Fuerteventura Ending


Please note that I advocate safe sex and although essentially a very true story, a condom was used with the third party to this sex session which I have omitted here for fantasy purposes.


Our 2 week stay in Fuerteventura was coming to an end, we’d be heading to the airport and back home the next morning and had just got back from a long and uneventful afternoon at the beach. I was pleased with our colour, no white bits and bronzed arses, the pair of us. I smiled thinking of the sex we had enjoyed with Marcus, Tony and the Spaniard from a few days earlier, plus the one on one sessions that Dave and I had managed to fit in, both at the beach and here, there and everywhere in the apartment. I headed for the shower to again wash away the sand and sun cream and give my pubes and arsecrack a last holiday shave. I felt good and smooth immediately afterwards and Dave disappeared in to the bathroom after me to do the same.

I was still wearing only the towel when there was a knock at the door and it opened of its own accord. Or indeed Marcus’s as he came straight in as before. I wondered if he was up for a replay as it was very similar time and circumstances and we hadn’t seen him for the bulk of our holiday but he said he was just checking that all was okay before we said goodbye in the morning and that he was about to go pick up his wife as she was landing in an hour. No sex then, I thought.

“And there’s a band on in the complex tonight” he said. He walked out on to the terrace and pointed helpfully to the club house we had passed many times during our stay, as if we couldn’t have just followed the sound if we were interested, which I doubted we would be. When we were overlooking the balcony, a voice called up, it was a friend of Marcus’s. Marcus exchanged pleasantries and told me he was Michael (the vocalist to be on stage that evening) and before Marcus could stop him, he announced he’d come up.

As he came in, Marcus explained he was already late and just about to leave but as Michael was cute, I asked him if he’d time for a drink. “Love one” he said. Marcus said goodbye and that he’d be round at 10h00 the next morning for the keys.

So I gave Michael the choice, Cava or beer and he asked for some bubbly, great as it was an excuse to crack open the last bottle and I poured 3 glasses as I knew Dave was out of the shower by now. We chatted about music for a couple of minutes and then Michael told me how he didn’t work the previous week as he’d hurt his back. I offered to take a look as I had studied sports physiotherapy for a term back in college (all those years ago…)

He removed his top, nice arms and shoulders, not too athletic but not an ounce Zeytinburnu Escort of fat either. I sat him down on a dining chair and bent him forward so he was almost in the brace position, then ran my hands (or index fingers) up and down either side of his spine gently until we had identified the area of discomfort, then pushed his hands forward into a diving position and gently massaged where it was painful and tender.

Dave opened the bathroom door thinking it was Marcus until he saw Michael’s hair and knew it was someone else. He gave me a quizzical look but I continued the massage and told Michael to remain in position as I introduced him to Dave’s legs as he remained in his brace position and Dave was also wearing only his towel.

After several minutes, he seemed to be relaxed and the area was no longer tight so I gradually returned him to a sitting position. He took a sip of his drink and smiled, a sexy grin. “Thanks” he said. “Do you do legs too?”

So it came to pass he slipped out of his trousers and was face down on the base of our settee that we moved onto the floor, being rubbed up and down by me whilst Dave sat and watched in bewilderment. It turned out at the same time as he’d trapped the muscle in his back, he had stumbled and thought he had pulled something in his calf but I couldn’t find out any area of pain and so I explained where the muscle started (in the groin) and finished (in the knee). He was laid on his back by now and his calves were shapely and solid. I asked him to completely relax them and then worked my way up from his knee on the offending leg. I asked him if it was okay to go into the groin area and he seemed totally relaxed with it. Naturally I had noticed how he filled his tight briefs and could only guess, as there was no sign of life, that nothing sexual would come of this so I remained a true professional, well amateur really as I was only helping out and this wasn’t my paid for vocation. As I worked into the groin area, the back of my hand brushed against his medium sized balls for which I apologised. I stopped so we could both have a drink from our glasses and then returned, he told me how good it felt. And I worked up towards the waistband of his small briefs.

“Stop” he said and I thought I had overstepped the mark although I was actually further away from his cock and balls than before. He brought his knees up to his chest and then said “let’s get rid of these” immediately removing his underwear. He then laid back, as he was, but naked.

“Better?” he asked. God, yes, I thought. His cock was flaccid, just about 4 inches long, cut like Dave and his balls were smooth although I doubt he shaved Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan the natural but neat pubes above. I returned to massaging away from his balls and then moved round, wondering if they were full or empty as my own towel slipped and my own cock flopped free. I wasn’t hard- as this, I kept telling myself, was a sports physio session. But my own cock certainly twitched as the first pump filled the veins within. I gently brushed against a bollock.

