nothing ever came of our flirtations. Every time I was around her, I ended up with a huge hard-on. I’m sure Rosie noticed but as I said, nothing happened. She always wore really sexy pumps and her feet were a great turn on. Eventually I left the company and moved on.

About a year after I left my job I got a call from Rosie one day. She asked if I could meet her for lunch and I agreed. A few days later I met her at a local restaurant and we ordered our meals. The sexual tension between us was still there and I soon was very much aroused. Since she was sitting at the edge of the booth and was wearing some really sexy pumps I was stealing glances at her sexy feet. She said something to me and I was embarrassed to realize that I hadn’t heard what she had said. I quickly said, ” I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.” Rosie then asked me why I was staring at her feet! I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. I decided to just be straight with her and said, ” I find you very attractive and your feet are really a turn on.” She replied; I feel the same way and want to make it with you, bursa escort do you want to come to my place with me? This was beyond my wildest dreams and I quickly stammered out a yes.

When we got to her place, I asked where her husband was and she said he was at work. We then kissed and she pushed her tongue down my throat I was in heaven. Rosie is the girl of my dreams, she’s 5’3″ and about 110 pounds and just the most beautiful Hispanic woman you can imagine! I then pushed her down on the couch and started slowly unbuttoning her top. Then I removed her bra and licked her very erect nipples. Soon we were both naked and I slowly licked my way down her belly and started tonguing her belly button. I then reached the most wonderful tasting pussy. She has beautiful, full pussy lips and they tasted fantastic. After about 10 minutes, she started bucking against my mouth and her pussy was swelling and flooding my face. She came in what seemed like a 5-minute orgasm. After she had cum she said “your turn and went don on me and engulfed my throbbing cock with her mouth.

Rosie was busily sucking me when I decided that I wanted some more of her pussy. I flipped her legs over my head and we started a furious 69. As I was getting close to coming, the door opened and in walked bursa escort bayan Armando, her husband. I thought this is it, he’s going to kill me. But much to my surprise he just said, “I thought you guys were gonna wait for me.”

She then got up and went over to Armando and unbuckled his pants and started sucking him. I was flabbergasted; not knowing what to think and my cock quickly began to shrink. Armando had a rather smallish 5″ uncircumcised, but nicely formed cock with a big head that was peeking out from the foreskin. I asked, “what the hell is going on.” Rosie then told me that they had planned this whole thing!

Then she proceeded to explain that they had been discussing fantasies and he had informed her that he wanted to watch her fuck another guy. She agreed but with a condition. Her condition was that she would get to be fucked by both of us but that she wanted to watch him suck another man’s cock. I was very apprehensive having never considered this but thought what the hell. She then said “well Armando, you have to start sucking.”

Wow, I just sat back on the couch and he started sucking me. It was an incredible blowjob and she was busily fingering herself and had the sexiest look on her face as she watched him suck my cock. It didn’t take escort bursa long before I was ready to cum and let them know what was happening. He then stopped sucking me and was stroking my cock when Rosie said “no Armando, you have to swallow his cum.” He went back down on me and I immediately shot the biggest load of my life down his throat! He tried to swallow it all but some leaked out. Rosie then came with a loud scream.

Now, I had never sucked a cock but I wanted to return the favor and soon had my face buried in his crotch. It tasted so good and after a couple of minutes he filled my mouth with his cum. Rosie said that it was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen and as Armando was hard again, she sat on his cock, burying it to the hilt in her pussy. I then started licking her pussy, asshole, his asshole, and balls as he pounded her. I was hard again and she said, “fuck his ass for me Brian.” I did as I was told and after a while his asshole tightened around my cock and he came in Rosie. I came as she was screaming out another orgasm.

I ended up spending the night with them and he fucked me in the ass while Rosie held my legs. I came just from the feeling of his cock in me without any direct stimulation to my cock. God, what a feeling! I thought, this is what a woman feels when she’s thoroughly fucked.

That was the most incredible night of my life and we’re looking forward to repeating it as often as possible. Perhaps the best part is that I get to suck his beautiful cock whenever I want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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