Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 02


02. The party begins.

Before the guests arrived, three cooks arrived at the beach. Ashley recognised them from her previous stay at the mansion. One was smartly dressed, and took place behind the bar. The other two were dressed in normal cook’s attire and busied themselves clearing the table with what was left over of the morning snacks, and left quickly.

The male guests arrived bringing a party atmosphere with them. They were obviously exhilarated already, and looking very much forward to that day’s party. They started off by greeting the women, giving out hugs to all of them. Some men walked straight on to the bar to order themselves a drink, others were bolder and would invite one of the girls to join them.

A man approached Ashley and asked her to join him for a drink. It was a big man, almost a head taller than she was. He was smartly dressed, featuring dark hair, dark commanding eyes, and a broad chest. She felt a both intimidated and attracted by his appearance.

She introduced herself as Rose, using her pole-dancing stage name. He introduced himself as Michael, a high-level manager at some big financial institution. They continued to have a lively chat, Ashley was feeling quite happy with the man. He made her feel like he is really interested in her, even though she was sure he was not that interested, the effort he put in it made her feel good. They shared a drink together, and the early alcohol helped to keep their tongues moving.

Time went by quickly, and suddenly there was lunch on the table. Ashley had not even noticed the cooks bringing in the food and laying the table, she was really engaged in talking to Michael. He grabbed her hand and led her to the table. To Ashley’s delight there were enough seats to go around, no need to sit on a man’s lap during lunch this time. She looked around, and noticed Phoebe had also been picked up by a guy, a rather good-looking one she thought.

Lunch was excellent, as expected. The cooks of the mansion are just really good. The food included some obvious aphrodisiacs, such as oysters and basil, and other foods with sexual connotations such as asparagus, bananas and figs.

When lunch was finished, William appeared on the DJ stage, addressing the crowd.

“Welcome all, ladies and gentlemen. I am very happy to welcome you to this beach party. The weather is just perfect, the water is calm and clear, the sand is clean and white. The sun shining, not a single cloud in the perfectly blue sky. It couldn’t be a better day for a good party.

“I hope you have enjoyed our simple lunch and the company of our beautiful ladies. The party is about to start. Our DJ will play all your favourite party music, and we have a lot more exciting entertainment for you.

“Please remember it is hot today, so do drink enough water. With all the physical activity you’re going to lose a lot, so keep hydrated and keep fit. Don’t forget to apply sun cream, we have plenty available.

“Gentlemen, I want to request you to change into your Speedos now. That is a much more appropriate beach attire than what you all are wearing now. After that please fetch a bracelet from Angel, and see if you can match the numbers and exchange it with a piece of clothing from one of our ladies. If you do, you can play with her for five minutes. But remember, don’t remove or push aside other clothes, if you want more access make sure you get the right bracelet next time.

“Ladies, please make your way to the beach, and let the games begin. Have a great party!”

Michael said to Ashley, “Well, Rose, it was nice talking to you, I hope to run into you later in the game!”

“Good chance. Remember my numbers are four, six, nine and eleven.”

“Four and nine I saw already, the others I will remember too.”

He gave her a quick hug and both went on their way. Ashley joined the other girls, spreading around over the beach near the tent. She approached Phoebe, to see how she is doing.

“Having fun?” Ashley asked.

“Sure. I got chatted up nicely just now. That was unbelievable, he got my juices running.”

“It seems these men are actually nice to us.”

“Much better than the Hunt! I think I’m even starting to enjoy this.”

“Indeed. Have fun, they’re coming, don’t make it too easy on them.”

The first men appeared, having collected their first arm band. Ashley immediately noticed to her delight that overall the men looked pretty good in their Speedos. Sure they were far from supermodels, but that accounted for herself too. At least no bulging beer bellies, or otherwise ugly men. She looked at them with a big smile, feeling it was going to be a good day.

One of them came straight for Ashley. He looked rather skinny, about as tall as her. Dark hair, blue eyes, and a somewhat feminine face. Mid-thirties maybe, looking somewhat cute. She reacted a bit slow, then tried to run away, but moments later she felt an arm grabbing her waist. She should have been paying more attention to what was going on around her.