“Feel good?” I asked. He moaned in acknowledgement. I then bent forwards with my nose only an inch from his body and gently sniffed, I love the faint scent of piss that guys retain on the skin in that area. And I swear his cock twitched. So I took a ball in my mouth, gently, in case I had misjudged the situation but he didn’t push me away hence I moved between his legs and took the other one at the same time watching his member inflate quickly like a balloon attached to compressed air. 4 inches quickly became a very good 7! Dave was by now behind me (where better?) and I felt the familiar lubed finger teasing my ring. I rose my rear by taking up a doggy position and he lubed some more as I sucked on Michael’s ball sack and then moved forward to lick the end of his dick and taste his precum before taking the swollen head in my mouth fully.

Dave worked more lube on my twitching sphincter and then bent down and whispered “Ride it, bastard!”

I loved it when he gave orders like that and rarely needed telling twice so I slowly crawled forward and let Michael’s cock fall from my mouth, slapping hard against his flat stomach. I moved further so my hole was level with his balls and lifted my arse a little. Dave had reached for his Michael’s cock and was gently rubbing the end of it against my hungry and lubed entrance and I rocked slightly and gently backwards until the tip was in. Michael gave an approving murmur although his eyes were closed so I had no idea what or who he was thinking about. But who cared? I rocked some more, each time taking him a little deeper and soon he was in further than I usually take a cock but the feeling was orgasmic. Dave came round and stood in front of me, straddling Michael who couldn’t see as his eyes were still closed, and placed his semi erect cock in front of my face. It seemed rude not to so I took it in my mouth and slowly sucked. It seemed strange that he hadn’t hardened until I felt the first warm mouthful of piss. Jesus, it had been ages since he’d given me a drink like this and I swallowed slowly, hoping he would remember to give me it in stages so I had time to gulp it down and not waste or spill any.

Yes, he remembered and the second Escort Zeytinburnu mouthful followed, followed by a third once I had drunk the previous dose. I stopped him momentarily to rock back a little on Michael but he was moving his hips slightly of his own accord and his breathing was speeding up so I knew he was near. I quickly found the same rhythm as he let out a huge gasp and, at the same time, a huge spurt of arse filling man juice. I instinctively felt there would be only the one thrust as it seemed to last so long and the spunk that came in that single ejaculation so voluminous that almost immediately, as fast as he had hardened, his cock softened and quietly slipped out of my arse. I remained in place but he pulled himself by his elbows from underneath us, perhaps in embarrassment of where a glass of cheap Cava and a back rub could lead, and pulled on his shorts within seconds, grabbing his t-shirt and sneakers and saying “I’m late” before heading out of the door.

I don’t know if we were surprised at the speed of his coming and going or pleased there would be no need for small talk but I kneeled up and looked up at Dave. We both smiled. I stood up and kissed Dave, thinking if I tasted of piss he only had himself to blame but whatever it seemed to instantaneously arouse him and as my arse was still lubed, doubly so now by Michael’s cum dump, it was a shame to let it go to waste. I walked to the fridge and returned with the poppers, knowing just the sight of then would have Dave’s dirty mind in top gear and I was glad they had just about lasted the 2 weeks, they wouldn’t be coming home. I sniffed and passed the bottle to Dave, he took a large inhale too and then I licked the drip of piss from his rock hard cock before going and kneeling on the settee. He walked over and adopted the same position immediately behind me and I felt the tip of his cock against my open arsehole. No words necessary, he eased himself in and wrapped both hands around my chest before moving one down to wank my cock as he slowly pushed further in to me. I love being wanked from behind if I’m being fucked in this position.

“He filled me good but there’s still room for more,” I said. He rocked backwards and forwards and gently pulled my cock at the same time until I was close to coming.

“You’re getting it” he said and as I shot my bolt all over my waiting hand, not least to protect the settee, I felt him explode within me, pumping just how I liked it. I raised my cum filled palm to my mouth and slurped whilst I was still mentally orgasming and Dave’s cock was still in me, then swallowed but turned to kiss him again so he could at least savour the taste of remnants of my fresh cum. We kissed until his cock returned to normal and slipped out then he stood up, went and fetched our glasses which he refilled with the remains of the Cava, passed me mine and clinked his glass against it.

“Cheers” he said.

“Cheers” I replied and smiled, already looking forward to our next holiday.

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