“Hi, pretty lady. Let’s see gaziantep bayan escort what I can find on you,” he said. He quickly looked at the numbers on her skirt and top, then lifted her skirt to look at her panties, and pulled aside her top to check her bra, taking his time, obviously liking what he saw.

“No match. Too bad. See you!”

He ran off, pretty fast, chasing another woman.

Ashley looked around, and saw one of the girls had lost her top already, and that a man was taking his time feeling up her body. That was of course the five minute reward they got for taking a girl’s clothes. He was a bit short and stocky, muscular, almost square body. He was standing turned away from her, so she could not see much. She looked a bit chubby, like she could loose a pound here or there, but not too much. Dirty blonde, shoulder length hair. And she had a pair of boobs to much, round and rather large. She was giggling, and appeared to enjoy the treatment.

She saw another man coming her way, and started running away. He looked rather strong too, muscular chest and square masculine face with short cut dark hair, he looked like he was early fifties, not older.

He was running faster than her, but as Ashley had a head start she lasted a little longer. She made a few sharp turns to get away from him, but the third turn she lost her footing and fell on the sand. He almost immediately landed on top of her, pinning her to the ground. For some reason he managed to grab her breast in the process, she was not sure whether that was on purpose or not.

The same ritual followed. He did not say much, just checked her clothes, found no match to his bracelet number, and let her go.

Ashley heard laughs and screams all around her. It sounded just like a bunch of little kids, and in a way this game made her feel like a child again, in a good way. She walked a bit to the outside of the field, hoping not to end up naked too soon.

From the corner of her eyes she saw a big guy with black hair running straight towards her. She recognised Michael immediately, and knew that as soon as he caught her she was going to lose some clothing.

Not wanting to make it too easy on him, she ran for it. He was not a very fast runner, a little faster than Ashley. It allowed her to keep him chasing her for quite a distance before he could catch up. She tried to evade his grasp, but soon he managed to tackle her sending both of them crashing down onto the warm sand.

Both were laughing and breathing hard, trying to catch their breath after the run.

“Hey, Rose, what you running away for?” he said, teasingly.

“Dangerous men trying to steal my clothes!”

“I’m not stealing, I want to make a trade with you. I’ve got this beautiful bracelet for you. It’s got a six on it. I recall you have such a number on your clothes.”

Ashley rolled on her back, put her hands up and under her head, and said, “Go check for yourself.”

He took his time, looking at the numbers on her top and on her skirt, double checking while that was obviously not necessary, but found no match. Then he looked under her skirt, and finally he pulled down her top to reveal her bra.

“I have a match!” he said proudly, and helped her into a sitting position. Then he grabbed behind her back, unhooked the bra, and removed it from her. He then put his bracelet on Ashley’s arm.

“Glad you took me out a bit, as you’re all mine for the upcoming five minutes and here we have a little bit of privacy.”

“Sure, I’m all yours for now,” Ashley replied, and she pressed the button on her timer. “Time’s running.”

He pushed her down on her back, and sat down on her thighs. For a moment he just looked at her. Then his hands started to touch her body. He rubbed along her waist, following her curves up along her sides and on her breasts. He started to massage her breasts gently through her top. He was actually really gentle with her. He felt her breasts, her shoulders, her neck, her arms, and then back to her breasts. She started to breathe a bit faster.

Ashley’s nipples grew with the attention, and were standing hard up. He gently pinched them through her top, making her moan softly. Ashley closed her eyes, just enjoying the treatment she received. This man really knew how to make her feel good. She felt her pussy itch, she hoped she would be able to have more of him later that day.

The alarm went off, and he got off of her.

“Thanks, that was nice,” she said.

“Sure it was, you feel as good as you look. I’m looking forward to have more of you later,” Michael replied.

He helped her stand up, and walked back to drop off her bra, and to collect a new bracelet. Ashley also walked a bit back towards the playing field, waiting for the next chase.

She did not have to wait long. This chase ended before it started, as suddenly she felt an arm coming around her, a hand grabbed her breast, and she was pulled back against a man’s chest. She did not notice this man approaching her, and had no chance to run away. He quickly checked her remaining clothes without moving his hand from her breast, but had no match for his number thirteen.

“Still not!” he complained. “Really an unlucky number that is. Oh well. Nice chest, feels good. Would love to play a bit longer with those boobs.”

She barely even got to see him. As soon as he let her go, she saw another man coming in towards her. She set off, he was obviously not a very fast runner. She felt for the man a bit, he was probably no match for any of the young girls here. He was a bit chubby, not as well shaped as the rest of the men. Black hair with some grey bits in it, he looked like he was in his mid fifties. From his looks, and the fact he was at this party, Ashley figured that it was a guy who knows how to love life.

He continued to chase her for quite a distance, Ashley holding back a bit to help him keep up. He could use the exercise, she figured. After having him chase her for half the length of the beach, she started to make a wide circle to turn back, ending up in the sea. She continued to run through the water, then suddenly ran into a slightly deeper part, lost her footing, and fell. It did not take long for the heavily breathing man to catch up with her. She sat up in the water, waiting for him.

“You’re not going to make it easy on me, do you,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Of course not!” Ashley laughed.

“You look good in a wet t-shirt.”

She looked down. Her top had become completely transparent, not leaving much to the imagination. Her nipples were very visible and very hard.

“Now let’s see, I have a ten here.”

“Sorry, can’t help you with that number, better luck next time!” Ashley teased.

“Oh no, not even a match, after all that effort!”

He helped her stand up, and they walked back towards the main field. She was completely wet after her fall, her brown hair flattened on her head.

Ashley looked around the beach. She saw more girls without either their top or their skirt. A few were lying on the beach with a man, in the middle of their five minute rewards. A man seemed to approach her from a distance, she walked away. He followed, she started to run. He started to run. She ran around the field, looking back she noticed the man could barely keep up with her.

Then she suddenly felt someone jump onto her from the side, grabbing her waist, throwing her on the sand. That was a rather rough tackle, she let out a scream.

“I hurt you? Sorry about that. I just couldn’t let a girl as pretty as you pass by. I was maybe a bit rough indeed,” the man who stopped her apologised.

The man chasing her arrived, panting hard.

“That’s my girl,” he said.

“I’m just helping, you had a hard time catching up. Let me check if she’s got a two, if not she’s all yours.”

A quick check later he confirmed Ashley had no two on her clothes, and she was handed off.

“That’s the second time I caught you, and the second time a miss!” he said. Ashley looked at him, and realised it was the skinny guy who was the first to catch her.

“Bad luck,” she smiled, “Try again, third time lucky maybe?”

“I’ve got a four,” the other man said. He was tall, dark hair, with a lot of chest hair. Not very muscular, but overall rather good looking.

He checked her clothes, and said triumphantly, “That skirt is mine, and you’re mine for the next five minutes.”

She was put down on the warm beach again, now wearing just her top and thong, both highly see-through after her dip in the sea. She pressed the button on her timer, and the man started to feel her up.

He was rougher than Michael. He rubbed her breasts hard, pinching her nipples. It was not unpleasant to Ashley, it was a bit rough but also not painful.

“You’re beautiful, you know that,” he said. “And you feel very nice.”

“Thanks,” Ashley replied.

“How can I call you?”


“Very nice name, Rose. Nice to meet you. I’m Doyle, sorry for having such a boring name.”

Ashley smiled, “You’re flattering me.”

He continued to massage her breasts, while she put up her hands and rubbed his chest, feeling his chest hair. She liked his soft hair, and he really had a seriously hairy chest.

“You like my chest?”

“Sure, it’s soft. Not many men have that much hair, it’s really interesting.”

“Many guys shave their chest, they think it doesn’t look good or so.”

“I like it. You shouldn’t shave it.”

One of his hands moved down to her pussy, where he started to rub her through the little patch that was still covering her sex. Ashley started to react to his touch instantly, which encouraged him.

“You like my touch?” he asked.

“I like what I’m feeling,” she said, rubbing her hands over his chest, playing with his nipples. “And I think you’re enjoying yourself very well, too,” she continued, looking down at his Speedos.

They laughed, and continued their touching until her alarm sounded, and he got off of her.

“You feel good, too. I’m looking forward to feel and see more of you later today, Rose.”

Feeling thirsty Ashley realised it is time for a break, so with her hands over her head she walked back to the stand for some water. Now while she was not chased, she did get many looks of the men. She must have looked really sexy. Arms above her head pulling up her breasts covered by a see-through top and her nipples standing out hard. She got many looks of the men and women, but indeed she was not chased.

She finished her drink, and returned to the game. Almost immediately she was being chased again, but again the man had no match for her remaining clothes.

William announced a tea break. The table was filled with all kinds of snacks, including fruits and chocolates, and there were plenty of drinks available. Everyone quickly gathered at the table. Ashley went for a quick shower to get rid of all the sand she had picked up, making her clothes completely transparent again in the process.

Ashley looked at the other girls. Some were mostly dressed, others were down to a single piece of underwear. She did not see anyone completely naked yet. Phoebe was down to just her panties.

“I’m having a blast,” Phoebe told her, looking really happy.

“I can tell, and you’re losing clothes fast.”

“Bad luck. They just know to find me. The guys probably think I’m pretty or so, all chase me.”

“I bet they do,” Ashley laughed, “And I’m very glad to see you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Yes… these guys are simply nice. They like to have a chat with me, and actually try to make me feel good.”

“Same for me. One guy tackled me a bit hard, but then said sorry for hurting me. That was really nice.”

They sat down at the table and collected some snacks and drinks for themselves, and started to eat. A moment later Ashley felt a hand on her shoulder, and looked up. It was Michael, standing behind her.

“You’re looking better and better,” he complimented her.

“And you like what you’re seeing, if that bulge is anything to go by,” she replied.

“I won’t deny that. And who’s the pretty lady with you?” Michael asked, looking at Phoebe.

“I’m Alicia”, Phoebe answered.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Michael,” he said, and they simply shook hands, as if it was a normal introduction, where Phoebe was not dressed in just a string.

“I just got an eight, seems to be no match for either of you. I’m hoping for an eleven next time.”

Eleven, that were her panties. And if her panties were gone, then her pussy would become available for action. Would he take advantage of that, right away? The thought was slightly arousing to her.

“It seems you like the idea too, Rose, if those growing nipples are anything to go by,” Michael teased.

“That’s just some wind on my wet top,” Ashley explained, not very convincingly.

Tea did not last long, and the game was on again. Ashley was being chased around the beach by a string of men, but time and again they did not have a match for the numbers on her clothing. Of course the less clothing she was wearing, the less chance of a match. Yet the men did not seem to mind too much, as if anything they would get to grope the girl they caught in the process.

The game went on, and slowly but surely the girls started to lose all their clothing.

Ashley spotted Michael again, he was looking around, obviously searching for something or someone. When he saw Ashley, he immediately ran towards her. She realised he must be carrying a matching bracelet, probably a number eleven considering his enthusiasm. So she ran for it, too, leading them away from the core area.

Michael did not take long to catch up. She actually did some twists and turns, ran to the water hoping the sea could slow him down, but nothing worked. He tackled her, and with a big splash they both crashed into the shallow water.

“Guess what, it’s your lucky day. I’ve got yet another bracelet that’s made especially for you, an eleven!” Michael proudly proclaimed.

Ashley laughed. Her lucky day? It was more like his own lucky day! First he got her bra, now her panties… leaving her only in a now very wet and transparent top.

He grabbed her, and carried her in his arms out of the water and onto the beach. There he gently lay her down, and proceeded to remove her panties. He ran his finger over her exposed pussy, Ashley shivered. With his other hand he massaged her breast.

“Every time I see you, you look better, Rose. Let’s have our five minutes of fun.”

Ashley started her timer. She would not have minded this one to last longer, but that would have to wait.

He bent down to her sex, and kissed her pussy, his tongue flicking up and down along her snatch. Ashley shivered. She opened her legs more, allowing him to probe his tongue deeper. He sucked her clit, causing her to push her hips upwards against his face.

He did not lick long. He moved up and over her, and a moment later felt his hard cock against her pussy.

“I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I first saw you,” Michael said, and slowly pushed his cock inside of her until he was completely in.

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